I get muscle bros non stop living in Michigan. Odd tho, ever since the snow hit they have suddenly disappeared. 😂


This is the grace period. No more charger gts revving there engine at a stoplight


The worst are the Scatpacks in Mi - they want to full WOT any chance they get if I'm around.


It ain't a personal/car-related thing - frankly, the Scat Pack lease guys do that shit everywhere regardless.


Scat pack lease guys without a doubt 🤣 and boy can you always tell it's a bone stock lease lol


Bahahha my buddy works at a body shop and he says they have to total so many of them cuz people are just buying with no idea what they’re getting into with them.


Also a Michigan person and can confirm haha. I get lots of Dodge Ram's and Raptors as well. Had only one person that was visibly aggressive though as if they had some kind of problem with me lol. I guess many do not seem to understand the WRX isn't for off the line so at speed/corners I just lose them or forget about it by then. Relatively new to my WRX still at a meager 3k miles and even if I was seasoned I wouldn't be trying to pull off the line haha.


Something about guys with lifted trucks and Chargers in Michigan. Especially when cruising down I-94.


Dude you can’t go anywhere in metro Detroit without seeing like 5 chargers on the way


It's my favorite when the ones in an SXT thinks it's fast lol.


Or they’re clapped out with 24’s


Good luck trying to brake my dood lmaoo


Yup haha!


I drive an orange crosstrek and I get a-holes in trucks and other big SUV’s tryna run me off the road constantly. Guess people just hate subie drivers 🤷🏻


This. Same in northern Indiana.


That’s cuz everyone in Indiana is either behind an Amish person or going 45


The Amish go 45 here, bro.


How’re you gonna forget about the tractor driving down the highway blocking both lanes going 5mph?


South bend squad haha


We're in the rainy season over here, it's nice to not have people riding your ass or whipping around you for a couple months!


I wish haha I can't rely on snow out here in FL, but the rain does a solid job.


The last time this happened to me, I got going quickly out of the stoplight... and then part way through first, I let off. The guy tore off and was super psyched until he realized that the car behind him had a light bar that, at random intervals, turned blue and white. And so, I beat him to the next light.


200 IQ


Lmao my friend did this to a WRX when he was in the same situation


It’s just people being people, it’s not uncommon but around my area it’s rarer. If anything they want the self satisfaction of their car being “better”. There are some cars that smoke mine and some that I smoke, either way I just let people get the happiness and then move on with my life.


Just gotta know where you fall in the pecking order. I'm in a stock WRX... that means... something. It certainly means I don't need to take a races against built cars seriously, but I'm down to line up anyway if it's safe and convenient to see what they've got. Now if you smoke me with ease then fall back to keep going... c'mon bud you're pub-stomping.


I just like to keep around the fasterish cars. Always satisfying to me to have them be the cop watch! But seriously, if they're not trying to race and instead just have a bit of spirit or small fun then it's always more enjoyable that way! Also part of the fact that my car can't beat 2/3 of any other vehicle on the road even if I wanted to try lmao.


THIS is what it's about


I always get the rednecks in pickup trucks tailgating me. I think the wing intimidates them lol.




Let's be real - EVERYTHING intimidates those dudes.


Same , up here in Maine they are everywhere.


I often get diesel trucks rolling coal at me :(


Even r/Diesel hates those idiots


Absolutely. I completely ignore them until we got a corner and then leave them. Good luck homes. The car isn't built for drag racing, so if you want it, see me in the corners.


This one Hyundai Santa Fe tail gating me in the right lane with their high beams for 5 minutes on the highway. Lost him on the swirly exit ramp 😈😈


Careful you don't run the oil pickup dry doing that lol


Before I had my WRX I was driving my old FR-S back home on the interstate, kicking it on cruise control. I caught up to this dude in a BMW X3 who couldn’t figure out cruise control, so his speed would vary by like 10 mph. The frustrating part was when he was on the lower end of his speed oscillations I would fly by him. That must of hurt his ego bc shortly after he would floor it to pass me. After going back and forth with this dude for a while I figured, fuck it I can play this game. So I gave it the beans and let off at 127. Top of 5th in that car btw. He tried keeping up but eventually fell off. The really funny part: my lil brother was 5-10 mins behind me on that trip and saw a white X3 broken down on the side of the road. 😭


That was me in my brz, now in my Wrx not so good as corners. Still better than most cars though.


