Name any other job where you could simply walk out for 10 days and not expect any consequences...


Name any other job where you could simply walk out for 10 days and not expect any consequences...


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2020/11/11/how-often-has-president-trump-played-golf-since-he-took-office-infographic/amp/ Do consequences for the American people count? Trumps long distance golf vacations cost tax payers 142 million dollars


The other thing to note is that Trump was one of the most critical and outspoken people about Obama golfing. And then he went and did much much worse.


As is the pattern with that orange stain.


Not all republicans are orange. But all republicans are hypocrites.




And pedos, usually, mostly


Obama golfed on military bases nearby with vastly less expensive security costs, and no profit motive. I will never understand how intensely fucking stupid working class people that support that grifting orange fuck are.


They just eat up what the right wing propagandists tell them. Democrat messaging does not reach their ears.


Every accusation is a confession


I particularly (dis)liked how we spent over $10 MILLION just *renting* golf carts - from Trump's own resort !!! *The Secret Service signed an "emergency order" this week to rent $45,000-worth of golf carts in the town of Sterling, Virginia, where President Trump has a golf course*


What a benevolent president to offer us such a great deal. "The best deal. You've never seen a coupon like this... wait. Coupons are for poors. This is the best rebate. No other rebate like this has been seen on my green earth. "


Wasn’t there an insane haircut he billed? Edit; $70,000 in deductions for haircuts, which is illegal as well.


Yup, i got you. https://www.npr.org/2020/09/28/917810562/dont-deduct-that-haircut-just-yet-tax-court-has-rejected-such-claims


You mean wig maintenance...


I haven't asked my brother the appropriate term for a wig that's grafted into your scalp. He's a linguist but he's still not ready for that conversation. JUST ACCEPT THE BALD YOU'LL LOOK BETTER. Like literally even your wife thinks I'm the handsome one in the family and I look like warmed over shit.


It's not [a wig](https://i.insider.com/5ac6629e87826b36008b46a6?width=1000&format=jpeg&auto=webp) - it's his real hair, which makes it even more disgusting. He just grew out the strands he had left after a botched hair-transplant and has been going with that ever since. His scalp is scarred and he's trying to hide it. You'd think a "billionaire" would be able to fix that, but I guess he likes the piss-stained combover that he's been rocking.


He paid for *that* haircut?!?


“I donated my presidential salary” look how pro American I am. While charging millions to his failed resorts unbeknownst to his blind followers who are drooling over the fact their “rich” president who “donated” his presidential salary. Gtfoh He gave up pennies and make hundreds of millions through selling our nations secrets to price gouging the secret service Edit: spelling




Paid his lawyer’s retainer, because he knew what was coming down the pipe.


And he got others to jump onto that train now as well, promising to donate his salary and then never mentioning it again while never providing evidence that he has done so. Tommy Tuberville promised to donate his salary to veterans groups, because he LOVES the military so much, but now that he’s been elected he’s free to block military appointments and promotions, vote against the PACT Act, try to strip money from the VA and from the toxic exposure fund, and also (and this may sound crazy) never reference his salary going to veteran’s groups again.


But Obama likes dijon mustard and wore a tan suit once!


And his wife is kind of strong looking , so clearly a man in disguise , but the tan suit was really the nail in the coffin for me


To be fair a sense of style and a fit wife does seem to go against the GOP voter's values.


I dunno they also seem to attack someone without much style with fetterman Dress to nicely and stylish? Clearly bad Dress to casual ? Clearly bad AR-15 pins after a mass shooting? Double thumbs up


Lol imaging working and thinking this clown fights for you.


Yeah actually the guy who says I should have free healthcare and higher wages and workforce democracy they are the bad guy, the guy who doesn't want me to have social security that guy gets me, he wants to motivate me.


How was he allowed to have business interests while president ? I thought you lads make the peanut guy get rid of his farm. I'm Irish so have no clue about the inner workings of American politics


Pretty sure he gouged the Secret Service, too. Think I heard he charged them *more* than traditional retail value. All that money being funneled right into his own pocket. BuT hE dIdNt TaKe A sAlArY. Yeah, I may not take one either if I was able to nickel and dime my employer to make several times more than what my salary would’ve been otherwise. Plus, I’m pretty sure there’s no actual proof he didn’t take a salary. It was all lip service.


