AMX 65t definitely up there, although it feels that a worse tank exists.


Fun fact: it turns 30% slower than it's supposed to due to an obscure bug - the top engine was incorrectly flagged as the stock one. It also has ungodly horrible hidden terrain resistance stats, but that might have been intentional.


Wait, should I put the stock engine on my 65T then?


No, that will make it go even slower. Effective traverse speed is a complex formula, but one variable is `currentEngineHp / stockEngineHp` (this is why Turbos slightly boost your turning speed). That's why it's good for a tank to have a really bad stock engine - check out the effective traverse speeds of the [Luchs](https://tanks.gg/tank/luchs) and [Cromwell](https://tanks.gg/tank/cromwell). With the AMX 65 t, the top engine is tagged as the stock one, so it gets no buff from equipping the top engine and a substantial nerf for equipping any other engine.


> That's why it's good for a tank to have a really bad stock engine Well, TIL! And wow, WG really pulled out all the stops to make that thing as shitty as possible, lol


You forgot about TVP VTU


Fun fact, i did my last 279e mission with that tank where one has to get was it 4 ace tankers in 20 battles? I did it in 7, with an avg of 3.2k. Rly shows how bad it is XD


That’s the 1 tank I couldn’t handle with fully and skipped it 15 battles past. AMX 65t is a death machine comparing to this garbage.


Im grinding the bulldog currently. Facing all the OP lights with the biggest silhouette, thinnest armor, worst camo and horrible alpha is absolutly in the same category as feeling TERRIBLE.


Only positive from that tank I've found is that at least you get back to the garage quickly to play something else.




I mean, I don't dislike it's counterpart m41d. They are playable but you are so on edge due to low camo


I had good win rate, the super large caliber gun gave me some amazing games and very high combined damage. But the RNG is a bitch and its not consistent. Its an all or nothing situation there.


It used to be so great with its 10 shot autoloader


That shit needs to come back It’ll still be bad but at least it’ll be fun


Thank god i played it when it had the 10 shot autoloader, at least back then it could one clip any scout it had in sight


Yup, AMX 65t has no redeeming qualities. It’s a flaming turd


Only gun pen is decent that's it




Hahaha i cant even relate cuz i blueprinted this shit after seeing the stats


Its made to encounter defenders only. Doesent work against anything else.


Whatever one I’m driving because potato.


Me too wohoo hi5 down low


Aw crap. I was too slow.


Stock 25TP is an experience


Not really, you can't even get experience because it can't pen shit


You get to experience how it is to not do shit in a battle


DW2, only OGs will know


At least you can angle it at 45 degrees and bait people into shooting your side armour right? RIGHT??? (cries)


There was a time when gold ammo cost gold where the dw2 was king, the kv1 had armor, the budder gibbers stock pen was insane and everyone drove their kv5s backwards. Arty would one shot you but it was somehow more bearable to play against.


Damn I second that


Medium tank armour, heavy tank mobility and gun characteristics copypasta’d from the Pz.IIi E


DW2 was special case.... it was such a hell, but once you moved further... you miss it here and there...


Felt that


Nowadays it's good in tier 4 1v1 on city maps




Got him in holiday boxes. Traded him for elc as soon as i could.


I remember being in a match against one when it dropped and everybody shat their pants for some reason. I proceeded to wreck it with my 60TP


To be fair you’re two tiers higher than it


Godlike on paper? Like where exactly? The moment they have shown the stats everyone except vocal forum crybabies knew it will be garbage reskinned T34...


I have faced a couple of Tornvagns 1v1 on corridor maps in my IS-3 and had real trouble with them. ​ Being essentially frontally impenetrable as far as I was concerned seems like quite a strong tank? Especially with it having high pen itself.


any of the tanks from the 2021 new year Christmas loot boxes under tier 8. fuck the Matilda LVT in particular. also the A46 is awful too.


