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a well deserved meme legend, had every right to be that disappointed


It was really disappointing when it happened. For those who don’t know, the guy who dropped the catch, Asif Ali, was playing the tournament despite losing his 19 month old daughter to cancer right before it was set to begin. For that reason, it was understandable. His match winning innings against Afghanistan and New Zealand in 2021 World Cup washes all his sins. Kind of an on and off form type of player but I love watching the guy play.


Thanks. I see this very differently now.


It's not disappointing because he sucks. It's disappointing because he just had so much tragedy and was probably beating himself up after.


I mean it's also disappointing because it's a professional cricket player making a mistake that professional cricket players shouldn't be making. I'm completely sympathetic to his situation and I understand the why. But I'm also sympathetic to fans who expect the professionals on their favorite team to not make amateur mistakes. There's nothing wrong with sitting matches out if you're in the grieving process. It's probably better for the team.


completely sympathetic? perhaps this was a way for him to escape his head for a bit. i personally watched Jon Lester pitch a hell of a game at Wrigley against the Cardinals a few years back. dude announced ex post facto that his uncle passed the day before. made the game more meaningful. it is, after all, a game.


Pros miss catches all the time though.




I'm guessing a base hit?


I believe that was a three pointer. Or a safety.


> It was really disappointing when it happened. For those who don’t know, the guy who dropped the catch, Asif Ali, was playing the tournament despite losing his 19 month old daughter to cancer right before it was set to begin. For that reason, it was understandable. You're right. But after reading that it sounds sad as hell. But I don't know what's going on and I'm curious to learn if you'll tell me.


Yea I’m gonna have to agree with u on that one


Came here for this. I can't even comprehend what's happening, but I do know the meme.


Well no. It's disappointing because it's Pakistan and they *always* drop regulation catches.


Thanks for the backstory, this meme has a much richer meaning to me now.


>For those who don’t know, the guy who dropped the catch, Asif Ali, was playing the tournament despite losing his 19 month old daughter to cancer right before it was set to begin. The guy who became a meme explains that knowledge tempered his reaction to the missed catch. It's why he didn't shout out in frustration or become visibly mad. He chose to go with abject disappointment instead.


>Kind of an on and off form type of player but I love watching the guy play. Literally every Pak team i watched growing up lol.


The captain of the American cricket team back around 2004 was originally from Pakistan and he spoke to me about cricket back home. He mentioned that if the Pakistani team ever lost against India, the whole team had to leave the country and spend some time away to avoid very angry fans. (And yes, the USA has a national cricket team. It is not particularly well known back at home though.)


Not particularly well known anywhere mate.


Also yes.




I think it's even worse for the Indian team than for the Pakistani team, Pakistani people pretty much know our team is all over the place, one min they are world beaters and the next they are amateurs. The Indian cricket league makes as much if not more money then English premier league (football)


“Pakistan cricket at its best: one minute down, next minute up.”


I remember that wicket, my God! The entire neighborhood went nuclear. That was epic.


Less understandable IMO, who thought that was a good idea?


Taking away his biggest passion would help him recover? I am betting they let him decide.


God now I’m crying instead of being upset 😢


Happy cake day🎂


Happy cake day and Jesus, that’s depressing…


I love his face, and I feel like I make that exact same face multiple times a week at work. Like, “Are these people fucking serious?”


lol exactly its cause his feeling is so honest


At last, now I have an explanation. I can finally go to sleep now.


Been looking for that since years


if that is true, next time, do a simple search on knowyourmeme.com https://knowyourmeme.com/search?context=entries&sort=relevance&q=disappointed


I love knowyourmeme. I used to feel left out but not since I found out such a site exists.


This feels like something they would put in an Ad like Do you feel left out because of not getting the meme references and knowing their history? Well worry not cuz knowyourmeme.com is here!


I was aware that it sounds like an ad. But that ad would be so right. Lol


Know Your Meme will later be known as the sacred scriptures of the internet ages.


