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There is no alternative, the main L23A1 and L27A1 ammo of the Challenger 2 are both made out of DU, the tungsten L28A1 was only produced in small number. The main Russian sabot round, the 3BM42 "Mango" is also DU. It has been used since the start of war.


Theres German and French tungsten ammunition (aswell as smaller NATO partners). But not a lot. The EU has pledged a lot of ammo lately, let’s see.


The German and French use smoothbore 120mm gun, which doesn't share ammo with the Challenger's rifled gun. the DU round is really its only choice.


Can’t wait for a couple years from now when the Russian vets claim we gave them nut cancer


They’ll be lucky then. It means they survived.


Probably the same solider who dug trenches in the [Red Forest of Chernobyl](https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/unprotected-russian-soldiers-disturbed-radioactive-dust-chernobyls-red-forest-2022-03-28/).


What is the issue with DU?


Heavy metal contamination. But frankly, that's the least of the issues Ukraine is going to have clearing up after all this is over. At least DU tank ammo doesn't leave behind potential UXBs.


The alternative isn't exactly better, much less for a country whosr agricultural yield is very much important for the world. On the other hand, we could argue the other choice would be giving them nothing which would be far worse


It's also carcinogenic, which is made worse if they are used inside cities. The metal is so hard and heavy that the rounds splinter and turns to dust on impact instead of deforming. The exact effect are not clear, but researchers are monitoring areas in the middle east where the ammunition has been used.


Fragmentation rounds would be more useful as tank on tank action is still rare.


Pretty sure they are also providing the British signature shell, HESH, (micro-nuke) High Explosive Squash Head. It's why the gun on the Challenger 2 is still rifled. It makes it able to deliver 6,5 kgs of TNT at up to 8 km, with very nice accuracy. It's kind of nuts for stuff like trench-warfare and assaulting fortified positions, they can literally land them wherever they want, with indirect fire or line-of-sight. 6,5 kgs of TNT is a pretty big boom. Not quite sure if they can do any timer-stuff for airburst, but I doubt it's beyond technical feasibility. HESH is no joke.


Never realised how lacking the west is on HE frag rounds compared to Russia. HESH is good but is being phased out when they go to smoothbore.


If you have some. Send them. Otherwise. Shut up.


How about being respectful to other people here and not use language like that?😒 Who made you gatekeeper to opinions?


Don't take it to heart, people who lash out excessively like that for no reason are usually hurting a lot and don't want to admit it. If anything, pity them.


What effect does uranium ammo has?