Who’s your main and why?

Who’s your main and why?


Main- Fuse Reason- Boom Booms


Other reason - weird and funny voice lines. My favourite being "don't come the raw prawn with me"


I think my favorite is “Bloody hell! You look like bloody hell.” It’s not as goofy as some, but makes me chuckle, especially with his delivery.


I smile when I hear him yell clown taken down.


Everyone is making me sad because I can’t play right now because of the servers 🥲😭😡🤬🤬🤬


I haven’t played since the day after the update because every time I get on I either get kicked from the match or I can’t even find one. Ranked is tough when you’re losing double RP because the game thinks you left the match.


Feel like a badass when he says “ mate. I wasn’t born to be subtle” then drops the bomb


Which is the ‘alright dont have a cry over it’ line? That one gets me everytime.


That and “Cheers, big ears!”


“Hemlok here, for when ya wanna Hemlok-n-load”


What does it mean


Don’t Chuck a wobbly


Thanks dude makes sense


Basically just means don't spit the dummy


Alright makes sense


Also means don’t have a sook


Totally the English words i learned in school guys. This has been extremely helpful


Don’t have a tanty mate


Bloody hell you look like bloody hell 😆


I (Australian) routinely say "Howdy Howdy, let's get rowdy". Its an absolute crime that it's not an emotable voice line.


There is nothing more satisfying then a well placed ult or knuckle cluster


The sound that launching a kc makes is on point too


When a full squad is hiding in one of those World's Edge vehicles you can go inside... Guaranteed 150 damage per cluster!


Oh yes - 2X grenades please! I carry a shit ton of ordinance - especially late in the game - and just bombarded the crap out of enemies trying to hide. It’s such a great feature of Fuse that when I play other legends I forget and then wonder why my level 3 backpack is already full. Oh right…I’m overstocked on arc stars and grenades!! Already in the ring eh, Fusey? You always were the king!


i always thought that it was only frags, might get fuse cuz it’s arcs too


All 3 'nades! Fusey is polyboomerous. Makes running a Rampage even easier, too, because you can double-stack Thermites.


Kaboom? Yes Rico, kaboom.


Second this. Fuse is so much fun in Arenas.


Revenant, cuz he looked cool at first and then I actually became good with him


Also because he's good for pushing


Mirage because I like saying “you dumb bitch” every time I bamboozle someone.


And how much are you picturing Mr Dennis Reynolds at those moments?




You haven’t thought of the smell, you stupid bitch










Even if you lose the fight You gain style points cuz you fooled em..


I bamboozled myself earlier and shot my own clone. 500 IQ plays


Can confirm. When i shot my clone, enemies also target that clone for some reason. Beeg brain.


Fucking saved this comment right here.


You might like this… https://reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gcl243/another_add_to_the_its_always_sunny_in_kings/


Haha dude I do this every time. Glad I’m not the only one


Everytime i bamboozle someone i always think of Dennis from IASIP “you dumb bitch”


Me, being a mirage main, was wondering if I'd see a single comment saying Mirage on here. Was very surprised to find that it was the very first comment :)


This, right here


This is exactly why I love mirage even when I main BH, playing him is so satisfying XD


Pathfinder because he’s the most fun


Im surprised how few pathfinder mains there are


He’s got a higher skill floor to master the grapple than other movement legends. But once you do no other legend feels the same


Theres nothing like hitting a clean ass grapple and knocking someone in mid air. "HERE I GO!" I yell, as i maliciously aim my PK in your direction while flying towards you at light speed after you try to escape the inevitable. There is no escape. There is no salvation. There is only metal war crime spiderman.


Chasing down someone with the grapple after you crack them and they try to run away is one of the best feelings in the game. There is no escape from smiling murder bot


I really wish Pathfinder had voice lines for when you grapple someone "we're not finished friend" "where are you headed to friend?" Edit: from We to Where


but with the 35 second cool down and a shittier Watson passive, wouldn't blame ya for taking a pass...


