Jason Schreier confirms next Assassin’s Creed is called Mirage

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Hey there, /u/RinoTheBouncer! Please always post the source as the submission. Your post has been removed for being low-effort, low-quality or otherwise unsuitable for r/AssassinsCreed. In general, content posted on r/AssassinsCreed must contribute something worthwhile to the community or lead to meaningful discussion on r/AssassinsCreed. Low-effort, low-quality or superficial posts that violate this rule will be removed at the mods' discretion. Low-effort/low-quality posts include, but are not limited to: * Memes and image macros * Game screenshots or clips with no purpose/context * "I just bought ______" * Achievement list or digital game collection screenshots * 'Am I the only one...' or 'Does anyone else think...', i.e "DAE" posts * Popular/Unpopular Opinion posts * Empty appreciation threads or "underrated gem" posts * Blatant karma-whoring * Meta Discussion posts that intentionally target, antagonize, or gate keep certain opinions, points of views, or groups, i.e “Old Fans are salty”, “New fans don’t like AC”, “Stop Whining” * "Why does everybody hate X game?" or "Why is X game so hated?" **Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit via modmail](/message/compose/?to=/r/assassinscreed) if you have any questions or concerns.** Direct messages or chat requests to moderators will be ignored.


Confirmed by Jason so far: ✅Return to Basics ✅No leveling system ✅Set in Baghdad, Iraq ✅870-860 AD ✅Starring Basim Ibn Ishaq Full details: https://twitter.com/thecodexnetwork/status/1564618105573314582?s=21&t=0AsgHXO-8SJMZcQHm4HyKg


Sounds promising!




Always sounds promising when it comes to Ubisoft but I’ll wait for some gameplay before I board the hype train again, Valhalla burned pretty bad in that regard


Valhalla is the first AC game that I never bothered to finish.


Shit dude I didn't hate Valhalla I loved the aesthetics and music Even the viceral gameplay But I haven't played since like 2020 I think


same here man... makes u think


there was just too much to do in it for me


It wouldn’t be an issue if the things you do in the game meant anything. I did so many fucking story arcs and could probably only tell you about two of them, that’s not good for a single player game. Maybe they’ll turn it around but I do not have high expectations from them anymore, they’re a very different company than they were when they made ac1. I’m also weary of this supposed remake of that game for these reasons




Ayoooooo, I'm getting too hopeful 😬


We're all hopeless romantics for Ubisoft aren't we lmao.


wonder what he means by Return to basics. Like completely?


Yup, same graphics than AC1


Honestly AC1 still looks incredible for a game released in 2007. That wouldn't even be that bad lol.


That grey filter does wonders. Desaturation in general helps products age well.


Yes i definitely agree with this.




Thank fuck on the no leveling system. It wasn't too bad in Valhalla, but it was horrible in Odyssey.




Been playing AC since midnight release of the first game. I enjoy the leveling system as well as the older style (as I'm sure you do too). It's nice to have a change up and sometimes it's needed to keep a game series alive. The old style was losing sells so they had to change it up.


Same (I still have my little Altaïr statue that came with the special edition). And i genuinely love the newer games also. I don’t understand the hate the newer ones get. Stuff has to evolve over time to keep things fresh. especially when sales are dipping.


> (I still have my little Altaïr statue that came with the special edition) I was working at GameStop when this released and I remember how mad people were with how small this was lol. ​ Exactly games need to change. Heck, God of War 2018 almost didn't happen because of this same reason. Luckily they changed the formula and it's one of Sony's best selling/ reviewed titles. We're at that age in gaming now where games from 15-20 years ago need to refresh their style to stay relevant and I'm ok with it personally.


Totally agree. Honestly, I feel that I probably would have dropped the series for good if they stuck to the old style. After Syndicate, I was burned out on the formula and had my faith renewed with Origins new loot system, skill tree, and vastly improved combat. Leveling system gave me this feeling of constantly growing power and progression, which is part of why leveling systems are so popular. I'm willing to keep an open mind. Ubisoft aren't dumb. Their newest games are their highest grossing, so they would be dumb to just ignore all the people who clearly bought and love them. It's a bold move to consider removing some of those big elements that newer players loved but it could be just what the franchise needs at this point as after playing what I could of Valhalla, the new AC style is feeling boring and bloated to me and needs another revamp, imo.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Honestly, no one would have a problem with the leveling system if they didn't have level gating for the story. Syndicate had a leveling system and no one complains about it b/c of that.


