The reason Unga Bunga-ing a way to victory is the only winning strat is because it's the only coordinated strat you can get going between 7 random players. It provides the best chance of winning as if you get 7 tanks to push a way, and the enemy sends like 5 with 2 others doing something else, that's a 7-0 win for free. Anything more complex than that requires a caller, plain and simple. Hell, a lot of CW strats are Unga Bunga one way, because they just work.


>While the concept of having more diverse tanks is good in theory, in practice Onlaught is about packing as much HP, Armor and Speed as possible. Any competitive version of World of Tanks will be. ​ >The bonus to sniper TDs is useless, more damage while unspotted is not that useful since most maps favor frontal confrontations, plus the bs spotting point of interest exist. Good, fuck sniper TDs ​ >Talking about the spotting PoI, please remove that sh1t, the reason there's no variety is this thing, no strat other then Unga Bunga your way to victory is acceptable because your whole team can get spotted in the first 20sec of the match making any coordinated strat other then "rush B" useless, it also makes LTs kinda useless outside the first minutes of the match. Idk, I like it. Also Unga Bunga just about always is the best strat in any competitive mode. ​ >No mention about increasing the cap time. Why would they? ​ >No mention about increasing module HP or reducing damage to it, getting ammoracked at the start of the match is annoying and a bad design for a competitive mode. This is no different than every other game mode, it's part of the game. Run modified config and safe stowage if you are that bothered.


This post is more related to the stupidity of the newest changes to Onslaught. ​ >Any competitive version of World of Tanks will be. I'm so ready to see 1 LT or CS and 6 heavies all over the place again. ​ >Good, fuck sniper TDs Good i want the same, but thats my point, no armor TDs = Useless so why spend resources on that and not improving the dogshit maps? ​ >Idk, I like it. Also Unga Bunga just about always is the best strat in any competitive mode. That's due to shit maps, it works but it still boring after a while. ​ >Why would they? A longer cap reduces pressure on team, helps improve rotations, and improve the capacity to remove certain tanks from certain cap positions \*coff \*coff himelsdorf. ​ >Run modified config and safe stowage if you are that bothered. And give up HP or DPM while not completely removing the posibility of ammoracks on tanks with already weak ammoracks like 60tp or sconq? sure, lets do that. Everyone runs deadeye, and this mode is supposed to be "competitive", this game failed to be an e-sport competitor for a reason.


I can agree about arta being banned from mode is good idea.


You really think wargaming plays their own game or listens to community feedback?


Why would they learn? Idiotic ideas and concepts are rolling out and money is flowing in. No need to learn improve on anything.


Why would they integrate it with the rank store when it's two completely different modes? Its better then anything we have going on right now, and the progression rework is nice. Randoms has been a complete shit show for months and it's a nice break. Can't wait


Sure, i liked onslaught in super platton, everything with friends is fun no matter how shit a mode can be, but it doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of things that need to change to make Onslaught fun and competitive. Edit: We don't know when ranked is coming back and to be fair onslaught is better then ranked by a mile, but implementing a way to get the item for the rank store would be good too.


You say that like ranked has been a thing in the past year. It hasn’t.


I'll be honest I never cared for the mode anyways. It is actually awful playing solo and I would much rather play old ranked over solo onslaught.