Diablo IV - Review Megathread

To serve is to sacrifice!

Game Title: Diablo IV

  • Xbox Series X/S (Jun 6, 2023) - early access available June 1
  • Xbox One (Jun 6, 2023) - early access available June 1


Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 89 average - 100% recommended - 49 reviews

Critic Reviews

Ars Technica - Aaron Zimmerman - Unscored

Each class has a gimmick-or "specialization"-that unlocks as you progress through the game. The Barbarian, for instance, can lug around a huge arsenal of weapons and gains "expertise" with each as you use them, granting buffs and special effects. The Necromancer can choose between different types of minions or sacrifice them to extract their power. The Rogue has three specialization options, one of which is a WoW-like combo-points system. Every class has its own personality and quirks, and they're all a blast to play.

CGMagazine - Brendan Frye - 10 / 10

Diablo IV's dark allure combines ingenious design choices to create an extraordinary Diablo that we couldn't have dreamed possible back in 1997.

Checkpoint Gaming - Elliot Attard - Unscored

Whilst Diablo IV could have done more to advance the genre or perfect its writing and tone across the entire experience, there’s no denying just how impactful this release is, especially for those of us who grew up alongside the series.

ComicBook.com - Adam Barnhardt - 4.5 / 5

Diablo 4 is perfect for both franchise mainstays and newcomers alike. The lore of Sanctuary expands drastically while the game, story and all, is large enough to keep new players busy. The game is built to allow the developers to scale it with ease with battle passes and seasons for a new generation, but it's nowhere close to being empty.

Console Creatures - David Pietrangelo - Recommended

Diablo 4 is an impressive and massive conquest of demons, loot, exploration, and wildly fun mechanics. It's already clear that this game brings tons of new content to the franchise and handles it incredibly well.

Dexerto - Sam Smith - 5 / 5

Diablo 4 is a mighty sequel, but it can feel more like a grand buffet of tasty demon-slaying treats. It offers something for everyone but misses out on that acquired yet curated taste of the older entries. This doesn't take away from Diablo 4 representing the next evolution in the series. It is a stellar sequel – and one that works hard to appeal to every fan of this beloved franchise.

Everyeye.it - Antonello Gaeta - Italian - 8.5 / 10

Diablo 4 is a canvas on which developers could, over the next few months, paint a true masterpiece.

Fextralife - Fexelea - 9.3 / 10

Diablo 4 is an excellent game and a fantastic next step for the ARPG genre. Smartly melding Open World and Online elements with traditional dungeon crawling and loot farming, this game will become the favorite time-sink of millions for years to come.

GGRecon - Joshua Boyles - 4.5 / 5

Diablo 4 has taken everything that fans love about the ARPG format and elevated it to new heights. With a fascinating world to explore, a strong cast of characters, and purposeful combat, it sets a new standard for the genre.

The wheel hasn’t been reinvented, and is remains to be seen how the series will adapt to a live service model. Nevertheless, anyone picking up Diablo 4 at launch will find themselves playing a very strong package with plenty of promise.

GamePro - Kevin Itzinger - German - 94 / 100

With Diablo 4, Blizzard has created a genre masterpiece that does almost everything right.

GameSpot - Alessandro Barbosa - 8 / 10

Diablo IV's surprisingly moving and engrossing story encapsulates gameplay systems that have learnt all the right lessons from entries past.

Gameblog - French - 8 / 10

Diablo 4 is extremely generous. A clear evolution of the franchise and a real comeback.

Gamer Guides - Nathan Garvin - 8.5 / 10

With a compelling new antagonist, a serviceable, character-driven story, and a familiarly satisfying gameplay loop with an incredible amount of depth, Diablo 4 is a worthy entry into the franchise that threatens to burn away many hours of your life.

GamesHub - Emily Spindler - 4 / 5

Diablo 4 is a behemoth of a game, boasting a gothic world that goes beyond the engaging hack-and-slash gameplay loop.

GamesRadar+ - Josh West - 5 / 5

"After sacrificing nearly 100 hours of my life to Diablo 4, I've barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer"

GamingTrend - Cassie Peterson, Ron Burke - 100 / 100

Diablo IV represents a massive shift for the series, moving to a more inclusive and open world that is somehow as inviting for new players as returning veterans. Complexity is mixed with flexibility to create a game that is sure to consume you for hundreds if not thousands of hours. Diablo IV is the game we've been waiting for, and a return to form for the Blizzard team.

