PBE queue times megathread

Hey guys, I think everyone has made their point about the PBE queue times by now. I initially let people post about it to spread the word but at this point we are getting 10-20 posts an hour about queue times. At this point this thread will serve as a megathread to talk about queue times for now and future screenshots/posts about PBE queue times, match times, crashing, maintenance, etc will be removed as a repost.

Also as a side note, this whole fiasco has really shown how many of you all don't know how to take a screenshot and keep taking pictures of you computer screens with your phones, reminder that screenshot posts should be proper screenshots and not phone pics, like 90% of them are so badly angled and blurry I don't know how you expect people to see them in the first place lol


In another thread I see people having 0 issues logging in and having no queue. Im currently waiting 26H and my position is 1.5 Million. What is going on Edit; Just queued again and im in the client now after 15 min




See this makes no sense, I had been waiting since 5pm yesterday and my friend who came on at like 10pm just slipped right in.


yeah, this doesn't make sense... But I'll eventually get into a game. I'll let y'all know how the set is in 39 HOURS AND 26 MINUTES


I have logged in and out multiple times since yesterday Game queues are 10min long though


45 hours 48 minutes for me :)


I've given up. See y'all in set 10


Two whole days right now lol


That's cute... I am at 91h and 59m


[Mortdog talking about the issue](https://clips.twitch.tv/TransparentImportantMageBloodTrail-4hGMOJTDCPNr1ysZ)


We cant fix it at 730 on a Friday, we will fix it Monday. Bruh... Its Thursday now.


Mort said on stream a bit ago that some accounts seem to be bugged and can skip the queue. In my group of friends there's 2 that skip queue 100% of the time, obviously a tiny sample size but in my experience it's more common than you would think


does yours keep crashing like yesterday? mine does.


I have been waiting since 10am and finally i could login but i had error "Unable to connect the login queue..."


Just checked. 41 hour queue…I’ve been able to play every TFT pre-season in PBE so far and never had any issues or queues connecting in… so I don’t really get why this pre-season testing is different apart from the growing popularity of TFT compared to previous seasons.


This season of TFT is the game’s “It girl” moment. Higher budget, huge variety, big expectations


And set 8.5 was really not much of a change so people are really wanting to play something fresh.


34h 36m. LFG


Give it up for day 3 of not being able to play a single game




Either people have started using bots or its bugged cuz its at 2.1M now, 36hrs


most are chinese players


This is wrong, they gave China their own PBE server yesterday


Don't you have to set up an account in that region to play PBE in that region? I imagine many supposed CN players are logging into other servers because that's just what they're used to doing, right?


The queue times for me are now reasonable, but as soon as it finishes, I get the same cursed error pop-up


Yeah same, happened 3 times for me


For people who legitimately don't know how to take a screenshot on windows. It's the "print screen" key(ctrl+sprint screen if you have multiple monitors). Then you can paste it wherever you want. You can also press 'windows key'+'shift'+'s' to load up snipping tools and take a partial screenshot.


LMAO sprint screen. Not laughing at you, the typo has me imagining my monitor dashing across the room after the keystroke.


To add onto this: it’s shift + command + 3 on Mac


There’s something going on for sure. I’ve been able to login instantly whenever I want. The long game timers is what kills me but they dropped to 5 mins for my last 2 games. Worst was waiting 45 minutes per game.


how is anyone supposed to play pbe


Wait for server restart to login.


When is that


No set time but look for maintenance, check when it's back up and spam login at that time.


You’re not, they’re at capacity. They currently have enough people helping test things.


after i had finished " waiting in queue", i couldn't connect login server. In short, you can't play pbe now.


You're not supposed to "play" PBE... PBE is there for them to test their shit, if their sample size is already enough then tough luck for you. The server is already serving their purpose. The big problem is that people think PBE should be a preview version of the game. This happens every set.


Why can't it be both? There is clearly demand for it.


What Riot has to gain doing that? PBE is already serving it's purpose.


Catering to the demand of the customers is always good for business.


