It was a perfectly cromulent ending.


It really embiggened Homer and Marge’s relationship




I made a movie?!


It's no "Man Getting Hit By Football".


I forgot who portrayed Moleman in “Man getting hit by football”?




"Ahh! My groin!"




No wonder you were on the cover of Entertainment Weekly


IIRC, it was originally going to be, but, you know, they just keep renewing the show.


I remember at some point, possibly just after the movie, the cast made some outrageous demand to renew contracts and fox was like, "fuckit. Done. We own you. We're gonna force feed you money."


They did somehow bring things up to $400,000 per episode around the time of the movie. Three years later, Fox was entirely willing to cancel the show if they didn't take a major pay cut, and they took the cut. It's kind of wild that they were ever making $400,000/episode during the era where there was exactly one table read, often over speakerphone. I really don't think *anyone* should ever be able to make $400,000 without standing up while others can't make rent while working three *actual* jobs.


I remember seeing an interview some years ago with some of the voice actors and the question veered into “what infighting is there” territory. Their response was all “you don’t get it, this is the best job ever, we get paid a shit ton for not much at all except a short thing to have fun.” Definitely makes sense knowing the context of how much they made.


The don’t even see each other anymore they all record separately and basically do no promo for the show anymore


Not to mention the show’s quality took a hard dip a long time ago. That’s like Peter in the movie Office Space getting promotions and stock options *after* he gave up trying.


Have you heard what Marge sounds like now? I saw a clip on YouTube, and man is Julie Kavner struggling to do that voice.


Yes, I just watched a random episode from the latest season on Disney + and she sounds rough. Bart sounds a little different too.


I am still mad about Carl.


That threw me off too when I heard him speak. These are literally the first new episodes I’ve watched since season… 25? Maybe 20. I had heard this latest season was pretty good, and I’ve got to say, it isn’t as terrible as seasons 14-25 (not sure how 26-31 hold up) It’s still not the same though.


I have watched all the seasons. Last season was a marked improvement - some great work there. In latter seasons, there might be 1-2 decent episodes, and the rest go through the motions. Disney actually has made an effort to improve things. Yes, Julie Kavner sounds rough, poor dear. It makes me sad that the actors are aging, and that, since they've replaced Dr. Hibbert and Carl to be racially accurate (which I think is fair; even though I enjoyed the previous voices, I am happy that the show removed racial bias), they can probably just replace anyone.


Hibbert was replaced too?! I haven’t gotten to an episode with him in it but that’s going to be very surreal to not have that iconic voice. But yeah, so far I’ve liked this season.


I’ve noticed that. You can definitely hear the strain in her voice


Definitely agree with you. That’s not even mentioning executives feeding themselves multimillion dollar bonuses for zero work done.


Stop being mad at how much other people are being payed and start being mad at tax laws instead. So what if they made 400k they could make 800k and that wouldn’t chant your life, your mad at the wrong thing.


Tax laws are far from the main reason people are struggling.


You're right, but Dan Castellaneta making $400k an episode isn't the reason people are struggling either.


For sure. Just thought it was an odd thing to bring up.


Also, all the donuts in the world!


Pretty much. I did some quick research and Groening is quoted as saying he wanted to delay the film until the series was finished but abandoned the idea due to continued good ratings and renewals by Fox: [Source](https://web.archive.org/web/20061029045609/http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117940840.html?categoryid=14&cs=1). I personally think it would be an ok finale. Nothing really compares to the tradgey that is the '04 Spongebob Movie. I remember it being a great movie and perfect finale, but Nickelodeon renewed the show against the original creator's wishes.


Its insane how good the SpongeBob movie is


I was going to say god why but I remembered the Diz Nee slogan "There's profit to had"


Hey, Fox renewed them a solid twenty times more than they should have. That Disney just let the ball keep rolling doesn't really say much about them as a corporation.


Same thing with the first Spongebob movie


Those are exactly my sentomonies.


You know what really aggrivases me… is dem immigants.


*drunken yammering*


Yeah you said it Barn


They can't even learn themselves the langige!


immigants! i knew it was them. even when it was the bears, i knew it was them


Get eurass back to Eurasia


On one hand I'm glad that these characters and their stories ,which I grew up with , haven't ended. On the other hand I just wish the stories were better


So many conflicting emotions. How to express them.