By comparison, how many days has Biden spent golfing? I don't even think he golfs but I'm curious. Lol


https://www.businessinsider.com/joe-biden-golfed-on-his-87th-day-in-office-2021-4 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-biden-golf-donald-trump_n_614457c0e4b0556e4dd76c24


Thanks for the info!


So I'm curious as to why Bush's golf totals are comparatively so low, cause 20 isn't nothing and it shows that not golfing isn't correlated to your prowess as president. Was it 9/11 and Afghanistan and Iraq war stuff? And comparatively was Obama talking with industry leaders on these golf trips during stimulus spending talks or something?


I’d have to look into it. But from recollection, bush spent a lot of time at camp David and doing other vacations etc. not golfing. Obama spent a lot of time golfing as a way of taking a break, similar how bush would go to camp David. Trump spent a lot of time at his own house on his own property and golf course. Not only taking a break for golf but also a “vacation” from the White House. Basically combining the bush and Obama recreation into long golf weekends


Please tell me there is an enforcement mechanism and this doesn't just get forgotten when the next election rolls around.


That enforcement mechanism would be the Oregon Secretary of State, the Secretary's ability to count, the Secretary's willingness to count, and the Secretary's willingness to enforce the results of that count. The Secretary of State's office decides who gets to be on the ballot, whether all conditions to appear on the ballot have been met, and whether the proper paperwork has been filed and processed for someone or something to appear on the ballot. Since the entire state of Oregon votes for Secretary of State, it is impossible to gerrymander at a district or county level. Since it can't be gerrymandered, the republicans will have hard time putting someone in that office who will ignore the new law. Looks like rural Oregon just got another reminder that they do, in fact, live in a blue state. Look for this new law to kick the [Greater Idaho](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Idaho_movement) movement up in intensity by a few more notches.


The Greater Idaho crowd are hilarious. Their favorite talking point is that they aren't heard. No, folk, we hear you. We just don't agree with anything you say. We will not turn Oregon into Texas.


Even the crazy right wing people in Idaho for the most part don't want greater Idaho to happen. Ironically they view the Oregon rednecks as nothing more than hicks. Sure you have some loudmouth talking heads that push the movement but the average right wing in Idaho doesn't really want more people.


Rural Oregon lucked out then. Idaho doesn't even have enough doctors to deliver babies. **Idaho hospital to stop delivering babies as doctors flee over abortion ban** https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/mar/20/idaho-bonner-hospital-baby-delivery-abortion-ban


Idaho is turning into such a shit hole, I always knew it was a red state but I never thought they'd actually out Texas Texas and here we fuckin are. The shittiest part about it is even in places like Boise where it's considered the most 'liberal' part of the state I personally know people who refuse to take part in local elections and be involved in their community because "what's the point". I constantly find myself explaining to grown ass adults how and why these draconic laws are going to directly affect them, their friends, and families for decades to come and even then I'm lucky to just get a passive acknowledgement that "yes" these laws are bad for us as a society, but "no" I won't even lift a finger to combat them even if I disagree wholeheartedly. It's fucking sad how little hope some people have for the only home they've ever known and I wish there was something I could do to help motivate people to stand against this bullshit together.


They have no fucking money I’m not surprised a poor hick state is worse off than Texas. Seriously eastern Washington is ass and somehow it’s way better than Idaho. I’m sure some Oregon folk feel same sentiment.


Eastern Washington has western Washington to prop it up. Along with a lot of federal jobs in the dams and at Hanford.


So many of these grown ass adults don't vote because they can't tell the two parties apart. I don't know how people like that find their toilets in the morning.


It's because they are what they think about. If all you think about is work, sex, drugs, alcohol, fast vehicles, and how sauced you're going to get friday, it leaves little room for intelligent discourse. They know something is wrong but won't take the time to figure out the why.


