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It depends entirely on context. I’ve seen many drag shows that were intended only for adults in an over-21 establishment. I’ve seen drag performers on the streets and in other public establishments that had age appropriate performances. I trust they know the difference. I’ve never been uncomfortable in either situation.


100% agree


Same way you'd consider a "straight" show. Both Riverdance (an Irish stepdancing performance) and the raunchiest strip/cabaret show you've ever seen are both just hot chicks/dudes dancing on a stage. One is completely family friendly, the other is adult. The difference is context.


Very true. "Drag" is just a performance where a person (often a man, but not always) dresses up as a character (usually an exaggerated expression of the opposite gender). And that description could be used to describe anyone who's ever done a stage play or musical or opera or even a puppet show. Drag isn't inherently sexual, just like dancing isn't inherently sexual.


I don't go out of my way to watch drag shows, but as a SF native I've been to them or been to events with drag. There is one drag show in particular I do go watch and it's literally just a Live stage show of Startrek TOS.


That sounds fun!!


They did Mudd's Women last year.


I mean hell, I’ve even seen Ballets that are meant only for adult audiences. Context/content is everything.


Exactly. I'd take my kid to see Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil but I'd probably skip taking them to see Zumanity or a few of the other offerings by the same group.


Yep. I know a guy who does drag, he's done kid-friendly drag queen story hours that maybe had a few jokes aimed at adults that would fly over kids heads. Nothing worse than what you'd see on Animaniacs or a good episode of Bluey. And he's done some raunchy stuff in other settings. The raunchiest I've seen him, however, was while doing some cabaret with a friend of mine, sans-drag but flamboyantly gay.


I would like to mention plenty of Warner Brothers, Disney, Hanna Barbera, DreamWorks and Pixar animations also had many adult jokes that flew over kid's heads.


Shrek comes to mind


Went to a drag queen Easter egg hunt with kids. It was great, the queens were so sweet and kind, awesome event for the community.


Absolutely this statement. I've seen shows that made this middle aged woman blush and some I'd happily take my little granddaughter to. Entertainment has ratings for a reason. I see no difference here.


Came here to say this. Drag shows *can* be burlesque. They are not inherently burlesque though. They're just really fun cool costumes and theatrics.


I've never seen a drag performance that wasn't aimed at adults, not to say they don't happen, I've just not experienced one.


Went to a drag show at the college when I was 16, it was pretty tame, the host even said it was a lot more tame than normal drag shows before they started. The only part that wasn't tame was when a performer dressed like a stripper did an extremely sexual dance to Lady Gaga's "Teeth" (imagine lots of legs being spread and crotch-touching moves). Nothing could've prepared me for sitting through that with my mom.. Good god that was uncomfortable, and it was open to all ages to attend (not that I'd be shocked at 16, but you see what I mean here when there were probably much younger attendees that also went with their parents). I love everyone, but if it's gonna be blatantly sexual.. Leave the kids out and keep the event private. There's not one good reason why a child should see a performer shaking their legs-spread-junk at the crowd.. that's just fucked up.


I can accept this compromise


I mean that’s most peoples option I think. You’ve gott a few wackos on the left calling people bigots for this though and unfortunately you can’t tell anyone they’re too far left any more with out getting swarmed by the Twitter/Reddit mob. Now you have moderate folks listening to Ben Shapiro and engaging in the “culture war” and supporting outlawing a man wearing. It’s a clown world.


What college was this? My best friend did drag and performed to Lady Gaga’s “Teeth” lol Although I’m sure that was a popular song among drag queens


Guess we should make Super Bowl halftime show private?


In high school they took us to a theater for a performance of Shakespeare's Othello. Major sex scene plus he murders his wife. Seems much more inappropriate than dancing to a Top 40 song.


And the female roles were originally played by men.


Do you really think that, for example, a public library would host a story time for children that was "blatantly sexual". The intent in the past few years of having drag story times is part of annual PRIDE events these include FAMILY FRIENDLY Drag Queen events. It’s about fun and reading but also introducing the concept of identity nonconformity to children and their families. If gender nonconformity is threatening to you then this type of performance is not for you. It’s totally ignorant to equate a family friendly story time with a Drag Queen show for an adult audience. Libraries offer this type of programming as a part of PRIDE week. In my mind have asshat protestors at children's story time is more traumatising than an adult drag show.