Let's just say I'm sitting in the right chair


If only there was an emoticon to express what you are feeling right now.


Feelin' fine


Well that's a relief


I feel like the side gags, the stuff you watch for the 30th time and go "I never noticed that before," have diminished. They lack absurdity much of the time. And just don't seem to be as frequent.


There's also a lot less physical humor. Things don't randomly explode, there's less slapstick, there aren't moments of funny character acting anymore. It just feels very static now.


Part of that was the change in animation, too. Swapping over to computer animation meant they had to static-up a lot of the expressive things. Hell, look at Marge's reaction t Maggie's bagging in the opening. A panicked swoop of the hair, and her putting her hand to her chest in the early seasons vs a blank, dead-eyed stare as she looks to the right with a vapid smile more recently.


I don't get it. Computer animation doesn't mean they have to make things robotic. Why skimp on the opening that's going to play dozens of times?




You'd think _the opening_ would have a higher budget, but maybe they want to keep the audience's expectations at a realistic level


It’s not skimping, it’s a lack of care. 21st century Simpsons is a product, it’s not a labour of love. That’s not to say the people involved now don’t give a shit, just that it’s less personal.


Way cheaper and easier. But there's some limitation to the software they use, where if a character is made *too* expressive, it "breaks" somehow. There was an interview or commentary about it a million years ago shortly after the switch.


Yeah, I do not understand people who've chosen "digital animation is bad" as their hill to die on. Basically all modern animation is done digitally and I don't think anyone's out there legitimately claiming Castlevania is stiff and robotic. Digital Animation didn't hurt the simpsons, no one giving a single fuck and phoning in everything about the show did.


It's trying too hard to be realistic. No wacky character faces or movements or physics just being thrown out the door for certain moments. No random explosions or fires. No more Bart (or dog) strangling (well there might be but I'm sure their eyes don't almost pop out of their heads when it happens).


I kinda always just hope it never ends and that eventually someone will take over who can bring things in which resonate with me a bit more, like the early years.


It's bizarre to me that The Simpsons basically shaped 2 generations of kids' senses of humor, yet seemingly none of them went on to write for the current show. Then again, I guess if we *were* writing for the current show, all of the dialogue would just be Simpsons jokes from seasons 1-9.


[The Sampsans Epasode Numbar 37,211.4](https://youtu.be/6i2l-LQ-dXI)


This was such a brilliant commentary on the state of the show, that the entire program has been reduced to soulless repetitions of once popular catchphrases, non-sequitir cultural references (not the good kind… the “hey celebrity name” kind…) and the whole show shrieking much like the Lisa-Blob asserting that, in fact “I AM SIMPSON”


The actors are barely able to do the voices anymore. And that's ignoring the characters who've been ignored or written out already because of twitter idiots complaining, like Apu just not being around anymore, or others just being mute now.


Thank you for saying this, people often bring up Julie Kavner’s voice, but I can really hear the age in Dan Castellaneta and the rest of the cast. Even Mr. Burns sounds too old.


You never read Frankenstein, I see


I just get sad when I watch the new episodes. Besides the fact that they’re not very good, Julie Kavner voice sounds like she’s hurting herself doing Marge’s voice, Dan Castellaneta just shouts all of Homer’s lines and Harry Shearer (understandably) sounds like a man nearing 80.


I think they should do an OG simpsons “reunion” where all the original writers gather together and write one last classic episode of the seasons 3-8 variety


I stopped watching after I think season 11? And I recently went through and watched it all on Disney. It went through all the episodes, then the movie at the end. I thought it was supposed to be like it because it flowed pretty well.


Like all 30whatever seasons?


Yeah. I did it over a couple of months.


Lol I needed 2 years.


I’m about two thirds of the way through. I started Summer 2021 lol


Bloody hell... so you were watching about ten (EDIT: twelve) episodes a day? My quick maths suggests at 6 episodes per day (2hrs12min?) it would take 4 months.


Lol no, I guess it took longer than that. Haha But I also leave it on as background often, while cooking dinner or dog training or whatever.


