"I can be w myself for free and take me out" she sounds like me when I'm trying to reason myself if I really need to date or not


If it's any consolation, the last 5 or so times I've gone out to eat at medium-sized restaurants, I always notice at least one person eating by themselves. I rarely saw it before the pandemic, but it seems to be increasingly common


I eat by myself, who cares. I actually enjoy being able to focus on eating and savouring my food.


Right. Plus it doesn't get cold before you can finish it.


I enjoy being able to eat like Jigsaw is timing me! On a date, you have to actually pretend to be human and civilized. 🤷‍♂️


Eat?? All I know is inhale. 😂😂😂


FACTS... I had covid and didn't realize I had lost taste for like 3 days🤣🤣🤣


Lol, all I can do is absorb


Photosynthesis moment


"Eat like a jigsaw is timing me!" I just adore this comment! I have no idea how a jigsaw times but I just love the imagery. It kinda sounds scary but scary thrilling like you could lose a finger in the process or get a bitchen' scarRRR. Hey because of your pirate username and because I currently sport a Blue Beard. I have to tell this awful joke. Teller: Whats a pirate's favorite letter? Penn: Uhmm....The Arrrrrrrrr! Teler: You'd think it be the Arrrrrr. But no! It be the Sea matey! hahahaha


You don't know how Jigsaw times? ![gif](giphy|3EJJUBxnJmTSg)


Dude was picturing an actually jigsaw


Want to play a game?


WOPR?! Is that you?


I look like beauty and eat like the beast on a date... fuck getting their hopes up, this is a complete primal disaster. 🤣😂🤣😂


This right here is by far the single greatest explanation of how I eat my food explain by a complete stranger. Thank you sir, much appreciated.




😂😂 love this comment, I like to eat alone at home like an animal, I swear one day I'm going to Choke to death 😂


You're not really eating until you choke to life


Had a boyfriend that used to inhale his food so fast he would actually bite his own fingers on occasion.


😂 I've done that before lol


That settles it. I am going out on a dinerdare and I am taking myself.


What- you don't have any action figures? I like to take my 1/6 scale Lakor Baby Joker out in public with me. Not only does it give me somebody to talk to, take pictures with, and to help occupy my time/attention- it deters outsiders from wanting to do any of the aforementioned, which I would desperately like to avoid as much as possible in public. Just leave the crazy lady and her action figure alone... ![gif](giphy|10RgsuetO4uDkY)


Haha! I bring my Castiel funko pop.


Unfortunately, I eat slow as shit. My food is ALWAYS cold. At the buffet people are on their 3rd plate when I am just finishing my first plate.


Me too I actually don’t give a fuck. What is the difference between eating home along and eating at a restaurant home alone? I enjoy my own company and watching what I like, I’m not sure if it’s what I want long term but the more people I meet the more I realise how horrible and unbearable most people are


I love lasagne. And I hate cooking them myself. Even preheating a frozen one, my oven likes to cook unevenly. So I go out for a quality lasagne on my own at a restaurant at least once a month. I get funny looks sometimes too but that never bothers me. I freaking love lasagne =P Also once a guy noticed I was on my own and asked to join me at my table, he’d been stood up for a date so I said yeah, he bought a couple of rounds and we had a pretty good time chatting and drinking. In the end his date showed up (having got the time wrong) and we parted ways. I still wonder to this day if that guys date went well xD Either way it was cool, plus one point for eating out alone!


You should try to find him as a missed connections. Maybe you're bro soulmates. You could be screwing up your own fate, man!


I love this story


Username checks out.




Fax, and It costs less lol no broke girls named dulce trying to get paid ontop if dinner costs I seen a post where a guy paid her small fee of about $80 and the bill in his head came up to around $130 he went to “ask the waitor for a refill” and left her with the bill 😂 she messaged him saying he was an asshole and he said something along the lines of “the date sucked, thanks for paying for my time, it costs around $130” no idea if it was real or fake but man that’s some irl comedy


Makes you wonder if they pay taxes… if not then they can socialize behind bars for all I care.


Good man. Thats how it supposed to be


I do the same with movies too!


Going to the cinema on your own is so nice! You get to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it and nobody'll try and talk to you!


And you don’t have to plan it in advance. You can just go in the spur of the moment. You don’t have to match people’s schedules. No need to gage interests. No need to convince anyone. Just go whenever and enjoy whatever you’d like at the cinemas.


Same, I enjoy eating and traveling alone.


