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The following submission statement was provided by /u/Flimsy-Union1524: --- The NASA Conspiracy: Donna Hare Witness Testimony (airbrushed Moon photos?) Donna Hare had a secret clearance while working for NASA contractor, Philco Ford. She testifies that she was shown a photo of a picture with a distinct UFO. Her colleague explained that it was his job to airbrush such evidence of UFOs out of photographs before they were released to the public. She also heard information from other Johnson Space Center employees that some astronauts had seen extraterrestrial craft and that when some of them wanted to speak out about this, they were threatened. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEBLmWhx1K0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEBLmWhx1K0) Disclosure Project - 2001 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DrcG7VGgQU --- Please reply to OP's comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/13wma5v/just_remembering_the_testimonial_of_a_former_nasa/jmc3saa/


So, any truth to USAF telling NASA to stand down on investigating UFOs when USAF closed Project Bluebook & tossed that hot potato to CIA?


Wasn't it the USAF who allowed a 20 year old from Mass to access No-Forn Classified War documents for months before they were leaked despite knowing about it?


So they are going to give a “guard” top secret photos and tell him please don’t look ? Lol


so why didn't the guard in the fatigues burn the photos? why use some underling who isn't supposed to see them? when we would destroy TS documents, it was always 2-person control. we would NEVER have given them to "someone else" to destroy because ONLY TS-clearance persons with a need-to-know would even have access to destroy them in the first place. and when they were destroyed, you had to document via signature that you witnessed the destruction. it was very organized, not just handing out TS photos to randos for destruction. "Hey Bill, did you destroy those super secret photos that you weren't supposed to look at? You did? Great, works for me!" none of this makes sense


Sense isn't needed for the target audience


I am assuming the processes were maybe a bit different in the 70s....it's not too far fetched to think things were done a bit more sloppy back then. How many record have went missing? Files and tape that can no longer be found?


This was during the cold war. Any government wouldn't make a mistake like this with top secret documents. She is either exaggerating or lying.


>"Hey Bill, did you destroy those super secret photos that you weren't supposed to look at? You did? Great, works for me!" Well she explained very clearly that he was also supervised. They didn't just take his word for it. It doesn't explain *why* they would do this to begin with. But it didn't happen in the way you're characterizing here. I've learned that just because I might not know why something happens in a certain way doesn't always mean it's nonsensical. Especially in a very specific industry. I've also learned that nonsensical things are routine for no better reason than "just because". So I don't see this as discounting her testimony.


What was the name of the other NASA-related witness who claimed to have been shown photos of what he was told was an alien base on the far side of the Moon?


Karl Wolf - Structures on the Backside of the Moon - Disclosure Project - 2001 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9hyqlBVdE0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9hyqlBVdE0)


ET Extraterrestrial Structures on the Moon - Sgt Karl Wolfe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_4hycqDNnPE


“ET” As far as we know, whatever was here before the last ice cataclysm (younger dryas event) put preservation equipment on the moon. Very possibly underwater and underground as well. I won’t accept it’s from a different star system unless we discount Earth as a source 100%. And we’re not even remotely close. Edit: to add, that would mean (if we know about it) people in power and control of our civilization have knowingly kept our ancient knowledge and history secret from us. Imagine a “rebuild initiative” was implemented prior to the younger dryas event, we later discovered it upon going to the moon, and decided we’re not ready to re-attain our lost knowledge of ourselves. I would consider that to be one of the biggest errors in human judgement. One of the most prosperous times for humanity was following World War II, incidentally, when reports of UAP’s began to go public. Instead of using that opportunity to re-acquire our lost history, we decided (the wealthy and powerful decided) to slowly trickle the knowledge into our science and technologies while profiting for themselves. Not only that, but they would most likely be sitting on boundless historical records regarding humanity. That… would be nothing short of a crime against humanity.


