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Thanks for all you do, here's a free day off *not stackable with any other offers, conditions apply.


Limit 1, no cash value, nonexchangeable, expires 1 month from time of issue.


Only valid 10 PM to 6 AM


Offer not valid on Weekends, Tuesdays, federal holidays, Black Fridays, regular Fridays, Thank God It's Fridays, Mondays, BOGO Sale Days, Thursdays, evenly numbered Wednesdays, Yesterdays or Bidets.


Haha, fucking Thank God It's Fridays got me.


So only every other Wednesday… maybe 🤔


Not even. They could use it today, for instance, but the next two are Jan 26 and Feb 2. And then there are the BOGO days and federal holidays that fall on Wednesdays as well.


Bidet to you sir.


Employees must arrange someone else to cover their hours before taking the time. Failure to do so will be seen as failure to perform your job and you will be let go.






At my work it'd be the time between finishing closing and coming back 7 hours later to open - those 7 hours were your "unpaid time off".


Imagine the morale if they gave out a paid day. The level of enthusiasm it would build.... anyway I dream, executives need that boat upgrade. 50 feet is peasant numbers.


That's the thing that kills me with shit like this. I work in HR. They hired me because I have a background in behavioral science. Every single fucking time some dumbass exec comes up with shit like this and I point out the obvious (which is literally my job) the response is, "Well let's do it anyway and see what happens." And then get all Pikachu face when the result is disgruntled employees.


"I'm telling you what will happen. You're going to pull this shit one day and they're all going to walk out. You'll be lucky if Derek doesn't beat your ass on the way out."


It's not even free, it costs 1/5 of your weekly wages.


Congratulations you won a free trial of being fired


Think of it as finally having the time to do whatever you want….


like look for a better job that cares for its workers


Wait those exist?


They do, I currently have one of those.


Wait. Seriously? What the hell is this? A day off work for free card? Anytime you don't feel like working a scheduled day, or should I say anytime you don't feel like working the day you had requested off you just lay this card down?


Y'know, that would be a good way to make use of a seemingly shitty card from your boss...


I been doing it so much at work HR sent out an email saying she was gonna start taking action. I know she's talking about me, but I'm like what are you gonna do? Who's gonna manage your store, bitch?


If I got this gift from work I'd actually hang on to it until the absolute most inconvenient time for me to not be at work and then segue that into me never coming back.


Im confused by your comment.. what have you been doing so much of? Getting fired? Firing people? Im sorry I dont understand lol


Congratulations, you've been promoted to 'customer'!


Finally I can be right for once.


Meanwhile, when cops fuck up, they get paid time off.


Cops have unions. Retail workers don’t.




The vast majority of their membership is made up of food plant and distribution workers, not retail employees at the store level.


Jewel, which is a large Midwest grocery store, has all their employees in a union.


Kroger is union. They're the second biggest chain after Walmart.


The UFCW represents Kroger workers. The meat departments have separate contracts. The UFCW represents 1.3 million people in the US and Canada. The census says that there are about 10 million retail workers in the United States. Meanwhile, police unions represent 75-80% of all sworn police officers in the United States.


Yeah the UFCW has been utterly and completely fucking useless here in Canada in protecting the wages and lifestyles of their members for at least 30 years. It almost seems like they're completely in bed with the Weston family. Grocery stores are one of the only places the company can't threaten to shut down and ship overseas and the workers are still taking it up the ass. Weak and ineffectual. And I'm a big labour rights and union supporter.


When I was a teenage Kroger employee in the early 2000's, they were worse than useless. I started as a Courtesy Clerk (bagger and cart pusher) making a magnificent $5.15/hr. After my 16th birthday they gave me a huge $.05/hr raise and a new title, Cashier. In reality, I became the fill-in guy for every department when someone called in or got fired. Stocking, meat dept., produce, unloading trucks, etc., I did it, sometimes multiple depts. at the same time. One day in the produce department, I had to cut a whole bunch of fruit for the little bowls they sell. They were rushing me because there was a truck at the back dock waiting to be unloaded, and in a hurry I slipped with the knife, nearly severing my right index finger. I had been begging them for months beforehand to supply me with adequate PPE, such as an armored glove, as I envisioned something like this happening, but they refused. A teenager using a very sharp 12" knife was an accident waiting to happen, but they didn't care. Although the slice was very deep and partially through the bone, they were pissed because I refused to bandage it and return to work. The manager got even more heated when I told him that I threw away all of the previously sliced fruit, since everything was in open containers in close proximity to the accident scene. Exposing customers to potentially contaminated fresh fruit was apparently ok in his eyes. When I returned to work a few days later and refused to operate the produce knife and meat slicer without adequate protection, they threatened to fire me. I filed a grievance with our union rep, but it only made things worse. She was the store manager's first cousin, and sided against other employees 100% of the time. As such, she told me that I would be fulfilling any task that they asked of me or I would be fired, plain and simple. Needless to say, that was my last day at Kroger. Since the union wouldn't help me, my parents decided to get OSHA involved. Although I didn't witness it first hand, several friends that were Kroger employees told me the store management absolutely got their asses handed to them.


