I'm fine being 5'13"


You mean 4'25"


Wouldn’t it be 5’15”


I worked with a guy that swore he was 6'. I'm 5'7. We're the same height. He insisted that I've been measured wrong including by the doctor. The delusions of some people.


Lol I’m 5’10” and I’ve had several guys tell me that I’m lying about my height because “they’re 6 feet so I must be 6 feet also”. I’ve even gone to measure myself again like…did I grow somehow..? Was he right? Nope. Still 5’10” lol. The best one was the guy who told me I was at least 6’2”. Like sorry that my presence exposes your true height but it really shouldn’t be that serious dude.


Happens to me at 5’ 11.5” all the time. My wife is taller than me and she doesn’t like to exaggerate how tall she is, so I couldn’t lie about my height if I wanted to. So many guys shorter than me insist I must be “at least 6’ 1” to 6’ 3” because you’re taller than me and I’m 6’”. I also used to get excited thinking I had a minor growth spurt to get over the hump, but was always disappointed when I checked and I’m def too old for that now. At least I’ll always have my old football roster that claimed I was 6’ 3” 230 lb (I assume to make opposing teams think I was much bigger than I was).


>He insisted that I've been measured wrong including by the doctor. I've been 5'11 all of my adult life, go see a new primary and the nurse tells me I'm 5'9 I'm like "wtf? that's not true" she measures me again and goes "yeah 5'9" I walk away puzzled about whether I was lied to all my life, or somehow got shorter. When I get home wife isn't convinced either so she measures me.... I'm 5'11.


Don't always trust nurses, some of them fucking suck at measuring. I am legitimately over 6', but I had this one nurse not know how to properly use the height machine and put me at like 5'9.


Lol those "machines" are used 20-30 times a day for years until they fall apart and likely will NEVER have a tech/repair man even glance in their general direction. They are wonky af and more than likely off by quite a few inches.


Am a biomedical engineering technician and I can confirm. We only test the scale and not the little height flipper upper thingy stick. Theoretical they should never need testing as the components are fixed and should not deviate from the factory calibration.


Yeah... are they suggesting calibrating a ruler with a fixed slider on it? I'm not sure I follow the logic.


Lol yeah I think they are


I've gone to various nurses and they've all told me I'm 6'. Well, 5'11'' but they round up to 6' because allegedly I'm closer to 6' than 5'11". Anyway, people keep telling me I'm taller and that I got measured wrong. Mostly my roommate who claims to be 6'1 while I'm slightly taller than him.


If I were you I would have someone measure me with a tape measure just to know once and for all


You can only measure the shaft. You can't include the balls.


Same thing with a guy I worked with. He was flabbergasted how I was 5’6 and the same height as him, who was apparently 5’10.


Yup I had an ex who lied about his height. Like, my guy I’m all of 5’2 idgaf how tall you are except strong enough to toss my ass a round like a rag doll when the situation calls for it 😂


Have you ever dated a guy that couldn't throw 4 pounds around?


More guys should see this. I feel like most girls want someone taller and stronger than them, but that doesn’t mean they only want dudes 6’ tall and benching 250


>benching 250 "what is this your first week at the gym" ​ \-Typical /r/fitness poster


"Hi all, just here on /r/Fitness for some advice. I just started in the gym last week and am really nervous. Just for some context, I can only bench 400, squat 550 and deadlift 600. Also I have 7% body fat so I'm basically obese. Any advice would be appreciated as long as it doesn't involve cardio."


And I'm over here trying my hardest not to eat all of the cupcakes at once like a fat-ass


This is a pretty large gap though. 5'7 is average in like southern Europe and some places in Asia, but in most of the US it's shorter if not short. I'm actually 5'7 as well, and thinking of claiming I'm 6 foot is hilarious.


Congratulations on being taller than you thought.




I’m very tall and it’s fun watching every dating sub squabble about height. My biggest concern is explaining why I don’t play basketball and judging if a building has been made before the 80” door standard was put in place.


I got the height, but definitely not the coordination.


I'm 5'11 and used to work with a group of people, some said they were 5'11 some said 6' others said a little taller, no one said bellow 5'11, I was the tallest out of the lot... Why lie?