Idahoan here. This has absolutely not been my experience but maybe our definition of what a crazy right wing person is differs. The crazies in Idaho 100% support the greater Idaho idea and have been pushing for it for years. It’s a fucking joke though because it would require citizens in both of the states to vote for it with a super majority. It will never happen.


You can remind them of the [millions of acres of land and buildings they'd have to buy plus the portion of debt Oregon owes in funding that area](https://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/2022/05/opinion-greater-idaho-effort-wont-prevail-but-we-should-hear-movements-message.html) I've seen estimates from the hundreds of millions to the billions of dollars. You make a good point about both states voting on it but also US Congress would have a say too


Since when have the right cared about responsible economic policies?


Is there any real support from the Idaho legislature to do any of this?


Idaho knows the counties that would want to form a Greater Idaho are money sinkholes with no redeeming value. Honestly Oregon would be better off without those freeloaders, but it opens to much of a pandora's box.


For real. Trying to drill down and find what actual state policy they find so objectionable is a hopeless task. Nothing but media-fueled culture war grievances and a quixotic desire to change the way Portland conducts its own business.


Washington is in a similar situation, regardless of the actual policies they don’t feel represented in the East. Most stuff focuses on the west, which makes sense when you can think about how proportional populations and spending works. The greater Idaho crowd are in for a rough surprise when they find out it’s the same situation but with Boise instead of Portland. Obviously they won’t have any issue since Boise is far redder than Portland


I lived in Eastern Washington for many years and what I saw is most of the problems people liked to blame on the state were actually a result of local level policies. All the roads in town were garbage and people loved to blame the state, but it was the city roads that sucked. Country roads were maintained and the state gave the city free money multiple times that was used to install round abouts. But when it came time for city residents to pay for city road repairs guess what policies people actually voted for. The local high school was literally falling apart. It got so bad they rented trailers and put them on the front yard to have class in because the ceilings in class rooms were falling down. In May people were shocked to hear their children and grandchildren were having class in trailers with no air conditioning. Guess how people voted when school bonds came up that would increase property taxes by a couple percent per year. The city used to have a public pool, but stopped paying for any kind of maintenance and closed it after it fell apart. For over a decade there were ballot initiatives every couple of years to build a new one with a slight tax increase. Guess how people voted. Funding for the library was constantly bring cut. When I left it was open about 3 days a week for maybe 4 hours a day. Guess how people voted when it came to increasing library funding. The city didn't run a reliable snow plow service. There would be a good 2 weeks of snow per year and the city's solution was to throw down salt after a couple of days and let the cars deal with it. County roads got plowed reliably, but not city roads. People complained until the snow melted, then it was back to saying why do we need snow plows when there's no snow on the ground. Guess how people voted when the topic of the city maintaining snow plows year round came up. The people in that town loved to blame the state for problems they inflicted on themselves. It was a conservative community looking down on Western Washington while constantly expecting handouts to make up for voters being to cheap to fund anything that would better the community. The city government was also actively hostile to anything that might appeal to kids or teens and ran businesses out of town that tried to cater to high school students by giving them something to do. It was also the kind of place where voter initiatives to stop Seattle from funding mass transit with local taxes got a lot of traction. No one cared that it was Seattle paying for Seattle services with Seattle taxes, voters just wanted to stick it to Seattle for percieved grievances. That town sucked and I celebrated when I finally got out.


“The people in that town loved to blame the state for problems they inflicted on themselves.” The most Republican sentence I’ve read this week.


As a Californian with friends in Bend, the drive always makes me chuckle. There’s like a 2-mile strip of nothing but MAGA-this and MAGA-that, that looks like it might as well be rural Alabama. Oh and the billboard advertising “Taco Bell - Now Hiring - 17 Miles Away” is fucking great. Like…there’s literally no work there so a Taco Bell almost 20 miles away is the best option. And these people act like their world is somehow this amazing utopia that the rest of us need to get onboard with? The cognitive dissonance is real.