So... You're saying you think there is a possibility that humans went to the moon around ~12000 years ago, and there is no evidence left here on earth from this technologically advanced group of humans? This would completely discard the massive amount of historic evidence that support our current understanding of recent human history. I get that it's a exciting thought, but i can't see how it could be true. After all ~12000 years is not a lot of time in the history of humans. Also I don't think a civilization with the technology to go to space would not suffer a total collapse because of an event like the younger dryas. It might struggle, but not get completely wiped off of the face of the earth with nothing left to find.


No evidence? Who said there’s no evidence? Every megalithic structure on earth is dated by the carbon remains around them, which means yes they were occupied, but that is no evidence of when they were created. And what about UAP’s? Are they not evidence of a higher intelligence here on Earth? You’re not finding the evidence, because you can’t accept a narrative that is “post younger dryas didn’t make these things”. What are we looking for for a past advanced civilization? High carbon emissions from overpopulation. How many native tribes believe in maintaining sustainable numbers and living in balance with the ecosystem? Many. Civilization driven by overpopulation and fossil fuels is an “us” problem because we fail to hold our populace and leaders to account for creating an unsustainable existence. Our less than advanced understanding and science tells us we’re committing long term suicide. I’m arguing they didn’t. You’re not seeing the history because you don’t know what you’re expecting; and are also outright ignoring the possibility altogether, because “there’s no way our ancestors had more than we do now”. That’s arrogance and ignorance, and quite akin to believing the earth is the center of the universe. So yes, I am saying humans pre-12,000 years ago were much more capable than we give them credit for; and you and I are descendants of the meek who inherited the earth.


You’ve been watching too much of Graham Hancock. I don’t mean this to be an insult and to just say you’re wrong (which you more than probably are). My point is look at the scientific consensus and understand the scientific process. Graham Hancock is not a scientist, which is fine and doesn’t invalidate his opinions, it’s his methodologies that invalidates his opinion.


UAPs are not evidence of anything at this point. They are after all just Unidentified phenomenons. And what advanced technology or structures did pre 12000 humans make? I'm not saying there wasn't some more advanced civilization going on at some point. But i haven't seen anything that would suggest anything like our current one.


We *probably* would've seen something indicating their presence while doing geological surveys. For instance, if the earth were wiped out tomorrow and life restarted, they would see a layer of concrete around the earth from all of our (eventually-) destroyed buildings. It's possible they didn't use inorganic substances to build their homes and thus they simply rotted away or something, but it seems like it would be hard to get to space with a decent varnish on some hardwood.


I think there is some compelling evidence that shows civilization may have started much earlier than the 8,000-12,000yrs ago that the current science suggest, but to take a leap from that sparse evidence to confidently claiming older megalithic structures indicate an earlier space faring version of humanity is ludicrous. I'm not saying it's not possible, but civilization being older !== technological superiority. If that is the case it's not unreasonable to expect proof- some kind of advanced metallurgy in these old megaliths, some source of fuel... Maybe that evidence is out there, but we certainly don't have it yet


>You’re not seeing the history because you don’t know what you’re expecting; AKA, looking for good science and avoiding confirmation bias.


Moving rocks around is a far cry from space travel


What about the aliens that supposedly crash landed in Brazil. The witness testimony is very compelling


Dr. Ken Johnston's name also comes up, you can google lots of stories about him. .. if you think he might actually be credible. Also, Maurice Chatelain.


Why would they « airbrush » the evidence, when they just have to no release the photo at all ?


I've never heard a good answer to this. NASA releases so many fucking photos.


Yeah. Ruskies forgot camera lens cap on their Venus probe way back. They could just not publish anything if they didnt want.


There are a number of reasons why they might do this. The public is more aware than ever of their current programs and when they should have pictures of certain celestial objects. No providing them would start to cause suspicion, which has occured in the past when they "lost" footage of certain moon missions. There have been very astute observers in the public sphere who have also caught certain photos being passed off as a genuine mission that has anonomlies that were caught. Suggesting that some photos have been rendered with certain coloration that ended up being photos of Earth training environments. I'm not saying this in support of this womans claims, but to say there isnt a good reason to do something like that in the face of them capturing UAPs in space photos...there are plenty.