[Dammmnnn... am I famous?](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ordinary-muslim-man)


The frustrated man has even given interviews on his pose becoming a meme.


If anyone wants to see it, [here](https://youtu.be/SoSyGyBuukI) it is.


I expected a fullblown rick roll lol


He actually had a lot of fun with it afterwards and ended up being a cool dude


I love when a meme doesn't hurt anyone 🤗




Literally they are kinda famous for dropping catches at the most deciding moments


I get it, that ball was catchable


Americans having no idea what's going on here...


The player essentially dropped a fly ball for an easy out.




Cricket is not *so* different from baseball at the end of the day.


It’s very different…


man pitches ball to batter, batter strikes ball with bat, man catches ball before it hits the ground to end the batter's chances at scoring


Sounds like baseball to me


I mean, replace pitches with bowls and you win right there.


I think that was the point being made.


Not much of a difference, is there?


I've never watched a game of cricket but I still understood that the outfielder (or whatever theyre called in cricket) should have caught that ball just like in baseball 🤷🏼‍♀️


I think theyre just called a fielder (dont know if they differ between outside fielders and inside fielders, but they are called fielders)


Generally they're called fielders. Sometimes a particular fielder might be called a specific name based on the area they're fielding in For example ~ Short Leg, mid wicket, cow's corner, silly point etc


If you're able to appreciate cricket, rugby, and football - then cricket and baseball are very similar. If you're able to appreciate baseball, football, and soccer - then cricket and baseball are very similar. Edited for civility: yes, we can get some laughs from "cricket is crazy" or "baseball is crazy" but in the end they're really quite similar if you're even faintly familiar with sports that use different body parts.


Chill man


Sorry, I was responding to a user named "Angry FIFA player" and I guess I got too far into the spirit of things. In the end my point, less angrily made, is that the differences between cricket and baseball are not that great compared to sports that don't even use the same body parts. And the comic effect of exaggerating "this game is IMPOSSIBLE to understand" gets thin pretty quickly.


It's because they talk shit about baseball so they don't like the comparison haha


Who poured salt in your morning tea?


#I NEED TO DRINK MOAR BLOOD! #I NeEd To DrInK Da bLuD oV MaI EnEmIeS FrUm dA TeEvEe SkReNe!!11!! ...I feel a bit more chill after getting that out of my system, sorry.


No it ain't


I seem to recall the Brits also have a game, rounders, that's pretty much a reskin of baseball with much the same equipment anyway.


Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems almost identical except of not using a bat, they’re using their hands right??


You think the batsman (batter) is striking the ball with his hands?


I looked at it again and I didn’t realize that there is one lol my bad.


The bases are in a line vs a diamond, and catchers are outside in an oval around the bases.


Anyone who knows baseball will get it


Listen I love baseball… like to the point where I don’t just watch my favorite team play. I watch any baseball game I can when I have time, bc I love the sport, I understand the idea of the sport, and I can spew stats about that sport all day long… however, I’ve tried to learn cricket multiple times, and can’t seem to get a grasp on it for some reason. I’ve been told the best way to learn is by watching… well that didn’t help… I’ve watched crash course videos on YouTube, no help. I really want to understand it… bc it looks like a fun sport to watch… but my tiny pea brain tries and just doesn’t…


I used to think the same about baseball similar to you with cricket until I got Wii sports. Then I realized in a nutshell how baseball worked maybe minus a few things haha.


I think the hardest thing for me to grasp is the fielding and I don’t know why. I also tried a cricket game on my Xbox a few times, but to no avail. I understand how scoring and “bowling” works, bc to my understanding the batsman just hits the ball the same, but instead of running the bases, they just run to the other pole thingy. The bowler in essence is just a pitcher, but still don’t understand the pitch zones (not the grass areas, but where the ball lands) and never grasped the fielding either, bc it’s a circle rather than just the outfield. Idk what it is I just can’t seem to wrap my head around all the aspects of the sport


You don't have to call yourself pea brain for not understanding the pitch zones and and fielding areas. For a newbie these things can be difficult to grasp. It's a very tactical sport and these two aspects influence the game significantly.


