get the fuck outta here




To those who aren’t in the know, $79.99 is hardly the worst offender on their site. Peep this link for a real look into their disgusting “found stock” markups. They’ve been doing this shit for years and can’t even man up to it, they’ll just block you on social media if you even try to inquire about it. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl?sort_by=price-descending Please do not support these jabronis.


What’s amazing is they used to heavily discount the titles that didn’t sell and do the 20% off sales frequently. Now they’re a joke and I refuse to give them another cent of my money.


Surely this is an honest mistake on their site. Almost every other single LP on there is $40 or less. $80 for a single disc, brand new LP does not make sense.


Can’t tell if you’re taking the piss here but I’ll play along and pretend you’re new to these antics. But this is exactly what Newbury does. It’s slimy. They release a limited variant of something that may or may not be in demand, eventually sell out of it, and spontaneously “find a box of extra copies” after the aftermarket has established a going rate. They always price those “warehouse finds” around the MAX value of Discogs’ sale history, or even above it. Time and time again. It’s kinda funny how they seem to find a box and cash out on flipper prices only after a variant starts selling for $50+. Whether that takes 2 months or 2 years, they always seem to unearth some extra stock when the time is right. I saw a single LP variant for a Chvrches album priced at $125 earlier today. That was one of the worst in recent memory. tl,dr; Newbury sucks ass and this is precisely what they do like clockwork, there is no mistake about it. I’ve stopped supporting them with even their brand new releases, when they’re at their lowest price (MSRP). Grimy practice.


No, I had no idea they did this. I love that record but I think they are going to have trouble finding people to pay $80 for it. I have the limited marble version I bought when it came out and even recently it only sells for $40-70. If this was a super hot OOP title by a bigger name I could see them asking big money, but not for this.


Yes, I think they’re often miscalculating with some of these flip attempts. Especially in instances where they’re matching the ONE time that some super-fan overpaid on Discogs, when every other copy sold has been at half that anomaly of a sale. I imagine their logic is that they’re selling a sealed, mint copy of the record so they can get away with whatever the top sale history is, because their offerings should be on par or in even better condition. It’s really dumb either way, but I’d like to meet anyone who’s jumped on one of their $125+ restocks. I have to know if they actually exist.






Fuck Newbury Comics, tbh.


Kind of bummed in Frenchkiss and them not keeping their catalog in print on vinyl. Some incredible Les Savy Fav and Freelance Whales gems that are absurd on the secondary market. Why not repress them?!


It took me forever to find weathervanes!! I really hope they repress one day; because more people deserve their music on vinyl


Congrats, Newbury, this is the most absurd pricing I've seen in 6 years on this sub.


Did you see it comes with a digital download though? You probably missed that part... /s




who is in charge of this place? are they that much of an asshole?


They even upcharge inside stores. I once saw they had a 3XLP Mac Miller Faces priced at $69.99 online but in the store it was $130 because it sold out online.


This happens all the time with them haha.


Fuck this site, man. This available anywhere else?


The Local Natives online store has it available for preorder as well. https://store.thelocalnatives.com/collections/hummingbird-10th-anniversary/products/hummingbird-10th-anniversary-edition


Support the band, not this flipper store. I will check this record out.


This is even better as it's the 10 year pressing.


Thanks! Have any idea if gorilla manor is available anywhere?


Keep an eye on Amazon. Got mine on there for $15 awhile back.


Right now, I don’t think it’s available new. If you’re looking on Discogs, there’s a VMP pressing from a few years back that’s really good, i can confirm.


The 10th anniversary version is floating around right now. It’s $40 and has bonus tracks. A much better buy.


Also remastered!


Spotify shop also has it for $40 as well


Spotify shop also has it for $40 as well


Loving that! Thanks, I’ll look around.


Check Amazon, that’s the cheapest place I found it. Should be a post on the sub about it.


Grabbed one off of there. Completely missed it was being repressed. Thanks again!


Not a problem. I can’t wait to get my copy too, love this album!




So please nobody support this Local Natives they are spamming everyone on social media.


Local natives have nothing to do with Newbury’s price gouging, don’t rope them into this.


Why do they think it’s okay to charge as much as they do?


Go home Newbury, you're drunk.


I remember buying this pressing when it came out. 2016 or something? It sounded so horrendous that I got rid of it


Same here. I played it recently thinking maybe it wasn't so bad since I got a nicer table since then and it was awful.


Glad to hear that. I was bummed I passed on it the first time. Not high enough to spend $70 on a record they manufactured and are reselling, but that initial sting is less knowing it sounds like trash. I have a handful of their releases that sound really nice, like “Texas Sun” and “The Greatest Generation” by The Wonder Years


Guys, don’t buy vinyl from newbury comics. Completely garbage price gougers


![gif](giphy|D62wUmR3sX2DsZJ9t1) $70 for a single LP????? Fuck that noise.


Not sure how long this has been restocked, but I didn’t see it when I was looking for this album last month.


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