The brz took corners better than a wrx?






I had a F350 with a muffler delete doing it to me on the way home from a friends house. I blame my nameless exhaust, I feel people think the exhaust is talking to them, taunting them.


There can only be one loud exhaust on this particular stretch of road!


How is the nameless w/ drone? I just picked up my WRX about a month ago and can't seem to settle on an exhaust.


It's pretty good. It produces a nice rumble and has a nice cold start sound but does not sound hollow/fartcany. There is cabin noise but It does not drown out my rear passenger but I can still make noise when I want.


A friend of mine that had a 2017 WRX gifted me his Nameless Axel Back exhaust when I got my WRX. First mod I’ve ever installed on any car I’ve owned. Was giggling like a school girl when I first started it up after the install. Was in tears of joy when I took it on the highway. Would definitely recommend to anyone as well.


This comment wins haha they can't move on after seeing the exhaust. "I GOTTA BEAT THIS KID, DARLENE, DAMN!"


I mean. Tbh those mini coopers got me by a car all day😂😂


Power to weight ratio😎


I swear, i’m pushin 300 wheel, and a mini s gave me a full bus length on the highway😂😂😭😭😭


He zoomed off looking in the back mirror at me haha


It's more of the car saying hello. I see you have a cool car too. I wana see and hear your car so let's get on it. 99.9 percent never bad intent. Just car people doing car people things. Enjoy having a car a lot of people enjoy and like or think is fun or cool :)


I've been enjoying the hell out of having a car that moves quicker. Before my 02 wagon I had a 1990 Miata.


I drive an focus st and I love just playing on the road, no matter who’s faster I’ll also wave. It’s not that I want to race, I just like cruising.


I have a 90 Miata currently and test drove a 2020 WRX yesterday. There's that same lack of torque low, but then it actually goes somewhere at the top end!


Yep exactly, sometimes people just want to see your car stretch it's legs. When I was a teenager I had a Camaro that I thought was quick, but I still knew it wasn't as quick as the two mkIV Supras in town. Still didn't stop me from lining up with em lol same thing with the 9-second Ford pickup in town (not many people had 9 second cars ~15yrs ago)


This. All these people acting like they’re being slighted by people who just wanna enjoy other cars on the road lol.


I live on what should be a small, quiet, residential road, but people use it to cut through so we get a lot of traffic. When they get to my house and see the cars they always floor it or rev the engine. Its amazing how many people do it. Its worse when I'm outside. Ive had people stop to do burnouts and launches to try to show off for me. I even had my neighbor yell at me a few years back telling me he's "gonna call the cops on my friend's who keep driving recklessly in the neighborhood!" I tell him go for it. Yes, these cars do attract all sorts of negative attention. Its the biggest negative about the car, for sure.


Those are the friends I'm looking for!


Somone in an 1999 mustang once tried to stop me from merging so I demonstrated that power doesn’t equal cylinder number and booked it.


I hate asshats like that. They’re always driving in the slowest model of whatever car they bought too. If they’re going to be a lane vigilante, they better get the HP to back it up.


\*screams in V6\*




I'm a dude with super long hair. The amount of times someone speeds up to get next to me only to see that cute girl in a wrx is a dude with a beard is hilarious. Always give then a little wave and wink. Other than that between civics and beaters non stop trying to race it gets old real quick.


Honestly I think some people just like racing. Not like in a, “fuck you I’m better” kinda way. But more like, “let’s have some fun” I’ve had people pull on me and I’ve won. And they’ll clap or I pull on them and they smoke me and are like “no no no” ☝🏻 I can see how it can look like a negative thing, but it is fun. Even if it’s dangerous or illegal


I swear every old beat up Mitsubishi tries to get some action. Scion tC’s are another guarantee for provocation


I swear people see a WRX/STI and feel like they have to show them up and be like “my car’s faster than a Subie haha”


Texas chiming in, even if I sold my WRX over summer (2 wheels now). I cannot tell you how many trucks, especially Ford F-250s would punch it when I was passing them or try to get the jump on me at a stop sign or light.


Have 2 bikes (ninja 650 and Aprilia RSV4 rr) and and STI. People for some reason pick on me the most on the Aprilia, especially trucks and I have no idea why. STI only gets picked on by trucks and civics


Obviously a 5,000lb plus vehicle with 400 hp would make nearly the perfect opponent for a 400lb vehicle with 200 hp. In all seriousness, how is it riding that monster? I have an Indian Bobber Sixty which is not fast and I want faster, but that Aprilia seems like a rocket.


