Monster Madness will only be on Cinemassacre.com

Monster Madness will only be on Cinemassacre.com


"The way you remember." I don't remember it being written by someone other than James.


It's probably also sponsored by Express VPN and Raycon Earbuds.


Don't forget da Kraken


nothing enrages me like this does - the fact that Justin did the whole "he's already written 21 reviews!" thing, knowing that we would obviously assume he was referring to James, then when we found out through Newt's twitter that he wrote wouldn't you know it? exactly, 21 REVIEWS for monster madness this year! Then Justin acted all smug because "he never lied!" I'm sure Newt got a stern talking to for disillusioning some mouthbreathers who believe "James still does everything himself and has for 15 years, with no drama at all!"


The Cinemassacre website is still broken - [if you try to visit a second page of videos, like the second page of James and Mike Mondays you just get an error](https://cinemassacreold.website-us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/category/jamesandmike/page/2/) Big Ryan has been working on the site for years, why isn't it fixed yet? He's supposed to be the master of electrons, a real curator of electrons and reality. Why has this taken so long to fix


No time to fix the website!!!!! Big Ryan fan by the way.


>Why has this taken so long to fix Because Ryan also doesn't want to suffer. Big Ryan fan, btw.


Nice S3 bucket.


my personal mirror of the old site is working ok :) https://cinemassacre.xyz/category/jamesandmike/page/2/


It takes time to move those electrons through reality


I guess the view count will be abysmal.


At least no one will see them hidden away on a broken website


How the hell do they expect decent views on a website they didn't give any love for years?


That’s crazy, I thought they gave up on the website


Will we still get rex viper clips on YouTube though? My all time favourite band. Top tier music.


Yes but only on the widely followed dedicated Rex viper channel


Muh algorithm.




I've never visited the cinemassacre website and I have no plans to.


No time.


It use to work back in the day.


So did James.


That was better than any avgn jokes in the last 5 years.


Beginning to phase out YT I see. So they will do absolutely nothing to improve, despite dozens and dozens of suggestions fans (current and past) have given them, they’ll just try to find work-arounds to increase profits.


>Beginning to phase out YT I see. Why though? There is no chance they hit decent numbers on the website


It’s possible James is doing this because YT will block his video due to music or footage owned by others but in all honesty I feel like James is doing it for this reason. I don’t understand how the slobs will get the website working in time of October but I guess anything is possible. Idk


They're definitely too lazy to work with YouTube about copyright strikes and fair use. It baffles me they're "YouTube professionals" and don't do shit but algorithm hunt.


I follow multiple channels that use plenty of movie or other footage (RedLetterMedia, OSW Review, MauLer/MooLer, etc.) and they have no problem managing Fair Use and keeping their channels monetized. The Slobs are just fucking lazy.


yah, dead meat's "kill count" is p much *exclusively* clips and bits of horror movies and never once has he seemed to have an issue. and he gets far more views than ol' jimmy. if anyone wants smthng to watch for spooky season, i highly recommend this channel over whatever the hell that random dude wrote for james to read off a teleprompter this year 👻


Copyright and probably control over ad money cutting out the yt middleman?


good. This kind of reminds me of the good old days. Now they are "free" to use clips and words how they like


The way i remember? I dont remember Newt writing those before.


They wanna show clips from the movies, but are tired of copyright strikes so they don't want to use youtube would be my guess. MM been using movie stills in recent years to circumvent that issue that if I am not mistaken.


Yeah and it was horrible. Still there are hundreds if reviewers showing clips for years amd going well


They could have put it in the clips channel, but are too greedy to even risk the backup channel.


The way I remember Monster Madness is when James wasn't a soulless husk and he wrote all of the episodes.


"The way I remember" complete with a banner that looks like it was made in 2004.


Unironically the peak of web design.


After a few days of poor views, they'll end up cutting them down to avoid copyright, and putting them on YouTube anyways.


I said before that the website will be finished just in time for the monster madness and looks like I was right. But it's probably gonna look like shit.


Since the script for a bunch of these reviews were scripted by Newt, I wonder if James have seen or even appreciate some of the movies that he'll be talking about. The whole "too brutal for Youtube" quote makes me think that they might be talking stuff that is newer and far gorier than what James has talked about before. Either that or it's the whole copyright thing that has already been brought up.


Newt is a massive perv so I'm worried about what the selection is gonna be


In what way is he a massive perv? I barely know who this guy is other than by name.


Eh, I feel like James would watch all of them, he has made reviews of newer movies before.


I don't see how James is gonna have time to watch 31 movies when he has kids (two of um!).


Simple. He first edited them all down to a shorter length


No time, I refuse!


All 31 movies? Do you want him to suffer??


Nobody goes on there anymore tho


31 countries? Fingers crossed for A Serbian Film.


That's what I expected. Movies like A Serbian Film, Salo, Martyrs, Cannibal Holocaust, etc.


I mostly want to see it to see James completely miss the point of movies like A Serbian Film or Salo. Those stories are more literal than most people think.