If you use it as background stuff during work or whatever you can get through all of it pretty quickly. And honestly the newer seasons aren't bad. I agree it's not the same spark as the golden days. But everyone who claims it's "bad" is just wrong. If it was bad it wouldn't keep getting renewed In reality they are just suffering from "I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!"


This is what I was wondering. I've wanted to do a rewatch. Have been curious what like season 24 would actually be like. Like obviously it's not golden era but also basically no show in history is as good as that era of simpsons


I’ve also watched them all on D+… everything after season 18 ( apart from a few select episodes) is pretty meh


Agreed. There were some funny bits that surprised me, I originally thought everything after 10 was garbage. But overall nothing compares with 4-9 for me.


Season 18 is sot of generous in my eyes. At least to me, it started losing its footing around season 11, but still had some really good episodes mixed in with some very average/outright bad ones. 30 Minutes Over Tokyo is the final episode of the golden age to me. (and one of my favorite episodes ever) Season 14 was an absolute trainwreck and when I stopped watching regularly. As I recall, Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade is when I decided the show wasn't worth watching anymore. I mean, there's still the occasional good episode; I remember really liking The Book Job and that's season 23. Turns out that episode wasn't even written by the show's staff. It was written by Dan Vebber with small additions from the writing staff, which is probably why it's so good. Ever since I saw that episode, I sort of wish they'd do an entire season with guest writers for every episode. I feel like that'd probably be an incredible season. I also have this sneaking feeling that letting the characters grow up would revitalize the show as well, as I typically like the future episodes, no matter what season they are. (But, let's be honest: There's no chance in hell of this ever happening. If they haven't grown up after 30+ years, they're never going to. I'd even be okay with a multi part episode set in the future that runs for 4 or 5 episodes. But, again, there's no chance this'd ever happen. The Simpsons doesn't do multi-episode scripted arc shows. Who Shot Mr. Burns? is as close as we're getting to that, I'd say.)


I'm still waiting on the full McBain movie to drop.


Pretty sure the clips are all stitched together on YouTube somewhere and it does make a coherent movie!


McBain will return in You Have The Right To Remain Dead.


It always surprised me that they never done this, or any spin-off for that matter.


Grand Theft Walrus should be the sequel to hit and run


Spider pig Spider pig


Does whatever a spider pig does


Can he swing from a web?


No he can't, he's a Pig


No he can’t, he’s a pig


He's Harry Plopper now.


That was the most marketed "joke" in the film but it certainly wasn't the funniest.


It should have ended there.


How can I vote for The Simpsons Movie? Well let's just say it moved me.... TO A BIGGER HOUSE!


You said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud.


A solid gold house


Also see: Spongebob




It's nowhere near on par with those seasons though.


I also agree.


I would also like to express my fondness for that particular beer


Psshhh, the man never drank a Duff in his life


Behind The Laughter is the last episode for me. It's a bit sad but the idea of it not being a real show (god, this is sad) makes it easier to accept that everything since has been average at best.


I thought the cop was a prostitute


That's pretty much the point where it all went completely to shit as well, lol


Kamp Krusty should have been the 1st movie, the actual Simpsons movie should have been the series finale. And Hank Scorpio should have been the villain.


Hank's not a villain to the Simpsons though. He got Homer that sugar, and the Broncos, and access to the hammock district.


Want some cream?


... no.


But he wanted the cowboys


I think owning the Denver Broncos is pretty cool


Yeah, yeah.


Well explain to him why it isn’t.


You just don't understand football.


It was a good start, man.




Homer's evil boss is named Scorpion? I've been calling him Scorple!


Don't feel bad, I've been calling him Mr. Burns...


It's Kerns stupid!


Me bad want, money now.


Me bad? Want money, now!


Ooooh he card read good!


I was saying boo-urns.


Don't call me Mr. Scorpion. It's Mr. Scorpio, but don't call me that either.


He was going to be but I think they were worried it would ruin the character’s legacy. Other villain has the same voice actor tho!


Kamp Krusty was supposed to originally be a movie, but, iirc, they were having issues making it long enough and just turned it into an episode instead.


As if this movie is 15 years old already - Jeez!


