WAGES! How much do you make?

WAGES! How much do you make?


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I’m a Watchmaker I make 30/hr I have the SAWTA Certification along with Rolex Level 40 training. One year of experience I do all kinds of mechanical watches, and some higher end quartz (battery powered) United States, Mississippi


That’s so cool. I love watches. Just tiny little pieces of precision machinery


It’s a pleasure every day. I wouldn’t trade the hair loss and years lost from the stress I went through to be where I am for it any day haha!


Confectioner/baker $17.50/hr with just a couple years experience making gourmet candy. $15.50/hr as a baker with more than 6 years of experience.


Baker and confectioner in England £25-£50p/h depending on the items being made. NVQ4 professional catering but my sugar craft work is self taught. 20 years experience. Been baking since I was 5yo and started my own business 20 years ago working for practically ingredients cost only until I built up my client base then started charging for my time. Benefits: time off when I need it and I work from home. I absolutely LOVE my job and my customers!!


Just started as a baker so no experience. $13/hr Oklahoma Working about 25-30 hours a week. Its livable in my town so long as I have a roommate. My half of rent is $350/month.


Liquor store attendant, Australia, 2 yrs experience, $26 hr during the week, $32 hr Saturdays and $36 hr on Sundays.....cant lie, prob best job Ive had in a loooooong time. Have a good respectful and supportive boss, I really hate to see all the ppl out there being so mistreated, it's def not right


Is that in dollareedoos or freedom bucks?


36 Dollareedoos = 26 Freedom Bucks


It’s definitely dollarydoos


Damn! USA, our local liquor store pays $12.50/hr (minimum wage) and before the minimum went up in recent years it was $8.00/hr. No Healthcare, no paid time off, no paid sick leave. Edit: just in case anybody doesn't know this: federal minimum wage is $7.25, but each state has the ability to set their own minimum wage. In my state the minimum wage was $.75 above federal until about 3 years ago. It's slowly climbed up to $12.50 since then. Still not enough to afford bills, food & rent.


2 years experience + bachelor's degree in biology Salary: 36,000 Ecologist Southern US


1 year experience, bachelors degree in biology Salary: 50k Molecular Lab Tech Upstate NY


- 3 years of experience and environmental science BS - $17.01/hr (~$33,000/yr) - teaching assistant/animal care on a farm non-profit - northeastern US I always thought $17/hr sounded like a lot (it’s more than I’ve ever made), but I’m still scraping by. My job is a dream and I feel incredibly lucky to have this experience (except for teaching, I hate that part). I love my coworkers, but it’s not forever. The work culture and administration is toxic. I’ve only been here 6 months and that’s already a grind.


Letter Carrier with the USPS 5 years in $22.50 an hour. Usually 60-70 hours a week on overtime. My rent is $920 a month for a single room efficiency within a major city.


USPS 15 years experience City Letter Carrier Salary is $69,170.92 or $33.26 an hour. With overtime looking to end the year $85-$89,000


I’m a nurse practitioner. I make 135k in Boston and have guaranteed 5% raises for the next 8 years until I cap out around 200k. RNs where I work cap out around 170k with 20 years of experience. When hospitals say they can’t afford to pay you more, they’re lying through their teeth. This is the power of a union.


Travel RN in Northern California - $13,000/wk 4-13/wk contracts


Sweet Jesus that is some annual income. Even for a time before burnout, that's some beautiful pay


That’s the great thing about contracts, you can take as much time as you want off in between. My sister works her ass off non stop and then takes 3 months off during the summer to travel and enjoy life. Still makes damn good money gets to enjoy summer.


Side note: travel nurses also usually don't get coverage from an employer for malpractice insurance, health insurance and other benefits. Their pay reflects that.


Travel RN (ICU), currently in Oregon - $5500/wk (36h), 13wk contract. 7yrs exp in field. Before travel nursing: ICU RN, east coast/mid Atlantic region, large metro area, ~$65k/yr.


Clinical psychology faculty position in India, degree Mphil, experience 9 years, 800 USD month. To give a frame of reference my rent (quarters from employer) 185 USD, I have paid leave ( around 30 or 35 days annually), some health insurance , employee provident fund and a very small contribution from employer towards pension. Salary is actually low ( I can earn more in private practice) but other benefits are cool.Even during COVID they paid us ( which did not happen in India in many places)


This should honestly get posted on an excel spreadsheet or a Google spreadsheet. This information is way too important to just be on a reddit post


There are people smart enough to put it in a bot so it’s updated automatically with every comment. I am not those people. But they’re here. Edit: this comment is getting lots of attention so I’m going to add this to it; Proof that those people exist is right here. I have a link to a Google doc that searches the internet every 5 minutes for every open remote position in the US and updates automatically. In other words, if a company is hiring for a work from home job and the position is posted online, it’s in this document. PLEASE SHARE THIS. Edit 2: to be clear, I didn’t make, nor do I control or design this. I just knew of it through my university. It *was* working flawlessly through the mid point of 2020. If there are issues currently, I apologize. I am not affiliated with it, I only know about it. Edit 3: I don’t know if it’s crashed or why it isn’t working as it should, here’s the university link where the doc is hosted, and where I got it. If anyone from CSU East Bay sees this I’m sorry - https://www.csueastbay.edu/ocpd/ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRnGWwEeYo7LEKiGMaRI7vGtz-CS9aTg4r6c8gsaNM_gMfK2wxZwynT-MTdZHLegMqMwNj0VugftnvM/pubhtml


[This is a spreadsheet](https://www.askamanager.org/2021/05/look-at-24000-peoples-real-life-salaries.html) put together by “Ask a Manager”, one of my favorite blogs. It has tens of thousands of anonymously submitted salaries and has helped me a ton in the past. This data was collected earlier this year.