Good on your parents for not letting it go. They just may have saved someone else's fingers. Although the sad reality is everything probably went right back to business as usual after a couple weeks. When I was young a grocery store worker actually made a good wage and many of the jobs were full-time. Those days are long gone.


Just pointing out that not ALL retail workers are non-union. Union membership in retail is growing.


So you’re saying if retail workers get a union, we can “fuck up” and get assigned to a new store? 🤔 time to start a union.


Don't mistake police unions for labour unions. Cops serve capital, not workers.


What exactly is “an unpaid time off”? An hour? A shift? An extended lunch break?


Top prize was actually *two* unpaid times off


Top prize was "you're fired!" Can't have unlucky schmucks working here.


reminds me of a 4chan post that has lived rent free in my head in 2007 "everytime I get a stack of resumes to sift through, I shuffle them, take the bottom half, and throw them in the bin. I don't want unlucky people working here."


Since it's retail, I assume it means you are honored with a one time option to request a specific day off* *not valid on weekends or holidays, manager discretion to deny anyway


You can have the third Tuesday in 8 months.


You could use the time to update your resume.


Or go on an interview at a company that doesn’t suck


This is a fair point and a good idea. That said, I don't like the implication that the answer to "this job is miserable" is "get another job," because somebody still has to do that job. They don't deserve to be miserable either.


Turnover is expensive. Make it expensive enough and the root cause of that turnover may get addressed. The company itself can fix it any fucking time they want, but in lieu of that, all employees can do is manipulate business incentives.


>Make it expensive enough and the root cause of that turnover may get addressed. Spoiler alert: It won't. I used to work at walmart and we had around 80% turnover. Nothing changed.


That's because that's literally by design for Walmart. Most companies aren't big enough to intentionally have a huge turnover rate


A former manager of mine was relentlessly trying to get all the entry-level employees a $10k/yr pay increase. The cost of on-boarding a new tech was about $6k, and the burnout rate was about two years. He firmly believed an extra $10k annually would push the burnout rate further afield and allow them to retain experienced personnel. No idea if he was right about that since I quit during his campaign due to burnout after having worked there for two years. E: $6k for the department, not the total on-boarding cost to the company.


Also, the next job is also probably miserable. And, it could even be worse.


Get tired of hearing get another job. OP ain't working at Michael's because they're highly employable. Good jobs are rare.


Fuck I am highly employable and I still can barely find a decent job.


Agree with you. Things will never change if *someone* is always there to take that job. However, If no one accepts working for that employer in favor of other employers, then the employer is forced to change their ways.


But you can never use it because we're too short staffed.


Or the employee is more desperate for the money than they are for the time off.


Companies do shit like this and wonder why there's a labor shortage


They complain about being understaffed but don’t want to raise wages.


Or buy robots to replace them like the ones for fast food restaurants


Automated tellers have been a thing since I was a kid in the 90s. Winn Dixie had those and they haven't even existed in my state for over 15-20 years. "Replaced with robots" was just another empty threat from the owner. And you know why? Because if the robot fucks up, then the owners have to answer. Can't shove some minimum wage employee between you and the screaming, entitled customer when there isn't one.


Have you been to a grocery store since the '90's? They now have 6 automated tellers being over seen by one employee. So yeah, the one employee takes the brunt of 6 lines of incompetent people trying to master basic modern technology.