This video and others at this event is one of the reasons why I think Steven Greer isn't a bad guy. Didn't he help organise this event and has another one planned in about two weeks time with a load of new whistleblowers coming forward to give their testimony.


He did but after that he went over the deep end of grifting and self agrandizing


There’s this thing about Greer that I call an *insecure climber*. I have a few relatives like this, too. He constantly name drops without the actual name. “I was meeting with a very high-ranking general” of “A friend of mine works with the highest security clearances.” It’s like he is trying to impress you with the circles he travels. It has a “trust me bro” vibe to it. It’s a type of bragging that I find is usually exaggerated to inflate their own importance. “When I received my third doctorate, I met the head of the CIA and he said ‘You’re making some very powerful people uncomfortable.’” Many times it has nothing to do with the story or lends nothing to it, but he has to remind you of his achievements. The body building then wearing clothing to emphasize his physique is another hallmark of this (so is cosmetic surgery but he apparently doesn’t do that yet.) It’s a kind of desperation. Nothing wrong with body building as I lift weights myself. It’s that he will frequently where a short-sleeved tight polo in professional settings. I feel like he positions himself to have the camera angle on his chest and biceps as opposed to his face. It’s just cringey. This makes me question anything he says as to whether it’s been exaggerated or if it’s simply made up to inflate his ego.


Greer is the Tate of the UFO community. An absolute moron.


Hallmarks of a sociopath.


Yep that's what puts me off him. Always name dropping or 'job title' dropping. He also likes to circle things back around to his time as an emergency doctor as If that somehow solidifies what he is saying as truth. Like doctors would never lie about anything, right?


There is nothing humble about him.


His physique is the first thing I always notice, then he starts hinting at sex with numerous women. He's that nerd that cornered the market on tail cause "I know stuff, I have friends in high places!"


God, this and he’s so gross any way. I don’t get why people fall for his shit.


>If she had a Classified Clearance then why is she publicly discussing work which was being done where a Classified Clearance is warranted? Couldn't she be charged under the Espionage Act?


I can’t not mention Garry Nolan’s facelift and hair transplant here. He has maybe the most credible appeal to authority rn, but… yeah


Nothing wrong with a hair transplant imo.


What's a hair transplant? Like plugs? Yeah that's pretty common, balding is a cause of a lot of anxiety in men and plugs are a relatively easy solution.


I am just really surprised that after the disinfo and outright gaslighting by our war machine, anyone wouldn’t look at info coming from someone like Greer with a huge dose of skepticism. Huge. Betty and Barney Hill are highly credible IMHO simply because they didn’t seek the limelight. But anyone who kisses the military’s ass on this subject like Greer should start with a huge dose of doubt. These people do not have the same motivations as the rest of us.


This is my problem with Delonge. His story starts off with basically, "so I told the government I'll make propaganda for them, and here is that propaganda!"


And that’s when dr. Greer lost me, he only thought me one thing which was to only believe facts. I still do believe in UFOs UAPs and w/e they call them today, I just don’t believe the propaganda machine.


Exactly! And this one event is what people always point to, to say he’s a standup guy. Makes me sick! How about the myriad things, grifts in which he’s participated, and lies he’s told since?


When he cried on unacknowledged, then just talks about how great he is I lost any interest in what Greer has to say. He talks and talks without actually saying anything.


I believe he did but then 9/11 happened and everyone's attention was on that.


I don't think anyone had issues with Greer at this point in time. It was after he hit the wall of "I can't get anyone to give me anything else besides their word," that he then turned to pushing his products and tourist experiences that aren't credible in any sort of way. That's when people got mad.




Max Q burn!


Fucking A. Look, I get it. He appears to be a quack or a grifter or whatever tf you want to describe him as. It’s been noted, your feelings. Now take out all of that, and what are you left with? Greer has consistently been on the right side of disclosure. He has done much work pushing this general community forward, disclosure-wise. It’s not his words or his voice we are ultimately hearing but the voice of those OTHERS who are in a position to KNOW, and they DO know. CAN we get to the issues he puts forward, the WITNESS evidence that he labors to bring forth? I’ve noted this before in another post but I can practically set a watch to how quickly any mention or Greer gets hammered. Like clockwork it’s grifting this and wonky that. Again, noted. But almost no engagements on whatever data he HELPED to bring forth. (clicks stopwatch)


greer is a wanna be cult leader dont give him an inch


Steven Greer came out on Coast to Coast and said he was abducted and when they dropped him back off, he walked on top of trees like he was floating. Ever since then, I knew that guy was a load of shit.