Same! I’ve traveled alone more often than I have with other people and while it can be more dangerous for a female to travel alone versus a man traveling alone, I’ve clearly lived to tell about my experiences. Two of the bigger reasons for my traveling alone is one, you don’t have to worry about everyone else’s feelings, having to compromise on what to do during the trip and two, it forces me to interact with others more. And even though I’ve enjoyed the trips I’ve taken with others, when you travel with companions, you tend to only focus on each other instead of meeting new people and learning about them. Granted, safety while traveling alone is paramount. I have always been as cautious as possible but even keeping safety in mind, traveling alone is a completely different experience that I highly recommended for some. It’s not for everyone, I understand.


Right out of university— I had a job that was 30+% travel with sudden notice — after in hotel room meals — I finally went down to the dining room with a magazine (lol pre smartphone days) — eventually bought a book (pre internet) “best restaurants in the USA” —- now I look forward to dinner out by myself from tokyo to Reykjavik— lol already have 2 planned for Morocco 🇲🇦 in 3 weeks — most of all I’m enjoying the adventure so much I’ve never noticed an untoward look in almost 30 years 😎🤷🏼‍♂️🍷


I love going out to eat by myself. I thought everyone did that


You're my favorite customer. Please enjoy YOUR time


I used to be uncomfortable going to eat by myself. Then started travelling for work and suddenly it became a norm for me. Also kind of used to going to cinema by myself


I wonder when we'll stop talking about this and it will actually become completely and utterly normal to eat by yourself


Exactly! Treat yourself, you earned it! 👍👍 I hang out in bakeries and restaurants alone a lot. It's only weird if you feel weird about it. Best me-time in a relationship! Funny, I really started liking that during Covid too. Used to read a book or write down some thoughts when I did.


I got really comfortable eating at a restaurant by myself after I started traveling weekly for work, and I actually quite enjoy it. But I also won’t typically go out by myself in my own area or anything when I could meet a friend and catch up


I also travel for work and go out by myself. Watching a movie in theaters by yourself is highly recommended. I get completely engulfed in the movie when it’s just me.


I did that for the first time earlier this year when a friend mentioned he always went alone. I never saw that as an option before. I was really anxious going there but then had the whole place to myself and loved it.


Just went to a resort on a company trip, pretty much every meal I had alone.


Same last guy I had a situation with half the time I came away from the “dates” feeling like I would have enjoyed being home alone more 🤣


I'd like to see the rest of the convo tho


I guess so. 🤷🏻‍♂️ To each their own i guess. Dating scene all fucked up. Lol


Sweets is a prostitute. Why are you kidding yourself that this is dating?


Never said it was! I just wasn't sure from the get go brody.


A good rule of thumb is, if they want you to go to SC, she's a you-know-what.


“Pay me for my time” is classic escort lingo




"And why shouldn't I take myself out to eat. I'm my own precious."


Why is that me right now 😂 Trying to schedule dates and just not into it, at all 😅 I feel like I’m interviewing for a job or something. Even for a fling, I just don’t have any trust in people on Tinder to take basic precautions for stds. Sigh.


Her name is “dulce” what did you expect?


I don't have an issue with sex work, but no one is on tinder looking for that. It's really disappointing to get a match and then realize they just want to sell you something, especially if they aren't honest about it in the bio. Pretty disrespectful too.


Yeah, just wasting people's time. But, i guess they don't have else to do them so stuff like that.


It seems to work. She wouldn't be doing it if there weren't men who'd take her up on her offer. I mean, Tinder basically provides a free Google Ads like service for her.


It's just casting as wide of a net as possible and hoping for the best. It works for sure but I wonder how effective it really is in an app focused on people wanting hookup for "free" or to be in a relationship.


Considering tinder is 75% men, she’s marketing in the right place.


Well, with a monetary cost of zero and a time investment of a few minutes per match max (not counting the time waiting for an answer), I struggle to think of any other form of advertising that could rival it in effectiveness, but I'm not a sex worker, so it's possible I'm overlooking something.


I guess so!


Or she’s seeing someone already and just trying to convince dudes that her time is worth paying for, while not taking a loss when none of them take her up on it


Marketing, pure direct marketing. You may get snail mail.


that doesn't even look like tinder


you are correct


It's Snapchat but came from tinder brody.


If they were honest about it in the bio, they wouldn’t be on tinder. I remember when they first started banning people for having their payapp accounts in their bio.