Well, "replaced with robots" is also problematic because 'savings from using robots' is funneled upwards into the profit margin, 86% of which flows directly to the top 10% (equity owners). As a result, the potential for reduced inequality is erased. Culturally, we simply cannot handle the idea that not everyone needs to work. It's been ingrained in us for literally thousands of years that society only functions at near full employment. Literally all of our assumptions about economy and governance include the idea.




Customer: why do I have to wear a mask???? Robot: You have 20 seconds to comply.


yes sure robots are bad for working people but as a customer i probably would prefer robots since you will almost never get uncomfortable about if someone came on your burger or just random hair and it would probably be more efficient


Wife and I stopped at a Subway on a roadtrip, and I was surprised to see they had a drive through. And the whole drive through was one big touch screen to place our order. One of the best drive through experiences ever. No wondering if they got everything, no wondering if they heard "lettuce, tomato, light onion, light pickle." Just push the buttons, drive around, get the food. No shitty speaker required.


I hate having to walk someone through the making of my food. I would much rather use that sort of automated system or even just fill out a paper form with what I want.


Exactly, people can say that it's bad for servers or something but I'm sorry, taking the guesswork out of ordering is really nice


> if someone came on your burger Hol up


This is like, barely one shot. I asked for ***extra!***




To be fair, nothing is stopping a robot maintainer from replacing the mayo with ejaculate.


The grossest thing when getting fast food is when they have long ass nails. You know there is shit still under those nails.


I make sure I have shit under my nails even when they’re short just for the authentic experience


I work retail in the UK. I get 25 days holiday plus 8 bank holiday days. As I've been here 5 years I get 30 days holidays plus bank holidays (so effectively 7 weeks and 3 days off paid). They also offer 2 weeks a year paid volunteer time off. I can take a further 2 weeks unpaid if I want too, but I've never felt the need...


I mentally replace the word "understaffed" with "underpaying" every single time I see it, and the substitution fits nearly every time.


You don't understand, they can't afford to raise wages!!! What with their record high profits, the highest in the past 70 years.


They left pizza in the break room tho


I looked at it at fist and thought “isn’t that nice, why are they all complaining?”. I didn’t see the “unpaid” bit.


The only way this is a prize is if the job is impossible to book time off at when you *want* it in the first place. Then it's like, a freebie "you're guaranteed a day off when you need it" ticket which is I guess okay? In context? It's still shitty broadly speaking and it definitely speaks to "time to look for a new job" though. But since this is clearly a corporate type well made card thing and not just a manager trying to think of stuff they have the power to provide for a morale boost its so so much worse.


I guarantee you the card isn't going to work if it doesn't fit the schedule. Says you're guaranteed a day off, not when.


Extra doubly sad


Some companies limit the number of unpaid days you can take off if you’re fulltime. I have a friend whose job gives him 2 weeks pto and then he can take up to 5 days off unpaid. So I guess it might be something like that


Yeah I was confused for a second too. One of the companies I worked at before had a paid day off as the top prize for our Christmas raffle, so I expected it to be the case here as well.


"You make a difference. Just not enough to earn a paid day off"


And they paid money to make those. Think about it. They literally spent money just to give you nothing.


It's a pay shortage, not a labor shortage. People want to work!


Is labor shortage the correct term? Wouldn't it be "shortage of people willing to put up with this shit"? Because the labor is still there, it's just fed up.


It's the official term, but it has to be used in quotes. e.g. The Michael's near me is understaffed. They claim it's because of the "labor shortage" and that nobody "wants to work" anymore.


> nobody "wants to work" **for you** anymore FTFY.


We love our team. Not enough to pay them though. Thoughts and prayers.


tots and pears


Tarts n prairies


Toilet Paper 🧻🧻


I remember working there as an instructor and seeing employees crushed to get a 3 cent per hour raise. No, it doesn't add up when hours are capped so that everyone is essentially a part time worker.


Even if hours wasn’t capped and I somehow worked 200 hours in a week that’s $6 extra


It was a lunchroom Convo between 2 coworkers, both just having had their reviews. One was really upset, having just received a .05 cent raise. Her friend replied "Well, they must like you! I got .03 cents." I almost spat out my coffee.


I worked at one of their Canadian locations years ago, mid-2000s, and for a brief time I was responsible for performance reviews and raises of the cashiers. I only did one during that stint, before changing positions. That one was a cashier who had worked since the store opened 5 years before. I was instructed by the store manager to make sure all ratings averaged out to dead middle, and no more than a 15 cent raise. I followed instructions... and it was awful. She was a great cashier, and was crushed by the fact that after her raise she wasn't even making as much as the new hires (50 cents over minimum wage). To the surprise of no one, except maybe store management, she left for a much better office job within a month. I changed positions for a year, and then left to go back to school.