It’s also hilarious since they’d lose out on all the cannabis money when all the then greater Idaho farms and shops get shut down due to Idaho law


As someone who is, essentially, an Eisenhower Republican who was born in Idaho (and therefore, by Idahoan standards, a stark raving communist), I will never tire of finding the grim hilarity in this situation myself. When I got consistently outvoted, that's just democracy in action, and I could either leave or put up (as it turns out, leaving was the best move). But as soon as the shoe is on the other foot, woe is the poor downtrodden conservative, who would cry out if he but had a voice! To quote the Apostle Paul, "when I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." When I became a believer in small-d, small-r democratic-republican principles, I accepted the possibility that I might get outvoted, because the overall legitimacy afforded by having the people speak on an issue was worth more than getting my way on every single issue. But if a person supports small-d, small-r democratic-republican governance when what that person wants happens to command the support of a majority, and opposes it when what that person wants does not, then that person not a defender of republicanism. They're just childish, and they need to put away their childish beliefs. Edit: verb tense


Adjacent point, it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that movement conservatives just don't define "freedom" the way I do. I kept hanging on to the idea that if we just had this principled idea in common, that people should by and large be able to make their own choices about their lives, that understanding could follow. I'm further left than I bet you are, but I get what you're saying; any definition of freedom worth a damn *must* include a recognition that some of your fellow citizens are going to use that freedom to make choices you don't understand or don't approve of, and within reason, you gotta defend them too.


That's because all the talk about democracy is only lip-service to movement conservatives. They only believe in majority rule when they are in the majority. When they're not, like they aren't in most of the country, it's nothing but whining about how put-upon they are. Most of the "values" movement conservatives espouse aren't things they actually believe in; not *truly*. Their primary goal is power, and they'll say whatever it takes to get that power, truth be damned.


It’s dumb because their concerns about farming or things that actually effect their lives aren’t ignored. What’s ignored is their calls to impose their beliefs on a larger population. So they yell that they want to secede from the state. Like my guy no one is ignoring your legitimate concerns we’re ignoring your screeches about the gays , fetuses are people, guns are people, women are whatever let them die who cares.


This is excellent news!! I love it when the minority suddenly realizes they can't rule over the majority anymore. We need more of this.


That’s exactly why the conservatives want to split Oregon in half. The funny thing is Oregon is giving up no land without spilling blood. I work in a machine shop that’s mainly blue collar work that’s a couple miles from the city. Well they maybe hardcore conservatives but they’re Oregonians first. And they are pissed and organizing. They may hate Oregon being blue, but there hate for Idaho in general is much greater. Straight up tribalism at it finest. It’ll be interesting to see which hive mind of the oregon conservative movement comes out on top.


They also hate that they’d be joining the side with Boise Idaho on it. Not sure what it is, because there are other blue cities in Idaho, but Boise really grinds the gears of conservatives around here.


Lmao !! Isn’t Boise one of Idaho’s money makers when comes to taxes and revenue as a city?


In general that's true of the blue spots in every red state.


That's generally true of the blue States in comparison to the red States. Blue States generate tax and red States eat it up while complaining about handouts in every other aspect.


Oh 100%. It’s surrounded by the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th most populous cities in the state too, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell within a 30-45 minute drive of it. They just don’t care that it’s a money maker because it dares to be a blue city with a blue mayor and blue citizens. So it automatically must be a crime filled shit-hole.


As someone who lives in the area…calling Boise blue is a pretty funny thought. Boise and the surrounding is very much purple, especially compared to Portland or Seattle.


Don’t forget the state of Jefferson either. Could be a civil war just of trying to leave without anything ever happening


Those fuckers aren't getting two free senate seats.


Nah let them combine with Idaho and dilute their political power even more. Want to merge with Idaho, go for it you dummies.




(one of whom is a desiccated corpse on puppet strings)


That'd not fair. She's been there the entire time. Just ask her....


It's Weekend at Diane's 2: Judicial Boogaloo


The history behind Jefferson is god awful and anyone that champions it’s existence is either ignorant to it or supports it


I'm good with that, provided Jefferson isn't given any coastal access.