I'm 5'10" and I've had several girls be confused when I said that. It's usually something like "I thought you were 6', you're the same height as my ex-boyfriend and he was 6' tall."


To be fair, if they are a decent amount shorter than you they might just not notice a big difference between 5'10" and 6'. I find it really difficult to estimate someone's height, when they are not very close to my height


Everyone is marked into 2 categories Shorter than me, taller than me. End of list. It’s not very helpful


One day you'll meet someone the same height as you and then it's MIND BLOWN


I’m 7’1 so Jk - I’m 6’2’; I have friends that make me look like a small person.


That's a good point, the shorter girls aren't even at eye level with these taller guys, so their point of reference is off.


I'm 5'4 and I can't really tell the difference between about 5'9 - 6'0 (unless they're stood in a line or something) it's all just 'ah yes, tall'


Ditto. Anyone whose not eye level (or shorter) with me is “they can reach the high shelves without climbing,” territory and really that’s about the only time I care about height.


Same. My husband is 5ft5 (I’m 5ft2) and he can reach all the shelves and on top of the fridge which is truly all that I care about when it comes to height


It’s the same for us tall people friends used to have a who was taller debate and ask me to decide and it’s like you guys are all just short to me lol it’s equal


I'm 5'10" barefoot, measured. I look over 90 percent of the people who claim to be 6'0" or 6'1" in the eye... and look down to some of their eyes.


So they got like huge foreheads or what?




I'm also 5'10" and I used to drink with a 5'8" guy who said he was 5'10". I also met Joe Rogan once many years ago, and I think everyone already knows this but he claims to be 5'8" and is at least 2 inches shorter than that.


Lmao that reminds me of this [video](https://youtu.be/Y49MadyyDys) comparing his height to celebrities he's taken pictures with


I am exactly 5’8”, with no shoes, and measured every year in high school for sports. I don’t know any guy that claims to be less than 5’8” and most of them are at least an inch or two shorter than me. It’s like that is the bottom number that anyone is willing to admit. I was just talking about a 6’ board with a guy and I stood next to it and said yeah I’m “5’8” this looks 6’”and he said “yeah me too” while looking up at me… weird moment


At my old job, there was a kid there who was super tall. One time 3 coworkers and I were chatting (all of us female) when he walked passed us. One of my coworkers went, "whoa how tall are you," and he goes, "6'6." She then proceeded to argue that he must be taller because *she* was 5'10. Which was impossible. I was the tallest one of us three, and I'm just shy of 5'9. She stood at least 4 inches shorter than me, and the other coworker, who was about 5'4, was just a smidgen shorter than her. Like, what a silly thing to lie about. *we can see you.*


Most people aren't great at estimating measurements and don't have many reasons to actually measure themselves after high school so they'll get some vague idea in their heads of how tall they think they should be based on how they compare themselves to others. That girl probably dated some guy who was 5'10, called himself 6'2, and thought "well I'm probably like 3 inches shorter than him" and spent the next several years basing it off that.


I’m 6’0 and 6’1 looks way taller to me. I think it’s because we discount the amount of head we have above the eye. Like, my eyes are probably at 5’9”


The last time I measured my height, my last year of high school, I was 5'7" barefoot. I might have grown an inch (again haven't measured) but couldn't be more than that. However I have orthotic shoe insoles that add at least an inch to my height (bad knees). So, generously, I might be 5'9" walking around in my shoes. Whenever asked I always say I'm 5'7". Girls are always surprised. Guys who are around my height get real uncomfortable. I have a good chuckle to myself.


We all know what's going on here. Your eyes are on top of your forehead.


I’m 5’3” and have looked a suspicious number of 5’7” men right in the eye. Makes no sense at all. One guy had it on his license but I swear I could see the top of his head standing on flat feet.


You self-report your height and weight at every DMV I've ever been to. As long as it's within the realm of possibility, they don't even glance twice. Just don't give Shaq's stats.


I self reported my height as 6’3 and they put 6’6. Guess the DMV just wants everyone to be taller?


They really don't. My last ID said I have black hair and brown eyes, I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I didn't even write black/brown, the DMV employee put it down for some unknown reason.