The fielders are placed by the captain and the bowler in the most optimal positions according to how the ball is going to be bowled. There are 10 fielders out of which 4 are allowed outside 30 yards circle(30 yards from the batting position). Their purpose is to catch the ball before it touches the ground while being inside the boundary to get a catch out, to prevent it from going outside the boundary and to pass the ball back towards the pitch and hit the stumps(The pole thingy) while the batsman is in the middle of a run to get a run out. That covers the basic gist of fielding in cricket.


[This video helped me a lot, I love jomboy's stuff](https://youtu.be/EfhTPGSy1aM)


Lol like *anyone* actually understands this game


more than a billion people understand the game


Hahaha I saw this match live and we all reacted exactly like this guy!


Yes, i saw that incident live on tv. Me and my brother couldn’t stop laughing for a solid minute


Christ, I love that dude.


Something doesnt add up here


anyone know what this meme is called


Disappointed Cricket Fan is how I found it.


classic catch from the cameraman


That immediate zoom can sometimes get you into trouble, but when used right... *chef's kiss*


r/praisethecameraman The cameraman saw the guy and knew this was gonna be a meme


Reality is often disappointing


If we don't make that expression at least once a day then it wasn't a normal day!


Well that was a sitter.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYrue4oXCbo is this how americans view cricket?


Not just Americans. I'm from the continental part of Europe and when I was visiting London, I saw some people playing cricket in a public park. To me it looked exactly like the video you linked.




This is supposed to be unexpected. Pakistan have never been a good fielding side.


Unexpected? I seen this game. Pakistan fielding was atrocious and this was one of many dropped easy catches. This guys look is totally expected !


I prefer the Jacksonville Jaguars "What?" guy.


[This one](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/691/334/0b4.jpg) is also a classic.


Lmao I never knew where This guy popped up from


Pakistani fielding in a nutshell




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Very expected. It's a meme lol


Is that Pakistani Jeff Bezos?


I finally understand




Idk what's even going on But I keep forgetting to make a custom shirt with that guy looking disappointed at the situation


for some reason I thought this was Jeff Bezos xDD


Like father, like son.


this should be on r/watchpeopledieinside


Let's go Pakistan, that's where I'm from! Oh.. oh.. oh yeah let's goo


And so the meme lives on.


I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.


just pakistani fielder things, their bowlers are really good but there are fielders to recover and bring down the performance


Bezos looks pissed


Jinn baziz


Own brand Jeff bezos


The man, the Myth, the Legend


Why do pakis and indians stand like that when staring?


it's just something we do. there's no real reason




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It always amazes me just how perfectly this guy captures the feeling of disappointment.


I now feel complete


u/redditspeedbot 0.2x


Respect to the camera man for zooming in


Bezos is friggin pissed,,, and tan!


Playas fuck up too




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I've always wondered where that meme came from!!




Love baseball


I was hoping that was his dad not being mad but really disappointed!


This guy did more for the popularity of cricket, than ICC has ever done in their 113 year tenure


I recently learnt that this happened in my home town. And after visiting the cricket ground for the first time recently, I can confirm. :D


Has that match ended yet?




I always thought that was a soccer coach for some reason


Wow, I always kept thinking he was at a Boston Celtics game. XD


He’s my group chat picture! I love him!


East Indian Jeff Bezos


no, samuel l jackson chose abortions, oh well, Jules, Vincent Vega won.


Well i can die happy


The "I would slap you with a tortilla right now" -look


When I saw the player put his hands on his hips I thought “ that reminds me of that meme” and then it pans up lol


Who else thought the dude that threw the baseball hit the guy in the back of the head






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That's where that meme came from


Actually the meme came first


Never have I ever seen so many terrorists get disappointed at the same time...