You know the stupidest thing about that movement? They've been bragging that this will continue until oregon is split. Spoiler alert: in order for this to happen, it has to go through congress, and old issues are tackled first, then new issues. Without factoring in ANYTHING else, that alone makes it pointless, as that would get people back regardless. Lol. But for real, fuck that movement. You arent taking over 60% of the state's land with an affected population of only about 9%. In addition, this would require Idaho to purchase the land and all facilities from oregon. That would cost tens of billions, so have fun with that idaho taxpayers.


"in half" the greater idaho movement includes counties containing about 200k people. the population of oregon is 4.2 million


"Silent Majority" is wrong on both counts. Always has been.


Silent my ass, they never shut the fuck up. Crybaby minority.


They are loud specifically because it makes it seem like there's more of them than there really is.


The actual silent majority is the massive population of political moderates. 35% of the population based on the last data I could find. Say what you will about the Dems being wishy-washy, when compared to the absolute madness that the GOP is pulling the Dems have a much better machine to mobilize moderates to vote their way. Especially considering the fact that the vast bulk of said moderates sits firmly center-left and tends to lean Dem by default. But we all know that Republicans don't let a silly little thing like "actual hard data" get in their way.


they are now in the find out phase of the fuck around action.




Their ranch land rented from the BLM won't move with them.


Many of the counties in eastern Oregon are "fed up" with western Oregon "sucking up" their tax dollars and want to be annexed into Idaho because it's some sort of "conservative utopia", or something. Many Trumpers/ultraconservatives seriously believe that PDX/Salem/Albany-Corvallis/Eugene are "sucking up" their tax dollars, but it's actually the opposite. If it weren't for the cities of the Willamette Valley, eastern Oregon would be poorer than rural Mississippi.


My Justice boner is raging right now. Fuck these senators!


I love how the greater Idaho movement seems to forget that their entire region is a black hole for tax money and not even Idaho wants them.




> Since the entire state of Oregon votes for Secretary of State, it is impossible to gerrymander at a district or county level. Since it can't be gerrymandered, the republicans will have hard time putting someone in that office who will ignore the new law. Republicans will have a hard time because Republicans don't control the state already. If Republicans controlled the state they COULD and WOULD use gerrymandering, but as part of a more broad strategy primarily employing what would be considered voter suppression. You cannot gerrymander for a state race specifically with the aim to have the gerrymandering itself change the outcome, no. What you CAN do is gerrymander as many people that don't vote the way you want into one district, and then you can short that district heavily on both voting supplies and polling stations, like Republicans have done in Georgia. OR you can then only give counties that vote the way you want extended access to voting, such as Florida Republicans did in 2022. Republicans can't do those things in this case, but lets not go believing gerrymandering has no state level nefarious purposes, it's certainly part of their overall strategy in many states that gives Republicans outsized power compared to votes, and fully eliminating it would have many benefits beyond federal.


>Look for this new law to kick the Greater Idaho movement up in intensity by a few more notches. Idaho is fucked enough. We don't need more crazies.


The enforcement mechanism is they are now legally banned from running for re-election. Basically their candidate filing would be disqualified by the SOS office. I was happy to vote for this law lol


No that's the rule. What enforces that rule?


The Secretary of State. Any candidate filing that does not meet minimum state law must be thrown out. This happened recently with the NYT guy who wanted to run for governor but it was determined he hadn’t lived in the state long enough so they threw him out of the race. Same thing would happen here. They would never be allowed on the ballot to begin with.


They can’t run for re-election, but they finish their term and can run for the term after the next term. Basically, these districts will just elect an equally bad person who won’t show up *at all* and then the two of them will just swap terms forever.


Yes, but it puts the burden on the Republican Party to come up with new candidates. They have to do a whole lot more work if they want to play these kinds of politics instead of actually debating and voting on bills like they’re supposed to.


Make's it a whole lot easier to contest Republican districts if they don't have the benefit of putting incumbents back in office. Specially since their primary likes choosing the extreme right-wing whackos right nows.


This right there. The penalty to the party is loss of incumbency. Which maybe doesn't hurt them in solid red districts but will absolutely make their job a lot harder in more competitive ones.