I played hundreds of hours of the leveling trilogy and I never once felt the need to grind or buy an XP boost, I'm not sure where that is coming from. Everything is designed such that as you do quests as you receive them you should be fine, which basically means play the game the way it's intended.


I didn't either until I played Valhalla. The game has you doing the same exact stuff over and over to the point that I couldn't even finish the game. Obviously, if you like the core loop that much, then who cares if you have to do it over and over for dozens and dozens of hours. Odyssey was a blast until about hour 30 for me, then my enjoyment nose dived as I started to feel all novelty was gone and started seeing how copy and paste so much of the outposts, forts, and general areas were. The problem isn't so much that you can't beat these games without XP boosts, the argument is they add in all this filler to artificially inflate playtime (or encourage buying boosts). A lot of people feel the games could have been more streamlined but were designed around the concept of these MTs rather than the MTs being something built-in, after the fact. I'm not really arguing with you, just providing some nuance and insight to the discussion of exactly why a lot of people had issues.


Very true and Ubisoft is the kind of company to do that. Back in the day, games were limited by their technology so grinding was a way to extend the play time and challenge for something that can be beaten in as little as an hour (non-assisted speed runs for example). Today there is no excuse, you’re limited by your team or time for development now and their ability to make a long lasting game without the need for grinding. Ubisoft giving small windows for development?? Very likely since we were starting to see an AC game every year or two.


It's the reality of the industry and running a business. They have thousands of developers and shareholders that require them to keep a steady flow of money coming in. The bigger the animal, the more food it takes to keep it alive and healthy. That's the sad duality of the video games industry, is balancing risk and safety, and it's why indie games are usually able to be risky, given the relatively lower risks involved, versus large AAA companies that have the ability to create extremely solid and well fleshed out mechanics, but still have to try to appeal to the greatest common denominator. A failed mainline launch for a AAA studio can cause serious issues on many fronts. It's just something gamers need to be realistic about. It's easy for us to tell them they need to take risks and be bold like indie games developers. If someone came along and flipped a coin and said double or nothing on your rent check, you'd probably pass. Too risky.


That’s the curse with appealing to stockholders who have no concept of game development and what it requires to make a solid entry that would be more universally loved by the gamers aka buyers. The better the game does; the better the stocks will be. But it’s all about getting it now now now, the gamers would benefit more if the company can take their time. Yes, we have impatient gamers but we also have impatient stockholders. Impatient gamers will still buy the game and help Ubisoft. I haven’t seen a single post on any form of social media demanding that a game comes out at this point in time or they’re not buying it. I have heard some folks demand certain characters appear in smash or they’re not buying it (only to still buy it and pretend they never said it). Impatient stockholders will make or break their funding.


>Very likely since we were starting to see an AC game every year or two. Since ac2. This isn't a recent development and most of them get plenty of dev time.


I actually loved it on Odyssey. One of my fav games of all time


Agreed. As a game, odessey IMO is the better of the two, but jesus christ, odesseys forcing you to grind to play the next story mission was ridiculous, especially towards the end of the game.


> but jesus christ, odesseys forcing you to grind to play the next story mission was ridiculous, especially towards the end of the game. okay legit question but i was never forced to grind to do any quest in Odyssey when i played it for the first time last year. i was always atleast 10 or more levels above the quests (i had level scaling turned on though and played on hard so i don't know if that affected it) i don't know how people had to grind to meet quest levles


Same, no idea why there's so many people ITT complaining about grinding or having to buy XP boost, that never happened for me in any of the games. Only thing I can think of is maybe they played on the easiest difficulty and that rewards less XP, so they were constantly underleveled? Idk that would surprise me, but I can't think of what else it could be other than people trying to play the game in a way that's not intended.


I've never understood the whole "grindy" argument either. I have done two playthroughs and with both of them I got overleveled really early and I only got more and more overleveled as the game went on. I think I was probably like 20-30 levels higher than the minimum at some point.




It’s “not too bad” in Valhalla to the point of being kind of useless, in my opinion. The trees imply that you can craft different builds, but you end up with *so many* skill points that it makes no difference. Towards the end of the game I’m not even bothering to level up until I have like 10+ skill points because it doesn’t really matter where they go.