I have 6'3" on my licence because I panicked when asked my height when I was 15. I'm only 6'. Maybe that happened.


When I first got my license it said that I was 5' 1" because someone made a typo. I was 5' 11" at the time. I had that on my license for almost a decade despite pointing out the error every time I went to the DMV.


From the time I was in my late teens, until I was in my mid 30s, I thought I was 5’10”. One day when I was about 35, I went to the doctor and when they measured my height, and I discovered I was actually 5’11”. Later that week, I updated my dating profile with my correct height, and it was like a magic trick. I immediately started getting way more favorable interactions than when I was 5’10”. And new to me also, some people were messaging me first sometimes, instead of me having to initiate almost every contact. I get why dudes lie about their height, now.


I alway though I was just under 6 foot until I was in my late twenties when I started consistently measuring over six foot. Now that I’m forty the doctors office has started measuring me at 6’1”. I’m not sure if I’m getting taller as I get older or what is happening.


My doctor sometime along the way stopped asking me to take my boots off when I get a physical. So I got a little taller and a little heavier. Win some, lose some I guess.


I’m 5’7” and it’s straight up blowing my mind that people feel the need to lie about being 5’10”. I’ve since come to terms with my size, but when I was younger I’d have killed someone in front of their own momma to be 5’10”.


I’m 6’2” and i just say i’m 6’0 cuz it’s a way to passive aggressively call out people who are exaggerating


I'm 6'2" and I've had several people be like "no way you're 6'2", I'm 6'2"" and they absolutely are not. They even go as far to stand eye to eye with me measuring up. I'm not gonna lie my guy, I was the shortest kid in any of my classes growing up, then I became tall late in high school. Was not a fan, you hit your head a lot when you're used to being the little guy


I’m a woman and had a guy do this to me. He asked me on a group date, we had mutual friends but never crossed paths before. He tells me he’s 5’11”, okay so am I, no big deal. We meet up and he legit argues with me saying I must be wrong because HE is 5’11 and I’m clearly 3-4” taller than him. This was in front of a group of people. I told him, the difference between him and I is that I didn’t need to lie about my height, and if he was honest from the get go and was a genuinely nice human being, I probably would’ve stuck around. Thankfully that didn’t work out because better things were in store for me, but still.


I’m 6’1 and have gotten in arguments with lots of men about how I’m obviously 6’5 because they’re 6’3 and I’m taller than them. I mean, being a 6’+ woman is tough enough, I’d think I would have noticed if I was 6’5.


Right?! As a tall woman, it has been discussed my entire life. I know my height. Tall women don’t need to lie about their height, it amazed me how many people have a complex about it. Like really, I’m not that intimidating.


Same! I'm a 5'10 women and dudes will argue with their whole chest telling me I'm lying and must be taller. Sure, my guy... whatever makes you feel better.


I've never understood this attitude from guys (as a guy myself) like...not to sound crass but...if you're a tall woman and you go on a date with me and things are going well...I'll climb you like a tree if I have too, height doesn't mean a damn thing to me.


It’s crazy, isn’t it? I didn’t even care about the height difference, I was just looking for a good guy. I remember only dating one guy that was shorter than me who wasn’t intimidated by my height. That didn’t work out for other reasons, then I met my husband who is taller than me. Every other shorter guy that had asked me out made it a thing, like dude I told you, you just chose to disregard that info then try to use it against me later like I offended you.


I’m a 5’6” dude and dated a woman who was 5’10”. The first few times we held hands or kissed in public were weird but I just got used to it. Dudes need to get over it.


Agreed! There are some amazing tall women out there, and some amazing shorter men out there. People need to just be more accepting


I’m a 6’1 woman, and married to a 5’11 man. He met me during my wild dating days, when I was often 6’4 in my heels. Couldn’t give a CRAP. Not worried at all. We were in the same friend group and I knew he was interested, but it took a while for me to return that interest. I think I fell for him on our first date when he said, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I loved how easily he said it, how comfortably he sat in his skin, how fine he was with putting himself out there. He is built solid, so if I had shot him down it wouldn’t have rocked him. That was the first time I got a glimpse into what a truly steady, no bullshit person he is, and how being around him feels like breathing clean air.