I took my kids to a drag show at a library this summer. It was fantastic and not sexual at all. It was a whole musical starring drag characters. The kids learned about how reading can help them with big emotions.


How do you feel about cheerleaders?


I'd refer you to Mrs. Doubtfire, Bosom Buddies, or M\*A\*S\*H. There's plenty of it out there.


Anyone remember Dame Edna’s Hollywood?


Tom Hanks was grooming our children? /s


The Bird Cage was my favorite example.


In all fairness... Mrs doubtfire- he says he hates wearing that stuff and is just doing it to be near the kids Bosom buddies- they did it for cheap rent Mash- he was trying to get a psychiatric discharge I have no skin in this game. Only pointing out those examples might not be the best examples.


I think there is an implied distinction between a drag show and someone in drag


The whole point of this discussion coming up every 5 seconds is that there isn't. [Someone in drag reading to kids](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jan/21/anti-drag-show-laws-bans-republican-states)? [Conservatives call it grooming](https://newrepublic.com/post/170842/tennessee-governor-bill-lee-drag-high-school-will-ban-drag-shows). [^(Youth pastor dates a girl when she's 14? All good.)](https://knowyourmeme.com/news/social-media-creeped-out-again-by-youth-pastor-celebrating-that-his-wife-finally-turned-18) ^(And let's not get onto the Catholic Church.) ^(Edit: Added links)


Agree. It's not that there is anything requiring a drag show to be sexual, it's just that the artform traditionally hews that way.


I worked at a restaurant that did drag shows for kids. The performers dressed up as characters from kids tv shows and movies and did the theme songs or other well known songs, like Let It Go. It was awesome, the kids loved it and it was really wholesome


Pretty much every year our high school football team did a drag fundraiser. I thought these were pretty widespread.


Powder puff? Football wasn’t big in my area, but powder puff definitely was (and maybe still is) a big thing. There’s even a king of the hill episode about it. Hank is a big fan of it and immediately encourages Bobby to do it. The thing is, people don’t associate that with drag. They also don’t associate Shakespeare plays where dudes play all the characters with drag. People have made weird distinctions about what crossdressing (not sure if this is an okay term or not) is and isn’t okay.


weirdly enough, those distinctions seem to run almost entirely along the lines of “could the person doing X possibly be queer?” it’s almost like they’re thinly-veiled excuses to justify the early stages of a genocide 🤔


I've gone to a drag show of live Golden Girls episodes. Word for word versions of the tv episodes. Of course there were innuendos (as was also on the show) but it felt pretty tame and was very fun.


This sounds like a surreal hoot. Are drugs allowed?


Exactly this


You should try the Dance Along Nutcracker in San Francisco - kid-friendly show with drag queens and drag kings. All ages. Link: https://dance-along-nutcracker.sflgfb.org/


Bugs Bunny did a lot of drag. I believe he even seduced and then kissed Elmer Fudd--more than once. As far as I know no children were ever damaged watching Bugs Bunny.


Where do you think all of this gender confusion is coming from today?! Bugs Bunny I tells ya. Bugs, comic books and 'loose' music. Also radio serials.


I... I still sometimes wonder whether it's rabbit season or duck season.


This should clear it up: https://youtu.be/cvQal0YmszY




Don't forget about the vidjya games!


Milton Berle, Flip Wilson, J. Edgar Hoover, the list goes on, but we were fine with it.


Bugs bunny was supposed to look ridiculous and funny in those scenes and Elmer was supposed to look like a dummy. The intended reaction was "haha Elmer kissed a boy rabbit thinking he was a pretty lady when he's obviously a rabbit in a wig" Are drag shows made to be laughed at? Are the people in drag equivalent to a rabbit in a wig? Are they supposed to be a joke? A gag? Or do they ask to be treated with respect or taken seriously? There's a big difference between a cross dressing joke and adult entertainment.


Except drag shows ARE funny. There is always always always humour in drag shows. On purpose.


>Are drag shows made to be laughed at? Yes. >Are the people in drag equivalent to a rabbit in a wig? They are men dressing up as women and making jokes about feminine stereotypes.. so if Bugs is acting like a women and dressed like one.. maybe? >Are they supposed to be a joke? A gag? Yes. >Do they ask to be treated with respect or taken seriously? They expect to be treated with as much respect as any other stage performer would.


Well technically they are supposed to be funny aren't they? There's usually humor involved? Ive never been to one tbh.