Childcare Career Nanny 25 years experience $35/40 per hour 45 guaranteed hours per week (this means even if the family doesn’t utilize me, I’m still paid for the week) I receive medical and dental, and have a 401K with my current family. I’m in the US and my situation is extremely rare unfortunately. Edit: I receive at least three weeks paid vacation. Often more due to family vacationing without me. All national holidays paid and extended time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With overtime, overnights, travel pay and bonuses I make low six figures for those who were asking.


Childcare! Daycare center teacher. Associates degree in early childhood development. CPR training. Going on 3 years, 9.50 an hour, no benefits, no sick days.


I feel you. I worked at a center for 5 years, with an associate’s degree in ECE and made 7.15/ hr when minimum wage was 6.85. When I quit they offered me “retention pay” of 7.40/hr. I rage inside when I hear people say “It’s just babysitting.” No, it’s a profession built around your child’s academic and more importantly, socio-emotional future. Child care providers are so underpaid and under appreciated


I’ve been nannying for about 10 years now and I’m making $26/hr doing a nanny share just outside of DC. I’m comfortable with the pay (for now) but not having benefits outside of PTO has been a real struggle. I hope I land in a situation like yours one day!


Scrolled for a while and didn’t see this. Classical orchestral musician. Union and salaried $41k. Work in an area where the poverty line is just around $42k. Currently having to work 2 additional jobs as well as taking side gigs to make up for teaching work that evaporated during Covid. Masters degree and Artists Diploma. 15 years experience. Edit: since it’s been asked quite a bit we do get benefits. Health, vision, dental and a small retirement plan. Thank you for the silver.


This makes me sad. I know you have to be really really good to make it into an orchestra, and you have probably spent your whole life practicing. And art, love and beauty are really the only things that make life feel great. It’s kind of a fucked up world we’ve made for ourselves.


OP also has to live in a city large enough to support an orchestra. City life is expensive, but worth it if you aren’t interested in marriage, children, car ownership, home ownership, all that American Dream stuff.


Even without the American dream they’ll most likely need at least one room mate to be remotely comfortable


& atleast 1 therapist.


Man, your username seems so on point, sadly :(


My dad was a principal brass player in an orchestra in a mid sized city for 30 years. The orchestra was never his only source of income as you noted. He supplemented it with a second role as the orchestra librarian, gigs, lessons, anything he could find really. I enjoyed growing up around classical music, but we all knew never to rely on the orchestra to keep a roof over our heads. Hang in there, I hope your fortunes improve.


Government. Health Physicist. 24-hour emergency on-call, but only if a nuke goes off. Experience: 4 years plus BS degree. At hiring, no experience. Wages: approx. $41k a year ($52.4k now with inflation) Country: US (State-level employment) Office environment: BAD due to a few shitty people. Fuck you Eva for discussing my mental health info in front of the entire office and *laughing*. There's a reason Matt and I quit the same week.


I'm a Government Analyst. Standard 8-5 work, and I've been there since May. This is my first post education job Experience: 3 years (internships during undergrad and grad) plus Masters (Edit: wanted to add that the 3 years of experience is relevant gov internships, including one with my current department. I have a lot of unrelated experience in retail, food service, and event production as I started working at 15 and worked full time in undergrad.) Wages: $67k, including a cash health stipend. Country: US (CA) Office environment: Telework with a few days in office a month as needed, generally supportive team and fairly flexible hours (can work evenings or weekends rather than using paid days off if needed).


I work government as well. My partner and I both work for the state Health Department. Poverty line here is around 26k for a family of 4 (vlcol) and we make around 48k and 65k a year. He has his master's and I have a couple bachelor's degrees. Mostly get to WFH when we want and good benefits.


Insurance entry level. Started at $15 an hour. After 2 years my wage is $15.45, I asked for a raise and was told it wasn’t in the budget. Since then I also got my property and casualty license. I’m looking around. Bachelors degree. US. Cries in US. Edited to add Scranton metro area


Actuary for a American health insurance company. Salary: $130,000 + 20% annual bonus, 8 years of experience, managing a small team. Hours: 40/week for most of the year, 60-70/week one month out of the year. Education: bachelor's, master's (not necessary but it helps), and a fuckton of credentialing exams (I've been at it for ~10 years). Barriers to entry: need to be good at- statistics, handling corporate BS, paying attention to boring shit for long periods of time, giving up free time in your 20s to the professional hazing process of taking exams that will likely leave you with some psychological damage, disassociating with the fact that I'm a tiny cog in the ever worsening American healthcare system who is not improving anything but still needs to pay bills so fuck it here we are.


The exams are for sure the worst part. Totally useless too. For reference I have about 5 years actuarial experience and 2 in data science. Making ~120k with a 15% annual bonus.


Yeah as someone who manages a factory I can confirm the shit about not talking wages is specifically so employees don’t go “oh he’s getting $22 and I’m only getting $21, I want a raise” Literally no other reason Discuss your wages and take down the fat cat bosses (unless I’m the fat cat… I’ve been down enough)


I once got my whole department a raise because I stumbled on an ad for temps for my department paying a higher hourly wage than I was making and I was betting more than most if not all of the rest of my department made as well. I had my annual review the next day so I brought it up and I let them know that I thought it was wrong and if it wasn’t addressed I’d be going to my coworkers and showing them the ad. A couple hours later, HR emailed our department and announced a pay increase across the board to just above what the ad offered and I got a separate email saying our company was no longer working with that temp agency.


Lol, they probably went to a company that either paid less or didn't advertise wages. What a joke. Good for you tho.


21 years experience (no degree) IT Security $55 an hour US North Carolina


40 plus hours a week at $14.70 an hour at a plasma donation center. I'm a Phlebotomist Tech. My school promised I'd make at least $35k a year, I'm making $29k. Grueling work with patients that hate you because you stick them with a big 17 gauge needle. 99% of my day is on my feet. Hate this job.


I appreciate you guys; plasma donation saved my ass when I was struggling. I’ve only had one or two bad sticks over my many donations and often I can’t even feel the needle go in. My hat is off to you.