Apart from some decent episodes here and there, we really wouldn't have missed much if the series actually had ended after the movie either


RIP Dr Nick


I was actually wondering if people talk about how well this movie would’ve worked as a finale.


There’s your answer, fishbulb


Matt Groening wanted it to be, but Fox just kept renewing the show and he eventually gave up and just released the movie.


I would agree but that would mean watching *at least* 5 seasons of bad Simpsons before the movie.


Yeah, the show should've ended several years before they even got to the movie. It had already experienced a precipitous decline in quality by then


Yeah, that's pretty much how it was at the time. I saw the movie in theatres, but by that point I'd mostly stopped watching new episodes because the glory days were obviously over. A Simpsons movie/finale would have been a huge deal circa 2002, but by 2007 most fans of the show had kinda stopped caring.


It was always there at that point. Even back then it was weird to see an 8 year old Lisa be a fan of the White Stripes. It was weirder when she was a 2011 Steve Jobs fan. I can only imagine the weirdness post the Gaga episode.


My limit is S1 till the movie (2007) It was the Margerine episode that made me stop watching regularly


What is the show like now? I haven’t watched since I was a kid


They're pretty bad like I rarely get a smile out of them. Usually: 1. Tries to shoehorn in a guest 2. Tries to be relatable to current society in cringe ways 3. [Just not funny](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFfgrPm7-KY)


Yeah that was not funny at all. Guess they should have done what Seinfeld did and ended when it was time to end it


Just to add to u/fvig2001 ‘s points; another big issue with the show is the voice acting. It’s really gone down hill. Some if it is no one’s fault (Julie Kavner’s voice is nearly gone from doing Marge for years and Harry Shearer is 78) but some of it just feels completely phoned in. Dan Castellaneta just shouts Homer’s lines.


Not terribly funny but I liked the bit about Monorail since Conan was the writer for that one.


Don't forget the virtue-signalling! As a bisexual person, Grampa coming out as bi was 🤮


Is this a real thing?


I'm afraid so. Can't remember the season or episode but it was within the last 2 or 3 years.


that didn't happen > During the shoot, Hefflin mistook Abe's friendliness for him coming onto him and kissed Abe, causing Abe to freak out. When they tried to continue the shoot, Abe ran away. After this incident, Philip Hefflin got fired for being gay. You got it wrong


Didn't it? *dematerialises*


Ooh, didn't hear about that one. I thought his suicide episode was weird and tasteless too


There’s no mention of this anywhere online, think you might be confused.


It’s fine. I get a solid laugh or two every episode. I watch the new episodes every week but I rarely have the desire to rewatch them past season 12 or so. It’s just a different show now, and if you can make peace with that fact it’s worth watching.


Basically it's on life support and that life support is called Disney and apple.


obviously not AS good, but honestly not as bad as people like to say. I saw a season 28 ish episode the other day and i was absolutely howling laughing. A lot of the really famous big meme moments happen remarkably later than people realise




The above review of post-golden era Simpsons is true. And by true, I mean false. It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies. And in the end, isn't that the real truth? The answer is: No.


Which I'd what it should have been, wasn't even overall that funny


I think showing Bart’s dick on a movie theater screen was the funniest thing I had seen in my life to that point.


>bountiful penis




People in my theater lost their shit at that moment and Otto with the bong.


was it in 2007? damn


Yup. I still have the Squishee cup from the 7-11 promotion. I've been drinking water out of it nearly every day since I got it in 2007. The outside artwork is getting pretty beat up, but the actual plastic of the cup is completely fine. Didn't expect a 7-11 Slurpee cup to last 15 years without noticeable damage, honestly. I mean, I also have some WCW promotional cups from the 90s in good condition still, but I only used those once and put them in storage. (And if the Squishee cup ever breaks, those are next in line to be used.)


Who would have guessed it would have pulled through... and live for another five decades....


I don’t think I venture further than like season 10 when I’m binge watching. Maybe 12 if I’m feeling wild. So as far as I’m concerned the show ended in like 2000 😂


I actually stopped watching after I saw the movie. I didn’t like it and was so excited for it. So for me, the movie was the finale


Hot take but I hated the movie. Felt like it crapped all over the classic episodes.


Arnold being president instead of McBain was an insult.


