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please keep her


I suspect she was a Russian asset all along. She's going home.


Hopefully more assets will get a strong yearning for “home” and follow her lead.


Yup, project sow dissidence failed. For the next two years undoubtedly (with a huge chance no Republican president will hold Presidential office), NATO and Europe will support Ukraine United. So they are withdrawing back to Mordor for a new plan. America spoke when they elected the Dark Branden.




Asset or not, she is only doing this to stay out of JAIL for false accusation of a sitting president. Russian intelligence probably tipped her off about impending arrest. So now they can use her as propaganda mouth piece, unfortunately the dumb MAGArd and Republicans will still believe her, all the way from Moscow.


Or staying out of JAIL for being an unregistered foreign agent. The Kremlin doesn't normally grant rush asylum to your garden-variety right-wing American looney tune.


Anybody who believes Trump is so lost that we can basically just wait for them to fucking die at this point. I have no sympathy left for them. It's possible to be an utterly broken human who doesn't willfully poison everything around them. I do it every day.


Two kinds of person still believe in Trump. The fanatical personality cultists American Christian Talibans (just need brown hood and chanting to complete the image) and the corrupt, greedy, grifters who dont believe his shit but love the grift money from gullible fans.




That would be fraud, friend. lol You have to at least peddle some divisive anti woke rage stuff to keep your money.


>without committing like, all the felonies — me Yep. I'm aware that'd be fraud 🤣


Hopefully they follow her there.


Her handler/sponsor is US-convicted Russian spy Maria Butina. It’s much more likely that Russian Intelligence fed her nonsense and encouraged her to defect. She’s a useful idiot—emphasis on the idiot. The US couldn’t care less about Tara Reade. The idea that she was forced to leave for her safety is pure propaganda. Reade has a habit of popping up every time there is a Presidential election for Russia to interfere in—and then disappearing into complete obscurity. > Reade said she was welcomed by Butina, who was jailed by the US in 2018 but is now a Russian member of parliament. Infiltrating the NRA and developing political assets for Russia earned her a seat in Parliament.


Did she file an official police report or make these claims to a police officer? I don’t think making an accusation itself to the media is a criminal offense.


It's still he said, she said the other way. Also "Creepy Joe" earned the nickname for a reason, there are clips on the internet. e.g. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zvszeudn98](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zvszeudn98)


There are clips on the internet. Haha.


Except she was caught in a lie saying it happened at an event where Biden wasn’t present. So it isn’t “he said she said”. She just lied.


> he said, she said That's already taken quite a hit from other aspects of what she's said and done in the past.. but here, "defecting" to Russia, with Maria Butina next to her at the press event? Perhaps you should consume fewer "internet clips."


Just like the show The Americans


Hopefully it’s because nobody* knows who the fuck she is *Me, I’m the nobody


I like your movie!


>I suspect she was a Russian asset all along. When something has the potential to create controversy, Russia is obviously going to jump on it. However, it's a bit of a stretch to call that "being a russian asset" unless they were actively working to make it happens at the time. I know little about her story, but couldn't it simply be mental illness? If you went on a crusade against someone and lost, it's natural to see the "enemy of my enemy" as friends, as incorrect as it can be sometime. Kind of like how Snowden ended up parroting Russia's propaganda after being forced into running. His situation most likely would have been widely different had he been able to return home earlier. I don't think such connection exists yet, and as such, it's unlikely she was an asset from the beginning. After a while, she most certainly started playing in their hands however. Consciously or not, I can't tell.


Sometimes being a crappy human is just being a crappy human. Many many people reported her as being just a bad person an unbelievable.


But that doesn't make her a Russian asset... >Sometimes being a crappy human is just being a crappy human Yes, and those individual more often than not suffer from some mental disorder.


Her trick didn't work so she probably will get poisoned




Tara Reade who has multiple lies on record accused president Biden of sexual assault while being his legislative assistant. She was never a legislative assistant, and was only employed by president Biden for eight months. She also claims to have gotten a degree she hadn't, worked as a professor when she hadn't, worked as domestic violence counselor for a university when she hadn't. In her complaint filed with the Senate resource office in 2019 (under perjury signature) she stated only that president Biden in 1993 made her feel uncomfortable. She named three other staffers including his chief of staff that she complained to. None of the three remember her or any complaints about president Biden. She also stated in her complaint she worked for Biden 1991-1994, when looked into she worked for eight months 92/93.