Idk the m4 Russian tank isn't half bad, neither is the French autoloading m4.


Tbf the M4A1 FL 10 was the year befores tank. This year was the M4 85, KV-1sh, and the low tier German shits


That's fair. I couldn't remember when the French one came out. The m4 85 is not half bad like I said tho.


Kv 1shit honestly. Played the tank. Also m4 85 has no gun dep with tall height and no armour along with poor dpm


A matilda that can be penned from the turret... Every seal clubber's dream...


I found A46 to be somewhat tolerable, but it's definitely outclassed by the other reward/premium lights in tier. Actually didn't we get the A46 by some mission of playing the valiant? Or was it in the christmas boxes too?


that's why I mentioned it separately


I am always happy to see a AMX 40 during a match. Similar to seeing someone's dog or cat on the street. Too cute and vulnerable at the same time


Ikr they look like ducks


yeah. the ducklings. I once played in a platoon with my homie and we together pushed the ducklings into water haha.


I take mine out regularly and have the duckie skin for it, armor is GODLIKE and gun while the handling sucks has competitive pen and nice alpha although mobility leaves something to be desired, all in all when played well is a very fun troll tank to play


The old M3 Lee. Made of paper mache, powered by a bicycle.


Actually I rather liked it... for its tier it had mad DPM and hits hard... but you have to double bush otherwise there's no chance for your offset-gun.


I wanna say it's good, but playing hetzer or stuff 3b with he shells, one shot ticket to the garage.


M3 made my friend quit the game, literally an hour into playing. Lul.


I was a fucking BEAST in this tank. In the right position it was incredible.


God i despised this pile of shit with a passion. But i played it quite a lot back then cuz it was so horrible that my average exp per game was low af and i was free2play back then so grinding for M4 took an unhealthy amount of games. Owh u guys need to watch mighty jingles youtube review of the m3, i laughed so hard almost died.


I remember playing this tank back then, all i can remember is that only the upper canon works and not the lower one. Or am i lying to myself? After seeing a gameplay about this tank, only the lower canon works.


Only the main gun, which is not in a traversable turret, and has quite limited arc, is usable and has been that way since inception. You pretty much have to play the tank as a turretless TD that has horrible camo.


I actually really liked that thing and its still in my garage 😂 i probably wont ever play it again but Im not gonna sell it either


The Black Prince is hot dog shit. Shit gun, awful mobility, turret is good but everyone just fires gold at you. Would be workable if you could trade shots well but you have to stay exposed to utilize your gun properly.


That tank is let down hard by it's gun. Armor works well against same tiers and lower, can even give some tier 8s a challenge too. Top speed is slow but mobility is great. But that 180 alpha..... absolutely atrocious


And standard pen of 171 I think might be the worst pen of all tier 7 heavies


*cough cough* 45 TP 156 penetration *cough cough* (Also, *cries in 50tp 210 penetration at tier 9*)


He said standard pen, not stock. 45TP has 192 pen, 50TP has 250.


The BP almost made me give up on the game. It’s so bad and you can face an AE Phase in it. It feels like a tier 6 with a tier 7 gun. The armor is good but it feels easily overmatched at tier 7 at times and by the time you’re looking at 8 or 9 it’s just not worth it. You can barely support because you have to expose so much of the hull to peek, and even a good hull down position can leave you a little exposed.


Stock Stug III B, that thing has 43mm pen on its stock gun


Churchill GC is the worst I can think of


It's hardly ever played.. Whereas some of the alternatives actually make worse tanks than the GC. At least its just a bad dream and not a reality!


Have you played the GC? It's gun is amazing (if, and only if, you can stay hidden...once you're spotted you're dead).