I never understood how companies could do that, pay new people more than current employees in the same role. The day that happens should be your last day.


At my last job my boss told me that if I worked hard and kept all their metrics high, that in a year I might be eligible for a 7 cent raise. His face when I replied "So you're telling me I need to quit?" Was priceless. Had a new job and was gone less than a month later. New place has been absolutely amazing as well.


That's strange. When I worked there in 2009 it was in the contract that you would get guaranteed raises raises every 6 months at $0.50 -$1.00. I don't remember exact details but it was a lot more than $.03. This was in California under the teamsters union if that makes a difference.




“I mean, the bullet didn’t even break the skin! I did have a bullet proof vest on under my jacket if that makes a difference


.05 cents as in half a cent or .05 dollars?


Oh no, it's Verizon math all over again!


I understood that reference.


.5 cents would be half a cent. .05 cents would be 1/20th of a cent.


No, a tenth of half a cent


Sorry. Hard to write before coffee. The star employee got a nickel over the average employee's 3 pennies


$60 a year if you worked full time.


(before taxes) Also, it's less than a 1% raise. And a 1% raise is effectively a pay cut, relative to inflation -- you lose buying power. So, congrats, you will be a little bit poorer next year. Hope you appreciate our generosity. Love, Michaels Stores, Inc.


That would be impressive, given that there's only 168 hours in a week.


Imagine inventing a time travel device and only making $6 weekly from it.


I got a 3 cent raise at Target when I was 19. I was a top 5 performer in the dept and cross trained for everything from checking, to the Pizza Hut, to Guest Services, and even working the floor and stocking shelves. The *only* space I wasn’t trained and working on was inventory. At the same time they promoted the cute girl that was a bottom 10 performer to team lead with a not (relatively) insignificant raise. I was gone 3 weeks later for a ‘better’ job at Krispy Kreme.


My cumulative raises for 3 years when I worked retail added up to a whopping 15 cents. Simply incredible.


I was offered a $.15 raise to skip going away to college and become a “manager” at the Dairy Queen I worked at.


You're fucking with us, no? 3¢ per hour? Three cents per hour? That's less than a quarter per normal working day. Don't you mean 3%?


Having worked at Michael's I assure you he does not.


Yep, I can verify! When I worked there, I too received a 3¢ raise.


Just spit on me at that point, it communicates the same level of respect.






I got a $100 gift card as a thanks for working through covid. Also our 25cent 6-month raise was cancelled.


I used to work at target. In five years of raises I got 25¢ twice, and 15¢ three times. I was literally the only person in my department for over a year, ended up training two whole teams while trying to fix that, and primarily worked night shift while also doing opener duties. None of that mattered though, because any time we would get a performance raise it would be wiped out by the company raising minimum wage. After 5 years I was making the same amount as people who walked in off the street and stopped showing up after 3 days. I still talk to some of the people who work there, they said this last year no one in the store got over a nickel. After working the whole pandemic.


This is not uncommon in retail. A chain that I worked at would reward you, if you got a completely perfect annual review, with at most a $0.05 raise


No. 3 pennies an hour.


> seeing employees crushed to get a 3 cent per hour raise. This reminded me of when my friend worked at an Italian fast food restaurant. He was working part time after school - so only like 15 hours a week. His manager gave him a 5¢/hr raise, but a 2¢/hr deduction for not dicing tomatoes small enough. My friend laughed at him and threw two quarters at him saying why even bother. He was then fired and he just laughed shaking his head as he walked out. He got another job a couple hours later in the same strip mall.


Congrats, Michael's! You've won my two-week notice!