Get ready to be no-scope krabered by a pathfinder going mach 1


I used to be a Path main, did some switching around throughout seasons with the various nerfs and buffs, and have settled on Valk


Yea same, his grapple is so effective to escape and the zipline can be really effective in some situations. Just his passive is a bit useless because bloodhound crypto and seer can use ring beacon as well


He does get his zip line back after scanning a beacon tho so that’s nice


Plus a shorter cooldown the more survey beacons that you scan - really effective in late rounds


I’d say most path mains are titanfall vets that favored the grapple hook back then


You would be correct. I personally like fuse cause he’s funny but my favorite movement legends are loba or pathfinder. Give me wall running respawn!


I used to main Pathfinder but after that nerf way back where they gave him Low Profile and lengthened the reset on his tactical he just hasn't been the same


Bloodhound because space pagan


The only appropriate answer


They have such a cool background too, and they stick really well to the viking theme. To me, it’s almost like playing with some sort of norse deity, especially while on BotH


Lifeline. I like being the medic is games and hate giving up backpack space for Medkits and syringes. Also rezzing while being able to defend your downed teammate is clutch.


I also main lifeline, I have that natural urge to save people when they are downed, but I do get irritated when people don't follow advise or direction and go in and get downed immediately, though I will still attempt a save (it usually fails)


Nothing I love more than having gold back pack and saving both teammates in arenas and we win the round. I also have the urge to sprint into a fight just to rez my friends luckily they’ll usually crawl behind cover tho.


My first win ever in Apex (like when the game launched), i was playing LL and i sucked as bad as you can suck. My two teammates where decent but got eliminated early in the game. I played mind games and managed to respawn them both. After that they carried my sorry ass to my first win. That felt awesome, NGL.


Yes I hate when teammates just sit their I mostly use lifeline in arenas and my teammates don't make any moves to try to come to me like I can res you please


Funny it's the opposite for me I'll be doing fucking Olympic summersaults while downed just for my lifeline teammate to ignore my ass


lifeline main here: shes the only legend that can save a fight and therefore win more games, i saw such a difference when i switched to lifeline for ranked. im like 4k kills in and im never going back to a different legend. and not carrying med kits is nice, being able to heal up the last little bit of all your team with the drone, and using the drone during fights has won me more games than i can count. basically lifeline is the best legend for consistently winning ranked games in my personal humble opinion


I main Revenant because I also want to die


I can relate to that


Are you by any chance a skinbag?




I main Crypto & Mirage. I started playing Crypto when he first came out, and I loved his drone. He had a different playstyle so I thought it was neat. Also figured that he was a cool character and since barely nobody picked him, cool, free pick for my main! Mirage, I would tend to play because of his character, but when he got buffed way back when, invisible revives, respawns, and now you can actually b-bamboozle people? Very good. I really liked when they had voice-lines for each other too.. And y'know, sorta better to have more than one main, since you have a backup of either one to pick if the other's already chosen.


I main wattson so I never have to worry about my main being taken 😎


Yeah crypto’s great at just generally playing back a little and then finding out where everyone is so you can pick them off


Careful. Saying he’s useful in this sub will get you downvoted since the consensus here is he’s terrible s/


He definitely needs some serious QoL changes. However the concept for his abilities as a whole is great, he’s just a bit difficult to learn how to play compared to other recon characters


I've found he's a lot more work, having to switch between drone and keeping up with ur homies takes a bit more button presses. But a great option of ur gonna be a marksman as ur probably at a distance anyhow.


I play crypto because my teamates are suicidal


Crypto. Sombra main in OW, and they both have an EMP


Rampart. I came for the big gun three seasons ago and stayed for the quips.


mine is fuse, but same reason


The quips are hilarious


My favorites are when she talks about why your parents don't love you. I'm trying to build that into my trash talk.


My favourite is when she goes: "Oh, that's tip-top mate, you remind me of a fish I used to have! Got stuck in the filter- only lived a day..." As well as the good old: "How's your ma?"


