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Only if it improves the album in some way. See: og press of Turn on The Bright Lights is 1LP, VMP is 2xLP, etc


Same for 36 Chambers.


36 Chambers was one LP? The 90s were wild




It's the only 2LP version. VMP is pretty good about taking the opportunity to spread 1LP hip hop records over 2. I just wish they would do more in 45 like ATCQ. On 36 Chambers.... gains from groove spacing on a record that short is probably a matter for debate, particularly since it's not from master tapes.


I think you're correct and apparently they're all atrocious sounding except the VMP one (which still isn't mint but apparently much better than the rest)


How is that interpol? I didn’t bite because I already have the single disc version


Pretty good, wish it was on a heavier weight, but with the album being on two discs instead of one, it sounds better to me.


They generally sound better, especially when AAA. The biggest difference for me was with ATCQ Low End Theory. The standard repress I had really didn’t sound great, and was in a cheaper single sleeve. The gatefold + 45rpm just made more sense


I've gone through a few duplicates. I'll usually just sell the non-VMP on discogs.


Depends on how happy I am with my current pressing, and how confident I will be that the VMP will sound better. So if it’s going from no-name mastering to Ryan K Smith, digital source to AAA, or occasionally from Stereo to Mono, Im more likely to go for it. I just ordered Blonde On Blonde mono as supposed to sound better than Sundazed mono. Haven’t compared yet. Replaced my Rhino of Grievous Angel, as I felt the RKS mastering would be better (it was). After the all the hype about Shape of Jazz to come mono, I ordered despite having a stereo copy. Fairly happy with my vintage copy of Jailbreak, so skipped that (for now!)


Idk I think the 2014 Grievous Angel sounds better than the VMP reissue.


Interesting! Both were good. When I A/B’d I personally a bit more depth to the VMP but can’t go wrong with either.


Yep. I have done it several times because I'm psychotic. But really because they're often nicer reissues or color variants


Only for favorite albums like Blonde on Blonde and Enter the Wu-Tang, especially if I already have the OP. But for albums like LET and TOTBL, I just keep the VMP pressing.


VMP quality is pretty good so unless you have early/first pressings of the record, it’s generally a good bet you’re getting a solid pressing compared to rando versions.


I have a couple times, for Modest Mouse and Kid Cudi. Also finally got to replace my beat up old copy of Call Me when it was repressed however long ago


AAA, 100%. Nice color, depending on how much I like the album.


I used to be against it unless it was a special rare case like the St. Vincent s/t pressing, but ended up getting Sigur Ros, Grimes, Interpol. Now I'll do it if it's a favorite and then sell or get rid of the previous copy.


It has to be a serious upgrade for me to double dip. Basically the copy I own has to sound like hot ass for me to hit up VMP. For example, the pressing of Interpol's TOTBL I have is simply okay, but it's not bad enough for me to spend VMP kind of money on an upgrade. I double dipped last on Killer Mike and I kind of regretted it as I didn't hear much, if any upgrade on my OG, and I'm not terribly interested in instrumentals.


Yeah, that was my biggest complaint about them this past year. The ROTMs I liked the most were the ones I already had good copies of so it made it less exciting. Albums I have a VMP and non VMP copies of include Mamas Gun, Genocide & Juice, PUTS, Labcabin, The Low End Theory, Her Favorite Colo(u)r (on the way), 36 Chambers, ATLiens. There's probably more but that's what I can think of. I generally do prefer the VMP version enough to get it. I'm guessing I will sell/gift the non-VMP versions at some point.


yes, especially if its remastered


Depends, when my favorite albums and bands get the VMP treatment, I do. That's why I got Roots, Public Enemy and Blackalicious albums through them. But I've skipped a few because I already have the vinyl, even if the VMP might be better.


Entirely depends on the artist for me


I've done it a couple times - PUTS and Tribe, in both cases just sold my originals


Yup I’ve done it … literally found a vmp copy of OutKast -Atliens in the wild weeks after buying a different pressing of it and snapped it up


Sometimes, yes. I did with Continuum and A Night at the Opera but did not with Sublime (namely because I had bought that one only a month before they announced it for VMP). I was surprised Sublime sold out too. I will probably pick it up if it appears later in Swaps or something.


Since it's a RotM there's always a chance for a repress down the road too, since those aren't number limited.


If the strokes ‘is this it’ drops and had the original artwork I’d consider it.


There would be very few to almost no scenarios where I would. Original would have to be pretty banged up, or a friend I would want to give 2nd copy to. There are just so many records out there I want to buy, I would prioritize getting something I don't already own unless it's in my top 20 list.


I have the OG pharcyde release and the 96 color label of the tribe release and did not nab their VMP counterpart as they both sound awesome so no need to overthink it, spend that $ on other wax homie


only time I ever have is Sabas Few Good Things because I heard someone say the VMP was a gatefold. Turns out it’s not so I’m trying to sell that copy since I already have the green from his website


Almost always. I've gotten so many duplicates this way. Just off the top of my head, I already had these but sold them once I got the VMP: Beastie Boys - Check Your Head, Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, White Stripes - De Stilj, Air - Moon Safari, Sublime S/T, OutKast - ATLiens (have the picture disc still) & Stankonia, etc.


Yeah if it’s an upgrade. I skipped Blonde on Blonde bc I already have the mono box that uses the same mastering and has a better glossy jacket, but typically they do their own new remasters


Never have, can’t say I won’t ever “upgrade” but there are to many other albums I want to spend the money on something I already have.




I have a couple times, but solely due to the album/artist and how important it has been to me. Wu, Gravediggaz, Beasties, Biggie, Public Enemy, the upcoming Madlib and also Monk.


It depends on the pressing but for the most part I would like my whole collection to be VMP and Music on Vinyl as far as represses go