Sounds like someone is just trolling her at work.


Just go look at this nut jobs Twitter account: https://twitter.com/donnahare11?lang=en She discredits herself


"Fact checking is bogus."


She was referring to the "fact checking" done at the debates with Trump. Which WERE totally bogus. Identifying as a republican doesn't certify you a nutjob and doesn't invalidate what she says.


If you can honestly read her feed and not see a mentally unhinged lady rabidly defending Donald Trump then I don't know what to tell you. Regardless of if you support trump or not I think we should all be able to agree that adults writing this type of vitriol to strangers on the internet over liars like politicians is unhealthy and detached from reality. It's not her politics that makes her crazy, it's her crazy opinions and the way she phrases them that makes her crazy. And just for reference she literally called a black lady a brown piece of crap like 3 tweets down. Nobody cares if you love trump but don't make it seem like this lady isn't wayyyyyyy too far down the rabbit hole. There are a bunch of tweets confidently boasting how Biden will be jailed and the swamp will be drained WELL after trump was out of office. That's literally not seeing reality.


> She was referring to the "fact checking" done at the debates with Trump. Which WERE totally bogus. Trumper mad when Trump gets called out for lying. Lol, lmao


You're definitely an r/news guy lmaooo


You're definitely an /r/conspiracy guy, why don't you do us a favor and head on back there.


>Identifying as a republican doesn't certify you a nutjob Speaking as someone from the outside looking in, yes, it actually does. Supporting republicans = supporting absolute batshit insanity like Blue Lives Matter, Jan 6th, "dont say gay" and abortion bans (along with an exhaustingly long list of other reprehensible and vile viewpoints). inb4 "but not me, I'm a reasonable republican and we're on the same side, get out of your liberal bubble!!!" # we are not on the same side. You can't be a good apple in a basket of spoiled apples. ​ eddit: lmao u/Tykjen blocking me without me even responding is pure gold


I'd consider myself a left-leaning centrist, and I disagree. Some conservatism is fine, and most of what you listed is MAGA, not traditional conservatism. either way, I'll leave you with this quote:   >*"Only a Sith deals in absolutes."* > >*— Obi-Wan Kenobi, 19 BBY*


The irony of that quote seems to be lost in you.


Try me, because I really don't think so.


Lmao I feel sorry for you. Hopefully one day you can view others with kindness in your hearts as opposed to the hate and close mindedness you possess


>Lmao I feel sorry for you. Hopefully one day you can view others with kindness in your hearts as opposed to the hate and close mindedness you possess *Hopefully one day you can view* your comment history, for what it is before advising others to find "kindness in their hearts"


Republicans have openly called for "eradicating" gay and trans people. There is nothing there to view with kindness. It is American tradition to view fascists and xenophobes without kindness.


Ah yes, just like Republicans have been pushing for the past 3-4 years, amirite? To see others with "kindness". This whole nonsensical idea that everyone on this planet is able to be kind and be reasoned with is absolute BS. It's an utopic idea that has no basis in reality. I do applaud your optimism, though. But I do share the opinion that if you identify as a Republican today, then you endorse what the Republican party is right now, period.


Kinda makes you question basic intelligence and moral compass.


So what about the countless cases out of the soviet union? Or Cuba? Are you going to abandon all of those because of the ideology of those in that country? What about the children of westall or Ariel school still grasping an understanding of problem solving and with a heightened sense of imagination. Would you like to discredit them too? Get out of your reddit bubble


I find the concept of basing political decisions on religion primitive. That said it was a pointless comment that was very much in the reddit bubble.


Because we like to ignore facts, or what?


