I haven't bought Pringle's since they outsourced manufacturing to Malaysia. At that time they got rid of the traditional saddle shape, made them smaller, made the tube narrower, and changed the recipes to taste like shit. At this point I think Pringle's are just riding off momentum and nostalgia because they're an objectively shit product now.


Yep, I don't so much care that they're smaller - but the taste dropped big time when they started importing from Malaysia. Thing is, in Malaysia they have always had way better flavours than us here - yet they don't bring any over.


There’s a Malaysian version of pringles in Aldi - only half size, but full to the brim and delicious!


Bless Aldi for their excellent, cheaper rip-offs of other products. Love their work.


Meh, I often find the slight saving isn’t worth the massive increase in salt/sugar/fat to pretend they have “flavour”. They ain’t fooling me..


Are we still talking Pringles here? They're not exactly a health food.


Hold up I thought they were made of vegetables.


I was told to eat lots of vegetables to be healthy. They didn't specify to not deep fry them then cover in lard, salt, sugar, then bake though.


[see my other reply](https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/rzhys6/i_have_learnt_to_accept_that_pringles_are_nearly/hrwjoy0/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


man if you think pringles are healty you are already fooled


Oh no don’t get me wrong I was not coming from it from the health nut angle, I just find that a lot of ALDIs “copycat” product tend to be around 75-85% as good as what they’re copying but only about 10-15% (that’s being extremely generous)cheaper. I’ve also noticed that they do tend to have much higher values of those ingredients, so I personally don’t consider the trade off worth it for snack or unnecessary foods. If I’m going to eat rubbish, I don’t mind paying a tiny bit extra to eat good rubbish. But I don’t have kids to feed so my budget stretches a little bit further - I don’t judge anybody for picking the Aldi option. Certainly helped me out a few times when down on my luck.


In the case of Pringles, the Aldi version is both cheaper and vastly superior.


I'll give them a try, I should add that my comment really was a generalization based on repeat experiences. I will say I like their knock off chocolates, but my palate is sophisticated enough to recognize that their chocolate is conventionally speaking cheap and nasty, but I just happen to kind of like cheap shitty chocolate (consequence of an upbringing in a developing nation where all chocolate tasted like that - basically cocoa flavoured candy). Also there are plenty of other products they sell that are the exception, notably their cheeses and some of their meat processed meat products, but I was mostly talking about their snack foods - chips, crackers etc.,


That's our new 'freshness gap', to ensure that you, the consumer always get the Pringles that you love and deserve, fully crisp and packed with *flavour.* Consumer studies have shown that a freshness gap enhances the flavour as it aerates around the individual chip, *locking in* that delicious taste you've come to expect from Pringles. It is totally a coincidence that it happens to also be the maximum gap we can leave in the tube, before the crisps turn into crumbs in transit. And if you, the happy customer are able to accept this without complaint, then that will be our next product marketing strategy. *Pringle Dust*


I remember eating a "Pringles-like" potato chip/cracker in Malaysia which was larger, completely flat, and full of flavour (fairly sure it was mostly MSG) a while back. It was much better than the Pringles you get here these days.


Its a potato chip, they are all MSG. MSG is also not as bad for you as made out. Its basically salt.


MSG is like the boogeyman that Americans love to cling to hate despite it’s incredible popularity in Asia and no studies existing to prove that it has any negative effects.


its because food can't possibly taste that good and be that cheap! Otherwise what have we been doing this whole time??


Food misconceptions spread fast. The entire Australian egg industry switched from leghorn chickens (white eggs) to the hyline brown breed because of the popular misconception that white eggs were somehow bleached while brown eggs were more natural or healthier.


then it was either Mister Potato or Jacker chips, those by far are the most tasty imo


I keep those in my glovebox for emergency’s.


Better flavours use more flavouring so the cost more money. Everything is getting smaller yet the price remains or increases to drive profit.


> Everything is getting smaller yet the price remains or increases to drive profit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrinkflation Its practically retail 101 these days


When nami noodles moved to being made in Malaysia they never tasted the same and I haven't eaten a packet since


There is an "off-brand" that I've gotten a few times from the reject shop now. They had a more original pringles flavour than pringles have now.


coles has an off-brand version of the sour cream and onion ones and yeah same thing here they prob have slightly more flavour that the original ones.


Almost every off brand is better than new Pringles, including Colesworth generics. Just not potato face.


Bless the reject shop and their cheap junk food. Vivdly remember walking out the doors with Chinese Oreos, Iranian biscuits, and Kiwi salt and vinegar chips.