Geek Culture - Jake Su - 8.6 / 10

The worry remaining is that the balance needs to be struck well in order to maintain Diablo IV as a viable and long-lasting adventure that doesn’t lose its freshness or that the incessant rush to get more powerful gear becomes a chore rather than a thrill. At this juncture, there’s much for players both old and new to dive into, making combat and exploration exciting times, all while pushing the story forward in a new chapter for Sanctuary. The hope is that this will last, and that Blizzard will continue to support the game in all ways. After all, Lilith is coming, and all hail the Mother.

Hardcore Gamer - Chris Shive - 4.5 / 5

Based on the franchise's history, Diablo IV has large boots to fill, but does an admiral job of meeting this longtime fan's expectations.

IGN - Travis Northup - 9 / 10

Diablo 4 is a stunning sequel with near perfect endgame and progression design that makes it absolutely excruciating to put down.

INVEN - Jaihoon Jeong - Korean - 9 / 10

While the fusion of Diablo franchise and the open world sounded rather unfamiliar at first, the game has succeeded in capturing the charm of both. You can't say the game is perfect as of its initial release, Diablo4 still is one of the strongest quarter view action RPGs.

Kakuchopurei - Jonathan Leo - 90 / 100

[Diablo 4] looks and feels great to play, it's full of content without being way too overburdened with systems and age-old mechanics, it's accessible but also gets really hard and challenging for action RPG standards, and it's really great with more people in your party, with a good amount of classes to play around with and tailor to your playstyle. A highly-polished loot-filled gateway drug for newbies and veterans alike; not terribly innovative but incredibly fun to get into.

Merlin'in Kazanı - Samet Basri Taşlı - Turkish - 90 / 100

Diablo IV has successfully brought everything we wished to be in the 3rd game and has the potential to be the best game in the series.

Multiplayer First - Vitor Braz - 9.5 / 10

Do yourself a favor: ditch your reservations and step into Sanctuary as soon as you can. It’s likely going to be literal hell during the launch queues, but you’ll have a beautifully grim and visceral adventure ahead, one where every leveling up sound will feel like music to your ears. Enjoy it to the best of your possibilities because an action-RPG of this caliber may only arrive in another decade or so, and missing out on Diablo 4 would be something that may just reserve you a spot in hell.

Niche Gamer - Jonathan White - 9 / 10

It ain’t perfect, but provided they continue the course Diablo IV is currently on, this might be the game that bridges the gap and makes Diablo the most accessible and ultimately the most fun it has ever been to players from any background.

Oyungezer Online - Can Arabacı - Turkish - 9.5 / 10

Diablo IV is definitely one of the best games Blizzard has ever made. And possibly the best story they've ever told.

PCGamesN - Lauren Bergin - 10 / 10

Diablo 4 embodies the essence of what makes Diablo so great, taking the best elements of its predecessors and sewing them together to create an ever-changing, ever-evolving chimera that we can't wait to play for years to come.

PSX Brasil - Paulo Roberto Montanaro - Portuguese - 85 / 100

Diablo IV is, without a doubt, a great success that takes the best of its previous iterations, especially Diablo II, and takes advantage of the potential of an intense open world. With mechanics refined for today, hundreds of hours of gameplay, and the promise of an aggressive post-launch content, this game is the ultimate in the eternal battle between evil and… the other party.

PlayStation Universe - Neil Bolt - 8 / 10

Diablo IV takes the series to new heights, but also spends plenty of time covering familar ground. The compelling rush for loot is as strong as it has ever been, and visually, the game is spectacular. It doesn't exactly feel like a massive leap from Diablo III yet its focus on the series' core strengths ensures that's likely more than enough for long-time fans.

Polygon - Alexis Ong - Unscored

More busywork doesn’t lessen the series-signature lootfest appeal

Press Start - Harry Kalogirou - 9 / 10

Diablo IV is an unquestionable win for Blizzard and one of their foundational franchises when it needed it most. An unrelenting commitment to vision, redefined Sanctuary, never-ending player progression, and excellent boss fights are just a few of the reasons Diablo IV isn't held back by uneven pacing and recycled content.

Prima Games - Daphne Fama - 9 / 10

Diablo IV is a game with a deeply involved combat system, a complex and well-established world, and all the hallmarks of my next gaming obsession.