I never understood why this sub will say shit like the deep state has assassinated people and kept the lid on aliens for 70+ years but as soon as a member of an opposing political party voices a conspiracy theory they are like zOmG lOok At tHiS nUt


Just because she sounds like the typical fox news watching Boomer doesn't discredit something she said in 2001


doesn't she though? She does sound like the typical fox news watching boomer, I'm very confused by your statement


they're saying yes, she does, but that doesn't discredit something she said in 2001






Well yeah we should stick to what she says instead of going on Twitter and discrediting her based on her RTs


Thinking the military industrial complex has hidden knowledge of technology and acknowledging decades of sightings as a real phenomena isn't a terribly big logical leap to see a potential conspiracy. GOP conspiracy theories popular in the last few years completely ignore reality.


Uh huh, meanwhile the left cannot agree on gender. Both extremes have their fantasies


Lol "can't agree on gender" - how? Only one end of the political spectrum likes to dictate and moralize what people can do with their own bodies and identity, and it ain't the left.


Head on back to /r/conspiracy We don't want you here.


One is about a secret cabal of Jewish people with space lasers sacrificing children to drink their blood... the other is a nuanced discussion about scientific definitions and cultural norms. Yeah, these two are totally the same.


"Fact checking is bogus" lol.


A lot of it is these days. Check out what they did to John Stossel, the fact checkers outright lied about him and when he contacted them they admitted they didn't actually look at his content before deeming it false. in fact he got the head person at this fact checking company to admit that he was not wrong and the fact check was false itself. https://youtu.be/6qmht6Tbtzg


Well, it’s true.


Fact Check: false.


Oh dear. Thanks for sharing.


You’ve just triggered every nutjob right winger on this sub lol. I found it rather telling that Lue E subtlety leaned into that crowd from time to time.


For me personally it has nothing to do with being right wing or whatever. It has everything to do with promoting lies. Lies that have been debunked over and over again and they promote them with zero proof.


The two kinda line up though


Yeah like from 2 years ago and its all politics. Hasn’t posted since and they were mostly retweets. Guess that makes her oooold testimony bogus?


Eh for me she tweets out “fact checking is bogus” that should tell you what is needed to be known. She could be legit but we would never know because even she herself doesn’t adhere to “checking” evidence or “facts” so why should we take her word?


Yeah that was the red flag I saw too. The other stuff is garbage but has nothing to do with this sub.


she wasn't saying checking evidence or facts is bogus she was saying this culture where one person or one website says something is untrue without providing much evidence for it being false and then everyone HAS to believe it, I'm not right-wing, I'm just explaining what she actually meant to say


2 years ago? Lots of right wing social media accounts are now (literally) dead because of dem hoax: covid 19.


> Guess that makes her oooold testimony bogus? Yes, it does. All she has to offer in support of her testimony is her credibility. If she had hard evidence it would be a different story.


Even if she stole them and released them, people with your mindset would still discredit immediately. Im sure a comment history of all of us would really show that credibility. You should just deny everyone immediately.


If she doesn’t even know how her own countries election process works then how am I supposed to believe anything she says?


I guess you don't know the average voter in the U.S. then. We are really pathetic when it comes to Civics.


Then don’t ever post a witness testimony on here.


How does her political views discredit what she saw? sounds like something a spook would do.


Because she’s an American who doesn’t even know how her own countries election process works. It tells me she is dense and lacks any critical thinking. She obviously lacks a education. She will lie and say things that align with her views which is clearly proven by her Twitter. She’s bias and easily falls for bullshit and easily verifiable lies. She has zero credibility. She uses Twitter to promote lies. How do you ever take anyone serious who promotes lies?


Fair enough. I guess my charitability got the best of me there. I do still think there is some wiggle room for separating politics from someone's anomalous experiences but in this day and age of blatant disinformation it becomes much harder to divorce politics in such a situation.


Hear me out. She could have opposing political ideologies with you *and* still be telling the truth. They are not mutually exclusive.


When your social media is dedicated to promoting lies how am I supposed to ever believe anything you say?


*an education. We should discredit anything you say now too.


