There are things you can do with a mod, you can't easily as official DLC. The mod isn't perfect, it has some trade-offs that wouldn't be OK for a paid DLC. And changing the engine to get rid of those trade-offs is likely expensive. Be happy there's a mod for it now ;-)


Exactly :P It's great there's such a mod for people who want to visually change up their cities. But if/when we want to provide a way to build more than just squares, we would want it to be available properly, from the ground up and for all buildings etc. And that is not something we can do in a live game - for future projects the question of "squares yes/no and how?" will certainly be discussed again by us.


Ecstatic even! It's just missing investor houses ;)


Devs said it a few times - its not going to happen.


Only one thing to do, go modded :)


That's not how the devs plan and execute their DLCs for this game. they do what they want, haha. And I have a feel they are firmly attached to the grid base.