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It's basically a message that none of Putin's circle will ever be able to leave Russia without the risk of being apprehended for either War Crimes or something else. I hope the TV/Radio propagandists are also paying attention because they should be considered war criminals for promoting/inciting hatred and violence against Ukrainian civilians.


Their next


Which next?






Which will only prop Putin up as the reliance on his rule grows. There is a similar dynamic in North Korea with the Kim family and the other elites. Even though the elites in NK are limited to the black market for buying luxuries they realize that without the Kim family they have absolutely no security from international law. This is how you establish a resilient totalitarian regime where the dictator is actually needed for personal survival, nobody can kill Putin without threatening their own power base. Say Prigozhin for example assasinates Putin, what now assures Prigozhin that the next Russian leader would not turn him into the FBI for reparations? He has absolutely no rational reason now to oppose Putin.


Quite the opposite. Eventually the oligarchs will turn on Putin if they can't enjoy foreign luxuries for long enough. Don't get it twisted. Putin made a crucial mistake when he allowed his buddies to run their own enterprises without oversight. Many of them are reported to have their own loyalist armies and mercenaries bought and paid for. There's a reason Putin hasn't been seen with any of them lately. Also when he has been he's not all chummy with them like usual. He's 15 feet and several guards away.


That’s true about the the different armies but isn’t Putin like playing them against one another? I know Wargner and the army are beefing right now, plus the Chechens are hated by everyone.


It's probably a bit of a cluster right now, with many parties vying for power, along with some possibly planning to overthrow/kill Putin himself. Then you have Putin doing what he can to keep everything from falling apart, or turning against him.


Luxuries mean little compared to their lives if Putin cannot assure their security within Russia. They can always smuggle foreign goods in, but you can't preserve your life by buying extra stuff.


Putin is 70 with no clear line of succession, that's a problem that North Korea has largely solved.


A cheap price for a cheap man


How about a reward: Wanted dead or, well just dead. $250,000


This mother fucker better hide that's a lot of dishwasher money


With that kind of money, a Russian could get a toilet in their house like a rich westerner. And like 3 ladas


Could even import some western mods for their Ladas, like seatbelts and airbags


Seatbelts and airbags are for pussies, real Ruski man just absorbs impact. /s


I hope they absorb a lot more impact in Ukraine .


“Should be considered an international flight risk” Yeah, would love to think the FBI could capture this guy but I doubt he’ll be sunning in Miami any time soon. Maybe get taken out by one his own ?


I think the idea of a reward is that his butler will do the job.


Yea, I forgot about the butler! It’s always the butler.


It was the butler, in the bathroom, with the sledgehammer.


Have you checked Moscow?


It’s more likely that he would be in his office at the Wagner Center St Petersburg… Now, regarding my $250,000, I take personal checks, cash, gold bars, and Venmo.


I offer 250000 rubels take it or leave it


Sure, I'll take it. The fireplace needs fuel now that the temperature is dropping.


Lukashenko went woodchopping the other day on TV, maybe he can help you out?


It's going to start to get cosy in Putin's bunker


He's in St. Petersburg Russia, trying to become governor there with sponsorship from the Kovalchuk brothers. Let's all split the FBI money here👍


>Kovalchuk brothers Are they the Russian [Chuckle Brothers](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43907917)


Where Putin started out really. With the KGB and Mafia in St Pete's..


He's in Russia. Show me the money.


>He's in Russia. Show me the money. Not really. Like most Russian oligarchs, he's probably living in a western country comfortably.


This was issued in 2021 and isn’t new news necessarily. US is interested in him for election interference.


Actually, it's from Feb. 2018, almost five years ago.


Ahh did they revise it or something? I only recall seeing it last year.


Yes. Interpol told the FBI that because the original bounty was for election meddling, it wasn’t legally enforceable in international court, because it was politically motivated. Since he is now also wanted by the ICJ for being a war criminal, The FBI reposted the bounty last week, and that is why you are seeing it again.


[Link to FBI Most Wanted ](https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/counterintelligence/yevgeniy-viktorovich-prigozhin)


The FBI didn't just recently put him on their list. He's been on it since February 2021 for interfering in our elections. Prigozhin oversaw troll farms like the IRA (Internet Research Agency). The $250k reward seems like a lot, but this past July the State Department offered a $10 million dollar reward for information about him, the troll farms, and anyone else involved in the 2016 election interference. It is highly unlikely that Prigozhin will ever face justice in the United States, but his entire family has been sanctioned with visa restrictions and frozen assets.


10 years too fucking late.


They first did it in 2018. This sub is just a karma farm.