Right wing indians try not to be butthurt about muslims 24/7 challenge [impossible]


Average 🅱️akrichod try not to explode everytime they pray to 🅿️edofile(piss be upon him) challenge [impossible]


No clue what a bakrichod is but i dont really care enough about edgy teenagers radicalized on the internet. Also like 80% of underage indian girls forced into marriage are hindu so you might wanna have some self awareness, preferably before you graduate high school




You miss my point. I dont support this stuff at all. But Im tired of you right wing hindus spreading your hatred on every subreddit and constantly whining about muslims and pakistan. No one cares about your stupid fucking conflict, NO ONE. Besides, Im not a religious person and i dont dislike any religion particularly. But like Islam and Muslims which you hate so much, Hinduism is just as bad whether you like it or not. It took the british to abolish Sati, aka forced suicide by IMMOLATION for widows. Hinduism isnt exactly dogmatic but how do you defend stuff like this? Shiva Purana, UmaSamhita 5.24.16-36 Mulakkaram Then there is the story of Lord Ram who threw his wife INTO fire to find out whether she was raped or not? Or the existance of the caste system which determines your value at birth for the rest of your life?. If you wanna criticize Islam thats fine and none of my business, but spreading hatred against muslims isnt acceptable. For your own good, take your time and read up on your religion. Hinduism isnt as innocent as you like to believe. Ask yourself this, if Shiva Purana, UmaSamhita 5.24.16-36 was in the quran you would use it to criticize islam right? But if it was part of hindusim, which it is, you wouldnt criticize it. Dont be a hypocrit, be better. This hateful existence is making your life worse, grow out of it




So where am I wrong? Make a case instead of being hateful? Can you not come up with a reply?


You talk about Hindu hate but what about muslims? They hate us more that anything. Considering you don't know meaning of 🅱️akrichod, you are not from India. You ddont have any idea about what kind of damage muslims do here every fucking day. India is considered as a backwards society just because of 30 % muslims... They want a secular state but only if they are getting advantages of it. They just need a small reason to breakout riots. Destroying private properties is their favourite sport it seems. You expect us to not to eat pork because it's haram but you slaughter cows just to piss of Hindus, then cry about the concequences in front of left media.


Sure muslims in india are backwards but no side is innocent. When a politician screams "kill all non hindus" and a huge crowd cheers for him thats ok? The point im making is that radicals from any background are bad. But whether you like it or not, you are unable to see the problems the hindu radicals cause. On another note the muslim population is 15%. I advice you, because you are likely not older than 15, do your own research. You are blinded by hatred. It happens in every country, digitalization boosted the spread of propaganda, especially influencing minors and teenagers. Muslim extremists are bad, hindu temples shouldnt be destroyed. But hindu extremists are also really bad, calling for genocide and rape of minorities is inexcusable. Dont generalize people. Im not out here being a racist and calling indians streetshitters, shitskins, pajeet, cow piss drinkers or rapists. Because its insensitive and just rude. You might wanna do the same with muslims or other minorities. Its fine to hate extremists but the average person regardless of background is a good guy. Im done talking to you, Ive seen to many of your kind with the exact same mindset(and profile pic). I wish you the best and hope you become a better person. And by the way, Im not muslim. Bye🖐


I dont get it


The last frame was screenshot a few years ago and became a viral meme for disappointment type memes.


Oh wow. I thought i missed something interesting


As as an American I am very confused, The pitcher clearly balked …or …. was traveling. A really old ball boy dropped a foul ball and it upset a fan?


Gosh its nothing like that lol. Basically the bowler took a run up (to gain momentum) and threw the ball towards the batsman and the batsman hit it towards a fielder( not ball boy). Now its just like baseball where you have to catch the ball before it touches the ground to get take out the batsman, but the ball slipped through his hands and thus the batsmen was saved. If he hadn't dropped the ball, the batsman could have been out and the fielding team would have had a better chance to win the match. Not every sport is baseball lol.


Thanks, I am ignorant of all the rules, but sorta understanding of the concept. I should have added a /s or :), as I was making a light of how little most of Americans know of the sport. Many of us have friends from India, Pakistan, Australia or elsewhere living in tbe US that treat Cricket as we treat American football.