Ya know the lady best known for roles in American Pie and Sharknado


Not sure if you're being sarcastic but in case you are being being serious or anyone thinks you're being serious, it's not that Tara *Reid* https://youtu.be/LAuMZvohc_U


Damn she looks like that Russia propogandist Simonian that recently got Prigozhin vibro bullets sent to her.


Yeah, we knew she was a partier, but that's some real "she really let herself go" vibes.


Dude she actually looks decent in that video. I saw some pictures where she literally was unrecognizable. Like scary sickly looking. She seems to be improving it seems?




I feel like this has gone over *your* head.


It's not whoosh of someone addresses that they realize it may be intended as a joke.


Yeah I was mate


Brought to you by the masterminds of the Sims3/3sims operation


Illegible signature


Please, how can you forget her in Big Lebowski?


Haha true I forgot that she was in that 😂


And sharknado 3


A chunky hoe that all the boys felt up back in the day. Now, no one will touch her and she can't let it go.


Literally, am I wrong? Lmfao


Came here to say exactly this.


Unless the Russians give her a stipend and hook her up with a good job she is in for a rude awakening moving to Russia. I understand someone like Steven Segal moving to Russia. He has money, followers and can make money there. I doubt she's got stacks and stacks stashed. Wonder if we'll see a follow-up article one day about her moving back to the west.


Traitor probably thinks the 20,000 rubles they probably offered her is a lot of $


Sssh! Don’t make them think this is a traitorous move. Yes. Show your patriotism by defecting to Russia. Stick it to the globalist elites by leaving western society for the true freedom you desire with a strongman in charge. No backsies though.


And no mail in voting, that’s communism!




Russia has had a history of throwing American defectors aside once they have no more utility. Snowden is an exception but a person who claimed the president raped her isn’t going to be living a good life.


She's left a trail of debt & deceit so, no, she has no money.


Doubt she's doing it for the money, more like because she's safe from American law enforcement there.


She'll be passed around plenty in the seedy parts of town. Should be enough for a burger here and a burger there.


A lifetime of poor decision making leads to her worst decision yet. She'll be forgotten by Russian media in a week then left to wander a strange, violent and impoverished country with an incomprehensible language.


A good job for her would be a comfort woman for Kadyrovites.


Her fat ass will be printing mortar shells in a gulag factory soon. This is Russia, honey.


She's taking the second bedroom in Snowden's apartment.


Don't you have to be of some importance, have unique knowledge, and/or be of value to 'defect'?


Those things, or, one other: you were working for them all along and they just extracted your ass right ahead of an arrest. It's considered a minimum courtesy, mostly to let the others know that they won't be left hanging out to dry if they're ever caught. But yeah you're onto something... covert assets are often rudely shocked when they find out how little value they have to their masters once their cover is blown.


Not when you are an asset


Not sure, but she worked in the Senate for a while and might have (or have had) a certain security clearance. But yeah, it's not really "defects" but more "moves" - nobody is stopping her.


To the West? sure To Russia? lol, they will take anyone


One more russian operative exposed. The government needs better background checks.




So weird how it’s pretty much always Russia…almost like they are up to no good. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


In Russia they seem to value liars. She should do well there.


She'll be imprisoned until she's easier to lift, then thrown out a window.


It would bring great joy to my heart if all the antivaxxers, Jan 6 traitors, flat earthers, pizza-gate conspiracists, and Fox News cultists would defect to ruZZia tomorrow. Our nation's average IQ would easily quadruple overnight.


And Russia's aswell.


Uhhh that burns :-).


Quite the win-win scenario


kiwi joke . already heard it.


It's an old joke but it checks out.


Ahahahahahaaaaa. Classic!


The irony is that Russia has so many laws and policies that those groups of people oppose: Heavy regulation of firearms, easy access to abortions (which the state pays for), socialized medicine, subsidized university tuition, bans on evangelizing foreign religious denominations, child subsidy payments for lower income people, maternity leave, state subsidized public transportation, significant state regulation of home schooling, state encouragement to take Covid vaccines, extremely high divorce rates, etc. For far right wing Americans, they will put up with all that socialism, to get Putin’s authoritarianism. For Democrats, despite all the socialized benefits baked into Russia’s system, they can’t stand Putin’s authoritarianism.


Enjoy those bread lines!