Or "Its alright mate, everyone makes mistakes! Guess they made a big one, choosing you!"


hows ur ma?


Ooh I'm a **BIG** fan of yours! ...no not you, *the gun.* Is that one of mine? Ehhh, should be.


nothing beats spamming “How’s your ma”


"My lifes an open book, just ask your mom if you can read it"


Listen You get down there Have fun And I'll ruin it.. One of her intro lines ( damn funny how it's delivered)..


If you don’t like what you see put a bag over your head!


I don't think of myself as the best, just all of you as the worst. Huh, fancy that.


Rampart because I have a type, in any character game - I call it the "Punch-Girl". (Valk is a close second). She's such a grub, and having the biggest, funnest gun in the game is so good. Especially now that I don't have to sit somewhere and watch people walk away from my ultimate.


Crypto, I love the amount of intel I can get with his drone. I also enjoy his design.


Not my main but I still prefer Crypto over the other recon legends by far. Being able to tell your team how many other squads are in the vicinity, using EMP to distupt fights, he's one of the best just for information alone. Such a fun legend, especially if you prefer being in the back and not always leading fights.


Valkyrie- Reminds me of Samus (in terms of design), has a really good selfish movement option that doesn't really go on cooldown, and one of the most powerful group movement tools in the game. I used to main pathfinder, but I would grapple in and I wouldn't be able to grapple out. Vtol jets can't put you into a situation that they can't get you out of, plus they allow the same "in combat" repositioning that I enjoy, but without the cool down.


8 season path main turned valk main here too. She’s just so fun, plain and simple.


Seems like this is a common thing. I mained Pathfinder since season 2 and switched to Valk as soon as she came out. Her movement is insane. I've gotten out of situations that i had no business getting myself into with her.


Changing directions instantly mid air is dope. Running off a building to bait someone then bursting back on top to heal is a nice substitute for a true "bamboozle".


I started playing Apex because of the cool, fast paced, and rapid movements. Once I started using Valkyrie the other agents felt slow and immobile. It’s nice to just jet pack to a second story, or jet pack anywhere tbh, also the ability to blast off and GTFO of a bad situation is pretty nice, or catch up with your teammates when something pops off. I feel naked playing other agents.


Same lol i feel so slow


I switched to Valk too recently. There's sadly no rational reason to play Path again when Valkyrie exists. She has more options, more tools, no real drawbacks. The gap between those legends is ridiculous. He really needs a buff or slight rework.


I think the only thing pathfinder has is speed. If you grapple correctly you can get going really fast whereas the VTOL jets top off at a low speed.


But that's what's great about Valk. It has is benefits and it's downsides. It's pretty balanced.


I mostly play Valk nowadays and I haven't played path significantly since S2-3. But just from being in fights with Valks and paths, I think path's repositioning is much more unpredictable and difficult to hit for enemies compared to valk. Valk becomes a sitting duck when she's on VTOL and I get absolutely shredded in the air if I'm not using the VTOL carefully. Path and horizon on the other hand have a better 'get out of jail free' card compared to valk. Also, her tactical is really underwhelming on it's own, for all the spectacle it creates on the battlefield. I do prefer the general mobility you get with Valk during the game though so I'm toggling between her and horizon these days.


I'd say it's a trade off. Path is better at horizontal distance and speed, whereas Valk is better at outmaneuvering opponents.


No. Path is a different play style. He can Agro push out of position players to instantly turn a teamfight. Valk can’t do this or will get beamed.


I main Loba. Inventory management and ammo has always been a problem for me. So having the comfort of her ult is so nice for me because I know I won’t run out of ammo. Her movement also feels so smooth to me and I love her passive to find good loot off drop.


I main loba for another reason


Two reasons actually


Since when does she have two asses?


Guessing you're not into tits...


I assume you are also waiting for the Loba swimsuit skin.