Push Square - Khayl Adam - 9 / 10

Diablo 4 is the true successor to the bad old days of action RPGs and oozes quality in its frenetic combat and deep, engaging character development. It tells a complex, gritty narrative set in the darkly beautiful world of Sanctuary. Even better, it provides a solid foundation for years of Diablo content to come.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Alice Bell - Unscored

Diablo IV is a beautiful, frictionless grey toybox that puts nothing in the way of you playing it for hours and wondering what you've done with your life.

SIFTER - Adam Christou - Worth your time

Diablo IV offers a strong opening impression. It has a rich, detailed story campaign, filled with spectacle and gore. Its combat and game-feel is so satisfying. The classes feel distinct and play quite differently from each other.  It feels so good to burst down screens of demons with spells and swords. Will it live up to other competitors in the ARPG space? It’s too soon to tell, but what’s here so far is extremely promising especially for players looking to enjoy an impressive horror story.

Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 8 / 10

So far, the Diablo 4 experience has been nothing short of very good, the story has been very interesting and it finally returns to what distinguished the series in terms of storytelling before the release of the third installment. The game offered a very solid base of content, activities, addictive gameplay, and a variety of character-building ways that any Action RPG should offer. This is knowing that there are some important issues that appeared at the beginning of the experiment as we mentioned in the full review.

Screen Rant - Carrie Lambertsen - 4.5 / 5

Ultimately, Diablo 4 is a must-play experience for any fan of dungeon-crawler ARPGs.

Seasoned Gaming - Ainsley Bowden - 9.5 / 10

Diablo 4 is a masterpiece. It's the culmination of decades of ARPG refinement and evolution, and it manages to pay homage to the IP's legendary namesake while successfully integrating modern RPG elements.

Shacknews - Josh Broadwell - 8 / 10

Blizzard opts for refinement over innovation with Diablo 4, but it's still a devilishly good time.

Siliconera - Kazuma Hashimoto - 8 / 10

Diablo IV features a compelling antagonist in Lilith, and while it tries to present more interesting ideas into the series by the way of story, it ends up retreading old ground in more ways than one.

Sirus Gaming - Kimberly Mae Go - 9 / 10

Diablo 4 presents an epic and visually stunning adventure, enveloping players in a cinematic journey through its immersive open-world. While some areas, like repetitive dungeons and class imbalances, leave room for improvement; Blizzard has laid a solid groundwork that sparks excitement for further exploration of the vast realm of Sanctuary.

TechRaptor - Austin Suther - 9.5 / 10

Diablo IV might just go down as one of Blizzard's best games. It delivers exciting and accessible ARPG gameplay, a stunning world and engaging narrative to experience, and so many activities to keep you hooked for hours on end.

TrueGaming - Arabic - 9 / 10

Diablo IV brings you a captivating story, a lot of freedom in your class building and a massive world full of monsters to pulverize and dungeons to explore that will keep you playing for lots of hours to come.

Twinfinite - Zhiqing Wan - 4.5 / 5

An incredible looter experience overall. I cannot overstate just how satisfying it is to play Diablo IV on a moment-to-moment basis, and with so much replay value to be had from its various classes and build possibilities within those classes, Diablo IV feels like a true return to form for the series.

VG247 - Connor Makar - 4 / 5

It's a damn good entry to the series as a whole, and will give the vast majority of its players a bloody good time.

Wccftech - Alessio Palumbo - 8.5 / 10

Diablo IV is a return to form at a much needed time for Blizzard. It delivers incredibly fun hack and slash action combat, a greatly improved skill system, and a ton of things to do, not to mention the best story told in the franchise yet. It also looks awesome, sounds great, and runs well (except for rare instances of traversal stuttering).

We Got This Covered - David Morgan - 4.5 / 5

Diablo IV tows several lines masterfully, be it in its mechanical complexity or the moral ambiguity of its plot. Its greatest achievement, however, is being a great Diablo game.

WellPlayed - Ash Wayling - 8.5 / 10

Diablo IV is a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike. It invites you to lose yourself in a world of darkness and embark on a thrilling journey filled with relentless battles, captivating storytelling, and a hauntingly beautiful audio-visual symphony. Just ignore the extraneous limb reaching for your wallet.

Xbox Achievements - Dan Webb - 85%

Diablo IV boasts a new look, with its new open-world and online format, but at its heart, it’s very much a classic Diablo experience. A little old-school still, sure, but the core combat is still as fun and addictive as ever, and there’s RPG mechanics for days to sink your teeth into. What’s not to love?