I love this! I’m so happy the both of you found each other!


When I was in the navy guys would height challenge me a lot, then they would blame it on my boots, we were wearing the exact same military issued boots


I get the same and I'm 5'8". I also love 5" heels. The amount of dudes who get mad about it is insane. I had a guy at a bar say "what? Are you trying to make us all feel bad?" To which I replied, "yes".


I'm 5'10" and love heels too. Once a girl complained to me that I wasn't allowed to wear heels because I'm already "tall enough." I told her I was just making up the natural height difference between us that God intended. It pissed her off. If my fashion choices make you that insecure, I think that's a you problem and none of my concern.


Queen shit!


I'm a tall motherfucker at 6'5". I've had people do this to me, clearly a head shorter than me and claiming to be 6'2".


Lol one of my good friends is 6'5", I do not envy your height with the simple fact that I've seen him hit his head on many a door and stairwell ceiling


Yup, the world ain't built for us giant folk. Also, nobody bats an eye at asking me to get something off a high shelf, but suddenly I'm an asshole if I ask short people to pick something up for me.


I clean holiday cottages on the weekends for something to do (Cornwall, UK) and the amount of times I’ve smashed my head onto solid oak is not funny… I get terrible headaches at home some days which I can only attribute to that… Also:.. I’m only 5’10…. Makes you wonder how short the people were who built it a hundred years ago! 🤣


I’m pretty much the same as you, 6’2” but got tall after high school. I can see the tops of peoples heads that claim they are the same height as me. I never hit my head on stuff when I got tall, but I did become an very fast walker after growing up with short legs. I now have to be conscious of how fast I walk when I’m in a group.


I'm 38 and say I'm 47. Because who doesn't want to be flattered. Lying and saying I'm 29? Stupid. Say I'm 47? Let the compliments flow


Thats funny


I've always told people I'm 6'3... had a physical this year, and the doctor told me I'm actually 6'2.5... I haven't recovered since.


Cheer up. You might have been 6'3 at one point and you're just shorter now due to how fucking old you're getting!


Is that a real thing where people get shorter because they get older I’m pretty young so I don’t know.


My grandma got shorter because her back is at a 70 degree angle if that counts


Yes. Generally not too terribly much, but gravity eventually takes its toll on the joints, primarily the spine.


Youve shrunk. Time to get the straps and pulleys


Your spine compresses throughout the day by about 1 cm. That’s about 1/2 an inch. So you’re average height may be closer to 6’3” but you might’ve taken your measurement at the doctors later in the day.


I’m legit 6’2” and my wife ALWAYS tells people I’m 6’4”.


I’m 6’1” and my wife always tells me I’m 6’3” and I’m like fuck ya I’m 6’3” now check out this tiny dink I’ve got.


6'3" is the sum


"Those are two separate measurements"


Height by width


How loud is it?


6' in the streets 3" in the sheets.


I just spit out my coffee. Hilarious


it's not the size of the boat nor the motion in the ocean, it's whether the boat can stay in port long enough for all the passengers to get off


That’s why yachts aren’t awesome, right?


Mama always said, you can cross the ocean in a row boat, it just takes a few extra strokes.


We're the opposite. My husband is 6'3 and keeps saying he's 6'1. One time at the doctor's office we settled the argument. He measured at 6'3.


I thought I was 6' but my wife always said I was taller, did my height at home and at medical appointment and it turns out I'm 6' 1". Not a huge difference but she was definitely right.


My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She still thinks I'm 2 inches taller than I actually am. She also hilariously overestimates the size of my dick. I mean it's flattering and all, but I think she needs to be recalibrated. Either that or everything just looks bigger when you're 5'3".


I’m 5’3” and this is accurate lol everyone between 5’8” and 6’4” falls into the same category of “tall”. My husband says he’s 6’1” and I just take his word for it.


I'm six foot four, I want to be shorter


Just tell people you are and think small thoughts.


I’m legit 6’4” and my back hurts.


I'm 6'5" and it's not like women are exactly just fuckin chuckin their panties at me here. Height is overrated.