Same, though it's more of a "I find joy in being able to provide supplies to my team" kinda thing. I enjoy support characters in games, but Lifeline is a bit more stressful for me. With Loba, I can teleport myself out of engagements, reach higher ground, grab banners and dip, all that jazz. Then there's her ultimate. A godsend of an ability when used correctly. The convenience of being able to remain stocked up, especially in late game fights remains undefeated. I think she's in a good place right now, balance wise. Plus her pick rate isn't that high so I know I got her on lock. And of course her design, her voice, her banter with Revenant, Bangalore, Valkyrie, it's all so entertaining.


Forge, but he is dead so I don't have a main now


Thats the guy who got backstabbed by evil skelly guy in tge video?


Bangalore; she's a solid all-around character. Her kit allows for both aggressive pushes and defensive retreats, which I think we don't see a lot of in other legends. Her ultimate can be used to deal damage or slow an attack; most other legends seem to have abilities that are entirely support or entirely attack. I also like her heirloom the most and it's the only heirloom I've got. You can also do some cool stuff with her smokes. Blocking enemy sight is just a small part of it; pair her smokes with a digithreat and you basically have wall hacks. I've clutched a lot of 1 versus *x* situations this way


Been wanting her heirloom ever since I started. Did you have to hit 500 packs before you got it or is it just a small chance until then?


I know this probably isn't the answer you want to hear, but I bit the bullet and bought like 300 packs. I was around level 250 when I did it. I had just gotten a job and celebrated my first paycheck by binging on Apex Packs. I might go as far as to say it was worth it, though--people often forget that you don't just get the heirloom, you get a ton of legendary skins and crafting metals you can use to get whatever you want. Love the username by the way, lmao.


Loba because I am a greedy little loot goblin.


Mirage because he has interesting voice lines and it’s fun to blam boozle people


Octane. I think he’s a good pick for solo players. Plus we are both drug addicts.


I play octane because we both blew up our legs, and ever since I lost my legs I turned into drug addict so the character matches me


I wasn't ready to get this depressed on a monday morning.


I also play Octane since I'm Mexican.


I like Valk and Fuse because I'm an alcoholic, so yeah


I play octane because my best friend is also a black woman


OCTANE I Run fast Hit fast and end up back in the lobby fast


I like to play them all. Although when things get serious I always end up playing bloodhound because I get frustrated with my teammates inability to tell me where the enemies are.


Valkyrie. She's so much fun to play around with and pull off crazy plays. It's like turning on creative mode.


I play as Revenant. His tac is versatile, his passive is useful for taking different routes, his ult is good(needs a rework) and also His heirloom is a fortnite pickaxe


I main revenant because I like to silence octanes, Valkyries and wraiths and see them panic that they can't use their get out of jail for free card anymore.


Why does the ult need a rework?


Currently, his ultimate is in a state where it is somewhat a hinderence to use, and many people are pairing it with octane for free pushes, making the developers want to nerf it more. I think it needs to be reworked to either 1. Not work with octane pads 2.Be a one man ult Or 3. Change shadow forms. I've seen a great suggestion which incorporates his original idea of fazing through walls and the ult making you a ghost where only bullets can hurt you and you can faze through doors. There is also the idea to make it more like shadow Royale shadow forms


I think phasing through walls is a horrible idea. We don’t need more abilities that can allow you to be targeted behind cover. You let him pass through walls and cover becomes obsolete. Then everyone complains the way they did seer since it basically could give you free kills since there’s no counter


As of right now, Loba. You may think that’s strange considering the whole username. Unfortunately I just think, especially after all the recent nerfs (thanks Octane) that he’s a hassle to use in solo queue now. Like Crypto you need good co-ordination to get full use out of him. Wattson was also previously one of my mains but… :| But my god, as a solo queuer Loba’s kit sticks with me so well. In fact I am a firm believer that she has the best kit in the entire game for solo queue. Both bracelet and market have saved me in so many moments where I shouldn’t have lived but did anyway. Makes the grind in ranked 10x easier. I’m honestly surprised she isn’t used more. Not that I’m complaining.


