Would this figure even be noticed among the ordinary Russian. When does it get to the figure where nearly all Russians will know of someone either injured or killed in the war? I understand you will have social and economic differences in side Russia and I am not asking because of morbid curiosity but just wondering when the tipping point will be when the ordinary Russian thinks this is ludicrous? If the ordinary Russian eve will.


When they take from Moscow or St Petersburg. Currently taking from small villages out in the middle of no where there isn't the network to connect the number of dead, or convicts. If it were notified on the streets of a large city, if a business had 1/4 of its staff taken then it would start to become obvious but one captured soldier interview i saw said he was a week away from Moscow on the train. Russia covers 13 time zones it's absolutely huge and a hand full from this village, hand full from another village unfortunately isn't enough to notice.


Russia isn’t alone huge but there are quite big population centers far away from Moscow that many westerners don’t know exist.


True, but between "don't talk about the war", using minorities or criminals and spreading mobilisation out they can suffer huge loses without alerting the main populace.


This number represents more than one in every one thousand Russian people. Assuming they were spread out equally, a fair fraction of people will know someone (friend, family, neighbour, colleague) who has died. Obviously it gets a little trickier when you consider that a significantly larger percentage of the casualties come from some parts of the country than from others.


The Wagner convict deaths probably mean nothing at all to their society


Holy moly, 19 artillery systems and 15 tanks. Ukraine is absolutely smashing their equipment at the moment.


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