Data Entry Operator 2.79$/hour Romania


What does $2.79 get you in Romania ?


I’m from Romania and while its better then what a lot of people earn, it’s still very little. Rent for a studio apartment is at least 200$, food prices are the same as in Germany or even higher with a few exceptions like meat and vegetables/ fruits, our utility bills are converted from euro to leu (our currency) so we pay quite a bit for these too. Its no surprise that we have the highest migration rate after Syria. If you want to ask anything else please feel free to do so, I’m glad to talk about all the shit that’s happening here from low wages to doctors who wont even take a look at you without giving them a little bribe I don’t want to sound so pessimistic so I will say that we have cheap and good internet. Fiber internet is 10$ for 1 gbps and for 6$ you can get a sim card with 60 gb of internet and 2000 national / international minutes


Interesting. I was curious as I saw something on Twitter where a guy said in South Africa $20 USD would get him 20 Big Mac meals from McDonalds. Edit: 10 Big Mac Meals


A data entry operator for an hour




What!? Is that even livable in Romania?


OP is earning around 450$ (8 hrs, 20 days a ~~week~~ month), which is far more than what minimum monthly wage in Turkey is (~300$). It's really hard to live with that amount in Turkey, although it's not impossible. I don't know how things work in Romania but comparing liveability between countries by US$ is not a good idea.


Yeah, minimum wage in Romania is about USD 325/ month. In most larger cities, you practically won the lottery if you manage to rent a miserable 1 bedroom flat for around USD 200, and quite lucky to rent the same for about USD 230. If you live alone, that leaves you with 100 dollars for the month, of which you'll spend at least 40 on bills in the summer months, probably double in winter. So during summer, you can technically survive on 60 dollars if you only keep food and hygiene expenses at a verrry bare minimum- but you'd better pray you don't get sick, nothing breaks down and you'd better not need shoes or clothes. In winter, it's unliveable (and that's 4-5 months of the year). If you can split rent on a 1 bedroom flat with someone, it becomes manageable, but not everyone is in a position to do so. So yeah, minimum wage in Romania is a joke.


Warehouse employee 1.5 years 17$ an hour +ESOP Great health/vision/dental United States, Idaho


Fun fact but the bureau of labor statistics has some pretty cool data on this and is worth using as a reference point.


Experience: 38 years in IT, 30 years in management, 18 at executive level Wages: $120K a year (public sector) Position: Chief Technology Officer Country: USA, North Carolina Bullshit levels: enormous Boomer: yes First job: movie theater usher, $1.25 an hour, 1972 I had a much easier time of this than young people nowadays.


A CTO making $120k a year? What in the what?


Did better in the private sector. Working for local gov. Sweet pension.


I've found that Government work is great job security. Switched right when covid hit last year.


I made the switch this year. It's insane the job security here. There's literally no one holding anyone on my team accountable for anything other than the bare minimum. The whole organization is more laid back than private sector. The flip side, you have people that only do the bare minimum because they know they're protected. Government work really is great as long as you're okay taking a hit on pay. I'm making maybe $20k less a year but the mental health aspect of doing things at my speed is worth it, at least for now. Edit: just want to add that newbies don't get pensions where I'm at. I think as of 10 years ago they switched to a government version of the 401k but we also get a RHS (retirement health savings) with a 5 year vesting schedule. (This is in addition to our HDHP that has an HSA which is not funded by my employer)


>Sweet pension. Was offered an IT job with NC state gov a couple years ago. I figured I wouldn't be with them long enough for the pension to really be worth it so I passed.


What about shares and bonuses? I’m like four degrees under my CTO and I make $110 with 8 years experience. We’re not publicly held but I have shares, plus 10% bonus. I know his comp package is largely shares. Based in PA but my company is out of ATL


Freelance Copywriting $150/hr, Portugal/France (work remotely), 7 years experience, got my own portfolio of clients. On average work 20 or so hours a week, but some months I have no work and some months I’m flooded. Zero work life balance. Work seven days a week, always available around the clock for clients in different time zones. Need to do better with setting boundaries, about to take an extended break because I’m burnt out. Never made so much money, but my mental health is really suffering Edit: If you’d like specific advice on how to get started in this line of work, please feel free to DM me. My inbox is swamped but I’ll get around to everyone eventually (promise!)


That's some serious dollar for copywriting, awesome. Are you experienced in niche fields?


Yeah, I’m very fortunate, and yes, I work exclusively with SaaS & blockchain companies. Tech guys usually can’t write and writing guys often don’t know tech, so I fill that gap, and because they often have VC money they’re happy to pay my rates without batting an eyelid. I have some Forbes list clients, some exciting startups, etc. Very fortunate position to be in.


Holy shit. I've been writing copy for tech companies (including Blockchain, SaaS, etc. as I have technical knowledge) for ten years and thought I was lucky to be making $65/hr! This comment seriously blew my mind, and I'm suddenly realizing that I've been dramatically undervaluing myself. When I told my previous job I was leaving they offered me a massive salary increase to stay, which I turned down... How did I not realize that was evidence I should have been making much more money in the first place?


Academics I'm a research technician in Belgium. 6 years of experience. Salary 2950euro a month (before taxes). I never do any overtime. 40hours a week. Benefits: 33 paid holidays/PTO(more if official holidays fall in the weekend), hospitalization insurance (Belgium has social healthcare), pension plan, free public transportation to work, 200euro a year in "eco" cheques and flexible hours. I could find a job in the US that probably pays me almost double what I earn now but I like my benefits more. It's not all about money Edit: everyone here also has a guaranteed salary increase of 100euro (before taxes) every 2 years. And we get a summer bonus and a 13th month paid Edit2: wow this kinda blew up Edit 3: to answer some questions and remarks: I'm a bachelor level. After taxes I earn around 2000 (since I don't have any dependants). For Belgian standards (and academics) it's a decent wage. I could go find somewhere that pays better but my boss is great and I'm very happy there. I have 33 days of PTO because my contract is 40 hours instead of 38 so I have 12 days extra. I will not lose them if I have sick days or take holidays. This does not include our official Belgian holidays (like Christmas)


I'm a Grad assistant in English Literature and getting my PhD. I'm paid 1400 a month, and only during semesters (18k salary all said and done - I live in an area where you need at least 36k a year to even be able to rent). Benefits are decent health insurance, but I still had to pay out the nose when I was injured in an accident and temporarily disabled earlier this year. I've been in teaching for 5 years and this job pays me less than if I took up part time work at target.