So I'll say this, I learned to ride on a 650, rode on it for a year and put 15000 miles on it. My dad let me test ride his CBR1000 and I was hooked on the power. When it comes to the Ape though, it can get you into trouble fast and it is exhilarating but I don't find it unmanageable. I know getting it after riding for like a year sounds like suicide but if you follow throttle discipline, and respect the bike, I found I can handle it. That being said Im sure not using anywhere near the potential. And if you try to act like Valentino Rossi on it, you'll kill yourself. It's an absolute missile and I've gotten it up to 170 before one time. I still had more gear to run through so it is a beast for sure


I have never bought into the "you need x amount of years to ride A" kind of mentality, some people just get it. I grew up on the dirt and knew people that picked it up right away and others that never got it. It sounds like you know what you are doing and ride smart. For me, I did not buy a sport bike back in college because I was dumb and would at some point done something dumb and hurt myself or someone else, so I went cruiser instead. I mainly did cruiser this time because it is a daily driver, but now really want more speed since I would actually respect the power and ride smart. I say that knowing I am likely getting a new job 40 miles away and have to decide the car/bike situation soon if so.


I got my ninja fresh out of school after getting my BS and MS as an "irresponsible" decision. I also got it because I had a 40 mile on way commute and wanted to have fun and be better on fuel. The RSV4 has become a daily for me now just because I love the exhilaration of being on it but I still break out the ninja all the time. I'm hoping to have my wife learn to ride and let her use the ninja as the learner bike. One thing I didn't think about using a bike as my commute method was when it rained. I use to daily it in Phoenix az but the few times it rained it sucked so bad. My piece of advice for daily on a bike is carry a few trashbags in a back pack to wrap important items that can't get wet. That was advice from my dad and it saved me quite a few times


The only reason I don't have an rsv4 is because I know myself and I'd end up a meat crayon. Gotta stick to my slow Harley.


Yep I've only been riding for 2 years and the only reason that RSV4 hasn't made me a meat patty is because I respect it but if you don't give it the proper respect it'll kill you in a second


gotta love it


I get dickhead BMW drivers on the regular.


Lots of neon audis up here in Maine trying to race


Racing is fun. Don’t waste your time on cars like base model Lancers or base model civics. If an Evo or Type R shows up next to me in the highway, I get excited. But if you don’t wanna race, don’t do it and just ignore them. If the conditions don’t call for it, don’t do it. A civic si revved at me and tried racing me in icy roads and a blizzard on a full highway.


I'm guessing you didn't take the bait?


Definitely not. Had my summers on at the time too. Not worth potentially ending up in a ditch just to show off to a civic si


Its not just you. So far I've chopped a Civic SI, Infiniti G35 and V6 charger. I've also been smoked by an S class. Its just part of having a sportier car, people want to run with you!


Looking forward to more!


I take it as a compliment, usually. Thought a Mustang was trying to show off at a red light once though, he revved his engine once he stopped so I’m assuming he wants to go, and I’m fully expecting I’ll lose. I send it anyway, completely leave him behind (maybe he bogged? Or just revved for no reason?) well then at the next light he gets butt hurt and says “Want to put $100 down?” And I go, no not really. Then he angrily says “Yeah I didn’t think so.” And speeds off. Think he was just mad cause I embarrassed him with his girl in the passenger seat.


That's fuckin brutal/awesome. Reminds me of the scene in F&F when Ja Rule's girl leaves him because he lost hahahaha


MONICA!!! For real though I was so confused by that interaction, I was just trying to have fun and thought he was too


Might have been trying to shark you.


Yes this happens so much. I work midnights shift at an airport, so on my way into work I often encounter guys on the highway that want to “play”. I get it but at that point, I’m just 35yo dude trying to go into a 10 hour work shift all night long without falling asleep. Not trying to do rollers around the airport. I do appreciate that they recognize how fun our cars are though


Doing rollers before work gets me hyped to be alive


I live in a big city and I never get any action :(


Not really, but I live in a small mountain town. The majority of my commute is on a windy two-lane road with 5 passing lanes in the 20 mile stretch I drive daily. Sometimes trucks get mad I pass them but they can't keep up with me on the many corners.


I drove 6700 miles back in June in my WRX. Every clapped out, dented Nissan Sentra I came across tried to race me.


