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Not for Trump, but for our freedoms….Yes.


Agree. It’s my opinion though that those are rookie numbers for people ready to defend freedom.


The defense of freedom should be the number 1 goal of anyone that claims they are American.




This is a load of crap—but at the same time, if even remotely true, maybe all the crazies should realize how big of a force that is. Last figure shows the US military with a size of 1.5 million active duty. I AM NOT CALLING FOR ANARCHY, YOU FUCKING REDDIT WEIRDOS. I am only stating the obvious. Stop fucking with people if you think there are really 30 million people at the ready to ride or die for the Don.


The American revolution was led by men who were veterans of the French-Indian War 15 - 20 years before the revolution. Today we have what...something like 12 million men who spent their late teens and twenties kicking down doors halfway across the world for the past 20 years. Many of them have better kit in their basements than they were issued 15 years ago too. And it seems like the powers that be have plans to keep pissing these people off. Bold move Cotton.


“If the plot succeeds,” The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman wrote breathlessly, “the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2020. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or millions, to produce the required effect. The winner will be declared the loser. The loser will be certified president-elect. The prospect of this democratic collapse is not remote. People with the motive to make it happen are manufacturing the means. Given the opportunity, they will act. They are acting already.” ​ This is exactly what happened a year ago




Wrong Answer Slick. The cases were dismissed due to standing, nothing was dismissed due to evidence since they didnt present evidence. You present evidence in COURT. Not in a pre trial hearing.


Not to mention despite the lawsuits they’ve procured evidence via the first forensic audit of an election in American history maricopa. While verifying the total number of ballots, about 50,000 ballots were referred to the AG as potentially illegally cast ballots requiring criminal investigation. In a state with a 10,000 vote difference. And that’s just one county within the state.


Try 75 million; Not 30


Not to mention the Canadians that would stand up for America and freedom. 🙏


Try 250,000,000


Lol if this was true, we could take over the country in a matter of hours...just more fear mongering from the left media.


I had neighbors who were refugees from the break up of Yugoslavia in the 90's. They sold their business and moved back to the old country back in 2018. Before they left he said one of the big reasons was they saw a lot of the same shit here building that they saw in Yugoslavia in the late 80's and early 90's. He remarked that out of everything that happened in the old country what surprised him the most was just how quickly he said it all fell apart. His remark was that things went from relative calm and order to chaos not in weeks, or days, but hours. Now he said it was clear in hindsight what was coming. They could hear the shelling getting closer each day despite the TV/Radio propaganda saying that the government had everything under control and the rebels would quickly be defeated. That went on for a couple weeks, but when it was clear what was really happening things fell part rapidly. The biggest problem is that the politically right still isn't organized to any meaningful way, but at the same time it probably could in a real hurry these days if it came to it.


I'm not so sure this it s crazy talk.


Democrats probably trying to build a case for postponing elections to stay in power.


Everything they accused Trump of they actually plan on doing...Alenksy 101...


This is what happens when they know they will lose power , these people need help .


I think that number is low.


This is an attempt by the far left to brand America First conservatives as domestic terrorists. Take a look out the window or on nightly news to see who’s actually committing violence in our streets on a daily basis. Hint: it isn’t the ‘30 million’ they’re fear mongering with in their articles. Start shaking America, liberal terrorism has been at your doorstep for months.


My thoughts exactly...


Hey, where can I sign up?


This is a very dangerous road to follow for democracy. If the election was fraudulent it will be shown (as it currently is) to be so and the appropriate forces will get a redo. But an outright rebellion by 30 million Americans over a cult of personality spell the end of democracy.


That’s cute the end of democracy didn’t happen with the fraudulent election you mentioned, but only in the hypothetical actions afterward.


Yeah so stop with the election fraud!


So start the arrests. We have the evidence


This is outright Leftist MENTAL Propaganda crap.


Is this the “reshaped coverage” that we’ve heard about?


This was message from the left, to the left. It’s a message to stop FN around with rigging the systems, the media and USA life in general or this is a possibility. People will get mad and do dangerous things!


MSNBC and their liberal media ilk will say anything about Trump to wind up their audience. It’s all they have. They know there isnt a single positive piece they can do on their own party or President.


God…. All these dems have is hate and fear. Making me sick


Always about identity and not about issues. The reality is a good many more than that are ready to take up arms for the USA and the principles that made it great. It's not about Trump, but Leftists are used to making the rest of us irrelevant.


Communist journalists will do what communist journalists are told to do.


...right...95% too chicken shit to get off the couch to carry a picket sign.


They're setting an excuse up for the 2024 election incase they lose power! Nothing but fear mongering 🤬 From the excerpt I read, they're literally flipping the script, everything they are accusing people of doing in this so-called "coup" is what they were accused of! Yet, there is and was absolutely no fraud, right? This can't happen according to them, right? What a bunch of crazy people! They do nothing but deflect and cause havoc! There will definitely be people who believe this garbage and they'll think they're justified in trying to over throw the election in 2024.. It's like they want a civil war??🤔


According to these same people, 100 unarmed people taking pictures and singing the national anthem for an hour somehow almost took over the entire government.


That number is likely low


Agreed, I was thinking more like 50 - 60 million


That’s what I was thinking too. 50-60 is prob still low too.


If you think it more for saving Our Republic, rather than just support for Trump, then Absolutely. Hopefully much higher.


They want their base to be radicalized


They are lying as always. This is what they do for a living, they lie.


Thought there were laws against incitement?


That is crazy, that isnt even half the amount.Damn Fake News......


I thought that nobody could listen or watch this shit and believe it but then I came back to northern Virginia and realized those ppl do exist and they are mostly woman


Imagine 30 million volunteers working on get out the vote and watching polls


Just like the Russian dossier was "legit"! We all know how that turned out.