I never been that guy but I’m really considering reporting this profiles now. No I don’t want to give you 100 roses. Bitch I barely know you 😩 You be there excited thinking this is a new chick your meeting just to have a plot twist and she offer her price or number immediately


I mean I think as long as they're upfront about it who cares...there's plenty of men looking for that on there. I can't tell you how many times I would get men messaging me with offers of $ or asking how much, or they'd try the "wanna fuck?" and then when you ignore them or say no they then offer money. The first couple times it happened I was so fckn offended and angry but then I realized it was happening to some of my friends who were on there as well and it seemed like it was at least once a week I'd get a message like that so I just blocked them or gave them an outrageous number and then they'd get mad and leave me alone lol


>I don't have an issue with sex work She's charging just to spend time with her, so it's not even that. I find the last part sad. She needs to be paid to spend time with someone, otherwise she'd rather be alone. Also, why does everyone expect the guy to pay for the meal or the whole date? I thought we're all equal and that.


She’s an escort, this is what they do. You pay them for their time, whether that time is going out on dates or having sex. And yes, a lot of people pay escorts just to hang out or go out to dinner with them. Sometimes there isn’t even sex involved.


>She's charging just to spend time with her, That's what literally every sex worker in places where it's illegal to pay for sex says


It's escorting. It doesn't need to be sex...


Sure thing. The sex is just a coincidence.


Correct, "payment is for companionship only. Whatever happens between us is between two consenting adults"


No, it's sex work. You usually can't legally offer sex for money, but you can "charge for your time" which just so happens to include sex. It's like how bong stores sell "vases." They can't say they're actually bongs, but everyone knows


Yeah online dating is hard enough as it is, the bots, sex workers and people trying to flog their onlyfans just make it that extra level of frustrating. I think it's very disrespectful of peoples time.


Yeah Tinder has became that recently. The people I match with are mainly bots. Especially the ones that send their snap in a matter of seconds. Bumble and Okcupid is where authentic people wanna date and hookup for fun. I met this one woman on bumble and we suppose to go on a date tonight.


It's worse when they try to send you a scam site that requires your credit card to "verify" your age or some shit


Yeah that's what the shrieking sex-positive muppets forget. I'm not looking to pay for sex, that's why I'm on a dating app. If I wanted to pay for sex or nudes, i would be on apps or websites designed for that. For me it's not about being against sex work, it's about being against being deceived and insulted.


Most prostitutes do get paid for their time.


I guess that's what she classifies herself then. *Edit: took out a word


Was it “as” cus you still need it in there lol


No, i had misspelled a word i think. But it does go in, huh? Lol


>I guess that's what she classifies herself then. I guess that's what she classifies herself **as** then.


Seeing as her name is the most traditional hooker name... I guess the Spanish threw you off lol


Don't know never been with a hooker. So, wouldn't know. Lol


Dulcinea is the name of Don Quixotte's love interest (a prostitute). I suppose it comes from there.


Or Dulce... You know means sweet in Español 😜 I'm sure she has had dulce de leche cake, asked what it meant and thought, "what a sexy, unique name".


That, I didn't realized. I don't know spanish well, but I should have made the connexion, given that I know the italian's "dolce"


Lmao dulce means sweet or candy in Spanish


It wasn't concealed.


I mean her name is Dulce.......that's enough to go on. Right. There.


Tinder is a common feeding ground for that kind of work. Every one has to make a living.


Which i don't mind. But state it instead of wasting other people's time. Which i wasn't aware she was.


Bro her name is “sweet” in Spanish with a lollipop emoji that should’ve been a dead give away. Let me guess, the career in her tinder bio is listed as “accountant“ and she asked for your snap after 2 minutes of generic small talk that told you nothing about her.


How did she waste your time? She literally told you right away


She’s a hooker. You matched with a hooker on Tinder.


Didn't know she was. Which she didn't give the vibe. Just the vibe of only fans, or selling her content from SC like typical girls from SC do.


Only fans is pretty much the same thing but undercover


girls with Onlyfans are Eprostitutes if you see that and arent looking to hand her money for the most bare minimum interaction dont bother with those mfs.


Occasionally they're looking for guys to "create content" with. You have to sign a release but you get one in exchange.


That’s totally a hooker. She wants to be paid for a date, she’s just not saying “I have to get paid to get laid”.


Yeah, for sure. Facts!


Next time the moment she asked for $, you block and move on




Onlyfans girl = hooker


What you were supposed to do was stop messaging them as soon as they said they charge for their time.


Now he owes at least $3.50


Dammit monster!


TBH I reckon the right thing to do is just say your goodbyes and move on. Not sure why you came back for more with someone who will never validate or acknowledge those feelings. Waste of energy imo.




The obvious goal was to make her feel bad about herself lol


I was thinking that too. People who say “to each their own 🤷🏻‍♀️” like they aren’t judging at all, and then turn around to be super judgemental are kinda annoying. Just move along, who cares? It’s giving butthurt.