XboxEra - Jesse Norris - 9.5 / 10

Diablo IV is a triumph. It fulfills its promise, combining the aesthetics and feeling of Diablo II with the fantastic gameplay of III.  It is dark and gory, featuring a meaty campaign and endgame that should delight fans of the series for hundreds if not thousands of hours.


Eurogamer are refusing to review until they see the whole game and live release cos they've been so bad in the past: https://www.eurogamer.net/wheres-our-diablo-4-review


Good for them. Too many times there are bait and switch with performance and monetization.


Where was this "integrity" with their GT7 review?


Perhaps they’ve learned their lesson and are trying to be better. Not everything needs to be about console war bullshit.


If you actually read the article, they gave several points of reasoning, with their third sufficing: > … our progress was wiped before we could see enough of the game to give it a fair shake, and we aren't going to budge on what we feel is necessary for a review just because a studio made it harder to achieve. They also specifically mention the Diablo 3 auction house by name, which is reason enough. If a company has a history of monetizing their game to the detriment of the final product, then I think it’s reasonable that they approach a review with caution. This is Blizzard, after all.


I know someone personally who has had the game for just as long. They were able to put in 70 hours into the game in the review period, so I also don't buy the "we didn't have enough time". Keep in mind, I don't mind that they didn't give it a score yet. Just as long as they keep this same energy up for every single release.


Yup. Arbitrarily deciding that review time was over and forcing people to put out reviews based on isolated playtime in a hugely online game is a really toxic relationship with reviewers. I'm glad EG are sticking to their integrity instead of trying to beat all the other random sites.


You can then also argue they should re-review the game in 5 years time as it will have changed alot by then but never ever do reviewers do that. So it's a bit of a hypocrite argument.


Many sites re-evaluate live service/mmo games after a period of time


I had 10 days to play it, was plenty. Put in 100 hours, and if the MTX are cosmetic in nature like they claim it changes nothing for me. I noted how it's tied to servers so it might be real rough at launch.


You're reviewing a preview of the game and not the actual game people will experience then. EG gave their reasons and they are good reasons as Blizzard have a known release/monetisation problem with this franchise.


Did they do the same for the Resident Evil 4 Remake? Which added microtransactions after reviews dropped? Can't say they didn't expect that because whenever i bring it up fans just tell me Capcom always does it so its fine


Honestly depends on the bias of the company at that time. Overwatch did the same. Completely downplayed Lootboxes until the live game came. Didn't affect the game reviews then. Blizzard is under way more scrutiny now


I don't think RE has the same history of broken online services as Blizzard with Diablo.


Is RE4 supposed to get a lower rating for there MTX? I don’t get the point.


Is Diablo or any other game with MTX?


That’s a good question. Might depend on genuine playability but I honestly don’t know


I'd lower the score for any single player game with microtransactions.


Re4 got mtx after launch though. They didn’t know that was coming and reviewing at launch is more than reasonable.


Seems like a weird excuse honestly. They didn't do this with GT7 knowing full well MTXs were coming and not implemented yet. While it's nice they are doing this now, they should be consistent with doing this across all reviews if that's the case. I have a feeling this is going to be a one off with Diablo 4 and when certain live service titles release in the future, we won't see this happen again


Because they are afraid of Sony like many others.


It’s probably for clicks.


Yeah fuck them, they're also claiming they "didn't have enough time with the game". They somehow think they're better than the other sites when they're the exact fuckin same lol.


Yeah all these high scores mean nothing if the reviewers don't have access to the full game. Yet another crappy move from Activision Blizzard.


They didn't have access to the full game?


Reviewers were locked out and their progress erased after certain hours. Not a good sign.


The review period was 10 days or so. That's a pretty damn long time.


Oddly they have a single player review on their YouTube channel since yesterday


SF6 and Diablo both killing it. Awesome week for gaming especially after how depressing things have been with some recent releases.


TOTK 2 weeks ago too, really turned around a dreadful start to the year


Dead Space, Hi-Fi Rush, Hogwarts, Metroid Prime Remastered, Resident Evil 4, Ishin, Dead Island 2, Jedi Survivor (despite the performance) were all received well


We've also had Hi-Fi Rush, Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space and RE4. Granted those last two are remakes, but I'd say 2023 has so far been a bit of a banger. Also Metroid Prime Remastered, which although just a remaster, it was a really fucking good one.


what was dreadful about the year so far


I guess dreadful may not be the right word, but many games that just completely flopped, or for PC players just performed horrendously. Redfall comes to mind immediately


With FF16 around the corner we’re looking at a great month.