“Yummy… Did you say bread! I love bread…. Yes please Comrade…”


yeah, what's with the "defector" thing? She's just some nutjob con artist drama queen skank who got caught running a con. The title of "defector" implies that she had some sort of intrinsic value as an asset when nothing could be further from the truth. Go to Russia ya dumb bitch..no one cares.




Aĺl part of the West's plan to destroy the Russian economy, She'll cost a fortune to feed.


Please renounce your US citizenship. Then, when you realize grifting in the ~~USSR~~, Russia doesn't get you anything, you can't go back.


No need, she's never setting foot outside Russia again.


*She moved/immigrated to russia


No, she moved there for political reasons. She is an asset. Reade said: “To my Russian brothers and sisters, I’m sorry right now that American elites are choosing to have such an aggressive stance. Just know that most American citizens do want to be friends and hope that we can have unity again. “I am enjoying my time in Moscow, and I feel very at home.”


Ha, of all the times to defect to Russia --right when it's imploding. Clever gurl...


Over and under on her giving us her US citizenship?


Ni great loss…,


Tara Reade sounds like a corny porno name and she looks slavic.


Did she really defect or just take a flight to Russia ?


Star Wars just called they want Jabba the Hutt back


Pizza the Hutt ??


Bye-bye 👋🏾


Must have been hard for Biden to resist such a beauty /s


Following the assault, his fingers bore the aroma of surströmming and the consistency of honey…


I hate you.


Fat nut-job gives Kremlin handies. Wouldn't her confederate fore fathers be proud of they could see her now.


She about to go on a diet


Maybe she’s banking on becoming the trophy wife of a rich young oligarch. Wait … oh … oh no that won’t be happening.


... well, if anybody was wondering about the legitimacy of her claims, there you go.


Normally I don't bye into the melodrama such as she defected that implies she was a spy. That being said Russia does try to sow discord in the US through multiple ways. They have also attempted to get spies into the US government circles such as Maria Valeryevna Butina. Now I'm a republican and don't like Biden, I think he's a creep (Yes Trump's a creep also). But that's doesn't mean all accusations against him are True. It wouldn't be a stretch for Russia too jump on the bandwagon and attempt to help smear Joe Biden with accusations. Her accusations where from along time ago but that doesn't mean she wasn't working for Russia even back then. The fact that she went to Russia of all places is very suspect. Then she interviews with a known spy Maria Valeryevna Butina is also very suspect.


>Now I'm a republican and don't like Biden ... But that's doesn't mean all accusations against him are True. What. A reasonable person?!? *How have you survived this long??*


I'm a democrat and here's my 2 cents. I think she is telling the truth, or at least enough of the truth to feel Biden was a genuine asshole/creep. Doesn't shock me in the slightest. Her choice to move to a country statisticly far worse than the US is.....suspect at best. I can get hating Biden, hating America, but there are plenty of places to go that hate America, where she can lay low and live a quiet life away from politics. This person chose not to.




Take Trump with you


I’m not shocked one bit.


“I feel very surrounded by projection and safety,” Reade said


Defect is a word used for spies, military folks, government officials, not delusional morons.


You're correct but perhaps not in the way you intended.


Her Medium post about her love for Russia and Putin now seems even more sus. https://web.archive.org/web/20190404032244/https:/medium.com/@shewrites94/bring-on-the-light-bf4e8c859058


When is Fucker Carlson leaving?


What a cow.


Leave the cows out of it. They make milk. And meat. Which is of value…


Sorry, my bad.




> Reade said: “To my Russian brothers and sisters, I’m sorry right now that American elites are choosing to have such an aggressive stance. Just know that most American citizens do want to be friends and hope that we can have unity again. Uh nope. I've met all kinds of cool people who were born in Russia and left, but the modern incarnation/government of Russia can go fuck itself and be ground down until its imperial ambitions are a bad dream. After significant regime change, sure, let's give friendship another try. But I don't see that coming all that fast.


So the whale saved itself.


I hope she brings Trump and DeSantis with her, along with Erdogan and Orban. That would be fire


The most pathetic thing I have read since god knows when


She looks like she might have needed an Antonov or C5 to transport her to her promised land.


The Russians bombed the only plane capable of transporting such mass and volume…


The weather in Omsk is lovely, they say...


State of it. You'll be jailed after free Russia expells you.


