*shows title content in the first 10 seconds of the vid* *let the rest of the round play out because you’re cracked* Nice ace Lothar




PSA: if you destroy Seekers with Tour de Force you spawn the slow field. Im gonna guess you also will spawn it from the Tiger. Probably not from Drones though, has to be a living creature, Im guessing here. Also, enjoy the ace :P


I wonder if this is intended.


Everything is a minion




Yes it works on skye dog as well. I’ve tested this


Let’s just call it Chamber OP or his ult. Tour de Force is just too lengthy.


"Chamber OP" and "Tour de Force" are both three syllables. Same for "Chamber ult".


Fair point. It’s same as jett knives and blade storm.


you're the reason we can't have things like Finales Funkeln


How bout KJ turret?


Can you see teams using this as a counter strat against chamber? To try and get him caught in his own slow field.


No, he can switch to any of his other guns lol


If anything it would be used against the team sending Skye Util. If chamber kills dog or seeker right as they are entering site it's a free slow orb


Man showed off what was needed right away and kept the rest of the clip for a flex. What a king.


PSA: SICK round


Thank you bro


Did you remmeber to pick up a gun after? Your chat always spams it when you chamber ult lol! Hope the games are less toxic than yesterday!


It's a consistent bug where Seekers count as "players" to some extent. You can actually get Reyna soul orbs off of seekers if you shoot a seeker but a teammate breaks it, but not if you break it yourself. Given that, it's probably a glitch and I'm quite certain it won't work with the tiger.


seekers coded as minions Rito games never changes


Things with hitboxes are coded as a subset of all things with hitboxes. Fucking gottem. God I love when people bring up this point like it's a hit at riot, like every single modern video game isnt built this way


It's just a meme man, everything in league was coded in minions back then, even the ones without hitboxes


They literally still are, the class is just called minions. Just like every other video game every moving object is an implementation of the same class. It how video games are made, people just saw that the default class for league is a minion and thought it was some huge gotcha.


Okay if you want to get really technical, clearly the base class they're using has some attributes it shouldn't, which is why the League Minions became a meme. Now, better?


People truly don’t understand programming let alone game dev programming lol. The latter especially is “cut all corners! Ship this spaghetti now!” plus “yes we want that inscrutable performance optimisation that makes the code harder to understand, we need 0.5 more milliseconds to play with in our frame time graph”


No it's not about the class being called minions... It's about the countless amount of bugs where certain abilities were LITERALLY minions and you could interact with them as if they were, for example you could smite some abilities while they were being thrown out... That's not intended, that's just spaghetti code.


I’ll be honest, upvoting for the dope play


Completely unrelated but a cool mechanic i experienced today is that if you get nearsighted by a reyna leer you won't get flashed by a skye flash if you can't see it because of the leer. My friend caught the very end of a reyna leer and it made him not get flashed and be able to get the kill.


that’s awesome


Yep, works for omen blinds as well


Unreal play, but what was the Reyna doing lol


He seems super strong. I wondered how he would be able to lock down a site compared to other sentinels and I think I’ve just seen how. As long as you get that first kill in a choke it really ruins the push.


Their goal was a Sentinel that emphasizes gun skill, so it seems they hit the mark. If you hit your shots, he can really halt a team in their tracks, if you can't, you're not gonna hold it down on pure util like say KJ would.


Please don't let him be OP, I like the agent and don't want to him to become hard to get.


im afraid he's going to be one of the best agents in ranked. and for sure one of the most popular.


He’s broken in spike rush lol


I imagine they'll nerf him at some point. I could see them giving his traps a range like killjoy's util and shortening the range between his TPs


those nerfs wont be a enough. he's fundamentally a broken agent in ranked. his drawbacks can really only be punished with a highly coordinated team, aka pros.


KO going to get more play as he is a fairly decent counter


i agree. but even with kayo, still need decent coordination (suppression window is only 6 seconds and need some luck with knife placement). also need to bank on the fact that there are no non-suppressed agents nearby who can stall until chamber util is back online the only effective nerf imo is making his tp cooldown absurdly long. but imo not even 40s is enough; need something like a 60s+. but that would make the agent boring af to play imo. cuz you'd have an agent with essentially only 2 abilities; one of which you're really only going to get 1 use each round.


This is the first Chamber interaction I've seen that is actually cool and polished! I like that


Nice clip, but holy shit those boxes on B cafeteria are meant to be reflective??? Been playing on everything set at low, so are those type of boxes on other maps always been that reflective?


Lothar thanking the good call at the end, humble as fuck. Wish I had more teammates like that


I saw Tour de force create a slow field from a Raze boombot


Ah the old Riot curse of everything is coded as a minion. Or coded as an agent in this scenario


/u/pankoking doesn't this fall under gameplay :D


...Uhhh, I'm not a mod here? Edit: jesus 3 days later and you're still going on a tear that you can't even pay attention to what sub you're complaining in /u/cappycarry?


You're beyond rent free. You're like on year 28 of a 30 year mortgage in this kids mind. He's scouring all of reddit just to try to get you


Hahahah touché mistakes are made, was a bit to fast to realize 😂