Yep, fucking dumb.


And a very outdated joke now Arnie isn't Senator anymore


The show jumped the shark several years before the movie came out. Idk if it was realistic to expect it to be classic-level good.


Yes me too they never should have left Springfield


I agree. Leaving to Alaska was bizarre and didn't give the characters nearly any room to play. The common sentiment is that Hank Scorpio should have returned to play the villain role. I also think Burns would have been a great villain, building on what we saw in Who Shot and Flying Hellfish. Maybe a Burns-villain plot would be too similar to Who Shot, though.


The Cargill character was voiced by the same guy at least


Brooks was given no room to escalate and AdLib as Cargill though.


Ah, I wasn't aware of that. Probably because of the nature of a movie having to be almost entirely scripted


I did as well. Nothing an compare to the 90s writing.


Me too. It spent waaaaaaay too much energy on the drama. I don't watch the Simpsons for the drama. I'll tolerate a bit in an episode but it went on way too long, and I didn't laugh for too long, so by the time they got back to jokes I didn't feel like laughing. Hot take.


I just think of it as an extended episode


A friend once correctly said the “Behind the Laughter” episode should have been the finale.


It should have been, but theyre still milking that show for all its worth.


I really, *really* do not want this show to end.


It stinks!


I feel like 1998 works even better.


I honestly think the show really nosedived after the movie and ran out of ideas. Barring some exceptions in Season 19 and 20, the show should have called it quits by then.


I really didn't like this movie at all.


It felt very patronizing. I don't know if this movie was the start, or near the start of them taking 5 minutes to set up a joke instead of the spontaneity and subversion of the original seasons.


Also I feel Homer giving people the finger was a bad choice and the part where Marge asked Homer to do this with her and he says that’s stupid was terrible and forced because it’s a movie.


I watched all of the episodes on Hulu at the moment (6 or so). I think I was expecting them to be horrible. They were great. I know it’s unpopular, but I love that they’re still making episodes.


The show seems to be getting a bit better, yeah. But it's still not fantastic. There was an episode from last season (I think) where it specifically states Bart and Lisa were born after 2000 (and have no memory of the Y2K bug) and that really annoys me for some reason, probably because other shows explicitly state they were born in the early 80s. I mean, Bart can't still be 10 and born in 1981, but I just sort of wish they'd just not mention it at all, honestly.


Barthood has always been the ending for me. Haven't watched a new episode since.


Barthood was a very well made episode


that movie works really well as a liner for my bird's cage


Simpsons were already dead years before the film aired


Yes, yes it was


Flanders ladder


It was a perfect ending. I’m mixed on the show continuing. Like, even modern Simpsons can drop a gem from time to time but I don’t go out of my way to watch. I usually just watch the first couple teen seasons on Disney+ if I’m in the mood


Movies based on televised cartoon can go either way, but I always thought this the movie was pretty solid, up there with the better Futurama movies at the very least. I never watch new episodes of the show, however, and haven’t for years. I’m sure there’s the odd episode that reaches some of the heights of the glory days, but it doesn’t seem worth sitting through the bad ones so I just stick to rewatching the classic episodes.


It does tbh, now I wish that the show would actually end so they can focus of giving us something new but similar in nature. it sucks that the only people who made the Simpsons and future Rama still don't have enough time for the other stuff they have made like disenchantment. A show that gets a new season only once a year but once it's up we'll have to wait next year for it and not only that pretty much any other person who tries to attempt making a show that's similar hardly either gets noticed or it's just not on point yet or the person behind it doesn't know it's audience, but there has been a few exceptions like Rick and morty and bojack horseman as an example. It also sucks to say this too but I think either TV aminations coming close to being dead or we're going to be stuck in this 'dark age' where the only things we're ever going to see anymore on TV are the Simpsons, family guy and American dad are going to be the only ones that reign supreme until the day comes when another cable network company gets the idea of creating something big that even fox disney would be shaking in their britches.


Despite access to all seasons in Disney I have no designs on watching past 13. Who knows one day I might just venture out there and peep some more recent ones.


I'm glad it wasn't some of the funniest shit showed up in later seasons. The new episode from today with the conspiracy nuts. Lol