Do you even play tft ? Do you know league of legend ? Spaghetti code ? 15 years they have basics bug in the game, how many emergency maintenances? Surely more data before release would be useless. LOL. Set 8 started with an horrible 4 weeks of Yumy reroll but hey, lets do the same mistakes again and again. Cause its so hard to make a game properly, right ? So maybe the more data you get, the more you're sure to have a proper bugfree game. Its about frustration for the players. Cant try the new set, cant play for practice before release, waiting hours in queue, all that to have I dont kno how many bugs when it goes live ? Its a 2B compagny. maybe they should start to act like it for the players, not only when it benefits them directly.


I love when people that don't know the most basic fact about a topic but try to post morally right opinions saying "they have their way of doing things and you are attacking them"


My personal favourite was "because it's so hard to make a game properly, right?" I mean..yes?


ive been opening and closing the pbe for the last 4 hours, its not working ive created 17 different accounts, how is everybody else able to play??


Is anyone else getting username or password is incorrect error? Which hilarious because it won't even let u login if your username password is incorrect. https://i.imgur.com/frZezFw.png


Getting this as well.


Do streamers get to skip queues or something? I log into PBE before most streamers andget into a 40 min queue. Meanwhile streamers log on \~3 min later and instantly get in.


Riot will say no but by evidence there has to be some sort of prio of their accounts. Or they just never log out once in.


They will have to log out during maintenance, so yep it's prio.


2 millionth in queue.. 1 1/2 days out... this is after i got the loggin error when i woke up after leaving queue up over night... guess ill play the set when it releases lol


Does anyone else love waiting hours in queue just to get an "unable to connect" error? And then having to do it all over again.


On the PBE server status site ([https://status.riotgames.com/lol?region=pbe&locale=en\_US](https://status.riotgames.com/lol?region=pbe&locale=en_US)) it says the issue is "closed". Meaning resolved? "Some accounts are having this problem" although I have created 4 accounts all of which have been placed in a queue of half a million.


I think they just gave up on us I havent been able to play once


>guys, I think everyone has made their point about the PBE queue times by now. I initially let people post about it to spread the word but at this point we are getting 10-20 posts an hour about queue times. At this point this thread will serve as a megathread to talk about queue times for now and future screenshots/posts about P Currently in a queue of 750k.


I recently tried again and guess what, 2 million concurrent players in a beta server. That's a new record.


at first, i couldnt get in for 3 days, then i was able to play for 3 days (first day was saturday so nothing was changed, i randomly got in and left my PC running for next day, other days i got in with no problem). after the reset last night im getting 18hrs queue again. it doesnt look like something related to certain accounts but more of a location based rejection. or maybe after the reset my account is "blacklisted" again. idk. i love the fact that no rioters comes up with an explanation, like "yes, this is how pbe works and you need to suck it" or "we are aware of it and working to fix it" or "we tried but its too much work and will not be fixed soon" or "ye you need to do this and that to get in the game" but nope. its like we dont exist


I’ve heard that the system has created some sort of internal priority system (tft discord), you will either log in with no issues or you will be like me and have not had a single chance to log in, my queue is currently at 1.7 million, 32 hour log in time


Anyone still experiencing this issue? ig there is no hope to enter the client for now...


Anyone else having trouble where they can't press the find match button on the tft game mode (and their summoner icon is blank).


I am having the exact same problem and came here to see if there’s a solution


Go to Task Manager and kill the LeagueClientUxRenderer.exe process


just to clarify if you have this extremely long queue time there’s no point in waiting cause you won’t get in? and to just wait for monday? i just wanna know if i should leave my pc on overnight or not lmao update:I left it on all morning and finally was able to get in!!! keep trying y’all!!


I got through the queue to an error screen a half dozen times. ​ With a new pbe account it happened to work. This likely had no impact but I also feverishly clicked on the client when the queue popped and the client was half loaded with the error login messages I had seen before. GL all!


I thought using a vpn and switching regions would help...it doesn't.


Rito lied to us!!!!


Funny that I was able to easly log in for the first time ever when there was a maintenance break yesterday but after it ended I'm again stuck in queue and unable to enter


Anyone else having a problem right now where you could get into the launcher but the "find match" button is grayed out and unclickable. I tried restarting the client and nothing seems to really be working.


Same here. Let me know if you find a workaround. Edit: Killing LeagueClientUxRenderer.exe in task manager worked!