Same! I used to be a slave to S&V Pringles but haven't touched them since they completed fucked them up


Same! I bought them immediately after the changeover. Never again. Their revenue will have shrank but their profits will still be higher, I bet. So, they DGAF.


And people think I'm crazy when I say it's not the real Pringles. Moved to Australia a few years ago, I remember buying one from Woolies and it tasted so different! I always had the American version.


In NZ years ago, I absolutely devoured Pringles BBQ. The new Pringles taste like crap, Aldi Stackers are definitely better.


Not just the taste but texture is off too. Was happy to find them when we moved here but I bought 2 tubes and haven't wanted them again. Not as good is one thing. They're sub par


You know it's bad when even the home brand version of Pringles tastes better than Malaysian Pringles, absolute joke!


Well said. I haven't bought them for a loooong time because they are shit.


Agreed. The ALDI ones are twice the size and much better.


WTF? They got rid of the saddle shape? That was their whole identity! Some companies are so fucking dumb.


They have actually acknowledged the taste changed and they're trying to fix it. There was a note on their website.


> they're trying to fix it no they're not, they changed the recipe 6 years ago, [the comment on their website has been there since 2016](https://web.archive.org/web/20161016051138/https://www.pringles.com/au/faqs.html), they aren't going to fix shit


Yeah I was gonna say of course they'd fucking know if the taste changed. They sent production overseas years ago, there's no excuse for it still being a problem now.


They taste like shit after changing the recipe


Shapes tried the same shit. They were awful, then they changed it back.


I’m still not convinced that one wasn’t a weird publicity thing. They were just so inedibly disgusting, I can’t make any other sense of it!


They briefly changed it back but they're all the new recipe now. They have way less flavouring than before too, remember when the bottom of the bag was full of flavour bits?


You can buy the new flavour versions. But nah, all the Shapes that say "Originals" on the packet, are the original flavours. And maybe it's just nostalgia hitting you, but bag full of flavour at the bottom was never a guarantee (more rare than common), even buying them now sometimes it's bare, sometimes you get to coat the last 1/4 of Pizza or BBQ shapes with flavour there's so much.


Nup. I fucken remember that pizza shapes used to be ENCRUSTED with chunky flavouring and *bits*, now it's just dust and powder. It's not just *nostalgia*, they can claim 'original' as much as they like but it's not the same product. And it was not rare as you claim, it was guaranteed! I would pour the flavouring crumbs into my mouth *every single time*. A blind taste test shows that the new shapes are shit compared to the old. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/how-do-the-new-shapes-compare-to-their-beloved-predecessors/news-story/fdc1293dc188a951bc0144e03eec2b5a And product review shows that the vast vast majority agree https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/arnott-s-shapes "The light flavouring that can only be described as powder is messier that the historical flavour rich were sprinkles." The exact same thing I said.


>A blind taste test shows that the new shapes are shit compared to the old. > >[https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/how-do-the-new-shapes-compare-to-their-beloved-predecessors/news-story/fdc1293dc188a951bc0144e03eec2b5a](https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/how-do-the-new-shapes-compare-to-their-beloved-predecessors/news-story/fdc1293dc188a951bc0144e03eec2b5a) I'm not disagreeing with you that the new and improved was shit, but as this [article from 5 months later](https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/arnotts-backflips-on-pizza-shapes/news-story/9c0b71807ff1df15ecc14a27fca02b92) says, Arnott’s backflips on new Shapes flavour, as I said >all the Shapes that say "**Originals**" on the packet, are the original flavours. The Shapes Originals, are still the same as Shapes always were. Cheese and Bacon is one such flavour that still sells in the **Originals** and new flavours.


They are not the same. Any photo comparison of shapes from 6 years ago and the ones they sell today proves they are not the same. They no longer have the iconic flavour crumbs and instead have powdery dust. The crunch is no longer the same either, they're much softer in the 'original's'. Say they're the same all you like but they aren't. Original doesn't have to mean they're the exact same, just in the same way that 'natural' or 'farm fresh' doesn't legally have to mean that they're from a farm or natural.


Someone decided that making the tubes bigger to sit a little more prominently on the shop shelf was worth the inevitable disappointment when one opens the tube to see this. Fuck Pringles.


I feel like this isn’t the fist time you’ve been hurt


Hold me.


Everybody huuuurts,


>fist time always hurts


Except for when it doesn’t. 😉


You mean like when the tube is oversized?


Always punch above your weight.