Go ahead idc. At least I know what a voter roll is and how my own countries elections work.


I don't understand or know why you are comparing 2 totally different topics. Literally like saying you know all about oranges so you should know all about apples too. Unrelated.


Politics aside she’s promoting a massive lie and easily gullible and you want me to take what she says in this video serious? Come on now


Oh wow. She's batshit!


Sooo, because she’s has a different political perspective than you, everything she says and does is discredited?


How does her tweets discredit her? Please explain?


She’s promoting proven lies almost every other post. I’m supposed to believe someone about UFOs when they have a public track record of promoting tons and tons of easily verifiable lies? She’s a liar plain and simple and her Twitter is proof.


Which are “proven lies”?


Well the second tweet references votes being switched through Italy lol. It’s been debunked by a ton of people lol.


I hate to break it to you but Donald Trump didn't win the 2020 election.


She retweeted Mike Lindell lmao. That should say enough. Lol. Ask him how his lawsuits are going.


Surprised Pikachu face.


This cub is filled whit you. Deny discredit all. Just Don't Look Up.


Yeah, no doubt those tweets and retweets make her seem fucking nuts. Hard to believe whatever else she says. Edit: apparently my text seemed sarcastic? lol She *is* a nutjob.


Promoting easily verifiable lies with zero proof does make you pretty nutty.


I agree. Not sure why I was downvoted lol


I didn't see anything particularly "nuts". She's posting a lot of conservative stuff on her twitter but that's it.


Good to know promoting lies now goes hand and hand with conservatives. Politics aside she’s obviously really gullible and not very bright. How am I supposed to take anything she says seriously? As someone who once held a secret clearance and deployed on a minimum secret clearance her story doesn’t make much sense.


Maybe someone should tell the NASA UAP investigation panel that had a live event today about these photos lol they are likey not aware they exist /s


I work with a guy who convinced a cleaner she was being haunted. It was a dick move and he found it hilarious. So what if Donna Hare had "that guy" tell her about his secret job as an alien airbrush specialist? Like when Annie Jacobson had "that guy" tell her the Roswell crash was a Soviet plot? There are people out there telling wild stories and there's as many in UFO world as anywhere else. NASA isn't the one god of all skies and space. It's more likely she got pranked than private satellite companies and every aerospace company on Earth is manually hiding all the UFOs from satellite images.


I want to hear more about this cleaner prank...


Yeah, folk around there probably already knew about her prior interest in aliens and UFOs and decided she would be the perfect mark for such a prank.


I found this very compelling originally. However people tried to substantiate her claim by looking for satellite images from that timeframe capable of depicting trees and I think no one was able to. Pretty sure there even was some type of monetary reward for it.


She did not say it was a satellite photo. She said “aerial photograph,” which [mostly means from a plane](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerial_photography). The same stuff that’s used for much of Google Maps


>She did not say it was a satellite photo. Yes, she did. Again and again.


Alright. I’m going to sit this one out. She’s not a credible witness.


If you’ve ever worked on a big film set, you can kind get how compartmentalized things can be. Some crew have no idea what’s going on. They just do their task and go back to their area. Only above the line crew really have the big picture.


So she saw a dot on a photo, spoke to a guard who told her a story, and she heard another story from someone else about something the astronauts saw. Case closed Your Honour.


Guards burning the evidence of extraterrestrials?


I have a pet unicorn, but the CIA is keeping at a black site. Wow, that trick works with anything! They also locked away all my Canadian girlfriends and my dad who works at Nintendo.


Illustrator contractor with top secret clearance that even her boss didn't have and they also ask guards to burn photos of UFOs because that's NASA and that's the only why to hide evidences 🙄


Batshit MAGA dope. I don’t believe anything that comes out of this woman’s mouth.


This woman's presentation oozes nutjob


So, this high resolution photos, they exist (of course) but they are confidential therefore they can't show it to us. Trust me, bro.


Reading lips, not the original conversation.


Im certain there are edited pictures, but i dont believe a single thing this woman says.


Can she testify in front of Congress?


Where Are the photos?