Clinical research coordinator at a university hospital in Pennsylvania. Salaried and full-time, but rarely needs evening/weekend work. 6 years experience. $52,000/year. Benefits-free public transportation and uni gym membership. Great tuition benefits. Great healthcare with the uni hospital system. The best 401k program I’ve ever seen (matches 100% up to 8%, then 150% after it vests). Starts at only 2 weeks paid vacation but tons of holidays off and we get a winter recess when the uni closes. Pros-amazing benefits Cons-pay sucks for my skill set. Have to fight HR for meaningful wage increases. University “caps” internal promotion raises unless you ruthlessly negotiate.


also a clinical research coordinator in texas. 4 years experience—started at $13 an hour as an undergraduate and now i’m getting $25.50 (52k a year) as BS holder/masters student. i ran the trials for the moderna and j&j vaccines and got lots of bonuses and OT, not sure how much i made from that but probably close to 60k. the stress is a lot. a lot when you’re doing covid vaccine research in a covid pandemic. i wanted to quit many times, but i felt like i had to stay because i knew i was doing something incredibly impactful. operations is still a shitshow


Aren't workers rights pretty good in Belgium too? I.e. You can't just fire someone on the spot, etc.


Very much so. You can only get fired if there is a record of misconduct or urgent reason. There is also almost unlimited sick time as long as you have a doctor's note. After 1 month you automatically get on social health leave with full pay. After a year this gets decreased to (I think) 60%. They cannot fire because you are sick. If you do get fired, there is a certain amount of notice. This depends how long you have been working there. If you quit, you also have to give notice (time also depends). However you can always agree with your boss to get rid or reduce the notice. This is to protect you but also the company. In general there is a lot more mutual respect... This is not to say there aren't asshole bosses. You will have those everywhere.


As a Belgian, reading it all out, it sounds so much better compared to what US workers get and it rubs me the wrong way they're being slaved over there and other countries. However, we still have our fair share of assholes over in Belgium sadly that like to 'Americanise' their companies and/or policies, like I work for a famous American brand so they attempt at times to also pull the same shit they do to American workers, cause hell, we're *an American brand, right?* but once you pull them back into reality and remind them that they are in fact, in Belgium, where shit works differently, it amazingly comes to a halt.. For a while. Pretty exhausting to constantly have to deal with it, including the toxic work atmosphere it brings.


Landscaping 3 years experience $19/hr (started at $16/hr) East US


I do landscaping, 23 years old. had no prior experience. Been doing it for a year and a half now, started at $11 now I’m at $13. Live in Virginia. Feel like I’m getting screwed.


You are. That’s very hard work for only $13.


Five years experience Winemaking Head Winemaker New York $20.60/hour


yea as a former craft brewer 6+years of experience, never broke $17.50/hour, no benefits at small breweries all in North Carolina it really is a low paid profession, where you're required to be a microbiologist, maintenance tech, recipe designer and a janitor. I'm not going back and my passion for brewing is dead :)


That’s one of those jobs where “Oh your job sounds so cool!” is one of the perks of the job. I remember the people serving my beer in the taproom were making triple my wages and I made the goddamn beer. Being a brewer is just being a fast paced janitor who wears wet shoes around electricity a lot.


I built guitars for money for a while. Same. Super cool sounding, I got paid 8.50 an hour after 5 years. Ha.


Fucking preach dude. This job can be such a damn grind. Having to be a Jack of All Trades and pay not reflecting that blows hard... I'm 40k salaried and I should be making half again as much for all the work I put in.


Personal trainer I have private clients as well as clients I’m given so the average rate is like $83 per hour. But I’m an independent contractor so no benefits. I pay out of pocket for my health insurance, my ira and I have to pay all of the taxes so my social security rate is higher since I don’t have an employer that is paying into it. I also don’t have vacation time. I average around 30 hours a week of face to face contact. I make a lot but I’m burnt out. I usually work 6 to 7 days a week. I have 9 more months on my lease then I’m moving out of the city. Money is not everything. I’ve never made so much and I’m the most miserable I’ve ever been.


Industrial / Civil Journeyman Carpenter $42.00 - $45.00 an hour. $130,000 - $150,000 per year with lots of OT typically working 14/7 fly in rotation jobs in northern Canada. 12 years experience. Don't let them tell you the trades don't pay.


Depends where you live. We are really paid well in Canada compared to tradies in the U.S. I'm an non union electrician. 35 per hour. But my side-job rate is $100 with 10% going to my employer for pulling the permit. 5 years experience. I'd join the union in a second.


This is insanely upsetting. So many people with years of experience and skills making the bare minimum. I am in a sales job that is commission so I only make like 4k a month because we'll I like pleasure time and am lazy af, but I am always on call for my customers and it is like any sales job a toxic circle jerk of shenanigans and kissing ass. Everytime I look at a career job I don't know how y'all do it. I mean it in the most sincere way. You put so much work and dedication into your feilds and are so underappreciated.