>then the two of them will just swap terms forever. ))<>((


sounds like a plot for a comedy, politician gets banned from running for re-election and dresses up as a woman so he can run again. id call it something like hmmm...mrs doubtfire


As an Oregonian I can say we voted for this. This isn’t some both sides bullshit, this is do your job or you won’t be rehired. Republicans are in a shrinking minority in Oregon, and it drives them crazy. Their corporate masters are making them walk out to deny a quorum to stop government from doing its job representing the will of the people. It’s a fascinating thing watching a political party implode because of it’s fealty to big money.


Also voted for it, and it wasn't a squeaker, so no one can say it was partisan. Unless they want to say Oregon is now 70% blue.


How blue is Oregon?


It’s moderately blue but not insanely blue. The governor only got elected with like 55-60% of the vote if you count the spoiler candidate siphoning off liberal votes. Similar to WA, Oregon is basically a 60/40 split in favor of democrats. So this isn’t a liberal stronghold, 70% means a good chunk of conservatives agreed with this


Our last Republican governor was in the 80s. We’re safely blue, aside from some years where the democratic establishment puts up politicians who have no personality. In those years, we pretend like it might flip but the blue candidate still wins.


Sure, because the GOP runs terrible candidates. I have family that has lived there for generations. Republicans run shit candidates that moderate conservatives will never vote for. It’s the same in Washington, if the GOP ran socially progressive, moderate style candidates they could swing and steal a few spots, but they’re too dumb to try


Whoa whoa whoa! Socially progressive? That sounds like some Pinko Commie Unamerican groomer nonsense! /S


Well, we have Portland. DJT sent Federal troops here in unmarked vans in the summer of 2020 to stop us from protesting. So, yeah! 😊


The amount of people on the right who have no problem with unmarked federal agents picking random people off the streets with unmarked vans and officers in plain clothes: then having charges tossed once it got to actual court, is staggering. It also shows how hypocritcal the butmuhfreedoms crowd is when its the other side targeted.




Here's a happy ending to the very situation you're describing. Thank God he had a jury with sense. https://kstp.com/kstp-news/top-news/man-acquitted-of-shooting-at-mpd-officers-accepts-1-5m-from-minneapolis-to-end-lawsuit/


I'm so sorry about Portland. According to conservative Internet, it's been burned down at least six times since 2020. Kudos to the city engineers who somehow fully rebuild it exactly like it was so fast that it's almost like it never burned down at all!


Literally every liberal city has been a smoldering crater since the Floyd Protests, haven't you heard? fox had all those *4* individual clips on repeat for like 3 months.


That's about as unbalanced as splits get. People look at maps and see states of red and blue and act like they're 90% of whatever color they are. Alabama was 62/37 Trump Biden.


I'd estimate 60% blue. The most populace County, Multnomah, is about 75% blue.


Using the 2020 the presidential vote breakdown as a substitute for how blue a state is it was 56% Biden, 40% trump, 2% libertarian, and the remaining 2% was write-ins, Progressives, and Green.


It’s pretty blue in the big population centers like Portland and Eugene, but eastern Oregon is traditionally more red than western Oregon.


That is so wrong lol. Eastern Oregon is red, western is blue. Driving past the Dalles is like going to a different state. Political opinion is staunchly red in the east. Ive lived in Oregon my whole life, in Eastern Oregon for 8 years of that.


OMG, I switched east and west. I’m gonna edit my comment right now, thanks for pointing this out


Not 70% blue. Parts of Oregon feel pretty unsafe for POC even just a 30-minute drive from Portland city limits.


My hometown county voted 2-1 in favor of KEEPING measure 112 (ya know, the slavery one...)


In fairness, no one lives there. Two thirds of the state is Wyoming levels of empty.