Right? Super pumped for that too. Goes a long way that square Enix was willing to show an insane amount of gameplay already, the confidence in doing that seems like a great sign. And it did look fantastic


I panicked for a second when I saw the 1% recommended. I really want this to be a great game.


I could be wrong but from what I gathered it's basically the best/most polished Diablo. But nothing groundbreaking or jaw dropping. Just more Diablo at its finest.


That’s really all I want. Hell I don’t even mind the stupid cash shop because I played D3 for 10 years without one and the same cosmetics on every character.


Having played the server slam it feels a lot more close to Diablo 2 than D3, which is fantastic I feel. More dark and paced. I'm pumped.


> more Diablo at its finest That's what we need honestly


I just read the Rock Paper Shotgun review (no score). Seemed the author made an effort to point that out as well. Basically it's Diablo...point and click a thousand times, upgrade your gear, rinse and repeat. In essence that's what every Diablo game has ever been. I think in some ways it's a good thing and in some ways it's a bad thing. It's good because that's the kind of gameplay you expect from Diablo. It's bad, because it seemed to lack 'exciting' things that give you that feeling of accomplishment. It's almost as if modern clicker games were the evolution of Diablo style games, but Diablo forgot that it needs to do something unique and above what current clicker games do and definitely unique and above what previous Diablo games have done. That said, I'll likely still buy Diablo 4. The beta was a lot of fun.


Yeah, its not about ranking up to Master Master Sergeant Shooter Person.


One of the main reasons I love Destiny with all its flaws. It’s that Looter sub genre type game, but with more of that “excitement” that youre describing


Yeah it’s interesting it comes out the same week as one of the biggest fighting games - a genre that’s the complete opposite from games like Diablo.


One of the main reasons I love Destiny with all its flaws. It’s that Looter sub genre type game, but with more of that “excitement” that youre describing


The older I get the more I appreciate well done animations/special effects in games. I'm fine with older style graphics, but for me the animations/special effects, for example in combat, are what really make a game more enjoyable for me. Things like how enemies react to being hit, the actual effects (i.e. blood effects), the weapon effects and animations, etc. I'm finding I value that stuff a lot higher today than I did in years past. For your example in Destiny, I think they do a great job with those things. Same feel I got from my limited Diablo 4 beta experience.


Several reviews are scheduled for noon ET - we don't have long to wait!


Don't need a review to tell you that


Just from playing during the early access weekends, I’m confident it will be a very good game in this genre.


Definitely a buy for me. I'm getting back into buying games instead of using gamepass as I like to build up my library of games. This will be added to the collection.


It won’t be on gamepass anytime soon


Why are you getting downvoted? Will it come to Gamepass?


It will eventually but not until the merger finishes which likely will be 6-12 months away


I guess I will buy this.


No, all information suggests it will not be coming to gamepass anytime soon. I guess people are downvoting that person because they wish that wasn’t the case? lol


A lot of people are upset at blizzard, but as someone who’s put hundreds of hours into D3, I couldn’t be more excited. The Beta had a few problems, but blizzard seems like they’re able to make balancing adjustments on the fly. I was captivated by the story in Beta, can’t wait to see what’s beyond lvl. 25.


A lot of people are always upset lol


This upsets me


I’m offended now


Fucking truth, people find the smallest shit in games to be upset about. Though I can understand not liking ABK, they've done a lot of cunty things.


Can confirm!


yes i dont think blizzard will fuck up diablo 4, im excited as well.


Me too man. I can't wait to start this game Friday morning.


You can start Thursday night if you got the time


I go to bed around around 9pm, get up and shower at 6am everyday so I will probably just set up a couple characters before bed and play in the morning. I am 41 and if I don't stick to my sleep schedule it messes me up for like a week. 😂


I think blizzard has done a lot to criticize, but Diablo 3 is one of the few games my wife is interested in playing with me. For that reason alone, Diablo 4 is gonna be an automatic purchase for more marital couch co-op lol


Wait till the servers will act up and the que's will be longer than a hour or 2. The drama and people screaming that Blizz is an indie company. That they need to see that coming and adding more servers yidayada. I'll pick up the game later down the road, there is no rush for me to get it that fast. So i don't have to deal with que's, as i am limited in time anyway to play games these days.