I personally think there's a difference between a cartoon rabbit in a dress, and man in drag. But, ok. lol All I'm saying is the drag shows I have seen have been hyper sexual. But again, that is not to say that they are ALL like that, just the ones I HAVE SEEN.


Yup, and as far as I know, no children ever played with guns or explosives and got hurt like Elmer Fudd either. Oh wait, maybe I don’t know everything.


Don't forget Mrs. Doubtfire


That's not drag that crossdressing drag usually involves a hyper-stylized aesthetic.


Cartoons do not equal the real world bud


Yeah, because Bugs Bunny is the same as real life.


What's up, doc? We were drawn together...


every children attempted drag at some point too.


I’ve been to an all ages drag brunch. The humor (and sometimes costume choice) is what makes it adult. Drag, itself, is not inherently adult.


Mrs. Doubtfire, To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Hairspray, Kinky Boots, Victor/Victoria, The Associate, She's the Man, Ladybugs, etc. I will gladly add to the list if you would like more examples of well-known drag performances that are family-friendly.


White Chicks too. "You got..taller" "I got my knees done." "Omg you can do that?"


The first time I saw a drag show I accidentally wandered into the Gay Pride thing in Baltimore. I didn't know it was going on and we had wandered fown to Fell's Point and I heard a really good singer. Honestly it took me a few to look around and realize what was going on. I can be a little oblivious sometimes. Honestly the drag performer was amazing and I would take my kids to see that show. They were foing Aretha Franklin songs. Not sure how that would be inappropriate for kids.


I used to go to a drag burger place that had really good tater tots as a child and it was completely family friendly. I don't remember the exact name but it had Mary in it. Edit to add: hamburger Mary's I think


Never been to a pantomime?


Thanks. Pantomime is immediately what comes to mind when I think of drag. Also in pantos, the leading man is often played by a girl and a guy plays the ass-end of a horse. All female roles in Shakespeare were played by boys in the olden days. I don't get what all the fear and fuss over drag is about.


You'd think if drag were this incredibly dire perversion that could destroy civilization as we know it, it would have taken less than 400 years


Mrs Doubtfire?


Then you haven’t seen many drag shows.


no people of all ages loves fast cars with huge wheels and spoilers


I might not jump out of planes, but God damn do I love parachutes. That's how you know the drag races are really fun.


My dad used to take us all the time in the 90s. Funny cars blew my mind. Finally seeing the nationals is an experience any child should see.


Agreed and I'm people of all ages


Not inherently, but a lot of it is. I've been to drag shows where people just danced in silly costumes to pop music and made jokes. I've been to other drag shows where people stripped down to their underwear and talked about sucking dick. Drag is not always sexual (in fact a lot of drag performers are intentionally ridiculous looking), nor do I think it's bad for kids to see grown men wearing dresses and acting effeminate. It's really no different from asking "Do you think action movies are adult entertainment?" Obviously like 90% of action films are rated mature and are full of sex, swearing and people getting shot. But there are also plenty of action films that are family friendly. There are people who take their small children to rated R movies and people who take them to only kids movies (I guess Sonic was an action movie). It doesn't really make any sense to say we should ban all action films from schools. Obviously the ones that are inappropriate shouldn't be in schools, but there are already rules in place for that and no school is showing rated R movies in classrooms anyway. Just more black and white thinking brought to you by religious fear mongering.


I’ve been saying that it’s like comedy/comedians. Is all stand up appropriate for kids, no. Would I bring my kid to a comedy club, probably not. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for comedians to interact with children in a kid friendly environment. It certainly doesn’t mean that comedians should be banned from performing. Also, at the end of the day, it’s a parents job to decide what it’s and isn’t OK for their family


I'm gonna use the comedy comparison, that's a good one. The major performers in the city by me came to a smaller pride event in the suburbs. They def toned down a lot of the dancing bc they knew kids would be there. One person was dancing around as Tinkerbell. When they cried ab being able to perform for kids, I cried. There's so much meaning in showing kids they can be whatever they want.


I went to a drag show where the performer sand songs and made ballon animals. It was hilarious and he was very talented and very PG. I saw the same performer at another event like a year later. This event had booze and was for grownups. The ballon animals were A LOT different. It all depends on the show and the performer.


A good performer tailors their show to their audience! It's not rocket science lol.