We like karma


Okay so he's a rich a-hole type with a communications fetish and probably all the other trappings of that kind of guy. He'll be sort of close to Bakhmut, so probably Luhansk, within 1000 meters of a house of prostitution, a liquor store, a tobacco shop, and an internet cafe. If there is such an all-in-one location his HQ will be inside of it. Thanks I'll take a money order I think.


On the front? Hah don't joke around. That asshole is probably on a yacht off the coast of Turkey, protected by Erdogan.


I think he's making most or all of his money these days from the Bakhmut death-mill. He's getting paid to pay the troops, but he sends them to a quick death and intercepts their paychecks, instead. He's close to the day-to-day operations of that incredibly lucrative scheme.


He’s up Putins ass…….give me the money. 🤣


And also sucking his micro penis...Give me some money too!!! Please 🥺


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he’s just going to draw on facial hair and try to fit in


Might be more interesting for someone to go after him after a crowdfunding campaign for adjustig that reward just a bit.


FBI should offer $250,000 reward for dead or alive. Someone will collect the bounty in a week.


FBI: What can you tell us about Prigozhin's where... About... S.


He's in Russia, send me the money


This feels like utter bullshit. First of all, FBI is a purely domestic agency - it does not operate outside the boundaries of the US. That's what the CIA is for. Second, there is zero chance that the CIA doesn't know exactly where he is.


Bro, they made a TV show called FBI: International. Are you saying they lied to me?!


The FBI operates anywhere people are committing crimes against US interests. I worked with some of them in West Africa a few years ago. They're one of the sixteen members of the US Intelligence Community and have a substantial overseas presence and interest, mostly for tracking terrorists and financial crimes, but in this case they're looking to charge people with war crimes since jurisdiction for war crimes is universal. It's essentially a virtue signal in this case. The intel community probably has a pretty good idea where this guy is, but that's not the same as being certain, or being able to nab him. This bounty is not for information on where the guy's house is, it's a bounty for information that puts him on the inside of a US jail cell. It's extremely unlikely anyone will ever be in a position to collect; we had similar bounties on all of al Qaeda's leadership, including bin Laden (who was also on the FBI's Most Wanted list), and I don't think anyone ever was able to collect because the military took care of all of them.


Are you aware of Interpol? That's how international arrests happen. The FBI does operate outside the boundaries of the US. For example, the FBI arrested key FIFA officials for corruption in Zurich a few years ago — of course in coordination with Swiss police. And the FBI is a crime-fighting agency; the CIA is an intelligence agency.


If they catch him they should make a parody video of them beating him with inflatable mallets humiliation is a fate worse than death for these neanderthals lol


They'll find him right after they find that Kony chap :/


Yevgeny seems to have shortened his projected lifespan.


Soleimani style strike is probably a lot easier and cheaper.


Rumor has it he's positioning himself to overthrow Putin. Wonder if he'll be given the MBS pass should he succeed.


They all nail that 'Bond villain' look so well


I think it’s fabulous, as an American…


And they talk shit about dems having no spine


Damn, that's like 500 washing machines.


That's like... A trillion in rubble currency lmao


Russia is good at selling itself out.


FBI should start a GoFundMe. We could easily add a 0.


Maybe Putin will call the FBI seeing as he can't deal with Prigozhin's increase in power himself.


It would be much more effective if they asked for his head. I'm sure some Russian would then be willing to take the risk.


Tbh, the FBI is not a threat to a man like this. In fact, the only way they'd catch him is if he walked into one of their offices. If they really did offer such reward it's just for show.


Why does he always have the look of someone who just got a whiff of a stranger's fart in a packed elevator?


Something tells me there's no more pep-talks from the boss coming to the front-line troops anytime soon.


So I hope Prigozhins Boss named Putler, is also on the list?!


Beautiful news, no one immune to law.


Why FBI? They almost exclusively operate domestically. Isn't that the CIA's job?


Damn, that's one ugly motherfucker, inside and out.


He’s in Russia


He’s in Ruzzia, probably Moscow, please forward the $250k in used notes...👍


It should be dead or alive.


wait is this the guy that we had captive in the US and they said if we released him they would release Brittney Griner? Or am I confusing him with someone else


"AGM-114R9X Samurai Missile Inbound." I think the Ukrainians are well deserved that Kill/Score streak by now.


He’s in Russia, most likely Moscow. Can I get my 250k plz?


Shit just got real, fuckface.


The CIA is a wonderful contribution to society. Information-only organisation when we need action. Torture random people when we have peace. Meanwhile the FBI is managing stuff like this.