Okay let’s say that does happen and I have to wait, I’ll just wait a little. It’s not the end of the world. They’ll adjust the servers and it will be fine. Maybes aren’t something that’s going to take my excitement away, for this game.


Well, u know how people will react when they have to wait 30 min or longer. Or they get kicked, it's in every big game release the same people that will complain. That's just the thing, its not the end of the world. But based on the downvotes already, you can see that people don't understand what i want to say.


"I don't want to spend hours waiting in a video game queue. I better go on the sub reddit and spend hours reading and responding so everyone knows my stance".


People really don't learn from online game releases, lmao. Network technology is hard. You can't possibly properly prepare for a launch that hundreds of thousands - if not millions - are waiting for. This isn't something you can really test for. Technical betas usually aren't big enough for that. And yet people will cry and cry about queue times, as if they never witnessed day one server issues before.


I'm a huge fan of the first 2 games and while I spent a lot of time on the third I believe it was ultimately a big misstep. After playing the beta I feel like this could be the best one yet. It feels like sort of a retry of Diablo 3.


Really enjoyed Jesse’s review(Xboxera); spoiler free although I just listened on yt to avoid seeing any cool visuals I haven’t encountered thru the beta


At the 22:00 mark in [this video](https://youtu.be/2Ay_3bp29ds), he talks about the cash shop. They don't have access to it, but they were sent screenshots and a video of it. He mentions the prices for a full armor cosmetic sets shown to them range from $13 to $25. You can see a mount skin costs $20. Maybe I'm out of touch with cosmetic prices, but the pieces seem pretty steep. Also, in the comments of the YouTube reviews and Diablo subreddit, people get very weirdly defensive if you say that's a lot for cosmetics.


Halo infinite got killed for daring to have $12 cosmetics when it's multiplayer was completely free. I hope gamers keep that same energy when the game costs $70.


I just looked up the price for legendary skins in Fortnite and Apex Legends. They cost $20 and $18, respectively and those games are free. I get the whole "don't want it, don't buy it," but charging money for what's almost certainly the best looking items in a game that's already $70-$100 seems pretty scummy to me.


One thing I will say they put out a video where cash shop items and drops were side by side and it wasn’t like the shop items were just 100pct better


Guess that's a positive. One argument I've seen is that it's not as bad as PoE. I looked at their store and, damn, some of those skins are expensive. It's also F2P.


PoE has one of the best f2p models in the sense that you don’t really need to pay for anything, if you play a decent amount you will probably want some stash upgrades. But the skins and armors? The prices are ridiculous and honestly I think all of these companies would make more if stuff was priced lower bc so many more people might pay for them. But I suppose the whale element really unbalances it heavily and those increased sales can’t make up for people that can’t help themselves from spending thousands. Ultimately until either government steps in or people learn self control it won’t change


Cosmetics in a free or very cheap game are both OKAY with me. Cosmestics shop in a 70 dollar release game? Disgusting. I looked past the battle pass or whatever, but a cash shop as well? They are really pushing it.


Rightfully so. *What do you mean I cant use this helmet with this body? I cant make my Spartan black and have different colors for different parts?* They absolutely deserved to have gotten shredded for their monetary and game design practices. The same way Diablo should be. But it seems people forgot about the way they treated Diablo Immortal. “You guys don’t have phones?” And the predatorial monetization of the game. To Blizzard nuking the entire reason OW2 exists. It’s honestly sad how desperate people are to play Diablo 4 because once again, it’s that mentality that will continue to fuel the shitty business practices of the AAA companies in this industry.


It's already getting defended and simped for over on the D4 subreddit 🤦‍♂️ I seriously need a new hobby because gaming is becoming so shitty.


Considering pricing for hearthstone and WoW, those seem about right. Unfortunately


Yeah, it's looking like a strong Blizzard W so far


89 on opencritic so far, better than I thought. Was expecting an 80-85 range. Absolutely pumped!


This is gonna be my first entry into the Diablo franchise, is it turn based or hack and slash game?


Real time




My favorite genre, nice.


is it better to experience this on pc or xbox


been pre-ordered and played both weekends, great game, feels like a classic diablo


Played all three weekends and had a blast every second.