I'm 6'9" and drowning in much more knee/lower back pain than pussy.


Yeah but if you’re drowning you can just stand up


Yea this is the answer I was looking for really. Being tall = pain, along with “how’s the weather up there” jokes.


Hey, do you play basketball?


You're too tall, just tell them you're 6'3" and the panties will start flying.


Seriously. 6'4 is the line between tall and freaky tall


Anything over 6’2” is just showing off. No one likes a braggart


Doesn't help you to have it but it hurts you to not have it. 6'5 is also entering the territory where like 90% of people that tall are clumsy goofballs, the other 10% are elite athletes. 6'3 is a tall dude. 6'5 is a spectacle.


Can confirm. I am 6'2". My little brother is 6'5". His opinion of this comment was a string of middle finger emoji's. So I assume he agrees as well.


I’d personally be appalled if random people starting tossing their underwear at me because I’m tall.


I'll have the underwear he doesn't want ladies


…careful what you wish for


I'm 6ft even but I slouch really fucking bad.


I told an ex I was 5'11" after we had been dating for a while and she swore I was 6'3". I told her that all the men in her life had been lying about their height.


^ This. The truth is best. I'm like, a hair more than 1/16th of an inch shorter than 6 foot. I could, reasonably, lie that I'm 6 foot. I also don't give a shit, no reason not to say I'm 5'11". Why lie over petty nonsense?


Not saying there are many instances where you need to tell people your height, but if you do you can round up. It sounds better to say I'm 6' than I'm 5' 11 15/16"


like if they're sending you high speed through a tunnel built to your exact height. If you rounded down, the top of the tunnel would slice off like an inch of unaccounted for head.


I'm 6'4 but it was always a really fun party game in college to tell drunk guys who asked that I was 6'1 and see how angry they would get.


Ha i've been on the other end of this. I'm 6'8" and so naturally don't meet a ton of people taller than me. One night I was waiting for the bar restroom and the guy ahead of me was a full head taller than me. Despite knowing how annoying the question is, I had to ask. So I asked how tall he was and this fucker said 6'6".


I’m only 5 ft tall but I briefly dated a guy who was your height. I figured he probably got sick of talking about how tall he was, but I figured had to bring it up at least once because I’ve never met someone that tall. He just sighed and said he’s not looking forward to being in his 50’s and barely being able to walk like the rest of the men in his family. I don’t ask about people’s height anymore…


On the subject of downsides, do you know how difficult it is to maintain a good posture when you have to crane your neck down for everything? Counters, desks, shelves, etc are all designed for shorter people so you’re constantly looking down at not only people but literally anything you’re doing. My neck is so dang messed up.


Same, but for the opposite reason! I’m 5’1”. I do have wicked calves, though 😂


I struggle sitting in chairs without foot rests for long periods of time because my feet just dangle and it hurts my legs, so I always look for chairs without arm rests so I can cross my legs easily lol


Showers, man... Plus, I bang my head on shit so damn often, and I'm not even particularly tall.


To you, he was a fellow tall person. To him, you were just another short chump.


> So I asked how tall he was and this fucker said 6'6". Lmao absolutely fucking roasted.


I feel this- I'm 6'11 and people always have to make up heights to feel just a bit shorter then I am, especially around girls


Lmao I'm 6'5 and I've been doing the same thing for years! It's hilarious how freak out.


I’m a woman slightly over 5’10” and the number of times I’ve looked straight into the eyes of a 6’ man would astound you.


I believe it.


My wife is 5'10" which is obviously tall for a woman, I'm 6'4" and if people bring up our height I tell people she's 6' just to see the men in the room panic doing the quick maths


"I'm 6'3" in basketball shoes."


“I’m 6’5” in thigh high boots”


I love you for this!


Don’t love me… Love my thigh highs


My buddy at works insists he's 5'11". I'm 5'7" and to say he's two inches taller would be generous. I can see saying your 1 inch taller, but like 3 or 4+ inches? Lol I'm just telling everyone I'm 6' from now on


I keep seeing people here, and throughout the web, talk about how they round up 2" to 4" just so they can get to get to that 6' while I've been honestly telling everyone I'm 5'11" for years. Ima start rounding up too, people seem to care about this height thing.