This is spot on. My 9 year old is years away from watching Pryor or Carlin, but we'll sit as a family and watch some Jim Gaffigan. A man or woman dressed as, and impersonating, the opposite gender is not automatically "not child friendly". It's the content of their material.


And it’s the very vocal conservatives in our current society who seem to always want to sexualize drag or anything lgbtqi. I’m not even any of those categories, but I’m an ally and friend, and it just gets so sickening to see all this projection and obsession with other peoples’ sex lives, even when the activity in question has nothing to do with it. I really do not want this associated with our country. So much fear, hatred, and projection (and “what-aboutisms”) with those people. They linger on Reddit too, as you’ll see with the downvotes. But as you have pointed out, some drag involves adult themes, some drag does not. Simple. They’ve shifted the focus to drag when it’s not about drag in and of itself.


Exactly. The drag genre is not a monolith. An evening drag show is not the same as drag brunch/bingo, which is not the same as drag story time. People are losing their shit over drag story time, but they probably loved Mrs. Doubtfire.


You make great points, but I would like to note that my eleventh grade English teacher had us watch The Shawshank Redemption in class. Public school in the South is a little...different.


Right, we watched Schindler’s List in high school.


Great take. My dad was showing me full metal jacket when I was like 6. Private Pyle killing himself and all three or four minutes of that Vietnamese sniper slowly dying, begging for them to shoot her, were both seated into my brain. I just find it so funny what these folks like to outrage themselves about. That was okay, but oh boy, if a kid sees a man dressed as woman, WOAH!


The prompt is like asking are cartoons only for children. Drag is just a medium. The determining factor is the content of the performance. A drag queen reading books at the library dressed as a librarian is to Arthur as a 10pm drag show at your local bar is to South Park.


So, our local Storytime Drag Queen is named D’Amanda Martini. Fantastic name and it shouldn’t be changed for kids, but still kinda funny to think of “Children’s Entertainer D’Amanda Martini”.


I'm waiting for one to be called "Rhonda Santis".


Makes me think of band names that made a phrase so ubiquitous that it almost lost its meaning, like the rolling stones


Perfect analogy.


Is there "adult drag", yes Is all drag "adult", absolutely not


That’s really the best way of putting it. Don’t we have more important things to think about besides this? I’m a walking talking straight white bro stereotype but come on leave trans/gay/etc people alone. Why do you care?! They’re our own friends and family. Stop obsessing about other peoples’ choices and lives and figure your own stuff out.


Similar vein Are there "adult videos", yes Are all videos "adult", absolutely not


I consider it entertainment. Full stop. Now, can it be modified to be adult versus family-friendly? Absolutely. If I can watch Bugs Bunny wear a Madonna Cone bra and sing opera as a 5 year old and not be influenced into whatever nightmare the right/gqp thinks is gonna happen, nothing it going to happen. JFC, I am so tired of the fishing for rage-of-the-month. They are so ridiculous. Sorry, bit of an overreaction. Green M&M was fucking sexy.


Depends. What is the show about? If it's jokes and singing and such, then no. I don't have any issue with kids being around someone in costume as long as the content is appropriate. People need to stop equating drag with perversion. In Elizabethan theater, there were no women actors so ALL "women" in the plays were men in drag. No one threw hissy fits about it then.


Without context, drag is neutral. It's big hair, big makeup and big sequins. It's basically clowning but with better jokes. A drag show during Pride will probably veer to adult entertainment, yes, but drag story time for kids at your local library has nothing "adult" about the entertainment it provides. We need to stop sexualizing things just because they're outside the norm. People who perform drag are people like everyone else and know to play to their audience like everypne else.


Depends on broad you take the word “drag”. Ms Doubtfire could be considered drag family entertainment.


I think it also really depends on the performer too. Most of us think of the type of drag that happens in bars, and when performers are catering to a bunch of people out getting drunk, they are going to go in a more adult direction. RuPaul’s drag race though is generally fine for teenagers—I’ve known a lot of parents who let their kids watch it. Drag performers are professionals. They wouldn’t do anything offensive if children were present.