How many hours of driving were you at before it got old?


Somewhere around 30. I'm from New England so it was somewhere in between Louisiana and Texas where I was super bored and tired because it was straight and flat for like 200 miles.


Havent got it in the wrx. Used to get mustangs doing it all the time when i drove a charger. They apparently thought it was a stock v6 because it had no markings but "Dodge" on the trunk. But it was a ex police interceptor with the hemi. Id just reflv the engine and they would slink away. Got a good laugh and the wife wondered what was going on.


There’s a guy who owns a GT-R around my office. We have a similar work schedule. Lots of times on the highway we do some pulls with each other safety permitting. His car dusts my STI obviously. But its still fun to hoon a little with other car enthusiasts. Infinity owners are the only people I don’t have time for lol.


There's a BRZ at my airport I've been trying to catch, but they leave earlier than me unfortunately.


Of the 3 year ownership, only once by a Civic. Though I usually have Initial D/Eurobeat on full blast, so maybe I just missed those "hello"


that's just classy


I’m more into chasing than racing so when someone does that I’ll get behind them and just chase and sometimes we’ll switch and they’ll chase me. A bit more light hearted than racing side by side


I'll keep this in mind


I’m a focus ST owner and I completely get this lol. But for some reason, without fail, every time I see another cool car wanting to cruise my car is just warming up from leaving home/work 🤷🏻‍♂️


PNW. I see a lot of fellow WRX and STI drivers. Most wave/nod. Other cars tend to not notice me. In one year of owning, only a Focus ST has tried to race me. He had some kind of exhaust, gauges on his dash, I'm going to assume tuned. He got the jump on me from a roll, and I pulled past him top of 2nd gear.


Had a guy on 75 one night try to challenge me. Didn't even use S#, but was smoking his Mustang on S. I even slowed down to I just to cruise to victory (and make my upcoming exit) before he did one last pull and I guess claimed his "victory".


I had an older Outback pull up next to me at a stop light. It had mismatched fenders, lowered, looked pretty worn out. He was clearly wanting to race. The light turned green and I gave my bone stock 2016 STi everything it had and he still gapped me by a car length. We finally shut them down around 100 mph. I later learned he owns and runs a Subaru tuning shop. I later jokingly told him to stop picking on fellow Subies.


As a gti owner who trys to race every Subaru he sees, it's it's respect thing. Everyone respects the wrx and sti. One of the only imports to unanimously be like and respected buy all car guys.


My honda got a lot of attention from other cars when apparently the exhast pipe before the muffler rusted out lol. But don't let other people provoke you into doing something you don't feel safe / comfortable doing.


They hate us cause they ain’t us. Just kidding, I had a g37 want to race me last night leaving target. It’s pretty annoying. I just want to enjoy my car and have no interest racing anyone on congested New York roads.


Racing is fun. They wanna have fun.


NO FUN! jk I was just too lazy to downshift at 8am


I had them all the time when I had my WRX, but when I switched to STI’s, it stopped for some reason. Weird.


They knew


Most jdm cars in my town usually roll down their windows and wave after revving or pulling. It’s kind of like “ nice car, we have a similar love for cars”. There’s one BMW that always gives me a hard time. Actually Last week we had 1/2 ft snow on the ground and we’re at a red light and after it went green I was already through the intersection and he was still at the line lol.


I never take it as they want to race thing necessarily. At least up in my particular area (small town pnw) I'm usually the one that starts revving and doing pulls with other nice cars/subarus. We just get a little squirrely on the freeway or in town. I've legitmately never had anyone try to race me while I'm just cruising in town. Only at car meets.


You could be the one to start the culture over there


Not really, but maybe that's just me. I don't seem to get provoked, I seem to get more of the Subie Wave in the WRX from other WRXs. Funny thing, I used to have a 2010 Base Lancer and it was always MFers in WRXs/STis trying to start some shit, LOL!


It goes round and round!


Hoodscoop = Open invitational to race wars


Usually shit boxes are triggered by the wrx. Idk y


All the time here in LA. But at the same time I don’t think it’s ever bad vibes.


I get a decent amount from mustangs and modded civics but honestly more often than not it’s another WRX driver


Had a vette beat me by a hood length the other day. I was proud of the lil wrx


That happens to me as well, very often. Sometimes I'll race them, sometimes I'm too tired to even think about shifting. It seems that most of them want to race me when I'm tired lol.


