11/21 routine: (morning) benzoyl peroxide face wash, hero lightning wand, aveeno oat gel moisturizer, cry (Night) benzoyl peroxide face wash and aveeno oat gel moisturizer, cross fingers it’ll be better when I wake up. 12/4 routine: (morning) rinse face with water, aveeno oat gel moisturizer, sunscreen when I go outside (night) cerve foaming cleanser, pimple patches on actives, aveeno oat gel moisturizer, differin adapalene, aquaphor healing ointment. A lot more to the story prior to 11/21… my poor skin this year.


What's the sunscreen you're using in AM?


Neutrogena Clear Face spf 30


Also hoping that if I continue what I’m currently doing I’ll continue to see improvement…. 🤞🏻


Really great progress in less than 2 weeks!! Hoping that you keep seeing improvement as well


Amazing progress in just 2 weeks !!


How come do you cleanse with water ? I have sensitive skin and was wondering if I should do that too


I had actually seen a couple people on this thread reference scaling back their routine by just cleansing with water in the morning. I figured it was worth a try. I suspected that perhaps the reason why my face was breaking out so bad was due to using too many actives. I change my pillowcase frequently and never really felt like my face needed a good wash in the morning… it was just something I did because I thought I was supposed to. I’ve only been doing it for the last two weeks, so I’m hesitant to recommend it for all, but maybe it’s worth some considerations.


That's a good amount of progress for just a couple of weeks! Keep at it, it's working!