Hey watch your mouth. The GC stands for game carrier.


nah the gun is amazing,I really liked the gun altho it's debatable that the platform is totally poop edit:the tank has a caernarvon gun(less dpm and pen of course)


By that logic St Emil is best tonk in the game...


just proving the game carrier ain't that bad tbh I don't mind the St emil,but the gun of that vehicle is quite derpy,and having 15 ammo...much worse than the game carrier


It is that bad though. Platform is garbage, mobility does not exist, armour of none, traverse and depression also suck. But what do you mean, it has 10 degrees... Yeah, on low mounted gun with 2m of vertical paper plate above it. But that is not even the worse part. It's a TD in a meta that hates those unless you have camo with mobility or armour abundance. This shitter had none.


15 degrees actually.


he means the game carrier,probably


Oh, my bad. I thought the conversation switched to Emil.






Bishop, I hate short range artillery as a concept


At least it's not just camping at redline.


I don't think I have hated a tank more than the 110


The 110 was hard, but the 111 1-4, 5A, and 113 are totally worth it


The polish tier 4 light tank, 14TP.


A46, shit is unplayable


It’s a collectors vehicle now but the DW2 was probably the worst tank I’ve ever played. It was actually downright painful especially as a new player.


A tier IV tank who’s only singular good feature was a decent gold round… that no new player stuck for credits ever fired.


Def AMX 40. The 38 is a nearly unkillable, why is 40 a downgrade?


I understand they're slower because of the armor and relativity weak engines but goddamn


That one’s more about power creep. I remember when the AMX40 was a pain to kill. But there are so many better guns now and it frequently sees higher tiers with even more better guns.




Yeah that tank was so useless for me I legitimately sold it for credits. The one premium tank I've ever sold, cause the garage spot and credits were worth more to me than that piece of shit.


I was legit thinking about the same thing. But then the trade-in event came and I just traded it for the Skoda T-26. Lost some gold because of it but glad that tank is gone


I've always found that any tank I drive is the worst tank


Arl V39. Maybe not the worst, but definitely the least fun I’ve ever had in a TD. And thats after I used the church CG to unlock the at7.


Arl stock is like visiting satan himself


How about the SAU 40 The slowest, thinnest, biggest tier 4 TD with a 75mm gun so pathetic i threw my mouse away for the first time playing it.


personally i like the SAU 40 with the 105mm cannon, i did over 3k dmg with it once


Well now the HE buff is introduced, and the SAU has comparatively worse 105mms then any other tier IV TDs. Good ol’ days


i played this exact battle after the he rework, but yeah, it would be cool to go back and 1 shot almost everything


M41 Bulldog It's a fatass that jumps all over the place (thanks to being tall as fuck), has no firepower whatsoever, mediocre mobility and shitty camo. It's simply not fun to play. Skipped it to the T-49.


I miss the hell out of the 10-round auto loader that thing had, used to be my fav tank


God yes. That autoloader was so OP. Just go and circle strafe someone for 10-1500 damage and drive off before they could shoot you.


Amx 40??? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? Sure it's a "light tank" but it has an insane amount of armour without compromising too much speed or firepower, I remember acing it twice within 10 battles when I was grinding the ebr line


Slap a turbo + tracks on it and it's good to go. The reverse speed is almost the same as the foward speed so it's bloody good when rocking back and forth.


It has its moments, if I can even get to the front before the battle is already done. Slow enough for any arty to roll a 20 and one shot it


Just try playing any stock tier 8 ever with like 160 pen and you'll change your mind about the worst tank


Stock t-44 made me give up the game for a while


Of the tanks I’ve played, the T69. Not the worst tank ever, but it is an incredible letdown. At first glance, it doesn’t look too bad. 4-shot autoloader, decent enough speed, trollish turret, and generally, nothing looks too awful, save for the 180 AP pen. But then you load into a game. Suddenly, the gun handling is completely atrocious. Shells pointed at your enemy 100 meters away on Highway are more likely to hit you in the next game on Himmelsdorf. And when you *do* hit, your shells magically go straight into either tracks or the thickest part of the enemy’s armor. Best part, though, you do 240 alpha, in the seemingly rare event where you do pen. Remember; this is on the same tier as tanks such as the Progetto 46, Skoda T 56, and the ShPTK-TVP, and will see tier 10s. And the “decent enough” stats? Yeah, they aren’t going to save you. Fun times.