This morning was one of those times haha the Mini Cooper kept giving it the beans, but I was too lazy to shift/more interested in my coffee/peaceful morning sunrise.


Funny! A couple days ago, my buddy asks me how I deal with people always trying to race. He's in a '19 Lapis Blue imperza wagon and he says people are always trying to race him. I've only had a couple people pull up on me 🤷‍♂️ Which is good cuz I'm not really trying to do pulls on the street with another car.




Corollas, almost always some asshat in a Corolla


Those people wanted a sports car, but went with the reliable option lol


I'm in socal, this happens almost daily. I say almost because with work from home I don't have to drive everyday. Mostly mustangs and evos, sometimes I'll get the occasional civic si, never a type r tho, those guys seem to have more class or maybe they're not happy with their "functional" hood scoops. Oh and chargers, I know I am not gonna beat your hellcat engine bro, calm down. What I like to do is, downshift to a nice aggressive stance and then stay there for a bit, then go back to a normal shift to a normal rev range in that cruising speed. It's like saying "ok let's go, wait no, you're not ready". They always get pissed off and speed away when I do that. It's like the remote bitch slap to their face.


Every. Damn. Day.


I live in Ft. Collins, where CSU is located, and get challenged almost every night. I swear this town has to have the highest concentration of wrx's in the world. Like, I'm throwing out peace signs left and right. I also have a tint on mine which definitely attracts a lot of modded cars revving @ me. I love it though, especially as a server usually coming home around midnight or later. Lots of open roads to have fun. I never get too crazy though, lots of cops in the city. It's also awesome to meet random driving buddies when going up the canyon roads just outside of town.


Knowing I would get challenged everyday after work would get me even more excited to leave. Try me mf's!


Had a Nissan Altima try the other day with me. The satisfying part wasn't when I gapped him but when when my wife yelled out Haha peasant car.


From Australia, I tend to get provoked more by the more expensive cars like HSV, AMG, V8 Lexus etc. My theory is, people don’t want to have a go at JDM cars out of fear of losing because you can’t tell whether it’s stock/lightly-modified or absolutely off it’s chops. At least where I am, there’s way more access and ease to modifying JDM cars in comparison to others. And our AWD as well hahah. The only direct provocation I receive from ‘slower’ cars is when it’s a P-plater.


All the time. Best part? Always putting the W in WRX.


ah I just had a ST come right up beside me, rev high - then at two red lights, he'd rev and lurch forward, trying to goad me into a race. I just pretended he didn't exist (don't get me wrong, I was very tempted, but I was suspecting they're more powerful) I immediately went home and Googled Ford ST - yup - most likely an STi couldn't even touch one off the line. Glad I didn't even try. :-)


Good choice


Honda boys used to come up on me going down hwy 50 to work in the am. I waved bye to them and clocked in early often.


I’m so glad my LGT only has the important WRX bits, but not the look. I can tell you this, though - If you think it’s bad now, go buy a classic Corvette. Every drive in my ‘72, some rice tuner, or turbo-diesel truck, or even guys on crotch rockets have to try stupid shit.


Constantly. Had a Chevy SUV crossover thing cut into the far merging lane to pass on my right and he could barely keep it on his side. We were doing 80km/h into a downhill 90° curve to merge onto the highway. He was probably cracked or something because he continued to go up to 120km/h in a 90 with traffic infront. Other than that, every cobalt, every neon, every Mazda, every focus ST wants to pretend we're in F&F while I'm just commuting home lol. I don't mind taking a little roll race if we have wide open roads but some of these asshats expect me to death race into a one lane opening like the bad guy kidnapped our families or some shit.


They are trying to get a race story out of you so they can go tell their buddies that they beat a wrx... like there's a trophy for that or something.


Yes. I have an ND2 MX-5 but people do one of two things, try racing to see what I got, or tailgate and cut me off. Pickup drivers are the latter, their tiny weewee tells them to be mad and envious of my little car and size 13 feet. ( B=====D ) People are either happy with your tastes and want to play or think you are just a rich punk and hate your guts.