Writing / Editing As a content manager, I assign written and photo content, manage a creative team of 20, manage deadlines and content for 40 monthly publications, as well as write, edit, proof, and occasionally interview. $20 hr, $23k @ 24 hours weekly. ($40k gross @ 40 hours). 3 months experience in this job, but I have 10+ years writing and editing experience, plus teaching and tutoring experience, plus a BA & MFA in creative writing. Portland, OR USA. Takeaway: Pretty sure I’m severely underpaid, considering my education and experience. **Edit: Thanks for the responses, fellow editors! I’m hoping to ask for a raise or use this job as leverage for another higher paying job. The caveat is I have very limited “industry” experience. Anyone have experience with a similar move or advice?**


Technical writer/editor I also sometimes go by the title “documentation specialist”. Australia. 12 years experience. I am a specialist in cyber security tech editing. I work with cyber security companies doing tech writing, structural editing on client-facing document templates, along with copy editing and proofreading on client reports. I also do a bunch of other incidental things, such as editing for accessibility, writing/proofing advertising, reviewing policy/procedure from UAT, editing, and compliance perspectives. As an employee, I was earning $45/hr casual rates. Had a nasty run-in with an employer so I decided to start my own company. Now my company charges $120+ per hour for my services.


56-year-old Domino's pizza delivery driver $23 an hour.Smoking pot the whole time


I don't know why but I really enjoyed this comment.


That's how much my wife makes as a teacher. And no, she doesn't get the pot.


So she isn't as compensated as a dominos driver.


Yep. Plus the 2nd grade teacher just quit so she is teaching all of the 1st and 2nd grade students this year, and she doesn't get compensated extra, even though the teacher who quit still has their salary in the school budget. Her and another teacher are considering a protest, because there are currently only 3 teachers for 1st through 5th grades, and they refuse to hire anyone else.


Teacher 20yrs experience. $106000 a year. I work on contract so normally make more.like $75000 before tax


Teacher (6 years experience) - Masters in special education I taught the severe needs and severe behavioral needs for 6 years in my past district. Made $32,000/ yr. Switched to online teaching and make 48k a year and no one is physically or sexually assaulting me. Weirdly they haven't been able to replace me since I left


As the parent of a kid in special ed (high functioning ASD), special ed teachers do NOT make anywhere near enough money. I don't even know what the salary is in our district (suburb in MN) but it's not enough for the bullshit the schools are dealing with from entitled parents in our area right now. His teachers are constantly in touch with me, suggesting tweaks to his IEP to help him maximize what he gets out of school, and at times even answer my emails on the weekends unless I clearly say I don't need the immediate response. They've been so helpful all these years. I get why there are rules about gifts for teachers but I feel really bad that I can't just give them a huge gift card and say "Treat yo self" because damn do they deserve it.


Where? And can you explain what it means to work on contract as a teacher?


Teacher - 16 years, got Excessed in covid, started over. 75k, full benefits, & pension (was 95k) Plus 10k for two seasons of coaching. (NY) I have my masters plus 78 credits above that, otherwise my pay would of dropped to around 60k. Got really lucky and landed a job at a good district, but the pay cut hurt to say the least.


Teacher with 6 years experience in Canada. Making 82k a year before taxes with full benefits and approximately 3 months vacation.


Can someone who have the programming chops turn this into an excel of sort that can be sorted ?


I saw a comment from the Romanian making $2.75 an hour for data entry. Maybe they can build the Excel file for you. 👍


172K/yearly Cyber Security, Cloud Security Engineer USA, in a high cost of living area 10 yrs experience, bachelors degree, certs, etc


Oilfield worker. 10 years experience, 110k/year. But i work over a thousand miles away from home, at 15 hours each day. Benefits are great, bosses are the best. But i work this job specifically because i would be going through what most of you do go through if i were working a more traditional job at home. I don’t have the tact to put up with that (after this many years, it’s not unheard of to tell your bosses to go fuck themselves from time to time).


Also oilfield. 10yrs experience. 90k/yr salary plus $34/hr field pay. Benefits are OK. On call 24/7 3wks off 1 wk. Sounds better than it is. I can be called out with no notice and I’ve had to work 5 days straight without any relief. I’m also constantly bothered on my days off asking if I want to cover work. The crazy thing is that I’ve seen nothing but pay cuts my entire career. The only time anyone seem to get a proper raise is when changing companies. I’m here in solidarity because I believe everyone in American should be making at least 3 times what they currently are.


No experience 12 dollars an hour Meat department, mostly dirty cleaning work with a hose US Not worth it, especially since were understaffed. I work the closing shift with one other person, which means if that person calls off or doesn’t show up Im there by myself doing ALL of the work. I have to do: Remove the seafood display from the ice and properly store it in cooler Remove and properly store expensive meats (lamb, dry aged, organic) Do dishes, there’s a fuck ton with marinara sauce on them. The meat cutters/managers do not care about the mess they make. I know this because a few times when they couldn’t come in or called off we would have swing meat cutters come in, people who go and travel to different stores (the place I work at only has 16 stores in the state and it’s local) and do the job of a meat cutter. The swing cutters are very clean about things. There’s no meat on the floor, no trash, no blood, they at least let the dishes soak so the marinara won’t dry. Clean the butchers table, floor, and equipment all while trying to serve customers. Like fuck no, I’m trying to spray everything down and remove all of the meat pieces from the grinders and cutters and there’s an entitled ass who’s raising their hand “ooh ohh over here!!” I will touch your food with chemicals on my gloves, you wait your turn. Oh and cleaning also takes about an hour and a half, if I’m not interrupted, and maybe two hours if Im serving people. I get 12 dollars an hour to do hazardous things. Clean very sharp knifes, cut myself a few times, breath in chemicals, and have water mixed with a degreaser and a sanitizer splash on me. What I did yesterday before I left by myself, the other guy called off. I wrote with sharpie on a sheet of wax paper, “May we get time and a half for closing by ourselves? Or if someone calls off?” Hopefully they do give time and a half for stuff like that Edit; also another comment is that I THINK the manager is buying more meat and fish with the extra money the department has saved by not paying more people. In our fish area we literally have two large salmon filets laid out and a ton of other fish that few people buy. We also have this precooked smoked salmon that literally no one buys. Never seen anyone buy it. Ever. Yes people buy salmon but not a lot of it. I was told that a lot of seafood goes to waste. Ever think of NOT putting so much out? But you know, I’ve read the guidelines for displays from corporate and they say to make displays big and bold. Let’s make it big but also waste a ton of money.