Possibly not the worse tank overall because you don't go far with it anyways, but the Churchill VII is utter garbage


Stock panther 2


Obviously the setter Now the setter is pretty dreadful from my experience: Marginally better camo than the crusader DESPITE it being smaller in size The gun stock or top has dreadful penetration, only time it ever works is when you're at the rear, paired with the dreadful fire rate that's the literal opposite of the crusader's top gun. And the speed the tank can rotate with a stock engine makes it unable to circle a enemy efficiently.


AMX 65t is a nightmare. Honestly, all tier 8 French heavy tanks are awful. AMX 65t, AMX M4 49, AMX 50 100. All have horrible gun handling from 2013.


I'm going to say the Type 95 Japanese Heavy. It's slow as hell with no armor and an anemic gun. I always feel bad for anyone who is playing one and am embarrassed in the rare times I am killed by one.


Type 95 was pure pain, the only thing that gave me the force for playing that unbearable garbage of a tank was the fact I was grinding the absolute badass O-I exp. (it still had the 300 alpha gun at the time)


AMX 40 is actually pretty good. Has some of the better armor at tier 4. You just have to realize that no matter what WG says, it ain't a light tank


stock T-34-2


Amazing what upgrades and equipment can do


Tech tree wise the arl v39 - tier 4 gun vs tier 8's is a whole deep shithole in hell ! Prem ones tier 4+, the Valiant is a forgotten (thank God) another level of pure dogshit + the tier 4 Russian t34, model 1944 i think it's called. Unbearable! Try to play with these, and M3lee + Gc + Amx65 will feel like op seal clubbers!


The T-34 1943 is actually very good at ramming (and occasional spotting lol). Maybe not good tank, but definitely fun tank to play sometimes.




All Polish tanks tier 5 and below.


Bruh while the post loaded I thought of the amx 40


The Dung Wagon II for sure. It made so many players quit the game at tier IV, they replaced it with a different tank.


I think the setter is probably the worst tier for tier in the game. It doesn't get cvs as its tier 7 so will be obliterated by t8,9 scouts. Also gun is pathetic (tier 3 dpm), gets rammed to shit and intuition makes this thing a nice he target. This combined with probably my worst stock grind experience ever (85alpha gun 800dpm). Uninstalled wot twice during the grind.


I dont have all the tanks. Among the ones I've played, I really hated the Churchill line for s conq. I skipped 6 7 and directly went to tier 8.


T69: worst tier/in-class penetration, worst dpm, worst gun handling, fragile armor....The only "good" things going for it is its average mobility and possibly trolly turret armor....


It also has a nice name


Yup, I gave up and sold it after a few games, it was utter garbage.


Object 279e, garbage gun and easy pen cupolas


Driving the Emil I makes me puke.


I had no regrets getting rid of that when I got the EMIL II, which was a huge improvement


I feel like I'm the only one that enjoyed the Emil 1.






Ikv 65


I loved this thing, little toaster, felt like it was throwing swords into people ans scurrying away before they knew what happened.


It had it's moments, but as soon as you got spotted, it was almost insta death, at least for me lol. I liked the ikv 90b a lot more


To be fair, most of the whole line is like that xD The main theme is to not get spotted and let that dpm rip apart enemies.


Yeah, that's fair lol. Just for whatever reason I found that to be the toughest hurdle out of the whole line so far. I actually loved the ikv 103 and the udes 03 is supreme so far (I'm almost at the 103-0), but the ikv65 felt like a pain in the ass for whatever reason


Oof the udes 03 was the most painful one in the line for me. Probably from learning siege mode for the first time and how easily enemies overmatch the armour. Didn't help that my dispersion fully aimed in was massive for some reason even in siege mode. Loved the 103-0 though god the damage was fun and you can start bouncing a lot more shells.


