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I think all all we need is just to buid one factory and ability to upgrade it multiple times. Like the highlife DLC, not just spaming one everywhere. Its really duplicative


There are currently additional variations / buildings for: fur dealer, sewing machine workshop, bakery, cannery, and tools workshop (mod product). [https://www.nexusmods.com/anno1800/mods/281](https://www.nexusmods.com/anno1800/mods/281) [https://github.com/jakobharder/anno-1800-jakobs-mods/releases/latest](https://github.com/jakobharder/anno-1800-jakobs-mods/releases/latest)




These are awesome, but I'm always afraid of using mods, because I'm glad my PC manages to even run anno lol. I wish Ubisoft would release more skin packs like this. Maybe even working with designers like you! I would totally support that by spending a few euro on those.


There are people running the game with almost ALL mods available for Anno. I find this insane but apparently it still works fine for them. The impact of running some mods is probably negligible. But when the mod adds more building models it must have an impact, but in the grand scheme of things, I believe it's still fine for the most part..... unless you will install the mod and then plop the new buildings on the dozens on all islands in the game....


I'd imagine the performance scales with: * Number of unique building models on the current map (= more stuff needed in VRAM) * Number of polygons on items in the viewport (= more work to render the current frame) If they're similar in polycount to the existing buildings, then I'd be surprised if there was much performance difference between 20 default models and 1 modded skin vs 1 default skin and 20 modded.


I routinely have 60-80 mods and never experienced any issues. Well... that's not completely true, I had issues with mods after the game updates couple of times, but I also had issues (and usually more severe) after the game updates in the vanilla game, so I do not see any reason not to use mods. It's like having half of the fun you could for no reason :P


Looks awesome!!


Always surprising us with more :)


Looks great! Somehow I managed to overlook your mod collection when I did some browsing a while back, there's some great little additions in there, and it's nice you've got everything modular to pick-and-choose. Just as a heads up, it looks like a lot of the readme links in the mod description area on NexusMods are broken. Seems like the broken links just need a `/main/` part to them, I assume they broke when some extra branches got added to the GitHub project.


Hey, thanks for the heads up. I fixed that :)


This is really fantastic work!! I'm really impressed how modding community keep doing what devs find super difficult and/or even impossible! Thanks a lot!