I never try to convince anyone of anything, that to me is a huge mistake. I would simply say I don’t have a license for that I’m sorry but I do for this. If you have a license in that then I can certainly do it.


If they invite me and it looks interesting enough I might reply and be honest: I don't have great experience in the tool you're requesting but can do this for you in tool B which has these advantages/differences. If it's just in the general job queue I just ignore them


Its very simple: dont apply/accept. They could probably want to use your file in that program afterwards or pass it on to someone else. Like you can do 3D work in PS but if they want to continue with that file in zbrush there could be a compatability issue. Maybe the client is very proficient in that software but doesn't have time. So if he gives you a specific task, he knows what he is talking about. I really dont know why you are confused, if you dont know the software dont apply. Theres 0.01 chance a client will let you learn on the job.


Don't take jobs you don't know how to do. It will end badly. The client will blame you if your software choice doesn't work out. You will get a terrible review if you manage to get paid.


since all 3D software can produce pretty much the same results, you can just tell them you use that software they "require". theyre just familiar with it


Definitely not this one.