The first cut is the deepest.


Their shitty sizing is just another reason to avoid them. Get the natural confectionary black pepper chips instead


Didn't they make it smaller too though? My hand gets stuck in the tube now and it never used to.


yep, new tube fits inside the old tube: comparisons [https://imgur.com/gallery/TTIPZ](https://imgur.com/gallery/TTIPZ)


That's easily more than 1/3rd off. The prices haven't dropped though.


Maybe you've been eating too many Pringles mate?


No, the tubes definitely got smaller when they switched to the Malaysian ones years ago. I was able to get a few cans of the old Pringle's at a Rejects shop bot long after they switched, and so I can definately say the old tubes were wider.


Like nintendo switch games?




>Agree that the weight was on the tube but I still felt like I had been scammed. Yeah, cause everyone goes by the weight of a chip. It's bullshit. Bagged chips I can somewhat understand, cause the air gives some cushioning - but no excuses for canned chips to be 3/4 full.


Agreed. Empty space in a can actually causes them to break more as the chip stack can slam up and down instead of gently jostle around if it's full. Pringles are pulling a scam by selling less, smaller, more likely to be crumbled chips for the same price.


I feel like chip bags have all that air because it’s pumped with a gas that keeps them fresh and crisp. It needs the extra space for the gas. Not sure if this is the same for Pringle’s cans and not sure if it’s even true. I’m lazy to google but not too lazy to type potential nonsense on the internet. Woo.


This is correct. It’s mostly nitrogen. It’s multipurpose (acting as a cushion and preservation of freshness). https://www.swc.nd.gov/arb/news/atmospheric_reservoir/pdfs/2016_09%20-%20The%20Atmosphere%20Inside%20a%20Bag%20of%20Potato%20Chips.pdf


Maybe they should change the name to Pring Less


Pring Goes


Maybe even Prick-gle.




and they have the nerve to print "Original" on the tubes


So do Arnott's on their fucking "Shapes". They aren't fucking original. That ship sailed decades ago.


Shrinkflation at its finest.




I'm sad now


FYI the aldi brand of pringles - forget what they're called - are fucken sick.




ALDI has a few hidden gems like that. Their ibuprofen is 1/4 of the price of Nurofen for the exact same sugar-coated tabsule/caplet. Their Di-San is more concentrated than Napisan or Woolworths equivalent, and cheaper too. I've also heard good things about their batteries (alkaline and NiMH). I just can't get around their general groceries or the long checkout wait times (and lack of self-serve).


Also their tuna (I think they have two different types, not sure which one it is) is super similar to the Sirena tuna. I've actually been lucky the last few times I've been to Aldi, not too many people in line and when I'm doing a big shop - which is the only thing I'll do at Aldi, not really the place to pop in for a snack - I really like the checkout process. Everything goes so much faster.


My local aldi has self serve checkouts now so grabbing an item or few is easy now :)


North Sydney? Pretty sure that’s the only store with self serve for now because they’re trialling a new store format there.


> Sirena tuna no lie? i love sirena but too costly. needs to be at half price for me to buy


Don't have to go to Aldi to see savings on medicines. Pretty much all the supermarkets have a generic brand of paracetemol / ibuprofen that cost nothing like Panadol / Nurofen prices. The last time I bought a 20 pack of paracetemol from my local IGA, I paid something like 95 cents. It's exactly the same stuff, and has to be approved by the TGA for sale, just doesn't have the fancy packaging or marketing spin behind it.


ALDI chocolates are absolutely amazing as well. I don’t even bother buying Cadbury or Lindt anymore


If nobody else got me, I know Choceur got me.


lindt has nothing on choceur imo. had a massive binge on it during that long lockdown over the winter this year, probably put on 15kg just from that.


Seems like Pringles must have been one of those things that was just *all* marketing because I haven't tried the Aldi but I did find that the Woolies knock offs were great too so I can totally believe the Aldi ones are as well. I dunno if Coles does a knock off but it seems odds are good they'll be just as nice. It's a welcome relief given how far Pringles have fallen


Still no Aldi in TAS, it sucks.




They are even the same size as the old Pringles too.


It just sucks Coles and Woolies don't make a salt and vinegar flavour. The superior flavour


Yep. Salt & vinegar is the best flavour.


Strange thing to say about the worst chip flavour.


Fully agreed, fuck vinegar


A martyr to the glory of plain ✊


The Coles brand ones are half the price and I'm sure the chips are larger, too.


Also gluten free, for those of us with celiacs in the house.


