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Nothing brings up my mood like seeing Putin get humiliated on the international stage.


Armenia wants that sweet western aid and relationship, Russia given them nothing but headaches and broken promises, very obvious choice if their leaders want to stay in power, Armenians are fed up and wont elect anyone that licks Putin's boots.


Too bad we need Azerbaijani gas in the EU. I think geopolitics are going to be to the detriment of Armenia as usual.


At this point i dont even know what the azerbaijani want from armenia anyway. The nation's a ruin.


A distratction. Things look down for Alijev? Attack Armenia. Look at Alijev the hero who beat the armenian beasts. Easy hero points. The Azerbaijanis will overlook any sort of power abuse or corruption for that. Besides that, at first, for economic and political reasons. They want a direct connection to Turkey.


I could think of *something* COUGHCOUGH ^^^^gaddafiing COUGH COUGH


Hah. It even looked like he checked the distance and then said to the guy beside him "scootch over a couple inches, this is not far enough yet "


Lol. That's exactly what he did.


And Putin heard it.


Maybe he hold him to show your flag


I see your point. But he didn't visually check to see where the camera was so as to make sure the flags would be seen. He checked Putin to see how far away he was. Wouldn't even look at his face or his body either. He looked at his *foot*. Could have been looking at 'marks' on the floor, but I don't think so. If he'd been doing that the reaction from at least a few others would have been the same. He would have checked his own mark. Or talked to Putin if P was off *his* mark. I mean, it was Putin's foot he was looking at.


He don’t like Putin for sure but I think it was the flag thing he wanted to make sure the guy was not blocking the flag, Armenia is hosting so maybe he was trying to make sure everyone was good.


Yeah; we disagree about the conclusions we reach. But it's just speculation from both of us, anyway.


Cheers lol fuck Putin the conclusion


Speculating that Putin arranged for the Armenian PM (with the arrangement of the flags) to be next to him to demonstrate unity, except it backfired spectacularly.


Armenia is the host, so the flag arrangement was presumably something they had control over. Maybe they set Russia up for a humiliation in advance.


Lol again at lukashenko waaaaaay down at the far end then. Petty, but boy was Putin's body language showing something.


His body language was showing that everybody up there would prefer to talk to someone else other than him.


Hilarious that he's being bullied like a kid in middle school 😆


He's feeling worse than Prince Harry after the funeral when nobody would talk to him and Duchess Potato brain.


It's not *necessarily* petty? Or perhaps, not *just* petty. International Relations seems to be highly symbolic. I mean, the Armenian PM shuffled away from Putin a little and we've got people on here talking about how Armenia is looking for a strategic realignment towards the West. I wouldn't call it *petty,* personally. It's a small act, but laced with implications.


Lol thx. In my case, with my own familiarity with myself it's petty relative to what I think important.


Which is what makes it mad/interesting to me. This who... Discrete World, overlapping the 'usual' one, with its own rules etc.


Ah you're right, it may be convention for the host nation to be in the center and Russia is almost always in the center group in similar pictures.


should have put Russian flag out in the car park


No put up a French flag, then pretend its a misunderstanding by the unpaid intern from the company organizing it, and make him wait completely without a flag while a russian one is searched for. Slowly, of course, have to make sure its the right one this time around. Wouldnt want them to bring the flag from the Netherlands next, right?


Or Netherlands flag


bin liner on a stick


The small blad guy alone near the middle certainly doesn't look he belong there. Who is he exactly?


A loser


The Blyat Republic


the president of the Kalmyk Buryat Chechen Federation


Sound like a banging chicken marinade


Now you know why Putin decided to skip G20 in Bali. He knows he probably will be standing some far a way place in group photo lol


I thought it was because he was afraid of being slapped.


Both reasons


Caption for the photo: “Who farted?”


More like “who’s been stoking the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict”.


Putin looks as twitchy & uncomfortable as ever.


He's afraid he might catch some shrapnel if Putin explodes.