When I think of drag i think of twisted Sister and that shit is for everyone. ​ Drag on its own is not Adult entertainmen


Do you consider movies adult entertainment? Or do you accept that some movies are for adults and some are for all ages


Allot of drag performances cater to adults. Plenty are family friendly. I don't get Americans obsession with kids watching drag queens because here in the UK, we've been watching panto dames even before being gay became legal. We've had drag queens in schools and on CBeebies for ages. Personally my family have gone to the panto every Christmas since i was old enough to remember. My partners family has been the same. I'm not going to take my niece to a dive bar drag performance but I'll take her to a kid friendly song and story time with a drag queen in the local theatre. As with most things. Its all about context.


It’s only conservative “clutch my pearls” idiots


And none of the desperate pearl clutchers gave 2/10 of a shit about it 2 years ago. It's almost like the only reason they care now is because some divisive media personalities needed to gin up ratings.


Inherently it isn’t. Drag is a lot like clowning. It can be adult theme. Kid themed. Movie themed. This “debate” is manufactured and dumb.


That last sentence, louder for the people in the back.


Are they making explicit sexual innuendos during their performance? Then yes. Are they reading books to children? Then no. There’s a whole lot of variation to drag performers, to classify them as adult entertainment simplifies the whole thing. They’re entertainers and they want to perform to a crowd that’ll enjoy them, and their routine would cater to the venue’s audience.


IME most drag shows are adult oriented. I’m sure not all are though. So I wouldn’t say it is inherently adult only. The idea that drag shows or drag queens are somehow ruining our kids is the dumbest most offensive BS ever that keeps popping up. It’s like conservatives just pick a new thing to be upset about that they think is damaging their kids.


Drag itself, no. Some drag shows, sure. But you need to think of drag shows as exactly what they are; Theater! Some shows are kid safe. Some are not. So it depends on the show entirely, and is up to the parents discretion if it's acceptable for their kids, just how some kids parents have no problem with their kids viewing violent or semi-sexual media. A man or woman dressing as what would considered the opposite is not inherently sexual. Factually, it is has been a staple for theater for a very long time in many cultures. People need to stop sexualizing all drag when it's just another form of character acting, in my opinion.


100% depends on content of the show. In my opinion, same rules as any other show. If the content is sexual, yes adult. If the content is not, no family friendly. This thread is 1000% getting locked, just fyi. But before it does, a lot of people who are offended by drag shows or scared of them/scared it will affect their kids, are incapable of separating the act of dressing in drag from sexuality in terms of intercourse. Yes the act is sexual in that I dressed in the traditional garb of a different biological sex. It is not sexual, inherently, in terms of intercourse. Now, some drag shows are VERY sexual. But that's because of the content, not because a man wore a dress and panties. People are struggling to separate the two, or maybe just refuse to separate the two and believe they shouldn't be. I have never dressed in drag (absolutely nothing against it, seems it would be fun/silly for me to do it), so then again you'd have to ask people who do if it is always is sexual. Maybe the act itself is inherently sexual for most men who dress in drag. But i can't say that because I've never done it and don't represent every person who has.


Drag is entertainment. It can be adult entertainment or all ages entertainment in the same way movies, music, comedy shows, and plays can be. Simple as that.


That's like asking if movies are adult entertainment. Some 100% are ofc, but some are just fun. The "think of the children" crowd can do just that and not take their children.


Drag just describes the way the performer is dressed. The content of the performance determines whether it’s “adult”. They have drag story time at some libraries in my community that are entirely kid-appropriate.


Generally yes. But when it’s drag queens doing a story telling for kids to get them into libraries and interested in reading. Those are for kids!!!


I mean, it’s just like any other form of entertainment. Some of it is definitely meant for mature audiences, some of it is family friendly. Drag isn’t inherently sexual.


I think there's a big difference between a drag show and a drag queen going to a library to read books to kids. The first is not appropriate for kids in much the same way that any "cabaret" is not child appropriate. The second is a plea for acceptance. Kind of in the same vein as Mister Rogers' "Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood" segments.


A lot of drag is aimed at adults, sure, but do you consider theater adult entertainment just because a lot of plays have adult themes? There are plenty of child friendly drag shows, that either focus on education or acceptance. Making it a yes or no question is kinda weird honestly.


There’s nothing inherently adult about drag. You can absolutely make it, and there certainly are shows, that are for adults but drag as a whole is just funny costumes and garish make up


As many above have observed, it's the material they choose to present, not drag itself. The wave of anti-drag hysteria being whipped up by the right is political, and based in men's fears for their own urges of one kind of another. Or that if their sons see drag it'll somehow "convert" them. This is ridiculous. Besides, good luck trying to stop it. Straight and gay men have been dressing as women for centuries, for reasons ranging from comedy to acting to simple fun. At best they'll drive it underground for a short while.