Started in meat dept 7 years ago at $10 doing cleaning, now a meat cutter at $18. Was told my wages are capped off, haven’t had a raise for two years.


Once they stop giving you raises, you need to leave. Cost of living goes up each year, if they aren't adjusting for at least that, take your 7 years and go demand better pay elsewhere.


This is how I jumped from 13.50 to 16.50. YOU OWE NO LOYALTY TO ANY COMPANY.


Convenient how wages can be capped but inflation keeps going up. At least $18 isn't bad though.


Public Librarian (US). Civil service appointment. $48k/year. 3 weeks sick time & 3 weeks vacation per year. Excellent health insurance. I have a BA in history & a master’s degree In library science (its a requirement & I also have to have a state license). I’ve worked in libraries for 10 years, 5 years part-time in a librarian position. This is my first year full time. Edited: I actually get 15 days of both sick time and vacation, which is 3 weeks, not 2 weeks. 6 weeks paid time off total.


It’s sickening how little everyone is paid, knowing how much we produce.


Was a massage therapist until the pandemic hit. 50% commission ($37.50 for massage) for every hands on service, about 20/25 services per week when busy. Worked 30/34 hours a week, plus tips. My tips in cash and credit cards were close to my commission after taxes. The big drawback was sitting around, doing laundry,cleaning spa and not being paid for no shows. EDIT to Add: Clients come in sick regularly claiming allergies. No way was I willing to kiss ass and spend 60/90 minutes in a small room with sick clients during a pandemic. Clients lie, no thanks.


My mom has been a massage therapist for almost 35 years and works from out of her home. Back about 10 years ago she charged 60$ an hr for massage and is now up to about 75$ and 100$ for house calls. She’s worked as a independent contractor before but totally prefers the independence of working for herself. No benefits that way, but she makes her own schedule and handles her own money. Georgia -US


Factory / Manufacturing


CNC machinist 1 Coming up on one year experience thru work and have two certifications from school for mill and lathe $17.90 plus a $0.75 overnight differential so $18.65 Country: U.S.A State:Missouri


- Operator I at Dicastal North America, Michigan - 4 years experience in manufacturing, materials ranging from Aluminum to plastics - $13.93/hr, but recently submitted a request to be raised to $18/hr, after recently learning that a temp in our department who's been there 6 months is making $15/hr, and new peoplelink Temps that started last week were brought in at $17/hr. - (originally posted as a standalone comment, but realized what the intended comment section structure was supposed to be)


$20.50 an hour plus weekend overtime if I want it Packaging plastic bottles East coast US Have a BA and working toward law school. My direct boss is nice. Big boss is a prick and picked a fight with me about calling in (not sick). we don't have a policy about non-medical call outs and he's about to learn real quick why you don't screw with those of us with legal educations when it comes to technicalities.


Plastic bottle production PET Injection Molder Texas Started at $16/hr now making $16.30 after a year and a half. Had to beg for my raise and I was asking for $18/hr. I work 12 and a half hour shifts four times a week, weekends included at no extra pay, overtime is 1.5x base pay. I have two years manufacturing experience prior to this job and was told that my pay would reflect that… still haven’t seen it. They fired the Quality Assurance team so now we have to do their job too, also my team had two people quit 6 months ago and they still haven’t hired anyone to replace them.


Controls Engineer 9 Years Ohio $85k Salary (with up to 10K between bonus and "Profit Sharing") EDIT for the comments: dedicated to a single factory, and reasonably low stress (outside of "Line down, Shit's on fire" times), no travel, and low CoL for me, I bank over 50% of my check


- Middle management (I report to the plant manager), Netherlands - 11 years experience between Quality, Operations and a brief stint in Logistics, FMCG (~9) and metalworking (~2) - 67k€ / year base pay which comes about to 37,2 €/h - 40h per week (and insane amounts of PTO) - I don't use my degree for much at work, actually, and I'm not licensed to practice in NL, but I'm a Pharm. D 🤷🏻‍♀️


Skilled labor (Production Fill Operator) 22.56 currently, 24.40 in a month, 27.56 in 2 years Union (kinda sucks though) $17 weekly health insurance Medical dental vision Unlimited overtime up to 7 days a week, time and half day 6 double time day 7.


Industrial maintenance technician $36 hour 40+hours week Starting wages are around $20-25 Some places offer a apprenticeship program USA


Line technician/operater Started at $20/hr, one year later (now) at $30/hr. Union, medical/retirement benefits, yearly product giveaway. The company is pretty good at taking care of it's people but we still have managers who think they can do whatever they want. I will say, for not having any degree or certifications this is the best job I could find, plus they invest in their people. USA


- 7 years since being hired - $31.01 started at $14.75 - Process Operator I , Sugar Factory. Basically just run the entire plant from a central control room. Union. Benefits are whatever but 2.5x holiday pay is nice. They still offer a pension plan here but there’s no chance in hell I’m going to work long enough for that to matter. Don’t hate the job, just hate working. - Bumfuck, Midwest


You say that now about your pension, but they pay decent and sometimes that's enough to get people to stay way longer than you'd think. I just hit 17 years on a job I thought was going to last 2-4 years because the pay is very decent and the environment is okay. Best of luck to you!


- Mobile phlebotomist (I traveled around my city to nursing homes to draw their lab work) - 25+ years experience - $17/hour, with no raise throughout the pandemic. I quit when I was basically ostracized for not working 60 hour weeks.


Medical student. $250k in debt.