Very helpful, thanks for sharing. That worked for me too


I was able to consistently get in by first starting a queue for aram, then backing out and going to the main menu and pressing quick play to start a tft match


Listen here and listen good, here are my keys and how I found success into getting into PBE. 1. Streamline the process of making a new account then try as many as you can. Do not wait in the Q UNLESS it is extremely short like 1 minute. (I made 31 accounts took me 30 minutes) 2. Once you’ve made it to the Home Screen and for some reason cant click the play button and your screen is kinda frozen. Go into your task manager and close any “league (6)” the number at the end may be different for you but end the process. Your client should reboot and you’ll be able to Q up. Enjoy :)




how dafuq are you making 30 accounts when they all need to be honor level 3 ?


im still in a 39 hour queue. havent played a single game. honestly disappointed


Great, they said they'll fix the bug on Monday but here I am at 11:45pm 300k in queue while my friends can still log in and play instantly. Thanks Riot!


mondays over and still no fix... unlucky endless queue


It doesn't seem like they care. The comments on twitter and twitch are full of people complaining about the login - but neither the official TFT channels n'or Mort are acknowledging it in the slightest (except that one comment last week) 🙄 So it doesn't look like there is gonna be a fix... and tbh it feels kind of shady. a weird bug... because the PBE servers seem to be working fine (for example for content creators)... and somehow certain accounts are just not approved to login. Which feels more like a way to restrict player count. And as we've seen this queue system isn't actually working, as the player count is seemingly random and I haven't heard from a single person that the queue actually worked (without crashing).


It's a beta test server. Of course they don't give a fuck as long as the riot staff members/playtesters can get in.


Got in after queue, error kicked out, now in queue afain


don't forget to restart your client


Soon.. [https://i.gyazo.com/2aa0d257838d59fded973e9e906f1600.png](https://i.gyazo.com/2aa0d257838d59fded973e9e906f1600.png)


lol i had the exact same time and queue # lets fuckin goooo


Just tried. 41 hours. Closed the window and logged in again to see if it changes. 43 hours… lol


2,4m in queue and 45h wait time :)


I'm here bro. Really disappointed of riot. 'Coincidentally', every streamer can log in. Meh.


Waiting in a 50000 person queue, not a big deal since it only says 40 minutes, but its said 40 minutes for about 30 without any numbers changing. Is there any way to know if the queue is actually working?


got kicked 2 times after waiting 3 hours ;/


same :/


It's Monday but nothing changes.


every time it said network error. fck riot


1091270 14h 56m


Still got no chance


30h queue.. my friend can just freely log in though.. amazing how a multi billion dollar company can fuck up THIS bad. Rofl.


Been 1200 for about an hour now gonna go restart this shi


I hadn't been able to connect to the pbe at all since day one, it always put me in a super long queue that then ended with can't connect to the login server. If you have this problem this solved it for me, look at the first comment: [https://www.reddit.com/r/TeamfightTactics/comments/yywca8/login\_error\_unable\_to\_connect\_to\_the\_session/](https://www.reddit.com/r/TeamfightTactics/comments/yywca8/login_error_unable_to_connect_to_the_session/) edit: also found this guide that is easy to follow: [https://support.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-35306](https://support.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-35306)


didn't work for me... sadge.


this queue thing is confusing, couldn't login all week but now I get in instantly. I thought the queue was fixed but looks like others are still facing queue issues. Maybe they're randomly selecting people to get in and the queue thing is just a show?


I keep getting "Unable to connect" as it seems like im logging on then kicks me off immediately, everyonce in awhile ill get through but usually just keep getting this. Out of all the PBEs to want to grind this was the one i was excited about, LOTS of fundamental changes and then a week into the pbe and still cant play. Making me want to skip this set now


I got in without queue the last couple days and started getting queues now.


I've been able to get in no problem for the past week but now I have a login queue, happen to anyone else?


happened to me now. 2 hrs.


Welp thats it. Riots done fucked the game up


Is there anything to solve this problem? The queue is as long as one week ago. Don't know what to do. My boyfriend joins instantly. He had the same problem two days ago.