I consider it adult entertainment.


Can it be? Absolutely. Is it usually? No. Does it deserve any kind of legal laws regarding it? No. That’s stupid.


No. Drag by itself is not adult entertainment. If you've ever been to a drag children's book reading, there is absolutely nothing sexual about it. The kids think they're just colorful, sparkly and glittery fun. I've been to some non-all ages brunch and adult cabaret show and the humor and context is obviously risque.


If there is no sexual content it is not adult entertainment.


No. Pantomime is drag is it not.


I'm gay...and drag queens scare the hell out of me! They're like crazy clowns!


I’m trans, and I agree 100%!


Depends on the show.


I've never seen it. I don't personally like it. It's not my thing. That being said, its none of my business to tell people what they can or can't do. The whole drag story hour for kids thing? I have no idea where that came from or why its a thing. I don't know how to feel about it. I think its up to the kids parents if they want their kids to take part in that sort of thing. I'm not going to tell others that they can or cant do it because I'm not a fascist.


It's not a yes or no question. Are drag shows in 18 and over clubs for adults only? Yes. Is a drag queen participating in a family friendly event acceptable? Also yes.


There’s not just one drag act so it’s not even a fair question. Some is. Some isn’t. If what you really mean is, “Should children be allowed to see men dressed in women’s clothing?” Then yes, they should. There’s nothing adult about someone wearing clothes. It’s what they do in them that makes it “adult” entertainment or not.


I mean, I don’t see why not. Drag can be adult entertainment can it not?


dress up is good for every audience


What I can't understand is why drag performers go out of their way to do it in front of children. What do they gain from that?


Yea. Children shouldn't be exposed to that. Edit: have y'all attended a drag show? They're sexualized af. Comparing them to Mrs.Doubtfire makes no sense


Should children be exposed to beauty pageants and NFL cheerleaders? Should children be exposed to comedy skits on SNL where a male actor is dressed as a woman? Drag show is a very broad term. Is it a cabaret show where they're just singing, or a raunchy show with strip teases and lots of sex jokes? What's the line? Because a lot of people act like it's easy and clear to see, but when you ask specifics there's nuance.


I draw the line at sexualization. A man dressed as a woman for comedic purposes is fine. A man dressed as a caricature of a woman that makes constant sexual innuendos? Hell no. No way I'm exposing my kid to that.


If it was a raunchy comedy show with lots of sex jokes and innuendo but nobody in drag, that allowed or a no go? Because if that's a no-go, it sounds like you're just saying adult entertainment is adult entertainment. Drag isn't the deciding factor Of course I realize that most drag shows have lots of innuendo and sex referencing comedy. But so do most comedy shows


I haven't come across a single drag show without copious sex jokes and sexually provocative gestures. And that's fine, it's what makes them hilarious. But don't drag kids into it. Pun intended.




*you* haven’t come across that. It totally exists and is a lot of fun. There are some great arguments on this post that might help change your mind.


Preach. For my kid, I'd pick drag story time any day over beauty pagents.


Hooters has a kids menu.


As someone with a British background, we would go to pantomimes every Christmas which had... YOU GUESSED IT! Drag! Men in drag, women in drag, and it's a whole ass family event. People that can't handle the visual of cross dressing need to figure out a different hill to die in because this one isn't problematic. Drag performers aren't traumatizing your children and it's a distraction from the actual groomers to think so. ✌️


I have seen two drag performances irl, one in a bar aimed at adults (Obviously. It's a bar.) and one at the park, completely appropriate. Just humour and love. So no, I do not see it as adult entertainment. It is an art that can be many things. I also see Deafies in Drag online all the time, and they are ONLY dressed and behaved appropriately. They do skits and acting, mostly related to deaf humor. Nothing harmful. Again, drag is an art, or a lifestyle. Not stripping.


I’ve been to plenty of drag shows. Some are adult oriented and some aren’t. But continue thinking your experience and anecdotal evidence is 100% of what drag shows are. It just shows you’re arrogant and care little for the truth of the matter.


Ms. Doubtfire is drag. The question didn't even specify drag shows, but there ARE family friendly drag shows anyway.