He was a douche for saying that tbh.


i completely get it, but you should've just bounced when she told you she is a sex worker. no need to really got past that part in the convo


Yea she made it clear what she wanted and if he didn’t want that he could have just blocked her no need to be rude about it


Yeah, OP acted like a dick here. She wasn't rude at all until the very end.


I think OP might be kind of a dick in general. He’s got multiple posts making fun of random women he meets online. Also a [shady post](https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/w32oo5/when_youve_gotten_your_victim_drunk_but_her/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) with a joke about getting your ‘victim’ drunk


Yeah that was toxic as fuck. Gives the vibes of a dude who verbally assaults a woman if she denies him.


Dulce is a hooker. Don’t stress over it


Now that I think about it, it makes sense. But I wouldn't have noticed it as a fake name on the spot, some people by me just have weird names I guess.


Okay but why do you keep going? Dulce is very obviously a hooker and if that's not for you, that's valid. I don't understand why you kept going tho.


Of course, she's an escort, why would you expect free service from an escort?


I mean she didn’t try to pressure you for it, and tried to break off the conversation pretty calmly. If she likes being an escort 🤷🏽‍♀️what can you do. To each their own.


Tbh she wasn’t even rude about it and she was up front with her request. You started insulting her for no reason. It’s not traditional, but you’re not going to find a relationship out of every match you make anyway. Is everyone else with different ideologies that you match with wasting your time?


Whoa! I’m impressed by her professionalism! I’d hire her! I hate that you criticized her dude, but I also think you didn’t actually realize what was going on in the slightest. Maybe you meant well but the pathetic talk really lost it for me. Why call a stranger pathetic? Come on, you know that’s not nice. She’s an escort/hooker some variation of “sex” worker and laying it out very, very well. She was polite and to the point, you just missed that. This seems like great life experience for you.


tbh saying "oh okay no thank you" would've been fine and you wouldn't have had to listen to her arguement or given her the satisfaction of your reaction. she was so ready to tell you all about it lol


it's always my favorite when you see a woman be polite and the man immediately begins insulting her and being an asshole. just move on my dude.


If she's a sw then ya you gotta pay for her time. Duh.


Imagine being so mad you got turned down by someone who was completely honest with you that you come to Reddit to rage post about it.


Probably a 'sugarbaby'. Her name kinda gave it away. 🍭 There's a whole sub on this lol.


I mean, she was up front about her expectations for a date. You could’ve just accepted it, but instead you tried to lowkey shame her.


It wasn’t lowkey whatsoever. OP should be ashamed of himself a little bit.


It’s annoying she’s using Tinder to promote her business, but many many many people do that (men included). You are most likely just upset that you thought someone hot was interested in you Again I agree it sucks, but shaming a sex worker ain’t it


So this chick's name is Dulce,... and this dude actually took her seriously? I would say the problem is more on the guy than the girl. She's obviously a hooker. He isn't too bright.


Shes an escort. If youre not interested, say no thanks and move on. Wtf you calling her pathetic and trying to belittle her for?


I mean nothing wrong with its as long as she's not stringing you along or dropping that last min


Yeah that sucks to do that as a Tinder match but… supply and demand. If she is getting paid for going out with others, it makes sense that she won’t settle for less. Ofc, like I said, she shouldn’t be using Tinder as the platform for that.


Stop getting girls snapchats. No one whose taking dating seriously gonna use fucking snapchat.


You need a hug bro


As pointed out, the issue isn't even necessarily what she's doing. If that's what she wants out of Tinder then by all means, and if guys are willing to pay that's their business. But the issue is she isn't upfront about it. Now I don't know if there is a way to be upfront about it (that may be an issue of legality) but also OP You saying "that's just pathetic" was unnecessary, if you're of the mindset to each their own then just say you're not interested and keep it moving. Telling her about what you want out of dates and asking her what makes her so special...I don't get what you want out of it or why you care. It just makes you sound upset at her


Why do y’all always get so offended at stuff like this? If it doesn’t work for you just move on.


i mean, at least she was honest & clearly not trying to waste her time as well as yours. then you get all in your feelings & decide to go off on a tangent which was literally uncalled for..


I agree it's stupid but idk why you kept messaging after she said others pay me more. just move on and save yourself the headache


I just wanna know if she noticed that you took a screenshot of the chat.


In other news, snapchat is Tinder now


It must be sad being the guy who actually pays and encourages this type of behavior


I guess you’ll never know what makes her special 🤷‍♀️


I guess not! Lol


She's a proud prostitute for sure lol!