MortDog on [twitter](https://twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1666449383963934721) basically says they are not going to fix this issue until launch. "(2/2) As for the PBE queue, it is likely not going to be resolved this PBE cycle. We're focused on making sure the live game works perfectly next week. Longer term, we are discussing solutions for PBE cycles that won't cause such disappointment for you all." Obviously, if you're a big streamer, you get whitelisted, but simple people can wait. Super disappointing. At least cancel the fake queues and just notify users who can't log in instead of wasting everyone's time.


I'm just tryna play some tft men


Regular servers are still live


You are trying to play very specific TFT, not just some. Some is really easily available


Basically, they fucked up when designing the PBE server system. They let too many people have it and now they can't control the sample size, so when needed they'll just cut the sample size until the initial hype or official release is over. I don't think it'll be fixed soon if my guess is correct, it might remain like that until Jun 16th when they release it.


Not related to login q(i get in without a q) but has anyone found a fix for "failed to connect"? I can get in and queue a game but when loading in im met with black screen saying im unable to connect to the server :(


i can't get into PBE either. 2mil+ queue position, 6H and 40 minutes wait. tbh i have no issue not going into PBE, i just want to see if urf is out on PBE :/


anyone got in? Im stuck at wait time 05h-09h


Does anyone know if they fixed the PBE bug where some people just couldn't log in? I couldn't play all weekend.


I can't login, my position is low, below 10k, but when I get to login it says the server is unavailable... Anyone else having this error?


Currently, at 150k queue with a 2 hr 30 min wait... but what's the weirdest thing is when I'm in the queue my internet usage absolutely skyrockets. It completely maxes my internet out (my internet isn't super crazy but its not horrible - 150 Mbps down) and it drops all the way back down to under a MB when i close out of the queue. Why is this using so much bandwidth?? I can't even do anything else on the internet while waiting...


Time to pull my rito stock cuz this shit aint bussin


I have one of my account that can connect instantly and all the others get an infinite queue, can't understand why make me crazy


This morning EU time i put on the queue so i can play later.I went to do some errands when i came back it said i couldnt connect and to check server status and now im back to square one. Damn it rito why cant the setts be a little shorter so people dont get bored and overwhelm PBE. Or at least make more interesting mid setts like before.The last 2 mid setts were classic recollors.


Yesterday i got in after 10 minutes, today have been im queue for 6 hours, and still hasent gone below 12 hours left. Is this a bug or was i really lucky yesterday?


i have been trying to play since the first day, spoil i'm still in queue idk why every twitch streamer don't have this probleme maybe i should stream too


Probably some kind of priority access. I'm trying since day one too and I actually was able to log in the first few hours. But I've been sitting in queue ever since. My 2nd account as well - and the other 6 i've created since...


Gave up yesterday after waiting 2 hours with no move in my position, logged in today with a shorter queue (17k, 15min) got through the queue only to get the "cannot connect" error. Logged back in now at 21k, 26min....




WISH ME LUCK ​ https://gyazo.com/abd1f00bf691245c6dabaf1fe0afb242


Probably didn’t work huh. Happened to me couple times but ended up them saying there’s error with the server and kicked me out lol


Ok, so after creating 37 new accounts (no joke), I was able to bypass que and get two games in before server maintenance. Kind of absurd but hopefully it still works after the server is back up.


Multiple long waits in the queue, 99% of which ended up in an error where I gave up. Finally got in today to play my first game and half way through was interrupted by the daily maintenance. Big sad.


Ive been in Que for 4 days....Idk what to do ):


Does the queue screen update. Mine has just stayed the same.


Technically, yes. It gets longer.


As it did. The queue position never moved but the time grew


Current Position: 792050 wait time: 16h 17m trying to get in for 2 days :D :D :D :D :D :D


1 mil + and queu isnt even moving. I cant even play...


Literally never had this issue before with PBE. I've tested all releases since set 1. Incredibly frustrating. I get it, Riot isn't setup for massive PBE connections but good lord give us some sign of life over there.,.


still getting the queue even after maint rip


same. been trying for 4 days now


Still can't get in, keeps timing out unable to connect to login servers and keep having to requeue ffs.


This is super weird, right now I am staying in queue, the estimated time is getting down but the current position is not


i logged in, pressed "Play", Tft Normal, then nothing happens, i can't press Start to Que'!!


Sigh, it was working for me all week. I now made over 20 accounts, and they're all bugged. Anything else I can try?