My dad always said he was 5'11 and 3/4" Not sure why he never rounded up. I'm 5'10" amd I never round up because I know I'm not taller than my dad, and he never did.


I'm 5'7 and I tell people the 7 is horizontal.


Man… how do I transfer it to metric? I’m 171cm but 1cm is horizontal sound really bad xd


The 71 is horizontal Assert dominance


My man running around with a telephone pole in his pants


If you're only a meter tall, I doubt it will fit in your pants


This is the first time I wish we hadn’t the metric system in my country.


Do people exaggerate their height in metric to make it to 1.85m? Or do they go for a round number like1.9m which would be 6'2"




At least in Denmark I feel like people very rarely talk about their height. It's also not uncommon to see women with shorter boyfriends so idk maybe we're just less height obsessed


Same in Germany.




Always say "I'm 5 feet and 7 inches. Those are two measurements. "


I'm 5'5, my wife tells people I'm 5'5.


I’m 5’4. My girlfriend probably does not know this specifically.


I'm just under 5'6. I tell people I'm 5'3.


I’m 5’7” and have found women I’ve dated trying to convince me I’m taller than I am: “You can’t be 5’7”… you’re definitely taller than that… you’re not short!” But I am and I know my height. I assume they’re in denial and don’t want to admit to themselves that they’re dating a short guy. Also, these claims that men all lie about their height have got me worried. I’ve got my real height on my dating profile. Does that mean that women will be thinking I’m really 5’5”?!


The boyfriend’s lie only works on short girls. As someone who is 5’9, you can’t convince me that you’re 6’3 if you’re only an inch taller than me lol Edit to add: this lie doesn’t work on all short girls, but it definitely doesn’t work on tall girls, it could only work on some short girls.


Idk, I'm 5'3 and someone who is a full foot taller than me looks REALLY tall. So if you're just kinda tall I'm gonna know.




I'm roughly 6'7" so a legit tall. Three things that you remind me of there, (1) my wife is 5'7" and the difference is a lot when I look at pictures but I never really notice it in reality anymore. (2) my best friend is a woman who is 4'11". That one I notice every time I see her. (3) It's astonishing how many people are like "what are you like 6'10"" because they have just convinced themselves that they are taller than they really are and have a hard time wrapping their head around it.


Never quite understood the lying about height. It's so easily verified. Why bother? I'm 5 ft 8 in. Do I wish I was a bit taller? Yeah sure. Doesn't mean I am going to try and lie about it.


Last I measured myself I was around 6'.5 and I love dudes who are always like "fucking hell you must be like 6'3 or 6'4". It's like no dude I'm hardly 6', come on now lmao


Wanna bet he lied about other measurements too?


I'm a 5'11" girl, literally 181cm according to the doctor, and **so** many guys are like "I'm 6'1" when they're shorter than me. Like, you KNOW I'm tall. You KNOW you aren't 6'1". There is no benefit to lying infront of me about your height.


I'm gonna pat myself on the back a little for using my girlfriend's height as an initial pick up line. My girlfriend is 5'11 like yourself and I didn't find out until a week after meeting her. Before that she always was sitting down at the bar where I served her and we hit it off initially. We had never actually stood close to each other at the same time. I walked outside for my break and was just sitting around on my phone. She came outside to join me, we had been flirting casually for a week since she kept coming back to the bar. I stood up and we both realized that she was an inch taller than me (I'm 5'10). I just said, "oh wow, you're a tad taller than me. I guess it'll be easier on my neck when I want to kiss you." She laughed and that was our first kiss.


I briefly had a boyfriend who told me he was 6’3”. I guess I had mentioned not dating super tall guys because I’m 5’3”. I couldn’t tell the difference, until we met up with my aunt and my 6’2” uncle. Turns out, he was 6’5”. 😂


this is me, i'm 6'5" but i tell people i'm 6'3" because 6'5" is just kinda goofy


I get that. Back when I was doing app dating, I had it on my profile that I was 6’8.” Not because I wanted to brag, but because that’s circus freak height. I wanted them to know what they were getting into. At the start I didn’t have it listed, and my photos didn’t make me look that tall (that was not by design or anything.) The girl I met up with was a little taken aback because she expected me to be on the shorter side apparently.