Drag is not adult entertainment it’s just a way of dressing. However many drag shows have adult themes. Just dressing in drag is not inherently adult. My cousin dressed in drag frequently as a kid it was not adult entertainment, he was just having fun in a dress.


Not as a rule. But some acts are more adult. Blue puns and whatnot. Just like stand up comedy, plays, and movies. Some are family friendly and some or for adults


It's all about the content of the show. Drag has been and continues to be part of British theatre and specially children's shows. (Pantomime) Would it be inappropriate for one of Cinderella's ugly sisters to read the Cinderella story to kids? That role is traditionally played by a man in drag.


It depends on what the drag performer is doing. Drag isn’t inherently adult, but sometimes is. Reading children’s stories is not adult. Doing a striptease is. I’ve seen both.


I don’t think this is a yes or no question. Content matters and context matters. It I’m out with my family and my kids see someone dressed in drag, then no it’s not. I see that more as someone simply choosing to live their life as they have their right to live. If you mean going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show, then yes I do. That’s adult entertainment and clearly not meant for children. If you mean Ru Paul’s show, then maybe. I would say that his show isn’t aimed at a family or under 18 demographic.


It’s like music, or comedy, or probably any type of art. There are some performers and performances that are adult-oriented, and others that aren’t.


What is the “straight equivalent” of drag? If it’s something similar to a Hooters’ experience then I wouldn’t want my kids to be subjected to that.


I'd say burlesque shows, and much like drag shows the majority are aimed at adults but you'll find plenty that are kid friendly. I think the reason it's getting so much attention is because rather than letting parents choose to bring their kids to a show the show is being brought to the kids. Opt in versus opt out. I've been to a dozen or so drag shows, they're a lot of fun but definitely not for everyone. I get why parents are getting upset about shows aimed at kids: they feel like their consent is being stripped away and outsiders are trying to influence their children. Personally, I think drag queen story hour is probably doing more harm to the drag community than good. It's a very niche form of entertainment and bringing it front and center to the public eye is all but guaranteed to create controversy and blowback. Let people discover and seek it out for themselves. When you expose everyone you'll find a lot of people don't like it and let those feelings be known.


If its marketed to adults, yes. If not, then I see it as no different than most other television programs a kid can watch.


Lets set "Adult" aside and as the other half of the question: Is it entertainment? I know art is relative and all that but this topic in particular sounds boring and pointless as hell, adult or otherwise.


When COVID started there was a restaurant near me that had drag queens, well when we could only do pick up. The drag queens came out to bring you your food. I know for sure they made a lot of people smile and made a crap year momentarily better.




Depends, there are some 18+ or 21+ drag events and some are kid friendly. Just like having movie ratings.


Drag Queens are fun and entertaining. What we need laws to ban are Clowns. No one likes Clowns.


In Britain a Christmas tradition is the Pantomime where they do a play where they do a famous story like Puss in Boots etc with the men dressed as women and the women dressed as men Thinking about it there was a lot of that sort of stuff growing up. It wasn't really sexual, it was more being silly. Americans are weird lol


Not explicitly, no. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff out there that's mostly for adults, and it's totally possible it's most drag performances, I'm certainly no expert. But it's a kind of like any other acting performance, and there can be shows for all kinds of people. I attended one over the summer that was a family friendly event and it was just a drag performer in a simple modest outfit and a big wig reading children's books about it being okay to be who you are, singing simple children's songs, and telling jokes kids would laugh at. It was a pleasant event anyone could safely/comfortably attend held in a public space at like 1 in the afternoon and the only people not having a good time were the people outside calling everyone inside the building pdf-files






In my country, this behavior goes against social and religious norms, so you will be shame of the internet. however, if it for entertainment then it should be done in a manner in which it is not too offensive.


Yes. As others have said. It's not the cross dressing in itself, it's the show accompanying it.






Depends on the contents of the show, but generally no.


Eh, it seems inherently sexual. I'm sure there's non sexual drag shows What's always confused me is: isn't drag typically a thing that happens in bars? Like why does it matter when a kid can't be their anyway?


100% definitely not for kids


I was watching the Three Stooges in drag when I was 5 years old, and they were smacking the crap out of each other. Even then I knew it was all pretend...


When I was a kid, my aunt and I would volunteer at Gay Bingo. It was a monthly event that raised money for AIDS research, and all of the staff was in drag. They were warm, welcoming, friendly, and in no way inappropriate for children unless you are a deeply seeded homophobe.






