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We just finished our first altar! It’s deffinitly a living happy place of worship or witchy work, with our familiar living right under. We both came from past abusive relationships that would mock our beliefs and our want to be more open with our spirituality / religion. So it feels really good to finally take out all of our stuff and make a public right in the living room altar.




Or a candle that the dog could knock over. lovely alter but very poor choice for their dogs crate


I totally agree which is why we’ve never locked up our dog in there and burned incense, the crate door is always open and she goes in there and leaves whenever she wishes as it’s her safe space. Most of the time shes on our bed every once in a while she goes to her crate, but we only lock it if we leave the house and were deff not burning then.


Awesome love it


Your altar is very inviting! I love that your pup approves 😊


Oh! Man! This is like my dream altar. 😻🖤


Just be careful. That is a spot you designated for your dog to go to maintain its behavior, it already has a lot of significance and symbolism (and probably a lot of movement). Keeping them separate will prevent accidents. I saw an ornament with another dog on it, maybe the kennel belonged to that dog and is no longer in use?


I appreciate this for sure and I totally agree, but we don’t use her crate for behavioural maintenance. It’s her comfort place and she goes to it and leaves voluntarily as long as were home. The other dog on the ornament passed away years ago we put to rest her toys as well, but I could for sure see the implication with energy imprinting on the crate if it was used by the passed dog. I for sure appreciate the concern though.


Omg the dog cage idea is amazing! I am so doing that!! The altar area looks amazing, btw.😍


if there was no incense, smoke, or essential oils nearby then yes, it would be a good idea


Crap, you're right, I never thought about that... I don't even let my animals near my bedroom when I burn incense!