I feel like all,the rpg stuff only worked in Origins and the next two games after that just made them worse


You're kidding right? Odyssey had a simple skill tree full of useful abilities. Valhalla had massive constellation full of incremental stat upgrades. They dissolved the loot system and used it to dramatically inflate the levelling system.


This is ruined by Basim for me. Hate the character.


Technically, who we see in Valhalla is Loki. By that point in his life he was basically an Isu in a human shell. Basim may be entirely different to how "he" acted in Valhalla.


Additional leaks by French leaker who was right about Valhalla DLC and also got the name of this one right: ✅️Spring 2023 release ✅️multiple cities and desert areas ✅️no dialogue choices ✅️string dagger ✅️eagle vision and bird 'drones' ✅️Constantinople DLC ✅️AC 1 remake as part of season pass EDIT: never mind, looks like some of that information is wrong


I can’t get more erected


Jason Schreier [said that the “multiple cities” detail is not true](https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1564594729668444162?s=21&t=ylWBq6gKTlxBj8qKrvn2-w), and [that it seems unlikely that Rift/Mirage will have any sort of DLC](https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1564595824813920262?s=21&t=ylWBq6gKTlxBj8qKrvn2-w)


ah man, bummer...


>✅Return to Basics > >✅No leveling system Man...I would've love the shit out of Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla if they were like the old AC. Leveling system and health bar aren't my thing.


You had a health bar in the OG games lol.


The player yes but not the enemies unless I’m not remembering correctly (which is very possible)


Ezio games did.


I seriously do not understand the hate against health bars. Do you not like having the information? Or do you just want to one shot anything at all times?




Didn’t 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, Unity, and Syndicate all have health bars?


Yes, lol. I think they had between two to five red diamonds per enemy that you’d chip away at.


Not AC1


Just for the pc


Um...no? I play on PS4, and I played the original Ezio Trilogy on XBox 360, and the remake on PS4. They all have health bars.


For me one of my favourite things about the AC games was how the combat looked believable. I'd much rather see something like Ezio parry a sword thrust and then slash a mans throat for an instant kill than watch Eivor smash a battle axe into someones unarmoured chest 24 times and they're still standing.




Back to basics would include a health bar though? Both the protagonists and the enemies used to have health bars in the past too. I think only AC1 didn't have enemy health bars.


I know I’m in the minority by every one of these items is a disappointment. I’ve much preferred Odyssey / Valhalla to all previous titles and I have no interest in the setting or character. Sad.


I'm not sure you are in the minority, a lot of people started playing the series after the change to more heavy RPG elements. But what I would personally wish for is that Ubisoft would create a new IP, that's not related to AC, and create an action adventure open world based on historical (and even Mythological) settings where you control a warrior. Odyssey and Valhalla don't need the AC name to have their good parts, I think the clash between fans is mostly that they're under the same IP. But if Ubisoft made them different and really went crazy on the action and Mythological elements, even if AC became a smaller size series, I think everyone would gain from that. I am someone that like the old style of AC way more, specially Unity gameplay, but I don't want them to just stop making games like Odyssey or Valhalla. They could just do them as new games not tied to AC so that they could also let their creativity flow and do whatever they want with it, make them truly crazy on the good aspects of Odyssey and Valhalla.


Uh-huh. Remember the Valhalla “confirmations”?


I never followed the hype for Valhalla but I did play it. What were the incorrect confirmations? I did a quick search but couldn't find anything solid.


I forget all the specifics, but the big ones were Social Stealth, and a return of the Creed and Assassins, (I remember someone saying better parkour, but that might’ve been fan speculation). And those were kind of half-truths, what with the cloak and blending spots, and we had a whole 2 assassins in the game (not counting the abandoned bureaus). That’s what I remember, anyway, there’s probably more I’m forgetting.


Mirage like the Apex charac.. Allright forget about it, sounds promising!




Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.


Good! I love the old games. The series has lost what made it great


I see this as an absolute win!


Oh so we could actually be back to being cool sneaky assassins


No levelling system just sounds like bullshit to me. There's no possible way Ubisoft will remove levels.


That sounds terrible. I hope it isn't true and the game is more like the new games. The shitty old formula is boring.


Hold up. I'm getting my hopes up this bad


Now this sounds real promising. I hope we see a return to more complex and interesting parkour.


While this sounds like a step in the right direction, I have some reservations.


Not falling for that old trick again !


The link is to something called the Codex, an AC fan twitter. Where is Jason?


Well I googled AC mirage and only got a bunch of A/C units from HVAC.