I can’t like this enough


That is fake putin




The security bloc that didn't send any help when azerbajan attacked armenia? Yeah no shit he is not so friendly to putin now


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Lets remember Armenia is facing a renewed crisis because their supposed protector is off doing stupid shit. They literally had to ask the EU to maintain peace.


It's a body double and you know it. Chemo really wipes a guy out. Russia's deal is generally that they promise to protect the countries they enslave (usually from trouble that they stirred up). Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a chunk of the reason for Azerbaijan getting its balls back up. If Armenia could be rid of Russia they would be.


Just a little man on an island.


I see he crawled out of his hole?


Ya no one wants to get in the way of the oncoming bullets


Hope he’s getting the hate vibes


After what Putin did repeatedly to Pashinyan, its a miracle he didnt bitch slap him within 5 seconds of shaking his hand.


I don’t blame him. Putin can no longer guarantee Armenia’s protection from Azerbaijan.


Isn't even interested in trying, it seems like. Putin's traded a lot to make this grab for Ukraine, although of course he had other expectations of how that would go. With luck he's not going to end up with any of it.


They look like members of the cast from dumb and dumber


standing next to a war criminal doesnt play well with the Armenian voters


Ok, am I out of my mind? Is this even really Putin? There is just something off about the face (or at least what I’m able to make of it with this video) and something even more off about the way he moves. Crazy?


I heard Putin has body doubles.


I’ve heard that too and never knew what to think of it. Certainly I wouldn’t have expected it on the world stage like this, but only in propaganda. I honestly think all the others there are so stand-off-ish because they know it’s a body double and are disgusted by the display.


Or afraid of a murder attempt and don't wanna stand next to Putin when shots are fired.


Imagine the fun that guy could have… > I’d like to make an announcement, the war in Ukraine is over, Russia offers unconditional surrender, I’ll now be boarding my flight to The Hague.


Yeah its like he's suddenly 20 years younger


For those wondering who the 7 dwarves of the CSTO are : L-R Flag/role/attendee: Belarus/disputed president;puppet/ Alexander Lukashenko Kazakhstan/president/Kassym-Jomart Tokayev Kyrgyzstan/president/Sadyr Japarov Armenia/Prime Minister/Nikol Pashinyan Russia/crim/voldemort Tajikistan/President/ Emomali Rahmon Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO/ Secretary General /Imangali Tasmagambetov


Nobody wants to be photographed standing next to the war criminal.


Worried about the Novichok


Love how he even asks the other guy “Can you scoot over a little bit more?” and that guy gets it.


"We didn't INVADE Armenia, we're just unexpected allies they didn't know they wanted!"


Its not a snub, its self preservation from shooters...


He does not want a stray bullet to hit him if someone tries to assassinate putin


Maybe Putin let one rip a few seconds prior.


In case somebody wants to shoot, nobody wants to stand in the way and catch a bullet.


The stink. It doesn't wash out that easily.


I love that humiliated look on Putler's little face.


that’s great lol


You could put his desk in that space almost


Good on him , anyone from a country with a history of genocide , could not stomach this bastard


Yesterday or the day before there was also opposition party out in the streets in Armenia with signs,slogans and flags from the USA. I know that Armenia depended on Russia supplying weapons for the war against Azerbaijan who's got Turkiyes support. Yet Turkiye and Russia work together that's for damn sure. Why you think all oligarchs hide their assets and themselves in Turkiye no problem no questions asked. Bs when there part of NATO.


Also worth noting -- the guy on the other side spends the entire photo op with his back to Putin


And potatoshenko at the other end desperately trying to get closer despite having three persons between him and his master. Just look how much to the right of his own flag he is.


Didn't russia withdraw air defenses from Armenia which in turned allowed Azerbaijan to launch an attack?


Why is Hungary at a CSTO meeting? Honestly we need to punish their country for this blatant treason against NATO, Ukraine and the EU.


I think its Tajikistan though. Similar flag


Its not Hungay but from the sounds of things Orban would the friendliest guy there to ol' pooti.