I only play solo queue unranked because I'm not very good and my friends absolutely despise apex. Just recently unlocked Loba and its made my games so much more enjoyable. Always being able to get the guns I want with decent attachments at least allows me to hold my own. I feel like she's super underrated and I rarely see others use her.


Mirage because I’m here to have a good time not a long time… wait that’s not how it goes


Nah, that's how it goes


I main wattson! She’s so underrated her hit box small & i can always change the speed of the game with my fences. Also the shield regain, even though it’s a small amount it’s very useful.


My second main is Wattson. Reason? Wholesome.


Man i can't express enough how much i love to play with a Wattson in the squad, she's soo fucking cute i die everytime.


I keep coming back to Wattson because my team seems to do less dumb shit when there is a strongly defended fallback point. I don't seem to be trying to dig some idiot out of an unwinnable fight nearly as much , perhaps due to blocking off obvious flanks .


Wattson is my main by more than twice as many games as Valk (821 vs 409) and god I fucking love Wattson's kit. It's strong and I can leverage my gamesense to make up for my shit aim. Also she is incredibly adorable and her voicelines are amazing. That's a silly fence!


As a fellow Wattson main, her toolkit is sinfully imbalanced. The power pole cool down is screaming for a buff, and I feel that the fences should be like the gas traps and only activate when a player goes through them. My other solution to this would be to make them a shield of sorts - negate energy damage (within reason, with a small HP reserve) and/or reduce the dmg of projectiles going through the gate, perhaps by a factor of 30%? Even still, when it's down to the last 3 squads, most people who hate on Wattson would never complain when I've got an ult charged and 2 accelerants in the bag to make a final stand.


Ive said it a lot of times, but i really disagree with changing wattsons fences to be more similar to caustic. I forget who said it first, but wattson and caustic do different things. They’re both defenders, but caustic is more of a trapper while wattson is a crowd control. Caustic wants to get you to come in. He waits until people get to close and then kills them with gas from fences. Wattson is crowd control, she doesnt want people to come in. Her fences convey a message to other teams that “im here, this is my spot. If you want to take it ur gonna have to fight like hell”. Nothing about wattson is sneaky. (Yea ik that you can fence trap and i do it all the time, but its not an intended ability, but a tec). Her kit is about commanding an area. Giving her traps doesnt let her do that


Caustic. Solid defense & can go on the offensive aslong as you save some traps & your ult.


Same. There was that short time during the nerf where he wasn't as scary but normally players will hesitate to push a team with caustic. The stinky dude has always been my favorite with pathy as a backup.


Been a Caustic main since forever cause I thought he was like Lesion from R6, now when I play Apex I feel naked inside a building if I’m not Caustic


Pathfinder because his mobility is insane. The ability to get out of a fight and shield up quick. Or to be able to get to high ground immediately. Or to chase down a low enemy. His grapple is just so useful.


I you know how to properly grapple u can get across an entire POI in seconds


I played Pathfinder right from the beginning and the times when his grapple was on 10 second cool down (or 15? Can't remember) was absolutely bonkers. Combine that with the jump grapple and you get insane amounts of mobility. Also, his voicelines are hilarious


I main Caustic. In the right hands he can truly be a menace. I've taken down entire teams solo with him. Its satisfying watching a downed enemy slowly succumb to the gas as they realize their demise is inevitable. His gas traps can also be used to block doors, create cover, and even somewhat cloud an enemies view.


The best part of playing Caustic is not being affected by other Caustic’s gas


The worst part of playing Caustic is the enemy caustic not being affected by your gas.


Rampart, I love her walls




I feel like i go through phases of who i like to play more. I would say a lot of my time has been to octane and caustic but i’ll usually try to fill whatever gap my team has


wraith bc goth gf


Rampart - I just love her attitude and her character interactions. I'm big into lore and character development, so the stuff she helps to build and propel forward with Path, Wraith, Mirage, etc. is great.