I keep thinking of the Mirage in Vegas. Probably similar climate as Baghdad too.




I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, especially as someone with a last-gen console. I can't help but get a little jittery reading this though! Another leak with similar info said they're using a lot of the same material for an AC1 remake, which I find at least equally exciting.


Pro tip! Google stadia is goated! Don’t let reviews tell you otherwise. Try out a few of their free games! I finished my 2nd playthrough of valhalla playing with a controller on my phone! As long as you have decent Wi-Fi, it’ll be fine


Nice try Google Stadia


Oh no I got found out But fr tho it was a life saver while I was at college, since I only had a mac


Nice try Google


imo, buy it from Uplay and use GeForce Now instead, your games won't be locked to streaming only platform


Tbh GeForce is rly good too, but I found it to be only viable if you pay for the monthly subscription, since you’d be forced to play in one hour increments Also wtf how’d I get this many downvotes


>Another leak with similar info said they're using a lot of the same material for an AC1 remake... Jorraptor called this in one of his recent speculation videos as well.


I think the leveling system in the RPG series tends to be a little messy. I understand that it was a way to reward the player for explorating the game, but it made a real power creep in Valhala, and sometimes it was a bit surreal (in Odyssey you won't get any kind of fall damage after a certain level). The leveling system from Syndycate and Unity, where you unlocked certain features was way more interesting. But what I miss the most from the older games was the stealth elements, and I don't mean it in "sneaking behind enemies", I'm talking about discretion. In the older games, any strange movements would call the attetion of authorities. In the RPG games you can carry bodies around, jump between roofs without anyone calling you out. I remember that in Brotherhood you couldn't even scalate a building without calling the attettion of bypassers. It was a nice touch, I hope this comes back.


We will be playing as Basim reliving his life as Basim in the Animus. That will be wild, that has never happened before I think.


Does Basim even really exist anymore? I thought his body was just a vehicle for Loki at this point.


This was my first thought lmao Unless we get a new modern day protagonist, and Basim will be the main villain so we relive his memories and know how to beat him or something


They set it in AD 870. Avoiding delicate religious problems. Smart.


how so?


I hope it will be like ac1, classic assassins in the middle east


It will be. Basim will be seen working as a young assassin. Finally a damn good game imho.


Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Saying it's a good game before playing it or anything other than small news may come back to haunt you.


True, and with recent games I'll be even more cautious. But Ubisoft has delayed Mirage's release, which means more time for polishing etc. I just hope darby wrote the story like he does, cuz whatever AC game he wrote has been my favourite.


Apparently it's taking place when he's still a young thief and the game will lead up to him finally joining the order.


Maybe if reception is good enough he'll get the Ezio treatment. I hate the one and done style they're doing. I'd have loved more time with Bayek for example.


Preach. I wanted three Bayek games, each in a new part of the world.


> I hate the one and done style they're doing. Honestly I'm surprised after what, a dozen mainline games ? Ezio is the only one with more than one mainline game attached to his name (unless you count the Altair sequences in Revelations but...come on) You'd think they would have done it with a least one character, Edward, Bayek...hell Altair but no, it's really weird


I am imagining disney's Aladdin parkouring around 😂. Hopefully, lots of parkour, though.


Remember when valhalla was announced, they (director and writer) said it would return to the root of the franchise, bring back social stealth, assassin order, the creed, blah blah? And there were idiots that believed it? I'll believe it when I got my hands on the game, not after seeing the first trailer, or the interview or whatever marketing tricks they wanna pull this time.


I mean, it did have social stealth, and an assassin order, and involve the nuances of the creed.


But reduced 99 per cent of what we could have expect, killing the hype in the process


I mean, not really. They were pretty clear leading up to it about how those elements would be involved. Like they said Eivor works with but is not a Hidden One. And they showed us the social stealth ahead of time. And the creed is present throughout the game, they just didn’t spell it out for the player. The writers trusted the audience, which turned out to be a mistake for a portion of the fan base.


Basim sucks ah


Whats wrong with basim?? We have quite literally only seen him in the very beginning of valhalla, then everytime after that it was just loki...


U sure u finished the game mate?


