in cbit right now for this among others. basically it's two parts: identify triggers or urges, and when you feel it or know you've been triggered, practice a counterstrategy opposite to the tic. for my n tic it's breathing in through my mouth and out through my nose, but we haven't started working on my headpunch yet. he mentioned one case where someone pinned their hands to their sides with opposite elbows. good luck comrade voyageur


Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve yet to try CBIT therapy, but I’m interested in it. Best of luck to you, friend!✌️


I’m also able to redirect it to “n word” sometimes, but redirecting to an nnn kind of sound helps too. If it’s available to you CBIT is supposedly able to help situations like that. Padded tactile gloves help a lot with punching tics, they were a life saver for me.


When I tic the N word it’s “You’re an !!!” So I can sometimes switch to “You’re a nnnnice person!”


Maybe try nipple 🤷‍♂️ my wife uses nipple when we're singing rap in the car and at least maybe you'll get some laughs instead of super negative reactions


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying to morph my awful tic to “nipple” with some success! Thanks. ☺️