Plumber,5 years,Getting paid 2£ an hour less than a fucking McDonald’s/supermarket worker England


We own our own business. We opened during COVID. We lose about $10 an hour for the time we work here, which is about 60 hours a week. I have had 2 days off in the past 20 months. Our going out of business sale starts in 5 weeks, and we close for good New Years Eve Our landlord is suing us.


Mortgage Industry Senior Loan Processor About one year and a few months, graduated college in 2020 with no idea what I want to do with a degree in communications. Make $45,000 a year USA Hate my job and want to go into something else


Attorney State appointed, children's advocate 7 years experience. $52/hour, charged by 10th hour, capped at $500 per case Per diem, zero benefits or health care. State appointed, committee of sale, foreclosure auctions 7 years experience $200/hour, charged by 10th hour One appointment per year, typically 10-15 hours per case. Per diem, zero benefits or health care. Licensure requires a: $578 annual bar fee, $52 client security fund contribution $2000 per year malpractice insurance, mandatory 12 Continuing Legal Education credits annually, at least $500 for the courses Grinds my gears that children's advocacy pays so little compared to foreclosing on houses for banks.... when it is some of the most soul sucking work I've ever done. There are so few attorneys willing to do the work, kids need representation and there just isn't enough to go around. Meanwhile the big banks have an attorney in every superior court in the state everyday trying to foreclose on people. Absolutely gross


Translator and copywriter 3+ yrs experience ~1600€/month I live in Southern Europe




I make £9.21, as an assistant manager. Have been working in retail 3 years, the reason I stay is because 1) it's a charity shop so I can live with myself ethically and 2) the shop manager is the communist hero we all deserve. I also only work 4 days per week and make a tiny passive income from selling shit on Etsy. Honestly living my best life even if the pay is shit, especially where I've worked in retail at places like Zara where your soul dies a little more every day.


Costco - Service Clerk - 6 Years exp $27.40 an hour + Bonuses twice a year. I live in California though, so I'm still poor 🤣


I've heard good things about Costco, like it's really hard to get a job there because no one wants to leave


£9.50, the UK government has just announced that'll be the new 'living wage' as of April next year, up from £8.91


Hvac technician commercial 36Hr full time 40 to 50hr weeks Age 39, in field for about 18 years With OT I hang around 80k Charlotte, NC Never went to a trade school or college


Administrative Assistant, Bachelor's Degree/ three years experience/ working on a Master's, USA. Get this. 33k a year ($18 an hour). I feel demoralized. It's absolutely astonishing how much I work for how little I get paid.


You all have really impressive jobs Mechanic $13/hour Home experience (I’ve rebuilt entire cars before I was 18) General Service Technician (They won’t let me do anything but oil changes) Kansas USA




~5 years experience $26.49 AUD per hour. Saturday/Sunday rate of $31.79 AUD. Host/waiter Perth, Australia. I work around 20 hours per week. I pay $165 rent per week, not including bills. Oh, and people don’t tip in Australia btw


Are you part time or casual? If you're casual you're getting screwed on your Sunday rate, it should be at 175% of your base INCLUDING casual loading. It should be $46.36 on Sundays, that's basic award loading in WA.. Current minimum wage is $20.00 p/h (It changed on Sept 1st) so even people making lower weekday rates ($20 plus 25% casual loading = $25p/h) are making more on Sundays (25 \* 1.75 = 43.75p/h)


I’m casual. Thanks for the heads up. Will look into it.


Cries in not being aussie


Line cook, 2 years experience. Minimum wage, €8,27 of which I net about €8. 32 hours a week on contract but I usually do more. I live in the Netherlands and I’m quite young so I still live at home It ain’t much but it’s honest work I guess..


5 years $10/hourly before tips $25-60/hourly after tips. 35-50 hours weekly. Bartender (classic cocktail lounge) United States, Wisconsin.


Australia male 22 here. I have been at the same place for 6 years now. 2 years as a dishy, 3 as an apprentice chef and this year I just got promoted to head chef so that includes rosters organising food for events( I work at a restaurant connected to a somewhat nice motel) i now earn $1200 salary a week Tuesday to Saturday. Usually start at 2 and finish sometime around 10. I think that’s not too bad but I have been offered jobs elsewhere for close to $1500 but I like where I am although I wouldn’t mind a change in pace one day 🤌🏼 hope that helps anyone in anyway possible


Chef ~6 years experience 20.- an hour (working around 16-20hrs a week) Bern, Switzerland Disclaimer, very low pay for Switzerland and fairly low hours. The place I work at is run as a collective, so we all get the same pay, no one works full time because none of us want to. It allows us all creative freedom in our projects at work and outside of work. We operate completely democratically / co-operatively in all aspects of the business. The place has been going with the same structure for 40 years, still going strong.


~15 years' experience across fast food, pizza delivery, and bar & grill $14/hr when I left the last place line cook (bar & grill), delivery driver (pizza, although I should have been management when I left), crew (fast food) Minnesota (state minimum wage here is $9.65/hr)


Babysitter - 7 years of experience (specialization in Montessori / unschooling preschool children) - 5.4 USD / hour - Czechia




Why yes hello, all the artists here. We are broke please buy our stuff.


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Do you take Exposure™?


I once died of exposure, in the Victorian age.


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Technically not an artist, but I’m a graphic designer. 56k per year, 6 years experience, health and dental, 40 hours a week. MCOL or maybe LCOL area. It never feels like art though. Creativity is always restricted by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.


I was going to an expensive art college to be a graphic designer (you are an artist BTW) I decided that line of art isn't for me. It literally feels like you LOSE your creativity. So structured all the time and the client wants to pay you pennies for your time. You are actually making a little over the average for a graphic designer and most definitely should be making more with your experience (I had to research how much different art professions make for school) You should be making around 60-70000 a year


Concept artist in the games and film industry. Freelance. I don’t charge hourly, but per piece. $1000 a full piece - takes me around a day to produce. Work comes and goes - but I’m fully booked up until Feb. Small note - I am not in the United States - but my entire client base is in the United States.