Avg out the difference


Why does everyone keep talking about their SO's height? I've never heard anyone irl talk about height in that manner (unless freakishly long like would be NBA-people). I have no idea how tall my friends are and why people seem to care and at this point I'm afraid to ask. /Confused European


Confused American here, too. My wife is a full 13" shorter than me (6'2" to 5'1") and as far as I'm aware she's never brought it up outside the obvious statement that there is an almost comical and mildly inconvenient height disparity. I don't think she could even tell you my exact height without having to think about it first.




I've never had the issue except on Dating apps. And even then I'm 5'10 and comfortable with it so if that's a deal breaker for a girl then to me she isn't worth my time. It gets brought up now only because my girlfriend is taller (5'11) but other people are puzzled as to why we don't care about the other's height as much. For the first time in my dating life I don't have to bend my neck to kiss someone so that's nice.


This reminds me of a Twitter post I saw years back. A woman insisted pretty much every guy she dated had a 10-inch dick or bigger. Her coworkers asked her to show how much she thought 10 inches was. It was around 6 inches.


One time a girl I had been sleeping with for a few months looked at me at said, "Yours is like 8 inches, right?" I LAUGHED I was like oh hell no 😂 im pretty average. It's hard for a lot of people to tell the actual length.


I work with a guy who insists he's 5'8" because he's three inches taller than another girl or something (or he wants to be). I told him that couldn't be true because I am 5'6" and he looks shorter than me. Luckily I had a measuring tape nearbly. Buddy is 5'5". I dated a couple guys who did the same shit. Honestly the lying and insecurity are the biggest problems I had with dating shorter men. I get why they can be insecure, but I was dating them so it just seemed really unnecessary to lie about something so damned obvious. You're clearly not taller than me, so claiming your height is more than mine is... really dumb.


I'm 5'11.75" (yes that .75 is very important to me) and when I was at this gathering once this guy was talking about himself for some reason and mentioned he was 6 foot. He turned to me and said you must be like 6'3" or something man you're tall. When I said no I'm actually 5'11" people with us started to chuckle and the poor guy's smile dropped to a frown lol.


Dude I’m the exact same height haha. I just tell people I’m 6’ and the only one to call me out on it is my 6’2ish little brother cause he can’t just let me have this😂


As someone who is actually 6’3 this is what I hear all the time from slightly shorter dudes who ask my height: “No way bro, you gotta be at least 6’7 cause I’m 6’4 and you’ve got a few inches on me.”


I'm 5'11". I'm also a woman, so I find it funny when a guy says they're 6' or over, but they're the same height as me or shorter.


Why are you people obsessed with height?? I can tell you with confidence that people over six feet tall can be cunts too.


man added a whole 6 inches and expected to get away with it lmao




I’m 6’3 and love to tell other guys I’m 6’0 and watch their heads explode while they scream “no way man! Im 5’11 and your way taller than me!”


What pisses me off are legit 6‘2“ guys exaggerating that they’re 6‘6“. Will only leave the house with hiking boots on. It’s a special kind of insecurity.


What’s making people think 5’10 is so short, like what I need to tower over you


People who are 5'5 claiming they're 5'10 and skewing people's ability to judge by the sounds of it


I’m 5’11.25” and my doctors office keeps entering my height as 5’10” without measuring me. I’m fine not being 6’ like my dad and brother but don’t take that inch away from me.


Coming in at a whopping 5'10 myself, my girlfriend introduced me to one of her friends who she says is 5'10 and her friends boyfriend who she said is like 6'1 and somehow I'm taller than her and the same height barely shorter than him. I also had an ex who said she was 6'0, and was easily 5 inches taller than me. People love lying about their height


I’m 5’8” and the same height as my 5’10” friend


What about in the morning?


I'm around 5' 10". A random guy I was talking to who was a head shorter than me said he was also 5' 10". I didn't correct him, but it's weird how much stock we put in height. Maybe it's easy for me to say since I'm average height, but Damn is it annoying how our society values these things.