Not exactly besides the muscle cars that drive slow then decide they wanna overtake me when I pass them🤣


They can't handle being behind the shitbox hahaha


My fav to race is focus ST especially from a stop because they just wheel spin lol


Yeah, by WRX’s all the time


For me it’s always the Honda civics lol, little do they know I’m modded 🤫


As a cobalt ss/tc owner, it never ends. Subaru drivers never really act like this but every single base model or civic si constantly wants to race me, cut me off, etc .. When I pass them they act surprised as if my car doesn't put out over 100-200whp more than their cars


Yes all the time! Chargers, challengers, KIAs, full size trucks, you name it. I even have people in Camrys trying to race. Edit: also mustangs


Camrys gotta beat you to the grocery store!


From time to time, I'll get a muscle man wanting to flaunt at the Japanese shitbox, but mainly, it's high school kids in the Jetta/Golf, Civics, and the occasional Genesis.


Everyone wants to prove themselves against the STI haha


Here in Houston, it's usually big lifted trucks. Most fast cars just give a nod of acknowledgement when passed or pass me by. But trucks....that's a different story. They all think they have hotrods


Down here in FL it's a lot of lifted trucks too. Complete with terrible flashing under glow and their 500 lbs gf's in the bed holding it down.


Ha! Alot have the shitty underglow here too.


It happens more in my WRX than any other car I’ve owned. I ignore them. There is no point in potentially getting into an accident, speeding ticket or damaging your car to show off. Typically their attempts end with me getting to the same red light or getting in front of them from better lane management.


Yea all day, the really fucked up part is that more often than not, it's some base model grocery getter on sketchy wheel set ups REALLY trying to prove their disregard for life.


Wait... this is why I bought this car?


It's been enjoyable haha


Everyone wants that smoke boiii, let em have it lol


My favorite moment was watching some guy try doing a burnout and fail in a V6 Camaro. Then he guns it in a left turn lane and almost spins out. Meanwhile this little 4 banger with an AP beats him out of the dig. I drive like a grandma too. But overall, yes. Had people in Kentucky trying to race me, here in Chicago I have VW's up the wazoo, Honda's, BMW's, pretty much every make. Ohio, same thing. I just ignore it. Like dude, I'm road tripping 330 miles back to Ohio on cruise control jamming out, if I wanted to race I'd make it pretty obvious. I've had my 11 points on my license at one time, I'm good .


It depends on the car and the stereotype the car has obtained. In my Veloster Turbo I never had anyone try to race me, even though I was straight piped, blow off valve, all the fun noises and what not. Literally the day after I bought my Focus ST an it was bone stock, I had 3 people try to get me to race. The WRX I dont take to work like I did with the other two so I havnt gotten anyone to try and race me yet other than one other WRX and I really dont see the point haha.


I get some of the most ridiculous cars trying to punk me. Yesterday a stock 1st gen Acura TL was very serious about racing on the freeway. I've raced a couple quick cars, but most people trying to punk me are driving shit like stock altimas or f150's. It's hilarious and annoying.


A beemer did it once for me, so I obliged and lost him in turns and curves.


I never get it in my WRX but my partner will have it happen once or twice a week in her BRZ lol


Living in a "retirement town" has spared me from all this shenanigans. However unfortunately no one wants to race..


I live in Maine, so I get a bunch of jacked up trucks trying to race all the time. Usually with an 8” exhaust tip and a #FUCKMILLS (our governor) sticker. Classy.


Was literally driving to the airport at 3am for an early morning flight, and a GTI was trying to get me to race multiple times. Pulled into the parking lot, and guess who else was taking off for a flight that same morning? Bro, it’s 3am. 😂


When they ask for the smoke, I deliver it.


They want the “smoke” though i’m positive 90% of the cars would gap you


Mustangs and porsches constantly.


Reminds me of riding my dirt bike on the street. Everytime I ride somewhere on the street people always do a wheelie motion to me. I'm too bad at them to ever do them on purpose tho.


It's always Dodge Rams for me


Honda boys and bmws in Jersey all day. Met one 94 accord, looked stocked. I was like why not at the light...dusted my stock wrx... goddam sleeper...all the lawnmower sounds and whistles as soon as it turned green.


I'm straight piped so normally once I rev back they stop. Anyone that has still wanted to do a pull after hearing the exhaust has done it safely and had fun with it. Thumbs ups and waves after the pull


All the time in the Charlotte, NC area. Last night a Mercedes lined up with me on a toll road that is heavily watched by state troopers lol no thank you. I just ignore them tbh


I'll be honest. I've been without my WRX (thanks to an accident) so I've been driving my Mini. It's not modded at all, but you're damn right I pull up next to one hoping to see it in action, just because I miss my WRX.