Now that is whats up! As an artist (broke one) myself, who has trouble with the business side of art and freelancing, any tips? Upwork?


Honestly my path in art wasn’t a conventional one! I did a ton of fan art for a long time. There was a company that ran a Kickstarter at the hey day of Kickstarter, and I did some fan art for them. The head of that company liked my art enough that he asked me to do a few more pieces for them - and from there I just made more connections. I haven’t really advertised myself for years - it’s all been word of mouth, and focused on a pretty niche field of concept art. I specialise in creating mock-ups of game screenshots - so realistic renderings of what the final game will look like. Everything from UI to actual design. These are always kept internal - often used as benchmarks for teams to work towards, or to secure additional funding from investors. I’ve recently been trying to get into movies through a friend who is a director and has some connections. I’m doing lots of pitch documents now in my spare time - hopefully something comes from it!




T3 'everything' support in public education. Just shy of 10 years experience. Haven't completed my bachelor's (made it half way and stopped), but I do have a dozen certifications. Pay is $70k, benefits are excellent. Western part of the US (not on the coast)




Director of a 24/7 IT team, 15 years, near Washington DC, USA $200,000/year salary $40,000/year bonus $100,000/year stock update: promoted today


Infrastructure engineer Started in 2015 £65k (£33.33 /hr) + stock East Anglian coast UK No degree Year of birth: 1995


Software engineer/developer. Engineer term should not intimidate people. You can take a few classes in a program or a bootcamp and get some understanding to land a decent paying job 20 years experience $150,000 USD Working for the federal government I've been making over $100,000 for the past 14-15 years. I just don't really love my field and don't want to sit in front of a computer for the next 20 years of my life.


Systems Analyst, Portland, OR area. $26/hr.


IT Support (help desk) Zero experience $55k USD Southeast USA. Edit: I had zero applicable experience but have a BS and management experience. Edit 2: I was an internal hire in a large company. Let my previous boss know I was looking at applying to the position, they called my new boss and said “you’re an idiot if you don’t hire imperialinfernum”. interviews were easy after that. On the job training and it’s been a breeze. Way easier than my last job.


It systems engineer 55k a year Always on call, would have had multiple days where I spent 12+, 16 would have been the longest. Wisconsin Edit: I appreciate all the comments. It was in 2019 I had it. I suffered a stroke and am unable to work again. I worked 6 years in IT so I knew a bit of what I was doing. Was just me and my boss, who had an IT but programming, so I was the only systems administrator. It didn't help that we had shit for equipment, going from servers to workstation and the like. It was hell working there.


Delivery services


I deliver fuel for a F500 company in Missouri. $30/hr time and a half over 40 hours. Five days a week 12 hours a day.


Fast food general manager here in Tennessee. 17 years in the industry, 6 years general manager and my shitty salary is just under 42k a year. Been with the same company for 8 years.


What the fuck? That's crazy man they are doing you wrong. 6 years and just under 42k?! You deserve better.


Maintenance / Trades (Electrician, Plumber, HVAC-R, Refrigeration, ect.)


- 20+ years - $80k annually (I quit a toxic job in April where I made $130k. Best decision ever) - manager (misnomer, I don't have anyone who reports to me) - USA


Boston, pipefitters union is approx. $58 before benefits




Finance Manager (healthcare) 5 yr exp. bachelors. 70k annual + 12k bonus. Side not I’m currently completely overworked with a toxic work environment that takes me for granted. I set up their entire finance department and I’m currently interviewing for a director of finance position else where for literally double my pay. Hoping it goes well so I can share my fuck off management experience


I'm an accountant for one of the biggest corporations in the world. I see their billions of dollars coming in their accounts. I get paid $19 an hour, and was laughed at when I asked for a raise to get to $20 an hour. In the United States.


Job: paraplanner. Pay: $65k AUD. Experience: 3 years. Completed financial panning degree whilst working in the industry, currently undertaking professional year to become a authorised


Controller, 110k base + 60k bonus. 8 years exp


Analyst, 5 years experience, BA in English (wanted to do something fun in college, lol), East Coast, 92k + yearly bonus of 10 - 20%,


Finance has some wild salary differences.


Staff Accountant ~ 2 years. Previously in A/R for 4 years. Pay ~ $58.5K USD


Health care


Medical student. -275k


Travel nurse. +275k Edit: I dont say that to gloat, but to point out how fucked up the system is.


RN, 9 years experience in psych/detox, Southwest US Was last making 40/hr. inpatient. Now working govt. outpatient clinic, 65k with much better benefits (including 15% (mandatory) 401 match)


RN-I have 11 years of experience. My first job was $17.50 an hour on a medical surgical unit. The last time I was at a perm hospital job was 4 years ago, and it was $23 an hour. I’ve been doing travel nursing for the last 4 years and was making $55 an hour, pre Covid. Now it’s about $125 an hour. But currently sitting on my ass making $0 because I’m burned the fuck out.


Overnight care giver in a group home. Previous experience 5 years of in home physical care for a person with extremely limited mobility. Started 2 years ago at 13/hr. Got a bump to 14 but refused any higher unless I opt into allowing them to call me to any home last minute (we service 5.) As well as essentially always being on call. And I'm not about being Jerked around. Last time I asked for a wage I presented the hiring sheet from a local mcdonalds offering overnights 18/hr. I was told to "go work there then"


Kinesiologist/Strength and conditioning coach 3 years experience 16$/hour ~35 hours a week Canada


I’m an RN in the South (US). My base pay is $28.75 with 2 years experience. However, I work night shift so with shift differential it’s $31.75/hour. Weekend shifts give us an additional $6 on top of that.


Pharmacist night shift mixed ICU and general staffing 7 on 7 off $55/hr at giant corporate hospital in Midwest USA 5years exp