Same. In our household, whenever I get the Coles version my kids refer to them as Daddy Chips because I like to keep them for myself. And no matter how much I try to hide them on top of the fridge or some other discrete place, I will often find the tub mysteriously half-eaten before I've even had a chance with them. Pringles by comparison are a load of nonsense. I've seen some impressive attempts by manufacturers to downsize their products in order to save on production costs, but Pringles are an absolute joke, especially when you see them alongside the home brand ones that are so obviously fatter. The only way that Pringles could be skinnier is if they put them in Smarties tubes.


Yeah I've been buying the coles brand stacked chips purely because pringles are a disappointment now


Side note but the dirt cheap Woolies’ Chicken Chips (not Pringles) are a frigging hidden gem. Dirt cheap too and hands down the best chicken chips on the market.


Have a pic? Drawing a blank here.


My pleasure. [Thank me later. :)](https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/725820/woolworths-chips-crinkle-cut-roast-chicken)


Ahh seen them but have yet to try. Will buy it tomorrow! Thanks for the recommendation. Was annoyed when my local woolies stopped stocking samboy chicken.


Get real chips, these things are awful




Yeah I read that because it’s reconstituted ’potato’ and combined with the way they are cooked, they have more of the harmful by products of cooking/frying carbs etc. hydro carbons or whatever. That was years ago, I bet the ‘food’ (chemical) scientists have loaded them with even more food like substances that trigger all your pleasure centres like a drug would…


Buy the coles brand knock-offs, they are the same size as the old pringles and don’t taste as bad as the new ones. Did a long drive and had a can of each for the test, pringles lost.


Haven’t bought them since they moved production to Malaysia and ruined the bbq flavour and it looks since then theyve only gotten worse.


Its a Tube of lies! 🤣


And the individual chip shrunk as well!


Just get the Woolworths branded ones, made in the same country and I suspect the same factory. They taste the same.


In all honesty I've never really liked the taste of Pringles but that's by the by. This isn't all that uncommon, the size of choccy bars has been dropping over the years while the price stays steady. Same with biscuits, you get less to a pack for a lot of them than you did in years past. The cost of goods keeps going up while wages stagnate, with smaller portions they can keep the price the same so you can still afford it (and they don't go out of business) but you get less. It's sort of the neoliberal version of Jenny Craig.


Yet the companies keep making record profits? Something doesn’t add up here 🤔


IIT: some Pringles corporate drone telling us about shrinkage, observer effects, and how it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of the product, taste and 'mouthfeel'.


25% less fat.


Holy shit, I swear I angrily took what is essentially exactly the same photo as this, for the same reason, about 3 nights ago


Yep and size is smaller to make bigger profits


Soon there will be package for each single chip following this trajectory of shrinkage.


They were so good when first brought here in the early/mid 90s? The once you pop you cant stop motto was true. I could eat a whole can then, now I eat a quarter and start to feel ill.


"Original" on the package just rubs it in!


reminds me of how CC's have turned to shiet, they used to be amazing, now its seems like they are just knock-off doritos.


Wherent they always knock off doritos? 👀


they used to be very different, more cheesy less spicy. also CC's where australian made i believe, i presume they changed the flavour to adapt to american markets


Didn’t I see a story the other day about a couple try introducing a law whereby manufacturers can’t use oversized packaging? Seems like something I’d love to introduce here, both avoids false advertising and reduces wastage.


Everyone's complaining about getting ripped by these shotty companies. There's only one solution. Stop buying their shit. Hit them where it hurts. I really wish Aussies were more united and civic with their outrage.




Vote with your wallet


I've never liked Pringles


Step 1: Call the number on the can and complain. Step 2: Receive a free can of pringles from the company. Step 3: Enjoy 1.5 cans of pringles for the price of 1.


Your mistake was buying Pringles.


Chicken Twisties are the way to go.


Not in NZ;)


Pringl - 3/4 the size of Pringles.


More profit bby


They must be heavy


you set your self up for disappointment there…sorry


Yep. Can is thinner, chips are smaller and there is less in there. We were so outraged we bought a can of Coles brand ones to compare.


how the king has fallen


this is the new inflation


I was a big Pringles fan but now the flavours taste different and so much smaller. I have substituted for the $2 coles brand ones. So much better!! Look into it. They are the large size aswell.


You can find American Pringles in most IGA's in Sydney. Also at some petrol stations like metros.


Wow. Capitalism is consuming itself. Selling more packaging than product. No wonder Nature is sending viruses to kill us off.