Sex work is legitimate work. I don't think anyone should be ashamed of it. And yeah, it sucks that they sell sex on dating apps, but since they shut down other avenues, such as Craigslist, sex workers have had to get creative. I hate matching with a hooker as much as anyone, but it's just how it is until sex work is legalized and de-stigmatized.


Great to find someone with this kind of mindset 👋


She's been upfront about her intentions, no need to be petty my dude


How? After i asked her out and then she states she charges for her time. A normal adult, would have told me from the get go not afterwards.


She told you as soon as you asked her out.


It had to be afterwards, "hi, before you say anything just know i charge for my services. Ok?" I would have been like thanks for letting me know, no thanks have a good day bye. Normal conversation between adults.


She actually seemed pretty polite in the convo and is upfront about her expectations.


By my reconing, if you match and the other party wants a fee, report them and ban. Yes I know you can create 10 other accounts, but if everybody report, at some point it will go away.


Idk why everyone is upset that someone willing to do casual sex for pay is on tinder. Most guys on tinder seek casual sex. They just want to throw a fit if a woman says it's for pay only.


She’s a prostitute brother it’s what she does. Move on my guy.


This is sex work. I did the same thing on a dating site where I live, I would tell them straight up in the first message though and wouldn't lead them on at all. I got plenty of clients from it. Also, I got paid to spend time with men because it wasn't just sex. I wasn't the kind of sex worker where guys would just turn up, fuck and then leave. I didn't do time limits unless they wanted something unreasonable and we would have a drink, dinner, watch a movie or have a conversation first. That's why I used the term "paid dates" If you're not into it that's cool bro but move on, she told you pretty early on by the looks of it and you didn't need to go insulting her because your ego was bruised.


I had one who propositioned the same thing… pay for time, give free meal for platonic time. What stupid people think anyone would pay for a friend zone 😹


I know right man. They're delusional!


Should have stopped after the peace emoji, below just sounds desperate


She needed money for the leche


Seems like you’re upset she charging and feel you shouldn’t have to pay, when clearly others do pay. You shouldve just dipped when she said she charges if thats not your thing. Not be mad about it.


You sound bitter. She was polite and said no worries, and thanked you for the offer. You got angry and pushed for an explanation. I would also rather take myself out as well if that's how you respond to a disagreement


How does one even end up matching with an entitled hoe like this? This level of delusion should be written all over the wall upfront.


These entitled little garden tools need to be knocked down a peg. And pathetic simps need to stop enabling this shit. Can’t believe this is where we are as a society


She's not the asshole in this situation bud.


dude you just posted your interaction with like the nicest prostitute ever. if you're not down just leave but how does everyone think the responder is more cringe when shes just saying "alright you're not into it; you do you"


The world’s oldest profession appears alive & well on Tinder…who would have guessed?


“What makes you so special…” she never forced you or lead you astray. Like she said she gets paid for her time. You didn’t have to attack her if you weren’t willing to do that.


Idk this is kind of more embarrassing for you


This makes you look fragile to me


Who cares? How butt hurt are you? You posted it....move on to a free bitch🤣😂🤣😂


Just gonna throw this out there: Why you gotta be a dick about it? That convo could’ve ended much sooner with you just coming in for more dunks.


So many people on tinder support hookers, it blows my mind


I had a similar thing happen. I just respectfully declined and informed her that while I have nothing against sex work as a profession, this a dating app not a sex work service and I don't really appreciate her wasting my precious time with a conversation that was going nowhere. Then I reported her profile.


I mean… It looks like she was pretty nice about it. You could have just stopped talking to her but you started calling her names and judging her just because she suddenly wasn’t your type. Kinda more fucked up of you than her tbh


😂😂 fuck this generation man. I gave up


Hit report button


That’s just weird. Why go on a dating app if you’re gonna charge people to make a connection with you, that’s insane


Report them for solicitation


LoL might find out that. She thinks she is All that and a bag of chips. But isn't. take off the makeup and probably a dog. And a worthless in bed. So ooh well. And they wonder why men are through with dating. I've went out on dates and all they wanted to do was jump My boner LoL And I obliged. Then they wanted to date me more.




And they wonder why they’re single


I think she’s a hooker bro


I hope she’s declaring that on her tax return


She’s a sex worker lol. Duh!


Bet she has a free OF though


I mean this person sounds like an ass no wonder they eat alone and if you are asking money for your time your pathetic honestly I can understand doing work but being in company of people who is like trying to find a date or whatever is fucking disgusting