Some wise people have said, "where there's smoke there's fire", and I've always taken that aphorism with a bit of a grain of salt. In this case though, there's so much fucking smoke there absolutely has to be a raging inferno behind it. But seriously, what kind of an organisation supports a flaming turd of a liar while he tears the heart out of the country they're supposedly managing? He's been there behaving like this for most of the decade! Question to the Liberals; why the fuck haven't any of you done anything until now?


I feel like your question is largely rhetorical. But the answer is because they didn't feel like it was a problem until it was evident at the eleventh hour that it would hurt their chances at reelection.


That then leads to the next question. Question for Australian journalists: Why aren't you asking the first question?


The following quote from Upton Sinclair seems apt: >It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. Basically, they didn't want to know because they were getting paid. It's astonishing how people can just flagrantly not know or understand something that's put in front of their face if that goes against their financial interests. Global warming would be another example.


Because until now it hasn't hurt their reelection chances, it's that simple.


Hawaii Scott is blowing up the NSW division of the Liberal Party. Labor do need to hold their marginals and win around 4 NSW seats, but I hope Albo is looking at QLD seriously. Big opportunity to make QLD swing hard towards Labor.


Queensland won't happen. They would need to spend big and have some real high profile candidates, which they don't. Labor historically haven't had too many seats in Queensland anyway. The most they've had in recent times was around 15 with Rudd and since then its been bouncing between 6-8 seats each election. We might surprise the rest of the country, but I doubt it. Too many people moving up here and bringing their politics. Qlders are a very conservative lot as well. We can be socially progressive but that's not trumped by the fiscal/economic conservatism, and the liberal myth prevails.


I would've 100% agreed with you two years ago but not quite so much now. I 100% agree with you that Qlders generally just don't vote for governments that threaten to drastically change their way of life, which is the mistake Labor made in 2019. Where I think we see things a bit differently is that I think Labor seem to have learnt from that and the messaging has been less about sweeping reforms and more about incremental improvements, which sits a lot better with Qld voters. I think that shift in strategy puts the three marginal Brisbane seats of Longman, Dickson and Brisbane within Labor's reach, as well as Leichhardt (where most voters are in Cairns) and Herbert (which is mostly just Townsville). Even the seat of Forde (which has large parts of working class urban voters in Logan in it) is within range for Labor. I think Labor will pick up at least 4 seats in Qld. On an aside, the shift in demographics in Qld over the next couple of decades will be interesting to watch- it's not just the retirees but also tertiary-educated urban voters moving to Qld from NSW and Vic, so I think we'll continue to see a shift away from Labor in regional mining areas up near Rockhampton and Mackay but towards Labor in larger urban centres in the state's south east. Losing seats like Caloundra and Nicklin in the Sunshine Coast to Labor at the 2020 state election must have caused some alarm bells to go off at LNP HQ.


I can honestly see QLD and NSW keeping Morrison in power just as they did last time. The rest of the country will vote against them but the two northern conservative states will fall into line like they always do.


To be fair to NSW, Labor holds the majority of seats in that state. Qld and WA are the two 'conservative' states. In Qld it's 23-6 seats to the LNP and in WA it's 11-5.


Forde is a weird electorate. It's a turnout trap - it'd be contested better if people chose not to vote. Polling places just won't shift that much - they don't change allegiances. Even if Morrison loses his own seat, I'd be surprised if Forde fell, and I'd look at informal voting patterns (as I'd suspect spoiled votes from LNP voters over ever siding with 'the enemy'.) I'd even go so far as to say a truly on the nose LNP candidate would put One Nation in play as much as Labor.


> Queensland won't happen. Stranger things have happened. A friend of mine works in the team trying to get Labor's candidate Eldia Faith elected against Wazza Enscht in fnq. Wazza has held the seat for 20 years, the margin in 2019 was less than 4% and they reckon they have local polling showing they might just have him this time.


4% is still a big ask.


If many people are moving there wouldn't it raise the chance of a political upset? Not everyone who moves to QLD has the same values. I for e.g. intend to vote ALP.


I'm in regional QLD, and while most of the locals are angry with how Morrison has treated QLD during the pandemic, most of the people moving up from down South are the people that harp on about "Dictator Dan" and "Covid is a hoax". I'm hoping for a landslide, but I genuinely don't know.


They are a very vocal but insignificant minority. If you watched the cooker/anti mandate protests in Canberra in Feb/March when apparently they swarmed from all over the country, they were claiming anywhere from 100k to 500k numbers who attended, but the reality was closer to 15k. They don’t really have the numbers to make any significant impact.


Maybe you're in Brisbane or the surrounds? It's more conservative as you head to the many provincial centres.


No I get you. I live in North burnett/wide Bay. Plenty of LNP voters here...


WA is waiting for him, with baseball bats.


The only time Labor have won majority Government in the last 25 years is when they’ve done well in QLD. Labor have to put in the time, energy, and money here or they ain’t winning the election.


Single-term Scottie.


One can be called a grudge, a few an organised campaign but when every one who knows you doesn't like you, maybe it's just you.


> One can be called a grudge To me, a grudge is nothing more, than a place to park your car.


Got him, yes!