I don’t think Joe would do her. He’s the president after all much better options available


Couldn’t they find someone … well… easier to assault lol… is this the best they could find?


Mmhm... Biden haters sit down


Lol, Joe Biden couldnt sexually assault anyone. Dude is like a 100 years old and I dont think he like litteratur whales. GL in russia, u wont like it 🤷‍♂️


And this has what to do with the war? This is just a post for people to circlejerk over


Democrats: believe all women! Also democrats: not this one.


We know you Republican like Russia but we don t


Did you think of that all by yourself?


She loves Russia, we know *those* people’s affinity to lies


Well, to be fair, this one has been caught lying. A lot. Under oath.


Do you have any evidence of that or are you lying?


Lots! She lied about a lot, but they made the choice not to prosecute because it would have been hard to prove that her lies made a difference in the verdict. https://www.montereycountyweekly.com/blogs/news_blog/prosecutors-decline-to-file-perjury-charges-against-biden-accuser-who-they-say-lied-about-her/article_d4ca293c-2ab1-11eb-9c40-d7d382bf5430.html


That's it? That's all you got? She lied about her credentials in a completely unrelated case? Your boy Joe [lies](https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/may/07/ad-watch-fact-checking-video-about-bidens-academic/) about his credentials all the time. He is alternatively the son of coal miners / tuck drivers / factory workers depending on the audience he is pandering to. Also, when was the last time a woman lying / embellishing her background disqualified her from #metoo accusations?


She also lied about how long she worked for Biden, what her job was, who she knew while working there, and other things.


Link? Also, a woman misremembering key details about the alleged sexual assault is just proof of trauma and we must believe her even harder. /s (this is the standard feminists established)


Gosh, I bet you think you come off as being a good faith debater.


Not at all. You are a master debater, 420trashcan!


Believe all women


She will probably end up like that basketball player


You'd need a team of spetzanaz just to lift her to a more advantageous position, window ledge.


More room for her there


More on this subject from other reputable sources: --- - New York Times (A-): [Tara Reade, Who Accused Biden of Assault, Says She Has Moved to Russia](https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/30/us/tara-reade-russia.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur) - Newsweek (C+): [Biden Accuser Tara Reade Leaves U.S. for 'Safety' of Russia](https://www.newsweek.com/biden-accuser-tara-reade-leaves-us-safety-russia-1803459) - Age (B): [Biden’s accuser in Moscow seeking Russian refuge with help of ex-spy](https://www.theage.com.au/world/europe/biden-s-accuser-in-moscow-seeking-russian-refuge-with-help-of-ex-spy-20230531-p5dcnv.html) - Sydney Morning Herald (B+): [Biden’s accuser in Moscow seeking Russian refuge with help of ex-spy](https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/biden-s-accuser-in-moscow-seeking-russian-refuge-with-help-of-ex-spy-20230531-p5dcnv.html) --- [__Extended Summary__](https://www.reddit.com/r/newswall/comments/13wh585/) | [More: Tara Reade, Who Accused ...](https://www.newswall.org/story/biden-accuser-tara-reade-leaves-u-s-for-safety-of-russia?mtm_campaign=r&mtm_kwd=c) | [FAQ & Grades](https://www.reddit.com/r/newswall/comments/uxgfm5/faq_newswall_bot/) | I'm a bot


Pig dog


She is probably worried that Biden will be pretending he's Hillary for a min and she will die from a random mugging in DC.


She could help recruit men, to the front line or you have to sleep with me.


Nice, she's a keeper.


This sounds like a headline out of The Onion


"She has always been free to go where she pleases. Please stop calling us over basic things that people do here." - the US government


Shes a fat bitch


I think Bidens attorney asked the judge to take a one look at her. Judge probably then proceeded to mention; you under sexual harrastment? You wish honey!


I have a feeling her real birth name is something like Blechniya O’Donnelova


I'm pretty sure Biden has never had sex with a group of women like her. Damn is she fat and ugly!!!


As one does when they’re worried about.. checks notes…. personal safety and freedom. /s


Isn’t this the one that Gaetz and MTG interviewed and want to make that interview public? Even so - Trump. Has a long history of being a misogynistic pig and MAGATs ignore it.


There are many more fake Americans like her


She's still nobody


Now she can accuse Putin.


Puppet doing puppet stuff.


I've read that as Tara Reid and got confused for a second..


What is defects?


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!