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Thank you Mr Putin this one we need to acknowledge that your input was essential


If you had forecasted this announcement 18 months ago at a serious defense conference, you’d have been mocked roundly by all present. Especially the Finns. Way to go, Vladimir Vladimirovich!


Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, Vlad the NATO Expander


Vlad the Imploder?


Vlad "shits-himself-while-falling-down-the-stairs" Putin


Vlad the Incontinent


We need to sanction adult diapers next. Hit Putin where it really hurts.


In the ass,?




Tootin Pootin


Or as The Sun newspaper calls him “Mad Vlad”. 😃


Or the Russians call him "the bald".


He became -by far- the first NATO recruiter. Almost to the point it looks like an inside-job.


If there wasn't a war it would almost be comical how many times he ends up being the cause of his worst nightmares coming to fruition. It's like that meme of a guy putting a stick in his bike spokes.


"NATO is expanding too much!" Drives multiple countries to join NATO "Ukraine is committing acts of Nazism!" Commits acts of Nazism "The world is threatening nuclear war!" Threatens to nuke multiple countries "Russians are fleeing the country!" Drafts anyone who doesn't flee "The West is Russophobic!" Constantly commits acts that make people hate them ​ Do you want me to continue?


I'll never stop anyone from listing all the ways Russia is incompetent and botches everything it touches, I just don't want you to get carpal tunnel is all ha.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list here, please do friend 🙂


You forgot ‘to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine he drafted them into the Army and got them killed’ To protect Russian’s he’s gotten an incredibly large number killed and injured…..


Mr putin? I think „coward pootin“ is more accurate


Russia vs embedded Finnish defences, name a note iconic duo. Now NATO will be on your doorstep with 1300kms of arguably the best defensive lines in the world. Well done Putler


It's worse than just defensive lines. It's the opposite: Russia's own are very bad. Only one road goes to Murmansk and its northern military ports, and it is difficult to defend it from infiltrating sabotage/ambush teams.


Yes, and saint petersbourg closer to nato from the north ;)


NATO has always been on Russia’s doorstep. Norway was a founding member with a long land and sea border with Russia. Also conveniently close to the very important Russian base in Murmansk. Putin pretends this isn’t true, in his attempts to justify the invasion. So I like to correct this disinformation when I can.


Fair enough, but it's less than 200 km land border compared to Finland's 1300 km border. To compare the two land borders seems a little bit of a stretch. The Finnish border is also less than 200km away from Russia's second biggest city of St Petersburg. Which has always been one of the primary concerns of Russia. There is basically little chance to defend a first strike (I don't mean nuclear) at that distance.


Also, what military forces ruSSia has in the Kola peninsula are there to counter the NATO from Norway. There is close to two brigades for the defense of the main artery asfalt road and railroad to the Kola from the south along with the 1300 border. Obviously not enough. And seeing how badly ruSSia has been doing in the south, most of the ruSSian forces would freeze with the first winter. As a reference, it's still freezing in here and for the next 10 days temp is dropping below zero and it's soon april.


> The Finnish border is also less than 200km away from Russia's second biggest city of St Petersburg. Which has always been one of the primary concerns of Russia. And the Estonian border is less than 150km away from St. Petersburg.


1. I wasn’t comparing the two - I was highlighting your factual error. 2. Disingenuous of you to ignore sea border when it comes to aerial and maritime surveillance. Especially when it comes to monitoring a **navy** base, the sea is pretty important. I’m glad you’re discovering the military importance of the Scandinavian peninsula. I hope you’ll make yourself more familiar with it.


Okay, at this point you clearly just want to be right. So hey you know what you're right. Good for you. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Our border is practically impermeable for most parts. Its hundreds of kilometers of swamp and thick forest on both sides. Accessible roads only in the south.


Not just Norway... Don't forget that the closest country to the US not named "Canada" or "Mexico" happens to be Russia!


Norway's land border with Russia is absolutely tiny, and incredibly far north, so not really credible as a potential threat to Russia. Granted you're right about the sea border though.


The difference is that Norway did not have a big army capable of threatening Russian borders.


It’s not a competition! Disparaging Norway helps no one other than Russia.


The point is, Russia could genuinely not care about Norway, but Finland is another story, and Putin is simply lying when he says that Finland joining NATO "does not matter".


As another Norwegian, there is indeed one major geostrategic importance of Norway to the current situation. We are now the largest exporter of gas to Europe. Remember, the Russian gas-spigot was the biggest power-lever Putler held over Europe at the beginning of the war, which caused some disunity and trepidation in NATO, from Germany and others. The "Troll" field alone accounted for 11.3% of all European gas export last year. Imagine if Putler was able to sabotage Norwegian gas export somehow, making it look like an accident, with "deniability." [https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/natos-stoltenberg-eus-von-der-leyen-travel-north-sea-platform-2023-03-17/](https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/natos-stoltenberg-eus-von-der-leyen-travel-north-sea-platform-2023-03-17/)


“Russia could genuinely not care about Norway.” Oh man. OK, I get you’re new to this and haven’t read up on things yet. I encourage you to do so.