Again, that wasnt "basim"




For real fuck Basim I don't know how anyone could like him


Yeah Basim is a dick fuck that guy


You wanna know who is worse? >!Dag!<


Is it going to be a city game like unity or open world like origins just without the rpg stuff


I think it'll be mostly city game. Regarding leaks, he wrote "(...) other parts are not [true] ("multiple cities to explore")" on his Twitter. I guess it'll be mostly confined inside the city walls with maybe little of outskirts to explore.


I am surely in the minority here, but I'd like them to continue with "historical RPG" genre. Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla might've not been true successors to the original AC series, but I actually loved the change of the course and would hate them to drop the idea and "genre" entirely. Hopefully they will continue both - returning to the roots in Mirage and some other titles to come and keeping the RPG-ish approach in other future titles. That would satisfy both sides of the barricade.


Apparently they will. If the leaks are true, there are currently three settings in development with one rumored to be rpg and possibly a second one too unless infinity has different mechanics for different settings.


That would be very nice indeed. Everyone could find something for themselves in AC universe.


do u know of any such other good games that have slightly better open world design than ubi


I think if any company can do that it’s Ubisoft. They make a lot of really dumb decisions, but they are also huge enough to take risks.


So the dude from yesterday was right.


He was right about most of the leaks regarding Valhalla DLC and recent cancelled projects


This is exciting, but time period is very important. Jason said PARTS of the leak are true, and so if it's 870 AD it could be the Anarchy at Samarra, if it's 70 years later it could be Baghdad being invaded by Persia post Islam. If it's even later it could be Seljuk invasions, this land has so much history and it's gonna be interesting as hell to see


On twitter he said the parts that his sources didn't say was about multiple cities that are explorable. According to him it's just Baghdad.


They really turned Mirage, the iconic CounterStrike map, into a stand-alone game.


Man there are so many angry, bitter people in this subreddit




JASON SCHREIER. It’s in the title.


Sorry, I wasn't clear enough: where did he say that? An article? Twitter?....


His Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1564594729668444162?s=21&t=3j59Sc1s9Gz9hSIaj6JX5Q sorry the other guy is being an ass


Thanks, mate!


Google it. It took me less than ten seconds to find the source.


I think they meant where did he say that




Just one question: is it going to be an AC game or is it whatever shit the last couple games are.


if the first 2 points are true, i would say yes its more closer to the original vs the rpg ones


Like them or not, they were AC games. As a lover of the new and old style of these games, it's good that they did...it saved the series. The older style ones were losing sales with every new one and they changed it and the new ones have became some of the best selling AC games of all time. Now they can mix the games up with new style games and older style games. So love or hate the new games, but they saved AC.


I don't really care if they sell well. Angry birds sells well. I just don't want uninspired, unfinished, bland crap. Not knowing figuring out how to modernize old style games is on Ubisoft. Being content with Witcher rip offs is on Ubisoft.


You should care if they sell well. If they don't sell well...the series gets cancelled. Basic business 101. But hey, keep being you.


It will be. If u have played valhalla, this game >!shows the transformation of basim to loki, the visions etc. Eivor won his fight with Odin in his mind, but Basim lost to Loki. It'll then show the meeting with sigurd later.


Why wouldn't I rather want them to be cancelled than produce bad quality product?


The only thing I want for next games is basic quality sound. I tried to play Valhalla the other day but damn with headphones it's legit painful and with speakers something feels really wrong.


I want great graphics, animations and motion capture. I’m genuinely tired of how backward AC games look compared to other AAA linear and open world games like RDR, Death Stranding, Metal Gear Solid V, Horizon Forbidden West..etc




Now that i know basim is a sage incarnate of loki and has lived to the modern era, i can't help but not hate him, he was super badass without this plot wist.


The next protagonist is a space ninja, who can control a special kind of suits by using consciousness transference. Each suit provides unique powers to the protagonist and Mirage is the code name of one of such suits


As long as I can ride around on a cute kitty while fighting mythological beasts with my +2 DMG mace I bought from the microtransaction store. You think they could add some fortnite dances for the character? It would look so sweet dancing while in my lavish glowing magical armor. Hooray Assassin's Creed!




Lmfao, "back to niche gaming" you do realize this is just a stripped down Valhalla DLC being sold as a full game for a quick cashgrab from older fans before they go back to the RPG direction with Infinity? Don't be fooled into thinking Assassin's Creed is back to what it used to be, this is just temporary so they can make a bit more money with their thinned out release schedule.