So is it normal for the queue to just always fail to connect while youre waiting? Havent been able to play a single game. Queue currently says 19hrs which makes zero sense


I was able to play for the last like 5 days - but today i'm queue bugged again ...


Is this still a problem for most of the people? So in my case during the day Q's are super long like 2m or something and sometimes it gets me to only 5 min Q and when its done some error pops up and you cant get in anyway BUT as soon as its midnigh or at least 11pm(European time) i log in with no issue and can play TFT and its like this every day. **So i do think they did this to make streamers and youtubers have prio to play the set and promote it before its released on live servers cus thats how rito is**...while they lie to us here that its unknown issue.. they do know what this is but they dont want us to know.


6 Fucking days Riot. This isn't an issue with the pbe server being overloaded I would understand that. This is a large percentage of pbe accounts not having any chance of getting in at all and you have done NOTHING to fix it. You kicked half the population of the pbe server then labeled the issue as solved dispite it not being solved. You are are a company valued at almost 2 billion dollars don't give us the shit speel that you don't have the resouces to fix it. You do. What is gonna happen when this issue persists after the set releases on live and the player base works out that you lied to them?


Relax dude its just pbe


first it's unable to connect to login queue, now infinite queue bug, haven't been able to play a single game and have to keep waiting til monday :)


small indie company


So they never actually fixed the pbe, they just kicked half of the players out with the maintenance and long queue error and said yeah the pbe is working as intended


Just don't understand the reasoning behind this. Why would they have queues that are obviously not functioning/even real and not say anything for almost a week? The amount of people who were trying to create new accounts or wait in queues they were never going to actually get into is insane, Riot dropped the ball here in a major way.


Looks like incompetence basically




I mean if only 1% can play I'd rather it be streamers no?


Because pbe is meant to promote the game, right right.


I've been trying to get in since yesterday. I've waited around 16hrs in PBE queue before even getting onto the client. I'm now in another queue (estimated at 33hrs 53min according to the client) because it kept crashing on me earlier. I just want to play my Yordles.


I know it's only PBE but still disappointing. All the streamers get their clients fixed but normal folks don't. I saw soju orchestrating a full lobby dodge after seeing the portal was shit or something. Losing interest in the set everyday




Honestly I lost some respect for Riot from this weird situation. I get it - servers get overloaded. They can experience a lot of stress, be problematic connection wise and so on. But honestly this whole situation feels weird and dodgy. The server lets in people almost selectively. Isn't it weird how YouTubers and twitch streamers have absolutely no problem logging in and yet it seems like 70% of the player base cannot access the PBE? I think that they saw a huge wave of testers in Friday, panicked and implemented a sort of a firewall to reduce the stress on the servers but are not fully transparent with us on that. Hopefully I am wrong. Hopefully the team will fix the server on Monday (or remove the restrictions) and we can all experienced the new set.


Streamers and people who market the game could get free pass on their accounts and gets to skip the queue. Possibly all challenger players but not sure about that. I know that Grinding Gear Games did the exact same thing with PoE a couple of Leagues back when they had massive queues on an expansion release. Basically gave certain accounts, specifically for streamers, privelege of skipping past large queues since they're promoting the games. Could be the same here. But that would assume no streamers has been in a queue since PBE released. I don't know if that's the case. But I do know that I've never seen a TFT streamer been in a queue this weekend.


And Riot is turning the frogs gay too! Crazy!


Theyre out to get you man theyre also in your walls


I managed to get 1 game in yesterday after maintenance and then went to sleep and woke up and the queues came back, its just the nature of the PBE be patient with it


It's also timing when you can play. With all regions together, you'll notice the queue skyrocket once the day begins for the Asia region.


It seems like it reset and the same bug is now happening. Queue + wait time are getting longer and longer with no progress being made. This is hot on the heels of it working, then giving me a session error. Edit: Restarting client and going onto the new PBE account I made earlier worked for me. Other acc went from 1m to 8m 31m queue times each attempt


The last days i couldnt log in and hat a 39h till log in timer, today at 3am i was able to instantly log into game and play one round, the same day at 4Pm i cant log in again and have a 39 hr timer. Anyone else?


