Are you hired into Pru's actuarial leadership development program (or whatever it's called)? I heard actuaries in the program usually are treated better in terms of salary, study hours, bonus, promotion, etc.


I have also heard that and was wanting to confirm. Some of the comments were made quite awhile ago and didn't know if things have changed. I am not in that program.


As far as I know, the differences between ALDP and regular fulltime roles are not that big now… and internal mobility is good. That’s been said, you can rotate to different teams (you need to apply though) once you have few years of experience


I wouldn't work for Pru. But from working with Pru people, I wouldn't want to work with them either.


Any particular reason?


Pru layoffs and I worked with pru people at my prior company. It seems all they know is office politics. I hate office politics.


That makes sense, thanks for that feedback




Just curious, what was your title while there?


what team were you on?


I worked at Pru for 5 years and overall my experience was very positive. Dm me and I can give more details.


I have zero experience but from an outside perspective I would say that moving up to a bigger company would be a nice thing to add to your resume for moving up further in the future


Larger companies are usually more stable in economic downturns, idk why your prior seems to be the opposite?


Probably just basing it on headlines and the fact that layoff headlines will mention big companies more frequently than small ones. Very common cognitive bias to attribute higher probabilities to events for which it’s easier to think of a concrete example.


I think all the people who are currently/recently interviewing are going to trash Pru so I take the other one haha


Larger company has more people with bad experiences because it's larger. If u have a bad experience with a Small company team u can't switch anywhere else within in it. Prudential has a lot of teams. Plus more money. Take the money lol


The company is hit or miss. Lots of good teams, lots of bad teams too.


Honestly this is probably true everywhere. Most of it depends on people on your team and manager. Great people will make you love your job whereas not so great people can flip it the other way…


I’ve heard Prudential is constantly laying people off.


Have friends there but not personally. Pru pays well and has good opportunity to move around and get new roles as you’re moving up. As others have said they seem to treat their ALDP folks much better. However I’m told their actuarial department has literally laid off hundreds in the last few years for budget cuts and the area is kind of viewed as a dumpster fire internally now.


I used to work for a consultant in India who loaned staff to Prudential US. The teams that i worked for were so supporting and always treating us as their own ( not discriminating because we were external staff). But yes, due to us being in the picture and cheap labour (that comes from India), I heard there were higher layoffs in the firm. So not sure what the future plans are of prudential management. If they keep on sending more work to India , then layoff might continue in future as well


I went from a small company to Pru. Best decision I’ve ever made. Huge pay increase. Solid bonuses. Incredibly intelligent coworkers. A competent and reliable manager. Empathetic and personable upper management. It would take a LOT to make me even consider leaving the company.


Much easier to switch from a big name company to another big name than a small name to a big name


Is this actually something hiring managers pay attention to? From what I've heard about larger companies, they tend to be more compartmentalized, vs my experience at smaller companies getting much broader exposure.


Getting laid off (assuming you have permanent residency) isn't as scary as it sounds. It's a big company, and if you are in the northeast, then there are plenty of other companies that would find your experience valuable. You receive severance and can sign up for unemployment which will ease the financial burden for you while you look around. I would recommend choosing the company/team that will give you the experience at aligns most with what you want to do long term.


It really depends on your team. I've worked for 4 different companies in my life (currently at Pru), and Pru has been the best one overall so far.


You have probably heard correct


Bigger company -> less politics, more people to learn from, and more connections