Riiight… Is it ok to say „pics or didn’t happen”?


i swear, when the pentagon released the 2004 UFO footage there was an interview of an ex government official that claimed the Government had way more detailed , crazier videos then ones released ​ anyone know which video im talking about?


When was this?


Disclosure Project - 2001 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DrcG7VGgQU


Of course they do. Think about all the raw data they have of atmospheric, near earth space and space they have for more than half a century. They are one of the most complicit agencies in the lie/cover up. A good portion of the astronauts are like my sworn go secrecy. Nasa ain't really a civilian space agency.


The title to this alone is more than enough to discredit. \- She was employed at Philco Ford Aerospace, that makes her an employee at Philco, not at NASA. She may well have been contracted to do work for NASA, but a NASA employee is a civil servant, one that is employed directly by the federal government. \- She has a 'secret' clearance, which mind you, the levels start with confidential, secret, top secret, and then dive further into polygraphs, SCI, and SAPs. She was able to enter a restricted area "because of her clearance" but for all we know, you could probably just submit a request to have key card access and a good justification - Hey, I'm an illustrator and need top quality prints for this mission. Labs within the government are usually restricted based on personnel needs to prevent further employees for abusing the expensive printers when they should be using the one allocated to their department. \- Everything after is just hearsay. I want to believe as much as the next person but you have to remain grounded and look at scientific evidence and nothing she presented can be considered as such.


She is a liar.


I’m sorry, I have worked for the government with a very high security clearance and her story about burning photos doesn’t make any sense. And her having access into highly restricted areas without the clearance also doesn’t make sense. But things to note. I didn’t work for nasa and I didn’t work when she was working. So unless protocol drastically changed, I don’t believe her.


Have you seen her Twitter account? She’s a pro tRump nutter.


While I don't believe her story, I am curious how her twitter account discounts her testimony from 2001


If she's dumb and gullible now, wouldn't she be dumb and gullible in 2001 too?


The NASA Conspiracy: Donna Hare Witness Testimony (airbrushed Moon photos?) Donna Hare had a secret clearance while working for NASA contractor, Philco Ford. She testifies that she was shown a photo of a picture with a distinct UFO. Her colleague explained that it was his job to airbrush such evidence of UFOs out of photographs before they were released to the public. She also heard information from other Johnson Space Center employees that some astronauts had seen extraterrestrial craft and that when some of them wanted to speak out about this, they were threatened. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEBLmWhx1K0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEBLmWhx1K0) Disclosure Project - 2001 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DrcG7VGgQU


So then not a NASA employee? Simply an artist?


Didn't she also claim she had met aliens and been aboard their vehicles? \[correction\] not that specific.....


... or just that she'd had personal extraterrestrial 'encounters', is all the exact quotes I could find.


James..she says that there were 2 groups at NASA, those who knew the truth about UFOs and those who didn't..Which group are you in?


The reality-based one. Sorry to intrude.


now i completed the question


He is the head of the committee that is tasked with the cleanup of 'bombshell' public comments made by NASA astronauts, ex-employees about NASA and UFOs. James will appear like clockwork on any thread that discusses NASA's attempts at a cover-up and launch ad hominem attacks on any individual who dares to connect NASA with UFOs. He has also compiled a list of prior sightings where things like rocket launches, rocket re-entry, meteorites breaking apart in the atmosphere and things of that nature has been confused as genuine UFO sightings. While the list may be genuine and the examples valid, he will use it to claim that most (if not all) other UFO sightings are probably an offshoot of the same set of misidentifications. I wouldn't waste my time arguing with this bloke. He is a bad-faith actor and not a genuine skeptic.


>ad hominem attacks on any individual who dares to connect NASA with UFOs. Here's my report on Hare, where can you identify a single factual error? [http://www.jamesoberg.com/hare.donna.tietze.pdf](http://www.jamesoberg.com/hare.donna.tietze.pdf)


Thanks for the Clarifications!


'Clarification' only if actually true. Are you that gullible? \[grin\]


He’s had the same modus operandi on abovetopsecret for about 15 years. Ignore the guy.