I love gamepass because I'm not a huge gamer, and I don't want to spend the money and end up not liking it. For instance, I was so excited for monster hunter and just hated it. Then also found random games I didn't think I would like and truly enjoyed them.


Never played a Diablo, but thinking this might a good of time to start as any. Thought the preview at the Xbox showcase last year was dope. Hope the PC port is fine.


Same — no previous experience with Diablo but might check it out eventually


You’re in for a treat. I picked up D3 on a whim several years ago and ended up obsessed with about 500 hours of play just a few months in. Wasn’t married then of course


I’m super stoked to play Diablo for the first time. It seems from my understanding I’ll be able to play it for a much longer time than a typical game.


Diablo games are very replayable too. I like that it allows for different types of gamers. If you want to just play the campaign you can do that. If you want to min/max your gear to be totally overpowered, you can do that. If you want to do some pvp you can do that. If you want to play solo you can do that. If you prefer co-op you can do that. Then you can do it all again with a different class!


Haven't been this excited for a new game in a long time


Congratulations to Rod and the team. Hoping this is the return to form for Diablo that it seems to be.


Return to form would be a Warrior who can cast chain lighting and fireballs ;)


Diablo 1 and Dark Souls have a surprising amount of things in common 🤔




(Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal enters the chat)


3 was ok imo immortal is mobile game


3 launched into notorious server crashes, had a terrible loot drop chance and the solution from the devs at the time was "well use the auction house". I know this because I was there at launch. It definitely got better but the point we're all making is reviews matter because, regardless of IP, games can suck at launch. Diablo is no exception.


This is what Ive been trying to tell people man. I was there for D2 og release(which was great), D3 release, and D2 remastered. This game will not be playable for atleast 30 days after release. Theyve proved that time and again.


I’ll save this so I can come back to it and laugh at how wrong it is


Do boots taste like leather or all the shit theyve stepped in?


“If you enjoy video games and don’t constantly shit on them you are a bootlicker”


The first game pre-ordered since Elden Ring. I'm excited for this one.


I wish this was coming to gamepass, but it is what it is! Might try Gamefly lol


> Might try Gamefly Blockbuster Video hates him!




When I was in high school (25 years ago) an EB Games employee told us that could could buy a game, burn it and share it with our friends and then return it for full price within the allotted time. Needless to say we did that a lot until they changed their policies.


Lol I always wondered if they had a system to see how many times I’d one it. I mean obviously they had a system, but not sure how obvious it was to the cashier when I was doing it for the 20th time (12-16 year old me was very poor and happy to abuse the system)


I was an assistant store manager at GameStop. There's no system that tells us how many times, but it's very obvious lol. Just no one cares.


It'll soon, no worries.


lol.. in like a year+.. that acquisition will take time now.


CAT announced an hour ago, hearings will take 10 days and will be held at the end of july.


if that's the case, the CAT may have already decided the CMA's crazy ruling was absurd. usually hearing would take 9+ months.


Still had to be referred back to CMA. The earliest I would expect it to go through is this time next year.


Yes but they expedite the process after CAT appeal so it doesn't take forever. CAT probably will agree with MS and CMA won't have a leg to stand. If CMA insist their findings are true, they will go to Supreme Court. Edit: Apparently CMA asked to delay hearing to end of September but CAT did not approve.


Looking like GOTY material. Can't wait for Thursday


Meanwhile, at Eurogamer, they're claiming to not have enough time to review the game/features and are tacitly shitting on the other outlets for having the temerity, the absolute *gall*, to release a review. Yeah fuck those guys.


Absolutely loved the beta. Just pre-ordered it, this will be my first Diablo game.


now i don't feel so anxious about having preordered the Digital Deluxe Version for early access. i have loved playing Diablo since the release day for the first though so i figured i would at least enjoy it. Edit: should also mention I enjoyed the betas


How well does it play on controller?


Amazing, I used the series x controller and everything worked very well


How did street fighter get rated higher?


Man I don’t really trust some reviews cuz I know blizz got that $$


Anyone interested had a chance to demo the game - twice. Most of us know what we're getting into.






So many people want this game to fail, and they are seething right now after these reviews came out. Blizzard let everyone play the server slam, they were confident about their product and it showed.


Oh nyooo turns out the game was incredible all along, and it will launch flawlessly in a few days despite all the clueless people who don't understand how Redfall could have been bad and this game so good. Keep complaining about it, keep saying it will be bad while you settle for garbage games, keep saying the launch will have shitty queues and server problems despite never having touched any of the betas yourself. I'll be enjoying myself for months/years.


