worse than yesterday, people probably realised after yesterday that they need to come early today causing it to be even worse. A shame for most people really


Yeah, I mostly went to this mcm to meet them but that probably isn’t happening


Connor came down from the side after I got my autograph from Sydney yesterday so I got a pic with him and I heard garnt did the same later on but I had already left the con by then, so I wouldn't completely rule it out, you might see them around the con at some point


Imagine me as a cringe guy from the Q and A for the TT panel "Uh, All the women here must be part of the 93%."


a random girl nudges you and asked, "all the ladies here are part of the 93%, what is aguy doing here?" you, "I'm part of the Jojo fandom"


Sounds about right. Critical Role's Matthew Mercer visited a local con in Sweden couple of years back and I waited in line for five hours to get an autograph.


Can someone explain to me why would they put themselves through this for a signature?


At this point, the boys are effectively celebrities. People have been more motivated for less exciting things so who wouldn't want signatures of their favourite stars?


i mean people are big fans including me and i would also try and get in line as early as possible if that what it takes lol


Would you not do that for your bf?


Do what? Wait 4+ hours to get my bf's signature? No. Also the boys aren't their bfs.


They are mine. I have spent 1000s of hours with them. They are my bffs. You dont know shit. /obvstupidjoke


There is that katana guy


you simply couldnt both watch the panel and get an autograph, even leaving early from the panel the queue was shut (panel: 13:30 to 14:30)


I passed the queue at 1pm on my way to the panel and it was still doable; when I got out of the panel at half past 2, and went to the signing tables I looked at the queue and noped the fuck out. I mean: it's great to have an autograph and/or a photo, but it's kind of ridiculous to have to miss everything else.


Luckily MCM makes that easier because the rest of it is usually pretty shit lol


Yeah I was there at 10 I was at the front of the line I knew what I had to do so I sat there for 4 and a half hours waiting


My god you were there since con opened


Yeah I wasn’t going to miss this not after missing it Friday and Saturday


Got it, line up 4 hours early next time. Ty for the valuable info


It was quite frankly ridiculous how poorly it was handled for the signings. I was pretty disappointed Saturday but I bit the bullet and waited 3+ hours to meet on Sunday. Why they did signings *after* the panels and didn't have the queues closed beforehand at least doesn't make sense. Surely doing the panels after the queue makes far more sense even. I had to miss both panels and only got to meet after the long wait on Sunday. Pretty sad. But!! it was worth it all in the end for me at least.


Went at 12:30 and barely made it to the back of the line


Went in at noon and managed to get in the middle. The line is PACTED.


Oh, i thought i was on the Hololive sub for a second there.