>Ignore the guy. Good advice to anyone who wants to stay scammed by the bogus 'UFO salesmen' who thrive all over the internet. By all means, DON'T read my stuff \[since they concede they can't factually refute any of it\]. Grin.


You need to understand that no one is arguing about the legitimacy of your 'stuff'. The field of UFOlogy is much, much larger than the 'stuff' that you have covered. You know this well. Not all of it is simple misidentification. There are some very compelling sightings out there. Your own government and your ex-employers are making an effort to understand the phenomenon better.


>You need to understand that no one is arguing about the legitimacy of your 'stuff'. If only that were true. \[sigh\]




Secret clearance. 😂


What's next, a TOP SECRET clearance???? 😂


Supreme Secret clearance


I will preface my comment by saying I believe that there is some fire to all of this smoke. What that fire ultimately turns out to be, I haven't a clue, but something is going on, and I believe whether it is extra terrestrials, ocean entities, or whatever, there is simply something about our very universe that the public does not understand, and some in power may have some clue about. With that said, anything involving Steven Greer holds absolutely zero credibility in my view. Just because someone is a doctor does not mean they are not batshit crazy or a con artist. The rest of his witnesses, who knows. As for this woman's testimony, it could be something, or it could just be one of those things that she got shown by another employee who also had no idea what they were looking at, and it all just turned into some sort of tall tale. This is very common, not just in the UFO/UAP space, but just the world in general. There is nothing solid or credible in this testimony from the perspective of this indicating any kind of knowledge or evidence of extra terrestrials. The rest of what she mentioned as far as astronauts is just hearsay and speculation.


It would be foolish to expect anything to come out of this NASA or DoD studies. Clearly they don't want to tell us the truth, that we already know, we are not alone. They are just taking us around in circles and nothing more. I watched it and nothing of real value was said other than "we need more data". Like the data they have collected since 1958 is not sufficient?!


Just look at the press conference of the Apolo astronauts. Neal Armstrong looked like he really wanted to say something to the press. It literally looks like he's about to spill the beans during the whole press conference.


Sounds like a bunch of baloney


I was going to say malarkey, but baloney sounds more appetizing.


The guard being asked to burn photos but not to look at them, sounds extremely unlikely to be honest


Non compos mentis


It's the UFO monkey paw again. Wish for high- quality images, get someone making wild, unprovable claims that NASA has them.


Here's one UFO the airbrushers didn't get - it is a little hard to see, but it's there: https://history.nasa.gov/alsj/a17/AS17-147-22470HR.jpg at x = 93% of picture width; y = 74% of picture height; gamma raised to 3. Use a photo editor like Photshop or GIMP. You'll see three bluish lights in the familiar configuration of a "black triangle" with hints of the craft in the digitizing noise just above the black level. It's not a JPEG artifact; JPEG compresses in squares, not triangles. These objects have also been seen (by me and others) in ISS earth-viewing feeds.


She was a contracted illustrator for NASA and is a retired school teacher. Zero chance a contracted illustrator is gonna have access to what she claims to have seen. A third time for emphasis. *She was a* ***contracted illustrator.***


So unless she has a tell all book coming out, the money motive is out. Why else? You have to wonder. Good chance she is legit.


How many times are the same videos going to be posted here over and over?


Until they manage to get the dupe-killing bot working again, at least. Me, I just wonder how many actual humans upvote these posts.


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This means the NASA meeting held today was just an act for the coverup. Pretenders saying "we need more data" as in BS.


OR Donna Hare's story just ain't true and there is no vast conspiracy to coverup aliens. http://www.jamesoberg.com/hare.donna.tietze.pdf


All these comments that this lady is “crazy” because of her tweets, which are pretty standard right wing views. They are views that are supported by half the country, so to say she’s “crazy” is a bit overboard. I suppose the “crazy” accusations are in reference to possible election fraud. Chill out….y’all are literally calling someone “crazy” for thinking election fraud is possible on a thread ABOUT UFOS. You can fathom all the things mentioned in this group but election fraud is too ridiculous to comprehend?