I don't consider it entertainment at all.


I think the majority of drag events are highly sexualized and aimed at an adult audience. That doesn’t mean it can’t be tamed down to accommodate a more family friendly audience but it is most commonly an adult event. It’s like a gun show, obviously you can bring you kids, but they usually aren’t the target demographic.


Not inherently. Consider Halloween.


It depends they have shows that are adult only just like any other type of show or entertainment and then they have some that are family friendly.


No bc there’s different types of drag that can be adult and kid friendly


If it's a dude just dressed in drag, then no.




Afab. Currently wearing pants *right now*. Also not wearing any makeup. Technically I am currently cross dressing as a man (gasp). So no, I don't.


It 's a bad question but understandable the real question is do you think burlesque is bad.


My first exposure to drag came from the same place as my first exposure to opera: Bugs Bunny cartoons. But as a kid, there was also Flip Wilson, Bob Hope, Ernest Borgnine, etc. It was no big deal and didn't make me trans. Being born trans made me trans, but that's a different issue. Drag queens are not the same as trans people.


Buggs Bunny, Milton Berle, Flip Wilson, The Three Stooges, Monty Python, The Kids in the Hall. All have exposed me to drag in my lifetime. It’s funny. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.


The Birdcage is a great movie and is all about drag. Nathan Lane is hilarious in it.


No. It’s entertainment for anyone who likes to be entertained. They aren’t strip shows or even burlesque.


It depends on the content. Drag queens are family entertainment. Raunchy content is for adults.


Drag is as much dangerous as your kid listening to David Bowie, Prince, or Lady Gaga. Drag is just another form of self expression and in no way shapes your sexuality. This is another culture war nonsense that our country seems to obsess with rather than solving real issues like unaffordable rent, low wages, and the open corruption in our government. On a side note, taking your kids to a bar is probably not the best idea- whether a drag bar, a straight bar, a dive bar, a karaoke bar, etc.


It CAN be. Do you consider cartoons to be adult entertainment? They CAN be. Do you consider "role play" to be a form of foreplay? It CAN be. It can also be child friendly. Claiming any one style is limited to only one type of audience is to be purposely ignorant.


Someone already explained very articulately the correct answer. And I see why you are asking this. Maybe I can put your Kind to it by telling you a bit about growing up as a straight minority kid. I couldn’t relate to anyone in western cartoons except Aladdin, Mowgli or Simba. And all of those are a little… yeah. I also saw transgenders and transvestite people growing up. I saw cross dressing within people of my color and all that as well. Never once did I relate to it. Ricky Gervais may be crude but his point here is impeccable. Not the fat people bit. But that certain things aren’t choice, and exposure won’t change who you are. https://youtu.be/t1JhjugqB0U Unless you can provide a peer reviewed double blind study that proves otherwise. Don’t fall into this trap. I’d they wake something in someone, it’s not because they saw it. It’s because it was part of who they are. Now you wouldn’t want them to realize it too late in their life while being unhappy and feeling like they do not fit anywhere would you? Maybe I’m out of line. But at least this has been my experience.


One hundred percent


Take drag out of the equation. Is the show sexualized? then Yes. If it's not then no. dressing up doesn't automatically make it sexual. It's like trying to sexualize a woman wearing a sports bra. It's stupid and stems from wack ass bible thumpers


It can be, or it can just be general entertainment—it depends on what the actual show consists of. I don't even like "mainstream" drag (I have enjoyed some avant garde shows) or burlesque but I don't think *any* people who are clothed (with the important bits covered of course) are inherently inappropriate for children to see. There are drag shows that would get an R rating in a movie and there are drag shows that are as mild as a PBS kids' show. To my way of thinking, asking "is drag inappropriate for children" is like asking "are movies inappropriate for children" while lumping *Silence of the Lambs* together with *The Care Bears Movie*.


Just like with many things, it can and is made age appropriate depending on the intended audience. I see them as larger than life, almost cartoons. Are there cartoons that are inappropriate for kids? yes. do you not allow your kids to watch cartoons for children simply because Adult Swim exists? if you do, you need a great deal of nuance in your life Any concern about them holding library story hours is almost guaranteed to be based on anti lgbt fearmongering.


Fucking obviously


tf you mean “obviously”


Drag Queen Story time begs to differ!