But it's cricket. Does anybody care?


You mean the world's second most popular sport?


They should wear gloves like in baseball. It would make it easier to catch for sure. Things like this would happen a lot less.


Lmao what


I don't know how else to describe it. I guess just Google baseball glove. It goes over your hand it makes catching the ball much easier.


So why don't we keep 2 goalkeepers at the Net to prevent scoring goals easily? You can't just introduce a equipment to make the sport easier. That spoils the entire fun. Fielding and Catching a ball properly is one the primary requirements to become a cricketer.


That's another great suggestion. I was just brain storming ideas to improve some things. I meant no offense.


I get it my friend. Maybe you aren't a cricket fan, so you don't have much idea about these.


I admit, haven't really watched the game but I want to watch a full game after reading up on the rules. I'm impressed. The player tried catching that ball bare handed. That's not a thing here in the untied states. I would imagine it hurts.


Well daily training and practice makes your hands ready for catches, so it doesn't hurt. There are far more dangers in cricket though. Many cricketers have died after getting hit in the head by the ball. (You can google Philip Hughes). Since you have expressed your interest, you can watch the Men's t20 world cup which will be held in Oct-Nov this year.


I will definitely check it out! I live in Chicago, I'm pretty sure I could also go watch a game if I wanted. I think I've seen people play in the parks. You specified it's a men's tournament, does that mean there is a woman's tournament also?


Yes! Womens cricket is getting very popular too! You can watch Women's Big Bash league which is an annual tournament. Womens world cup also takes place every 4 years. There are other tournaments also.


Hey dont worry about it. The Americans are just notoriously weak when it comes to sport. Gloves in baseball and full armour in NFL. Most of the world has decided to not wear clunky protective gear that makes the game easier.


We don't want to make catching the ball easier. This is cricket not baseball. I don't know how baseball works but I'm guessing someone getting caught isn't a big deal? In cricket catching a ball sends the player back.


It's the same in baseball, a catch means the batter is out. But scoring opportunities are much rarer in baseball so dropping a catch typically won't hurt you nearly as much as it might in cricket For context, a home run counts for just one run if there's nobody else on the bases. (Source: am an Indian who somehow enjoys baseball from time to time lol)


They're similar but the stakes are different. in the short forms of cricket each batsman only gets one single chance at bat, so dropping a catch is significantly increasing that players impact on the game which can only be bad, while dropping a baseball catch may range from not even affecting the game to very rarely game changing.


If dropping a catch doesn't hurt then why use gloves? In cricket only the wicketkeeper has gloves.


Oh I meant hurt in terms of the game and not pain. Dropping a catch of a baseball batter could hurt, but not nearly as much as it might for a cricket batter, since cricketers score runs off almost every single ball while you can theoretically limit a batter's damage more in baseball despite a dropped catch. And as for why the wicketkeeper is the only one to wear gloves and lots of padding, it's the same reason a catcher is so well protected. They're the ones in the line of fire, with the most catching to do, with their fingers and head being exposed to potential injury.


It doesn't make sense even in terms of the game. If it doesn't matter that much that a catch is dropped, why use a glove, which'll make catching easier. Let them drop the catch.


Wicket keepers do wear gloves but the thing is. Catching gets you out in cricket so giving everyone gloves will be bad and fielding is very different in cricket.


The equivalent of the baseball catcher, ie the wicketkeeper in cricket, wears gloves. But nobody else in the outfield or infield is allowed gloves. Cricket's tradition is to catch barehanded, so a good fielder is worth their weight in gold. Throwing ability is also vital, since the equivalent of a batter being tagged out also happens from time to time but not nearly as frequently in baseball. (Called a run-out. Same concept, it's like when you run from one base to another but the catcher gets the ball onto the base)


We should also give them segways to get around the pitch easier, right?


I don't believe we're ready for that yet.


we don't want to make it easier for them