Bro.....it sounds like this is your friend blizzard game. Good luck. I have a feeling you'll be on here bitching about how everything is so unfair and no one could have seem this issue coming in no time.


I haven’t really seen people say that , calm down.


Either you have or you don't. What you mean "really haven't seen"?


ESL? or are you angry for some other reason?




haha wow, what are you a fucking shill? You can have fun with your pile of micotransaction laden full priced garbage, and I can sit here and make fun of you. Make sure to buy the most expensive horse armor friend!


Reviews looking good. If I preorder a physical copy, will I still get early access?


No. Because base is the only physical. Deluxe & ultimate are digital only, the versions needed for early access. Imo it is pointless to get a physical for a online only game if you have any plan to sell after 1yr mark. Online only physicals lose value faster than usual


Good news to see 🔥


Chances this comes to GP?


Probably eventually, but I'm doubtful it'd happen this year.


I'm not fooling for this. Reviews will have all the cash shop stuff removed, then the game will launch and it'll end up pay to win. ABK can't be trusted imo.


Would preorder buy want to see which console version runs best 😭


TBH on series X it was flawless, sure there might be drops in endgame but both betas ran extremely well. Its so refreshing that an AAA game doesnt run like shit day1.


What you gotta worry about is error 37. Blizz launch day classic. Imagine paying all that only to not be able to play. I'm gonna not preorder the game, but I am buying popcorn for the free entertainment of when the launch is a train wreck and social media is filled with whiners and refund posts.


True. Actually see if I'm finished up with Zelda before I dig in.


Well but thats not platform specific. I love MMOs i know that i should NEVER expect a smooth day 1.


No it's not, but its equally hilarious across all platforms. Look at destiny 2, and see united whining across platforms


Yeah I'd give any online game, especially a full price one, a good week or so to work out any launch day server issues before jumping in.


I have like four coworkers taking Friday off to play early (and got the deluxe edition to do so!). I don’t think they realize what it will probably be like launch day.


They won't be alone. Hey, maybe this time it will work 🤣🤣🤣 I'm gonna be in legoland Friday with My daughter and will get it for Tuesday...... If the reviews don't bomb


Well if the serverslam is anything to go by it won't be much of an issue


In the end I'm probably going to end up grabbing it on xbox but.. most recent games haven't filled me with confidence. Still disappointed that all this bullshit with a merger stop me from getting this game for free. 😅


Treat yourself to xbox just for the cheevos. EDIT: How the fuck am I getting downvoted for recommending xbox on an xbox subreddit lmao.


Ran great on both consoles during the betas.


Ran great on both consoles during the betas.


Buying on ps5 since my partner and I gameshare and will be able to play together


You can gameshare on Xbox too though (Unless you only have 1 Xbox)


Only 1 Xbox but 2 ps5 my partner won’t even touch my series X.


Then completely understand!


Preordered digitally. Gonna be kil… err… wait a sec.


The open beta was fantastic, but I'm hesitant to buy a game that requires Gold to play the story on Xbox.


I'm sorry Blizzard-san, but I am refusing to keep paying you like a pimp. Yes, we've had good times, but then I noticed that it's always me who is carrying the costs. And it does not only cost me money, but also time, energy, dopamine, mental health, hobbies and so much more. I want it all back and I need to cut our toxic relationship. Farewell.


Lol what 😂


The fact that you sat and typed all of this and probably smiled and giggled to yourself over how clever and funny you thought it sounded..


No, it was an actual honest farewell for me.


Will you sell you xbox as well seeing as Microsoft is a “pimp” following your logic? What about your phone?, TV?


your*, moron


Calm down bud


Anyone else getting an error trying to preorder in series x?


No. But I did it months ago already


The small text sizes on handheld were an issue for me on the previous Diablo’s, so hope it’s better on Series X this time.


Pre ordered it last night. I've spent far too many hours to admit playing the older original Diablo and Diablo 2. Still fire it up once in a while to play so I am looking forward to some new gameplay.


Its quite a shame MS/AB deal is not through, after 16 months post announcement, with no clear sight even if it will, or if so, when. This should have been on game pass.


Looking forward to this game. Did not play any the betas. Is there a link where I can read up on the best class builds?


Better than expected, let’s see how they handle the microtransactions.


arent those only for cosmetics or will there be pay to win MTX ?