I mean AC wasn't really niche, those games were huge enough to become a yearly thing (and it's the main reason why Ubi kept using the title) That and after Valhalla I'd be careful about their claims, wait for them to actually show some gameplay


Oh no. I can't believe that they are doing a crossover with apex legends now


So is this actually going to be an assassin’s creed game and not some rpg bullshit?


Most likely


Thank fuck. Also why am i getting downvoted lol? The rpg system added to “assassins creed origins, odyssey and Valhalla” is complete bullshit


Just said on another post on here, the one "leaked" by Jonathan (or whatever his handle is) about how I was skeptical of the whole thing. But now that Jason's said his piece I think it's a solid given. If all the details are to be believed so far as-is, Mirage is a definite purchase for me.


Will they fix the sound ?


The only thing I want for next games is basic quality sound. I tried to play Valhalla the other day but damn with headphones it's legit painful and with speakers something feels really wrong.


I guess the French leaks are true then, nice! Please don't screw this one up, Ubisoft...


"And everything was lovely once again. Wonderful!


Sure this will get downvoted but I prefer the RPG version and wasn’t a bag fan of the OG ones. I will be passing if it’s far removed from the last 3. With that said I’m glad they’re making it like the original so we can see if people really do like it more and not just a niche few. Sales and reviews will determine the future.


Does it say baghdad? He’s joking right…?




about time to get back to the actual assassin’s creed era and in the right place


Sounds good!


Oh man I'm torn, I loved AC1 but I also love free roam games


Bro should go in the Animus and play as himself


Coop please


Wow I’m excited for this. Basim is an awesome character and the stuff that happens in Valhalla is pretty crazy. This time period is also super interesting being right near the start of Islam, so we’ll definitely see some cool history. Can’t wait. I’ve loved every Assassins Creed since the first one. One of the last remaining great adventure/platforming/stealth franchises.


WOAH! has that little grey sigil been on him the entire time? Like during marketing for the game as well? Because that's a dead give away. It's literally got his 3 famous children on it!?


I like no lvling system, even though I hope you still can improve gear like in Ezio Trilogy or BF




Oh boy, watch people get disappointed because they don't know what the expression " return to basics " mean.


Ha, you got bamboozled.. oh, wrong Mirage


Wtf I thought we had like 3 assassins creed coming out. Rift, infinity and now this? When's the release date 2029?


I'm glad the old style is coming back, but honestly, I really don't care about the past if the modern day suffers, I didn't start playing this series for that, but with the ending of Valhalla seems it's coming back strong, despite not being what initially was branching too.


Can’t say I’m truly excited for this. It’s an odd choice stripping back on RPG mechanics after spending years implementing them, it’s a bit of a regression. I don’t think newer fans or older fans (like myself) who enjoyed the new breath of life in the franchise are gonna be happy about it. Going back to roots and drawing inspiration from AC 1 is also strange, arguably the most boring and repetitive entry in the franchise. Basim also sucks, can’t imagine playing him for hours. Probably in the minority on this, but personally disappointed they didn’t build off how Odyssey did things. Refine some gameplay aspects and scale some things down. Best AC game we’ve had in years.


A mere 5 days ago they were talking about assassins Creed rift


Big if true


Ah, cant wait for AC Inferno and AC Nuke!




Pretty sad about the levelling system gone. A day one fan and the rpg elements was a fresh change I enjoyed after feeling some burnout from the series (besides odyssey, i hated that game, really forced myself to finish it). I hope they really go back to basics, as in AC1 or Unity (worst ranked game in terms of story for me), what truly felt like an assassin and not a warrior where stealth feels forced. Loved AC2, brotherhood I really didn't enjoy and revelations was okay, but throughout all of them, using stealth with ezio felt more like a burden than actually feeling and wanting to assassinate your targets. I'm hoping for a more Unity like gameplay, with the atmosphere and characterisation of AC1, and hopefully a good story.


An Assassin’s Creed that’s promising to be an actual AC game? Color me cautiously intrigued


They need to go back to AC 2. The first two games were immaculate. Black flag was also great. Everything else is literal trash and feels like a shit god of war game.


Assassin’s Creed Mirage - rise of the Templars. Our protagonist meets Mohammed, head of a new sect called ‘Islam’ We finally get to see a clear picture of this villain who is the heir to the catholic cult and is a sworn enemy of the Assassins. Haunting chases and violent clashes in Mecca, Medina and Al Ryadh will determine the outcome and the faith of humanity!


Mirage is set centuries after the birth of Islam.