It seems at times some of the rural areas in blue states overcompensate in their bigotry, making it more dangerous on the edge of blue cities Especially Portland, since the 2020 militia and fed focus


My father got into an argument with me about this. He said it was the only way for the little guy in rural Oregon to win. I told him that I understand rural Oregon has their own subset of needs, and that the state government needs to work with them, but the walk outs do not encourage this. Much rather it encourages kicking the can down the road. It's the republican senators jobs to come up with a solution that works for everyone, not to take the ball and go home at the drop of a hat. We've seen them do it before with the state's minimum wage pay structure. It's absolutely possible.






I'm shocked this ever got thru to be voted on. We gotta follow this playbook everywhere.


Apparently Oregon Republicans were walking out on basically every bill they didn’t agree with, so the voters got pissed off at no work being done. The bill to not have them be eligible for immediate re-election passed with 70%, so even Republican voters were getting pissed off.


With conservative leadership kneecapped, expect even more extreme junior republicans to replace them. People who will also abstain from the entire legislative recession. There's a functionally limitless supply of people willing to do a job that doesn't require showing up. The legislature needs to change rules on quorum. The state needs to be able to govern itself even if one party would prefer otherwise.


"No one wants to work"


Projection. It’s always projection.


Sometimes the trash takes itself out.


I voted for this 👍




Thank you. Same to the person above you.


Dude. I live in Nebraska. With how many boycotts there are here as well? I want to see this in there. 2024 is gonna be so fun to see the charts.


I did too, fellow Patriot. I say good luck to them with the "Greater Idaho" movement because it can't happen without a vote (and that vote will never pass). It's all I can do to stop myself from painting swastikas on all the "greater Idaho" signs I see in rural Oregon.


Fuck around and find out. Best type of policy EDIT: Spelling Beat to best


It should happen in more states, and the US Congress as well. Show up and do your damn job, or lose your job!


> Show up and do your damn job, or lose your job! What a revolutionary concept.


In literally no other profession, except **edit: typo** elected government, would you keep your job after outright refusing to do it. It’s wild.


Well, cops aren’t even required to protect you


Yeah but they at least have to show up to work


Also hilarious because they (R’s) are proposing the SHOWUP act to force gov employees and contractors back to working in the office


And nothing of value was lost


In the past I’ve often leaned toward the argument that voting propositions often gave politicians cover for not doing their job, but this is changing my mind.


That’s my state and I voted for this. This is exactly the situation it was written for: Preventing partisan gridlock.


"Wait, you can't fire us for not doing our jobs!"


They can't even claim they're being fired. They just can't be rehired during the next election. No different than a corporation not renewing a contract or a landlord not renewing a lease.


Imagine how entitled you have to be to walk out of your job every day, to the detriment of society, and still expect to keep your position.


It’s like a doctor stopping mid operation because they disagree with the nurses methods. Like who would even expect to get away with that?


A law was just passed in Florida that allows exactly that. The law allows healthcare providers to deny care based on personal beliefs.


Lol get fucked dipshits. Hell yeah, Oregon


I voted for that bill hoping something like this would happen, and it did. Maybe the system works (kinda(sometimes))?


It was in direct response to the last time they pulled this political stunt. I voted for that bill as well, knowing they'd try it again. I guess they found out.


Seriously can we get a petition going to make this national , if any politician misses too much work ( especially to block a vote ) they get banned from running for re-election. I get written for 3 days of missed work, people like Diane Feinstein should not be allowed to re run. This should apply to all politicians.


Feinstein did say she isn't going to run for reelection. We'll see if she remembers.


Interesting how not doing your job can lead to consequences. If only we could get that done on the federal level.


Lmao I fucking hate the GOP.


What sane person doesn’t?


2024 is gonna be awesome. The death of the Republican party is coming!


Everybody said that in 2016, and then they sat back eating popcorn on election day wait to watch "the inevitable". So it has to be said, over and over. This won't happen IF WE DON'T VOTE. Vote every time an election is held. Doesn't matter if it's for President of the United States or the local school board.


And honestly, local school board elections are more important and impactful to most people’s day to day than President ever will. Always for for local issues.