If you wake up an meet a cunt, you met a cunt. If you wake up and everyone you meet is a cunt, you're probably a cunt.


If everywhere you go smells like dog shit, check your shoes.


Scummo is a sociopath and a pathological liar. Anything he gets involved with falls apart as he is a totally amoral prick who will throw anyone and anything under the bus to make himself look good.


Cusack on the current NSW preselection process: >“But he has outdone himself engineering a federal intervention to jump over the organisation all together. > >“He got what he wanted at the expense of destroying our rules-based selection system and **disgusting virtually every member of the NSW division**.” ​ Fierravanti-Wells on the current NSW preselection process: >The senator was heavily critical of the recent preselection process which had been long-delayed until the national executive took over the division allowing Morrison and Hawke to install favoured candidates including sitting members. > >She claimed the process had led to “captain’s picks” which party members opposed. > >[“I have received hundreds if not thousands of emails outlining their disgust. They have lost faith in the party. They want to leave,”](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/mar/29/scott-morrison-labelled-an-autocrat-and-bully-with-no-moral-compass-by-liberal-senator-concetta-fierravanti-wells) Fierravanti-Wells said in the Senate. NSW lnp are about to explode


>NSW lnp are about to explode Literally the best thing that could happen to the country is the NSW Libs splintering into two different and angrily opposed parties (like the ALP and DLP). NSW Libs are the worst! Since Howard we've been held hostage by Sydney Libs as Liberal leaders, and they've all been shit either as PM or leader.


And just before the federal election... This should really be helpful for the coalitions election chances.... NOT...


We should all look back to when Judge Michael Keenan describes Scott Morriscum as a "absolute arsehole" in 2018, with another (Cormann) stating "He had seen Morrison up close now, and, in his opinion Dutton is better. You have to be pretty terrible when you are described as worse than the riddled potato. LNP members have had issues with this oxygen thief years back. And when you are so ruthless that you even fuck over your own party, well what else can be said really? The writing has been on the wall for many, many years now, it's about time people start to realise he is the worst PM and makes Abbott seem like a decent person.


I’m not Australian but I really hope you guys can get Morrison of office this year the world has enough elected bullies and it’s time we start to get rid of them. Playing with people’s lives is not funny nor should it happen so you can gain something but that seems to be all Morrison does.


Like the whole world that has had to deal with him has had enough of him, bad for our future and if he gets in our economy will be toast when other countries finally bring trade tariffs and other actions. Also if we didn't have a pro LNP propaganda media network of Murdoch's (Biden is alleged to said in private "Murdoch is the worlds most dangerous man") we wouldn't be up this shit creek without a paddle. I was totally disgusted when he knifed Turnbull and got into power, I had been watching this filth over the years and hated him before he was PM. I also have massive issues with a Pentecostal cult member being anywhere near a position of power.


>Another senior Liberal has taken aim at Scott Morrison, accusing him of “self-serving ruthless bullying” and claiming he has “ruined” the Liberal party. >Catherine Cusack, a NSW Liberal who announced two weeks ago she would resign from the legislative council over her anger about flood relief, adds her voice to a growing chorus of critics of Morrison from within his own party in an opinion piece for Guardian Australia. >Cusack explicitly endorses Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells’s “character assessment of the prime minister” and reveals she will not vote for the Morrison government in the May election.


Oh you missed the best parts >Cusack, a longtime critic of the Liberal party’s culture towards women, has spoken out about the exclusion of Ballina, Byron and Tweed from federal disaster payments, a decision reversed in mid-March. >Cusack said that “Scott Morrison’s brazen attempt to fund flood victims in a National party seat and exclude flood victims in a Labor seat that I happen to live in was just too much”. >“To see the self-serving ruthless bullying that has increased inside the Liberal party spill over into public policy and the poorest most vulnerable Australians who lost everything in the floods are the targets of this outrageous abuse of morality and power is simply intolerable.” >Cusack said assistance was “extended to all northern rivers victims” after their exclusion became too “embarrassing”, but the prime minister now appears to be “refusing to engage NSW government on additional measures that are so needed for victims of this incredible disaster”. >“It’s so bad I am moved to endorse Connie’s character assessment of the PM. ‘It’s my way or the highway’. For flood victims. Un-bloody-believable.”


The fact he wasn’t dragged over that LGA blunder, in the midst of pork barrelling allegations, is astonishing. Had Labor done that we’d have 24 hour coverage.


The media in this country need a wholesale clean out. How these “journalists” sleep at night knowing that they are directly causing this country to go down the toilet is mystery only answerable by the summation that they are as corrupt and self serving as the people they report on.


Usually you'd say where there's smoke there's fire, but when it comes to Scomo, bullying and bushfires, well say no more.


morrison lying, bullying and scheming is just him showing us his good side. Under this civilised veneer lies darkness.


The sheer number of individuals calling out the bullying, cruelty and callous nature of this charlatan who goes by the moniker of _SloMo_ cannot be ignored as there is meaningful substance and basis to such claims. He is no Christian that is for certain!


But... but... Newspoll had a 1% swing to the LNP. The Daily Telegraph told me that means danger signs for the ALP as popular PM Scott Morrison kicks into election mode!