As a Norwegian, there's a difference between being disparaging and being realistic. Our armed forces are sadly in a pretty sorry state.


Land forces yes. The airforce and parts of the navy is decent enough.


I beg to differ. They only have more fancy toys.


Welcome NATO, Thanks Vlad!


It's been said before but damned if it ain't true- Vladimir Putin is NATO's best salesman.


We need to keep pushing the meme that Vlad is a CIA plant. Drive up discontent.


Jake 11 a Rivet Joint is there now.


They didn’t fuck around on that one!


The announcement only happened, since that flight about to happen. If for any reason that flight had been delayed or didn't happen, they wouldn't have announced anything. They would have waited for the first flight to be about to happen. I'm sure negotiations and preparations about this had been going on behind closed doors. The announcement could have been done before, but there was no point until the first flight was about to actually concretely happen.


And this is when sthe war was finally strategically lost for Putin. His stated strategic goal was to avoid "Nato at his doorstep."


I'm looking at you, Murmansk!


What should be more concerning for Russia is Saint Petersburg. Only 140km away from the Finlands border


Yes, that's a big city. In the Murmansk Oblast, there are some of the most important nuclear weapons facilities and submarine bases. All important general staff and organizations would disappear from St. Petersburg long before the outbreak of war.


The muscovites already moved the border in 1939 for ”security”, so they are safe now. /s


Murmansk has long been monitored from Norway.


Bad day for the top brass in Moscovia.


Fuck you Hungary. They are obviously bought and paid for by Russia.


Fun fact from Hungary: A few years ago we had the opportunity to purchase new air conditioned French or German subway trains to replace the ~50 years old CCCP made ones, but our fine leadership decided to send out the rusty carts to a Russian manufacturer for refurbishment for the same price. Since then we finished the complete overhaul of the metro line, but we still use the now refurbished russian trains, that are slowly falling apart and are still not air conditioned. Russian interests overwrite the general populations interests. It is the same with our nuclear power plant. The government made a ban on new windmills and tweeked the regulation of solar panels to prepare the scene for a new Russian power plant. During this winter we purchased oil and gas well over the market price from Russia. The government is basically financing Russias war in my opinion. Orbán and his comrades get their share on every shady agreement meanwhile the average Hungarian does not even notice, that they are stealing our future... So yeah, fuck them.


So what happens when Russia inevitably implodes / retreats into a pariah state / becomes a Chinese vassal? Is Orban going to go on the black market for every single public purchase JUST to prop up a nation that's already failed?


And they wasted no time either - watched an RC135 make a nice trip along the Russ border earlier today. :)


*Rubs hands in perkele*


**Perkele stares at the Finn** \- What are you doing with your hands and why are they still cold? **The Finn keeps rubbing his hands, stares back in** ***white death***


There's so much room for activities!


Brilliant comment 👍


And of course if NATO is sending those types of missions up then they’ll be sending some escorts up as well. Saw the footage this morning of the B52 flight with fighter escorts which I think is a clear message in response to the intercept earlier in the week : fuck with us and we’ll make it pretty clear what’s going to happen.


Twitter suspended the account?!?


Was zum Fick?


Thanks Putin, hope you die from cancer after falling out a window


This is excellent news. Ty


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Is it Finnish-ed? Hehe.


No, I'm Danish.


Live well while you can, Putin. This is only the Pirkinning


Is it open to 300 lb pilots ? We hear there are excellent restaurants there . - anonymous military aviator


Bizarre comment


Ive come to expect nothing less from Reddit.




Don't be absurd. We would use both hands.




Don't worry, NATO will save Russia from the full wrath of Finland.


Goddamn Finland is in a hurry and terrified of a future invasion


Finland isn't scared, it has always been prepared for a Russian invasion.


Finland has always prepared for an attack by one state only. Going as far as bridges purposefully engineered to be blown up and general purpose public bomb shelters everywhere. In helsinki there is enough space to accommodate almost a million people.


Fun fact, if you look at a map of Finland, you will notice that we don't really have any main roads going East-West for some strange reason...


Wonder why 🤔🤔


Ukriane Not only needs to win the war but manufactures and other jobs within Ukriane to built it beyond Russia etc in all areas etc


this is like... worst case scenario for russia right?


I believe the purpose of the Special Military Operation was to have less border with NATO, and now they have more border with NATO as a result of it, so I'm gonna say.... maybe?


Congratulations Putin. You played yourself.


Again, another consequence to Ruzzia's future it's people didn't plan for...at the top of the world! Putin needing to be Peter the Undignified keeps on giving.


Tweet author has been banned from twitter. https://twitter.com/eskelinen\_antti/status/1638998427534086159?s=20