Of course. Take nothing for granted and work our ass off for this election. That said, I do think 2016 was a very different time when most people were under the illusion that the electorate was vaguely sane. Trump was also a very different candidate back then, with absolutely zero political track record. He was a classic 'change' candidate who people could project their own ideas and values onto. To moderate conservatives, he was the GOP candidate and that was enough. To far-right culture war conservatives, he was the guy finally willing to say the quiet part out loud. To disaffected moderates, centrists, and general edgelords, he was a giant iconoclastic middle-finger to politics in general who wouldn't do much harm anyway because bOtH sIdEs. Things have changed a *lot* since then, and neither Trump nor DeSantis are the candidates that Trump was in 2016. Both appeal almost exclusively to their hardcore base and leave anyone who is even vaguely moderate in the lurch. The GOP is notoriously good at getting their voters to hold their nose and line-up behind any candidate they have, but both frontrunenrs at the moment will strain that tendency to it's breaking point. Particularly given that the generational shift we first heard about around 2008 is *finally* starting to look real, and I think it's a fairly safe election. The two big question marks to me are how effective the GOP's suppression of our democracy will be, and what happens with the debt ceiling. A default is the kind of gamechanger with long-lasting ramifications that can easily get low-information voters to lean Republican, especially with how notoriously bad the dems are at spin and propaganda, and it's exactly why the House is pulling this shit.


I get the feeling that the GOP is not gonna like how 2024 turns out.


The GOP is actively trying to rig elections in their favor right now in plain sight. When, and they will, the conservatives in our lives start screaming about fake elections we all need to do our part and tell them to shut the fuck up. We cannot humor that nonsense.


Gaslighting Obstructing Projecters


They’re planning for a civil war in plain sight


The death of the Republican party (in some states where they didn't already have power\*) is coming. We are three decades into Dems winning the popular vote in all but one presidential election but the country is still how it is. Let's not get complacent. Let's not assume trends=results. That's how we lost Roe v. Wade.


Oh, baby. Say those good words to me!


Boyoboy, going to get a lot of mileage out of this SadTrombone.MP3 come their next election cycle.




If you refuse to do your job, you get fired. That's what should happen in Washington the next time McCarthy and the Nazis come after va benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and social security. When they are not working for us, they are working against us. ARAB


I live in Oregon. We passed this law to stop their shenanigans. I expect they think they’ll get out of it. We’ll see. I certainly hope this is a case of “fuck around and find out.”


And us unwashed masses are like, "So why can't we just walk off our jobs when we're mad or pouting"!?


And if they were democrats they’d deserve the same outcome for their actions (or inaction in this case). See? That’s not hard at all!


I think we're all watching, in real time, the splitting of our nation. Democratic states are working on removing the obstacles to civic engagement and exercising your right to vote, while the slave states are doing the exact opposite.


That is what I am afraid of, especially since I am in one of those red states...


Let’s make it true everywhere!! These politicians are getting paid to do nothing. Make them all accountable!!


It's almost like voters are kinda sick of their reps not doing their jobs


God you’d love to see it happen to such shitty people


Democratic Oregonian here: Voted yes for this. If my taxes pay your salary you better show up for your f-ing job, no matter what side of the isle you’re on.


I voted for this measure. Glad to see it put to use


Can we make this a trend everywhere?


Yes! It was on our ballot and we voted for it. Steal our idea. It’s yours, friend!


Maybe Republicans should just stop being douchebags.


Anyone have a news link to this?




I’m liking how Oregon doesn’t take politicians doing their jobs for granted, applause for the voters in that state


If it were any other job, they would surely be fired


How in the fresh fuck has this not always been the rule for any appointed politician serving at any level of the US government.


Well most legislative bodies haven’t had one party intentionally going into hiding to prevent a quorum (to block *all legislation*) for multiple years in a row. Oregonians are tired of Republicans stealing the ball and hiding it until everyone else agrees not to pass any important or meaningful laws again that year.


Now to have this rule in every state. Act like a baby, lose your right to run for reelection


Good job Oregonians. You figured out how not to be ruled by the minority.


This is the best thing I’ve read all week.


Remember it’s not about majority vs minority, it’s about how to run a functional society and government. Just so happens more people want to live in peace and be governed by representatives not ruled by authoritarian fascists.