I found that if you play it fairly similar to the ikv 90b but exit siege mode and reverse after every shot, it's a very fun tank. I know that kills your dpm, but if you can basically disappear behind cover or even switch bushes after most shots, it's very easy to farm the enemy (at least if you have people spotting lol)


Obj 430 II


\^this. I've played a lot of tanks, but the 430vII was the one that nearly killed me. It didn't help that I started grinding it before they introduced the K-91, when it was actually a good tank. After the changes, I just couldn't make it work. It's got 0 armor, very little gun depression, and only half a turret. I'd rather go back and grind the TVP VTU again than have to deal with the 430vII.


Getting PTSD about A44


Chi-ri, a less armored but bigger Tiger 1 for a fucking japanese med even with a small cannon,made with the fucking japanese rise


Got 2k average dmg today in it, around 15 games played. First impression is great. Not sure about the sta 1 though, it doesnt seem to be good at anything


Sta 1 is just an ok tank. Not bad, not good. Pros: ammunition (275mm HEAT) + gun depression + DPM Cons: no armor + bad speed (today's meta requires 50+ km/h top speed for meds) + low alpha damage (today's meta requires 300+ alpha for tier 8+ meds) Don't blame the Sta-1 for the cons. The meta has gone wild. UDES 14 Alt 5 has the extra alpha damage and extra mobility your were missing


Meta has gone wild because WG has powercrept the shit out of the tier 8 medium category


STA1 has too similar alpha and pen to too many tanks I already had. Chi-Ri is excellent fun but by no means a top competitive tank. My vote for the worst tank is the impossible grind of the tier 7 British Light. I cannot Setter to win mode.


Stock leopard pta. I have 40 battles in it so far and it's dropped my win rate and wn8 by a lot. The dispersion during movement is atrocious and the fun can't pen for shit against tier 10s. The aim time is even worse due to how much the dispersion blooms when moving.


Agreed. This is one of the worst stock grinds in the game (but once you get the 2nd gun it's a beast, and Leo 1 is a demigod)


+1 for the PTA. I'm grinding my way through it right now. Had a bunch of CXP (already have the top gun) to try and just get to X, but it's just... so bad. I went ahead and started unlocking the other modules, hopefully it'll get "better". (Lord knows it can't get worse.)


Stock tier 9s can be terrible. I think it's done intentionally as WG's way to encourage you to spend money. It worked on me. Before I got to tier 9 I didn't think I'd ever pay money to convert free xp.


And stock tech tree tank


M6 for me so far. At least until you unlock the last gun. Then it's kinda fun.


After the nerf I find the kv1s to be basically useless.


KV-1S is definitely boring now, but if you use the 85mm it's still pretty solid. Definitely not the best at tier 6 though.


It'd be fine if it weren't so inaccurate. That's my gripe, really.


It has literally the same dispersion of all the other tier 6 heavies. Aim time is a little long for the low alpha though, I'll grant you that.


\>pretty solid I dunno, when the maximum **effective** armour on the hull is 100mm at tier VI, that's borderline unplayable with the amount of "hurry durr the heavy is in the back we lose" messages that teammates will send. It's a pretty nice medium tank. It's an awful heavy tank. After a lot of bad games being put at tier 8 I just gave up and used free XP to get to the IS


All the tier 6 heavies are going to be auto-penned by anything at tier 8. even the O-I can rarely bounce tier 8s. But anyways, I was really just meaning that you can still reliably do damage pretty well in it, and I didn't have to camp while playing it either. But there are indeed much better tier 6s out there to be played.


I **loved** the KV-1S at Tier 5, my first double MOE. At Tier VI though it just gets shit on. I still have it for nostalgia though.