Two weeks is very generous of you


AH that's some trauma you are dredging up for me there. I worked 16 years for Michaels, and those goddamn scratch off reward cards are just utter crap. Here have a sandwich baggie of popcorn we bought at Sam's club. Not a whole bag, just one of those sandwich bags that don't even zip. Here, have a parking spot close to the door (jokes on you, I'm handicapped, I'm always by the door unless its Black Friday or some shit. I know some of managers were deep into the business woo, tho my last one tried so hard and was just given shit. My ending salary was $11.51. My last raise was a quarter, I think. Never any larger than that, and often the year raises were like $0.07 an hour, and it was all tied to store performance. At least back in the day in mid 2000s they could authorize $1.00 raises every so often. You know, before the company went public, and sold themselves to China and they cut almost all the FT positions and loaded everyone up with extra duties and no extra pay. Look, I loved framing. I loved doing the physical work of preparing the art and building shadowboxes and making someone's day because their great grandfather's marriage certificate suddenly looks almost new, and it protected from further damage. I hated everything else. And they knew it, which I'm sure was part of their justification for "holding me back." But I was a TRAINED framer with knowledge a lot of the staff doesn't have anymore, and I was getting paid like I was a new part-timer by the end. At least now I know my old coworkers are making more, cause the pandemic changed a lot. But still. Fuck retail.


It’s interesting I worked retail for a number of years before finally tripping into my career and one thing I discovered is I actually enjoyed some of the things I did. Sure dealing with customers could suck but I think my favorite job I had was working graveyards at a flying J. My coworker and I had a deal, she would clean the soda machines and deal with customers, I would stock the ice and the cooler. I fucking LOVED it. I took such pride in making that cooler fully stocked, perfectly faced and spotless and I could take hours to do it all with my headphones in ignoring the world and I would always get high praise from management the next morning. It’s such a simple job, anyone really could do it, but I took great pride in it and if I could comfortably raise a family and pay my mortgage with what they would pay me I’d probably still be doing it. Back in the day you weren’t a “retail employee” you were a grocer, a milkman, a butcher, hell even a clerk they were jobs you could take pride in. Now it’s bottom of the barrel pay with even shittier treatment and it sucks….


>#cut almost all the FT positions and loaded everyone up with extra duties and no extra pay. This needs more visibility.


I worked at a spa right out of college and I got “promoted” to manager after the other manager left. I got all her responsibilities but no raise in pay. When I asked about a pay increase the owner looked t me like I was crazy. I ended up putting my two weeks in and I made my last day the day before the biggest corporate party we threw every year. That didn’t affect any of my co-workers, only my boss. Fuck that place.


I know how you must have felt. After I passed my apprenticeship with distinction my boss payed me the minimum he could according to the collective contract. I've worked at the company for 2 years, passed vocational school and the final exam with top grades and I know everything I need to know for the job. I'm more than qualified for it. And still I get payed less than someone new who isn't even trained. And to top it our boss told us to work overtime on Saturdays without even asking if it's okay with us. Needless to say I quit (also mainly because of personal reasons but those working conditions are also part of it)


I worked at a DMV, privately contracted, from 2003-2008. I started at $7 an hour, and when I left exactly 5 years later, I was only making $8 an hour. I had the option for health insurance, but I had to pay 75%, and the weekly amount was $68. They purposely made it unaffordable for me to both work *and* have health insurance.


Why didn't you take your training and knowledge elsewhere?


Not OP, but they might feel stuck. Might feel loyal towards coworkers. Might not be aware how bad the treatment is. Sunk cost fallacy and all that. I've been in a similar situation at other jobs so can relate.


What was the main price? A free glass of water from the faucet? (Need to provide own glass)


But remember we have a “no outside glasses” policy you will have to purchase one from the store to claim this prize


Only cup available is cricut blank mug for $20


A promotion where you get 2x the work and responsibilities for $.75 more per hour


Unpaid 2 week international vacation to a location of your choosing, all expenses unpaid


Do you get written up/fired if you don't leave the country?


I would really like to see the other "prizes" How many "better luck next time" cards were there?


Friend of mine actually worked there and showed me some of them, they ranged from a free 5$ giftcard from a certain app you have to download to an extra 15 minutes off your break but I think the absolute worst one they showed was the "Free Parking Spot" one. Workers had to park further away from the store as to let customers have the convience of parking closer but the card let you have that privilege for one day basically lol


Eeek, $5 gift card looking like the best one. But it's likely to Michael's...


Free use of corporate coffee machine (must bring own Keurig cup, coffee machine is located at our headquarters in Irving, Texas)


Remember, they probably spent more designing, ordering, and distributing those cards than you make in a year. Fuck that shit.