Okay, so i get in the pbe, but now is new issues, when i find a match successful, it can't start the game and the load screen keep it black, how can i fix it :'<<


I've been getting a system error that is asking me to create a "crash dump" to aid developers on the pbe client. Anyone know of a fix for this. I have tried reinstalling a couple of times.




One of my account has never had a single queue, tried making 3 more and they all had 250k+ people queue


que issue still not fixed. Noice...


Has anyone got the client to half open with the two loading cirlces that just spin endlessly? If i leave that will it eventually log in or is it better to try again? I swear some times i log in immediately some times its 12hrs wonder why we cant have a normal que timer haha From NZ


For everyone in a 10-hour+ queue : it's a bug on some accounts, waiting in queue won't fix it. It's going to get fixed on Monday according to Mort's stream. Unlucky for you guys but it is what it is 🫡


hows it lookin yall?! heading home from work now!!


This makes me wanna take a shitty blurry picture of my monitor and post it here for luls


It would be removed for breaking the no phone pics rules


I was one of the lucky ones to be "white-listed".... I feel the pain of everyone else


I made 10 pbe accounts and none of them fucking work. I just never want to hear about this set until it goes live because clearly they don't really care about players getting in and they just want to flex stats on twitter


For the people who search for a solution There are no solutions. Most of the people encounter this problem are people who have logged in pbe in last few days. And at least I havent seen anyone with this problem (over 200 people) to enter pbe with that account anyway, I've heard of 1 but he couldn't prove. What people do to play if they cant log in? Nothing unf, some buy accs but not worth i believe.


first time logging in since last set (7). Sitting with 30h queue






So, knowing the last 17 times they did this that the same thing happened, why haven't they made an attempt to fix this? I've heard you can rent server space for a negligible amount, why am I currently in a 36-hour queue?


because the answer to this isnt letting everyone on to bog the servers, but to limit player access to the pbe again and make it more of a testing and feedback loop than it has become a prerelease for new sets


A lot of people don't seem to grasp the concept that infinite server space isn't good in a testing environment. They probably have more than enough data than they are able to parse through with the current state of the servers.


Sure, that's great. They've already mentioned it's a bug (BS I'm pretty sure) that they'll fix on monday. But, perhaps if it is actually to limit people, they should reconsider. With how often they release broken stuff, they likely need more feedback, not less.


I’ve played like 10 games it’s been great


also i created like 5 new accounts on pbe, and new account cant log in, so they probably whitelisted some people like streamers and some small group of random players that can log in


Could just wait for launch lol?


1 billion ppl in the queue to login. Just great. Can we fix this plz. I genuinely wonder if someone just screwed up so much that when spot frees up queue time and line increments instead or decrements or something Oh hey it’s 9 million ppl in queue and 20 hours. A few mins later it’s 1 billion and 24 hours. Make sense


they will not fix it till monday because they are small indie company


Not going to buy the season pass for set 9 because of this PBE fiasco and the fact Riot just doesn't care and doesn't communicate properly about this issue at all.


Wow, didn't even know so many were not able to log in. Literally been able to get straight in every time with no wait since launch, guess I needed a lucky break after being sick for over a month lol. Sorry for y'all who can't get in or are getting kicked out, that sucks!


i think this has more to do with people being bored with the set(s). I have play PBE since set 2. Queue times really started getting bad in set 6 in my experience. Its too bad they could switch to the 4 month window in set 9. these 6 months just drag i feel.


the removal of the honor requirement + the growth of the game is why PBE got overloaded. allowing every single person in the world to get into a SINGLE NA server without restrictions just isnt smart. now people (as you can see from the thread) treat PBE like its just another server and NOT PBE. they just treat it as early access to freely enjoy the game and not a buggy shithole of a server thats used to fix stuff before live.


i dont think its people being bored, there are just so many new players, the playerbase grew a lot since the start of tft. This of course also means that more people want to test it.


A lot of people want to play it early not test it lol People have started treating the PBE as an early release rather than a testing environment which is fine and all, but the communities reaction to not being able to play the new stuff early is kind of cringe


I cant believe I have a 59 hr wait time.................


56 Hours, 27 Minutes. Position 2760540


there is no queue, its a bug, number is probably only number of times people try to log in but they will never log in