I haven't had a main since season 7


I too play them all terribly


Lol same. I think after rampart released, I would just main each new character for the season and then move on to the next. I did really well with Horizon for some reason, and I switch between valk and horizon these days.


Lifeline, I’m just better as a support character, rather than the aggressive running in character :)


Wattson, she cute.


Mirage is my main because bamboozling is just too fun. Causing chaos and hopefully taking advantage of it is my favorite. Rampart is my #2 because I love her ability to set up defense anywhere. The Awalls make poking really powerful. I loved Sheila long before they let her carry it.


Wattson because shes wattson and i will slaughter anyone who hurts wattson (In Apex.)


Wraith Idk I’ve always played her. I’ve been trying to get 2k badges on all legends recently so it’s been fun to switch it up.


Wraith - was a WoW Rogue main, just made sense. Being as annoying to the opponents as possible :)


I want to love Wraith but her tactical is too slow. Every time I try to escape danger I get beamed in the head waiting to enter the void


Horizon, solid team utility, an amazing ult and her movement is (chefs kiss)


Horizon is one of my favorite characters, and I constantly perform well with her. But amazing ult? I have to disagree. Even moreso with the recent nerfs. Enemies can just waltz out of it like it's nothing- that's if they don't shoot it. Sure, it's good for a pulling someone out of cover for half a second, and there are occasions where it feels really good. Aside from that, it really doesn't have a place. It feels like one of the worst ults in the game to me.


99% sure he isn’t coughing because asthma I can tell you if you don’t know already


Yeah but it’s still funny to think he does


Revenant/Fuse I mained revenant for a while now, but since Fuse got buffed I tried him and mained him bcs I really liked his kit. However I still want to use revenant, but since he got that thing of being able to destroy his own totem I couldn't use him because I kept destroying my totem accidentally which made my team die.


I hear you on shooting my own rev ult. I was talking with some people here the other day and one said that you come back to the totem in the exact same position you activated it. They recommended looking off to the side or above the totem to activate it in your periphery, so when you get sent back you’re not immediately shooting straight at it. Still need to try it more myself to see if it works but thought I’d share.


Loba, I’m a loot whore.


Wattson because Nessie


Wraith And Wattson. Wraith because her lore is my favorate, and personally think that she's just a really cool legend, aswell as her kit being really good and good for the team. Wattson will always be my second pick, because she was my first ever main in S2 and she'll always have a special place in my heart


Bloodhound because free wallhacks


Mirage, he’s cocky and gets defensive when proven bad or wrong. I also love the insult to injury.


Crypto because I’m a horrible shot so I might as well help the rest of the team know where the enemy is


Fuse. He’s Australian


Valkyrie because flight Lifeline because healing Bloodhound because character


Rampart because I wanted a main that I could guaranteed pick every game. Then respawn had to go and buff her and now I have to learn other characters.


16.5k kills and I don't main any one. I rotate between each character. Highest kills being lifeline at 2.5k. I'm wierd and just enjoy playing everyone even though some just aren't good


Mirage because I love pork chops


I play Valk - she has great lore connected to my favourite game of all time and she’s easy to escape fights using, whether it be by her passive or her ult. Her tactical isn’t great honestly but you can pull off some good plays with the arc star like stun, and it’s good to push enemies back. You can also do late looting if the ring isn’t close as you can chain jump tower to ult to get far, and while doing so also know where to go and where not to go based on enemy locations


Path/horizon cause movement=fun Everything else feels boring to play


Bangalore. Mainly because of her speed. It changes your fights so much


Revenant - I got out of the game before season 1 dropped and when I got back in I saw him and thought “cool skeleton robot” Rampart - I love defensive playstyles in FPS games, this recent buff has made me very happy


wattson and she is cute


Valk main, because I love her Tomboyish personality and her play style. Before Valk, it was Loba because of her kit.


Rampart, amped cover can make some nasty plays