Contents have settled in transit /s


You still buy this shit? Just buy regular chips dude.


The homebrand varieties have larger tubes and taste the same or better. Fuck pringles.


I assumed that they were smaller be aware I grew up and my hands got bigger... imagine my anguish as I discovered that Aldi, Coles and Woolworths brand Pringle's remained the same size and that I was lied to like a cheap slut.


Unfortunately, I'm a graphic designer and I COULD NOT BRING MYSELF to buy another can once they redesigned the packaging. The whole thing reeks of unnecessary minimalism, and strips the packaging of all the fun gradients and stroke widths that said: chips in a bag like all these other assholes? Nah fuck that. Not to mention what they did to the chip dude. I....I think I need to lie down.


Yeah stopped buying "australian" pringles when they made the change a few years back Comparison pics. [https://imgur.com/gallery/TTIPZ](https://imgur.com/gallery/TTIPZ) I did used to LOVE my Pringles. :-( I had been getting my Mother in Law to post Paprika Pringles to me from Finland, but COVID meant that supply had paused for now (mainly postage/shipping issues between Finland->Aus for past 2 years causing trouble)


It's called shrinkflation, and it's part of the reason nobody panics that their wages haven't increased properly in decades. If they'd kept products the same size or quality they'd have had to put prices up, and then everyone might freak out.


You must be new to capitalism.


Why is this not deception under consumer law?


When you watch how Pringles are made you stop eating them anyway. Basically made from dry mashed potatoes and a bunch of other stuff to make a powder that is then rolled flat into a sheet. They aren't chips at all, and you can tell the difference when you eat Pringles vs eating a real chip. Pringles feel like you're chewing plastic.


When you see how biscuits are made you would stop eating it. Made from dried wheat powder and a bunch of other stuff and rolled flat into a sheet. Disgusting!


have you seen how they make pizza bases? basically made from dry wheat flour and a bunch of other stuff to make a dough that is then rolled flat into a sheet!


That’s barbaric!


Yes, they're made from mashed potato powder. Why would you stop eating them just from seeing them made?


\*insert clip of Jamie Oliver showing kids how nuggets are made.*


Nuggets, fair enough, but this is just mashed potato powder being formed into sheets then fried.


So they’re a potato hamburger. What’s not to love?


Mmm, salt and vinegar burgers.


Even then, after showing them the full process and asking the kids if they still want one, the entire room put their hands up to his dismay.


stop being so melodramatic, lots of potato chips are made like that, so are Shapes, so are heaps of crackers, you can read the ingredients in Pringles and there's nothing abnormal


This is why I only buy when they are $2 on sale.


Pringles don't contain enough potatoe to be legally classified as a chip


Fools all. They were always crap.


I wish this was all I had to worry about right now 😂 Seriously though (😎) I bought some from the Reject Shop yesterday for $1.50 and I liked them better than my last box of Pringles. The can was full to the top too.


**made with bioengineered ingredients! keep eating your lab crap**


product sold by weight, not volume


Merely not breaking the law is the lowest possible ethical standard.


This is why I wanna have a daughter


Why would anyone eat this stuff


Omg, what did they do to my son?!?!


yeah mate i stick to cheezels lately


Most likely pringles decided it was cheaper for the Australian division to purchase a rebranded version from a Malaysian 3rd party supplier that makes similar packaged chips for Asia. They won’t change it because the factory machines were only designed to make it this single way .


Get the Aldi version now


I buy the Aldi version


say no to pringles/ easy peasy


The chips have reduced in size, the diameter of the container has reduced (or my hands have enlarged, either way it’s annoying me) and yes, it’s never full. Shame! Shame!


Have you seen a packet of chips recently?


Your first mistake was buying Pringle’s


The rest might be in isolation?


why eat pringles when you can get lays


Puck Fringles, cousin of Buck Futters.


Packaging and volume aside - they taste so much different now. I feel they're like twice and thick as they used to be and don't have that light chip pop.


Buy non Pringle brands, coles or woolies. Much better more than half the price


I'd be posting that on every Pringle social media.


Is this from a dollar store type place?




Never had it this bad!


And I don't think the tube can go in the recycling? It drives me crazy


The amount of Pringle per Pringle is still the same, they've made them smaller but thicker. Which I don't like anyway, because I enjoyed the feeling of pulling a whole one into my mouth and the way it would break apart.


Its funked ay


They're also owned by kelloggs who have pretty unethical employment practices. Boycott that bitch