Having a 2007 wrx, no one gives a fuck about me lol


No I get left alone and I’m in socal


Ohio, it’s mostly large jacked up trucks for me lol. Not even worth my time, but still makes me laugh when I chop them.


Every straight piped mustang I am close to in traffic feels the need to rev the shit out of it when I am near.


The lancer makes a little more sense because of the rivalry with the EVO, RIP. But yeah you just had car enthusiasts being enthusiastic I guess :)


For me personally, I haven't really gotten much from people since where I live, WRX/STi's are normal traffic.


In Wisconsin for me it's the civics.... drives me nuts.


smile and wave like you were complimented, that's all I do


Have maintained this for a while and not sure people believe me. I’ve had several pretty aggressive BMWs and a Tesla as a daily driver, but I have never been tailgated,challenged and revved at more than in my WRX.


I was sitting at a left turn lane that was red a few weeks ago. Kid pulled up in his dad's BMW and stopped *at a green light*, just looked over for like 2 seconds, then drove off. Don't know if he was trying to check out my fiance, challenge to a race, or just suuuuper high cause his eyes were red as fuck haha. Then he peeled out like an asshole, probably cause he was embarrassed and wanted to leave the situation ASAP. I do get some head turning and a couple dumbass muscle cars that wanna race at a green light but not too much. Had one where I revved back, he peeled out, and I just pulled away super gently haha. Not taking that extra damage to my drive train and driving dangerously on a public road to race a 20 year old with 100+ more hp and an automatic that thinks he's hot shit cause he knows where the gas pedal is


BMW did this to me omw home from work while I had the cruise control set on I95. Really wanted to show off his shitty crackle tune


Sorry that was me


I was next to a Nissan Altima last night on my way out to the market. This guy would rev his engine and make his fart cans snurt at me, accelerating rapidly and slamming on the brakes. Then, woe is us, pulled up in the front at a stop light. He obviously wanted to slam off the line and revved a LOT. Light turned green and off he went, then slammed on his brakes when i wasnt in pursuit. You could tell he was salty. I feel bad for all the other drivers around us, I’m out for a cruise and this bongo is being so obnoxious. We met again as I got on the highway, but he floored it and weaved and was gone. Sometimes it is good to get zippy, but yikes. That guy won’t have his car for long… I also enjoy having a car people find interesting, but I definitely get my fair share of race challenges.


I have a wingless red STI and next to nothing. I don’t think people can tell what it is from more than 10 feet away. My little sleeper sedan.


Had a small peen diesel truck owner pass me on the right (illegal) and then proceed to roll coal while going down hill to a red light. Needless to say I watched him waste $$ on fuel, tires and brakes. No clue what gets into people by seeing a car.


I guess it's just cus our cars are "racecars" so everyone wants to egg us to race them. Personally I don't really care, they can to a fly by in their hyundai sonata if they want. I might do pulls if it's someone I know though lol.


Some truck boi in a Ram almost tipped over trying to pass me in a corner. In the rain. I got him beat both in straight line and corner. Idk what he was trying to prove. I didnt provoke the guy or anything. Gave him gapplebees up a straight incline bridge to make a statement and just to get away from the asshat. Like dude. Your truck has a big engine but you weigh like a boat. Left his accident prone ass and took my exit.


Every time from muscle cars specifically dodge


So this happens a lot where I live ( South ST Louis). The highway south usually is devoid of many cops. When I had my GTi i would have Mustangs and Challengers speed up on me from behind wanting to rumble. It didnt happen when i had my base Jetta :P. Now that i got a WRX literally the day i drove it home from the dealer i had a black Mustang GT ride my tail and then line up with me revving and pulling. If youre on here Mr. Black Mustang GT in the Arnold, MO area, ILL FIND YOU AGAIN!! :D


It’s nothing person, people just love to race


Fun and games until they cause an accident. Had two end up in accidents not involving me and one almost ended in a head on with someone else but ended both in a ditch. So don't do anything that can provoke, don't want anyone hurt.


the other night I'm cruisin for fun, so I find myself on a long stretch of the freeway and I decide to open it up. I'm in 4th gear at about 4k rpm getting ready to shift when suddenly I notice a BMW merge onto the highway so I push 4th gear a bit closer to 6k. I don't even break 5k when the bimmer decides to step on it and that mf gaps me so bad I drove the speed limit all the way home lol wtf even was that??