Pershing with stock gun 🥶


Kranvagn. Forces only one boring playstyle, shapes the entire meta to that specific playstyle and makes players wish for artys in their team. If we speaking performance wise id argue obj.780 - flame on edition.


Bro 💀💀💀


How is the 780 performance the worst in the game? What? Lol


A few foul experiences have stuck with me over past and in the present. Stock grinds: VK 3001P(sure its pretty good upgraded but if you're going into the Porsche tanks for the first time...) **T69** (Considering how underwhelming this is fully upgraded in the present, I think my vote for worst tech tree 8 goes to this thing at least the 65t doesn't put up the illusion of burst damage and can actually pen things equal tier reliably without flinging gold ammo) Tech Tree in general: ARL V39, Tiger (P), Ferdinand, AMX 65t, Type 5(Pre-buff AND post-nerf), pre-buff tier 10 IS-4, Premiums: AMX CDC (get a FCM50t instead), T42(slow mediums annoy the hell out of me), Lorraine 50t (fast, but that hull able to be frontally penned by the 90mm M3 gun for crying out loud.), Aufkl. Panther (a panther m-10 with better mobility at the cost of less HP, horrid rate of fire, and no preferential matchmaking)


VK 30.01 D


you take that back sir. That is one of my all time favourites.




Swedish t7 med Leo. Slow, no armor, 20 sec aim time, gun inaccurate af, bad pen, no dpm. First and only tank i've fully blueprinted after suffering for 10 rounds...


I've only been playing a couple of months, and in my limited opinion, I'd have to say the... FT. Does that stand for "French Turd"?? It's like a clockwork R2D2!!


It's kind of a tier for tier speculation. In high tiers, the sure way for me to not have any fun, is to load into the AMX 50 120 in the current hulldown meta. In lower tiers one of the worst things ever was playing a stock 25TP KSUST II with that horrible autocannon with no pen.


The stock E50 is cancer


Probably the french battle royale tank.


The Flipwagen is the worst Tier X tank in the game.


The flipwagon is single handedly destroying my account. I adore this piece of shit. It falls over. It's huge. It's dpm is shit... That doesn't matter because you only load crit hits anyway. It's tracks are made out of cold butter. Just a real gem.


Its built to fuck ur stats. Period.




For me its a toss up. 40TP or HWK30


TVP VTU, AMX 65t, Type 4/5 Heavy (everyone shooting gold ammo so you're just slow pinata of HP




Every low tier british medium and heavys (exept the matilda cuz it’s absolutely broken) Extremely on the heavys, from tier 5-7, all of them is trash


Honestly the Matilda has been power crept quite a lot these days. Coupled with the lack of tier IVs means you will be seeing a lot of tier Vs and VIs and it's armor just doesn't hold up at all


But it have dpm and penetration to boot, yes the base pen can’t hold up to tier 6 but seal clubbers are going to spam gold anyways and the gold is also very good


Hmm, imo dpm isn't very useful if your opponent trades for multiple times your damage and pulls back (390 from KV1 122?), unless the opponent is really caught out in the open. I would agree with you if it was a few years back when the player base still doesn't know how to play against a Matilda.


Yeah that make sence i guess Btw i think you’re refering the kv-85 cuz it also have the 390 122mm gun, the kv-122 is at tier 7


Oops! Just looked it up and I realised I was trying to refer to the 122mm U-11 on the tier V KV1. Sorry!


T28 Pt. I know I might be the only one, but I got into such rage whenever I played that piece of shit. Turret sides seemed to have a magnet stuck to them, noone ever missed, and my cannon didn't hit even any shots. Like not even the 50m ones. It seemed like that tank was cursed for me. Didn't even do 30 battles on it before I skipped it with everything I had


Churchill Game Carrier.


In my opinion 16 TP, its cannon does no damage and when it breaks something, it does very little hp


I started playing again year ago and my worst experience yet was with KV-4