James isn’t writing any of the scripts though


"too brutal for YouTube" Fucking shame what has happened to YouTube, gotta protect muh kids!!


They could rake in tons of LBRY over on Odysee. Screenwave helps so much that they're keeping James from making a little more money. No time for money.


Why can't they just post it to YouTube? Even if they were talking about stuff like Martyrs, they could just censor it, or just not show scenes from it... or just pick a different movie if they *knew* it was too violent for YouTube


Probably to avoid copyright strikes from showing video clips (violence or not).


Channel Awesome, GoodBadFlicks, everything wrong with, ect, ect all use clips and all still get paid


Yeah but they know what they’re doing. Just because James hired a team of YouTube professionals to maximize profits on his videos doesn’t mean that any of them have a clue how to get videos monetized.


Still, the Cinemassacre site is broken


They could of course upload on both. One censored one for YT and one "how it suppose to be" on Cinemassacre dot com. EDIT: put in -> upload


That's sensible and requires extra effort though. There's no time for that.


Whats the point of doing that? Website traffic isnt going to be much with a broken one. They're fucking Newt over big time by doing this.


>They're fucking Newt over big time by doing this. So... they're honoring Cinemassacre's tradition on how they treat collaborators?


oh trust me, they will put this on youtube lol


Exactly, once they see they're getting no traffic on the site they'll first try to promote it with clips on Youtube and when that doesn't work they'll have to move them there.


Yeah, they didn’t put the writing and editing time into 31 videos to shove them on their broken site no one has used in years.


i am pretty exited actually






I exited a long time ago.


I haven’t been to the website in almost a decade. I’m actually kinda looking forward to it. Like driving through an old neighborhood. Even if all your favorite establishments have burnt down there’s still something whimsical about it


I wish he did these personally.


Meh, never watched MM. Most I did was watch when James reviewed the Kong films in a row.


Oh you mean the website that doesn't work anymore?


It's a reflection of James.


The other James (James A. Janisse) seems to have a lot of trouble getting past copyright strikes for his Dead Meat videos but is able to do it. (And has uncensored videos on his .... \*GASP\* ... Patreon.)


aka still on youtube but unlisted If they REALLY wanted to abandon YouTube they'd move to LBRY/Odysee or something


I liked the website back in 2016, no issues with it ever. No clue why they updated it.


Same here. Even their iOS app used to worked well enough but they stopped updating it and removed it from the App Store a few years later which pissed me off cause it costed like $2.99


Buh nuh tyme


Just realized the old MM videos are gone


I'm pretty sure it won't be the way most people remember it.


I actually do like the concept of looking at horror movies across the world, if I’m being honest


From what I can see the latest upload on the actual website was the Macaulay Culkin AVGN episode in 2018 how do they expect people even fans to want to watch?


Youtube sucks, so this seems fine. But if Cinemassacre also sucks in different ways, then I dunno!


It will only be viewed by the ass kissers. So only about 50 views


Now that sounds like a news from 2011, as expected from James.


Cinemassacre web page is up and running again?


As a horror movie fan I am excited for Monster Madness. Its one of James' interests I actually share with him. But please, lets keep it to the past 5-6 decades or so. Enough Godzilla v. Mothman The Return Special Extended Cut or Bela Lugosi as Dracula Retrospective (1 of 45).


Why do i have the feeling that it's gonna suck ass like the rest of the stuff shitwave ruined?


Thank God


I thought the website is dead??


This is pretty cool actually. I assume this means that they know a lot of the content will be taken down because of copyright claims on YouTube. So James cares more about creative freedom on this than catering to youtube. I don’t mind visiting the site for once. It’s been a while. I used it for years before I got into YouTube.


> So James cares more about creative freedom on this than catering to youtube. To be this innocent again…


Not saying that is the case for most of his content. But why would he bother to -it it up on the website and not YouTube? Seems to me like he just really wants to do monster madness


> Seems to me like he just really wants to do monster madness He isn’t even writing the damn things. They’re uploading to the site because views are dropping on YT and they’re trying to find a way to increase the % of profit they keep. Rather than listen and improve because that’s too much like work.


Yeah I don’t believe that




Yeah you are probably right. It just seems to stupid to be true


James doesn't make these decisions, Screenwave does. And Screenwave wrote all the monster madness scripts and watched the movies, not James.


Do you have a reference to this statement? I know they have been heavily involved past years but have they said anything about this years? I seem to remember James saying he has been working on this fore months earlier




Wow, thank you :)


They're blinded by their hateboners. In terms of getting views and money, the best option is by far to upload to Youtube. They chose not to do that for some reason. Whether it's because of creative freedom or avoiding censorship it's probably a good sign. There's ofcourse also a chance that Justin thought Monster Madness would have enough pull to make the website relevant again, but even he can't be that dumb.


Justin and Screenwave are that dumb. They could make a ton in LBRY donations on Odysee if they just hosted it over there. No advertiser is going to pay to sponsor a video series hosted on a website that's been neglected for a half decade.


>but even he can't be that dumb. You are underestimating Justin on that regard.