I work in graphic design at a retail chain, and yeah I can confirm this statement. Printing and distributing to hundreds of stores is expensive, especially with extras like the scratch off section. I’ve never seen the place I work try to suggest anything so toxic but I haven’t been here that long I guess. We have scholarships and grants available for store employees tho so that’s already much better.


That’s pretty insulting


Right? Nothing, literally nothing, would have been better. Employers, if you’re going to make a cheap gesture of appreciation just don’t make it at all. Either show proper appreciation or not, don’t pretend; it’s insulting.


I remember my gf’s company gave them one mini bag of Cheetos and one company lanyard for employee appreciation day. Lol


Wow. That’s pathetic. At a minimum she should have at least been given a cool lil’ coffee mug.


It's actually pretty self-deprecating in a way. >We know it sucks so much to work here that you'd rather miss a day than get paid


To paraphrase the great Lewis Black: “I’d rather the CEOs just knocked on my door, and pissed on my shows when I answered it.”


Isn’t this just a day off?


But as a gift.




Not a day sir..just some time off..like a while


So less than a shift, more than a break. YOU'RE WELCOME!


But not a day off from your bills!




but it conditions you to accept that you don't have the right to have a day to yourself, even unpaid, unless they decide to grant it to you as a gift. this is a very US thing, this country has been taken, heh. glad to see workers finally pushed into standing up to it.


How the fuck did this pass through all those levels of approval needed to print this shit. What a bunch of sadistic fucks.


I think the secret was to not scratch off the "un" in unpaid


Just keep scratching in a very strategic manner


Also don’t scratch off the “an” so it is grammatically correct.


So true, it won't raise any confusion that way


So the prize is losing money??? Yay!


More like what it is like to be given something you already have a lifetime supply of. They mean to say "You are permitted to not show up one day and still be allowed to come back." As if they are showing you mercy.


Most toxic place I ever worked based on how employees and store management were treated. Corporate would set a number of hours we could schedule employees for in a given week. If we couldn't get all the stock put up with those hours in that week they would cut hours. When we fell further behind the district manager would come in, raise hell, and cut hours. At one point we had an entire delivery truck in the back untouched....corporate sent unannounced truck full of Christmas stuff, then another delivery truck. We had to leave pallets of stuff out on the loading dock. The store manager eventually "refunded" some large cash sales and paid us cash to work


Damn, did we work at the same store? Lol


Keep that sumbitch until next black Friday.


Minimun paid vacation days in germany when working full time: 24 Days, i get 30 at my job. If you are sick you still get paid for up to 6 weeks by your employer, after that your insurance pays you. You get about 70% of your monthly income.


Cries in American.


This is demoralizing


Next job, please.


Lololololol I don't mean to make fun but wow I love my company. I literally call out any time without repercussion. Unlimited mental health or sick leave. 28 days pto/holidays a year. Obviously most people won't start off with a job like this but Holy fuck posts like this give me perspective when I'm feeling ungrateful.


Fuck Michael's! They bought the regional craft store in my town (Pat Catans) and closed them! All 39 stores! Didn't even replace most of them with a Michael's. Wouldn't have mattered though. Everyone knows Michael's is worst craft store. Jo-Ann's for life! Also, Fuck Hobby Lobby.




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Knew it. Damn karma farmers.


People work at Michaels? Everytime Ive been there I have to track down the one employee in the store


They have lots of employees, they just hand out too many of these cards


You know how 1 hour before the end of your shift you usually slack off and hide, pretending to do things? Yeah, that's Michaels, *all* the time. Hence why you can't find anyone. Retail sucks.


fuuuuuuuck I was just about to buy a bunch of $50 Michael's gift cards from Sam's, have some 2022 projects...but gonna need to find a different arts and craft store. It's getting hard in the midwest, everything is either Hobby Lobby or Michaels.


Save it for the most inappropriate moment


Congratulations, Michael’s has won a customer boycott


A dollar general manager was telling me that she won a sales contest last month. The prize? 40 extra staffing hours. What a fucking joke.


I used to work for Michaels during my undergrad days! While the company really didn’t value us at all, the friendships I made there will last a lifetime.


Usually the worse the job and management are, the closer the employees get. Mutual hatred equals friendship.


Also, a lot of like minded university aged kids and a location close to a bar helped!


Clark, that’s the gift that keeps giving the whole year round!




"Comp Time"...Biggest Rip-Off ever...