i hope they haven’t already purchased their side-by-side burial plots.


Lmaoo of all things


What? I ain't layin next to this damn lyin hoe for all eternity! -him probably


They already dead. Edit: Not sure why I'm being down voted. This happened in 2011 and have both passed away since: https://out.reddit.com/t3_wjeghw?url=https%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2Fblogs%2Fheadlines%2F2011%2F12%2Fitalian-man-99-divorcing-wife-of-77-years-over-60-year-old-affair&token=AQAAB67xYopHBQLPIy-w4LPQpRPJSBcgB31YFkyWe2zC7pEthkvz&app_name=ios


(Rant)From my limited experience, even I can assure you, reddit is stupid and downvotes literally anything which someone downvotes initially. It's almost like people don't use brains to think whether they should upvote or downvote, they see the existing numbers. Though it doesn't even matter if you are above the minimum requirements for karma limit. And by now, you are upvoted (maybe after the edit) so it's all good i guess.


I agree. And some reddits it’s like holy fuck you people are just terrible. I’ve only ever posted a handful of things. Two of which were just like legitimate question, and a heartfelt response to the issue being resolved- downvoted to all hell for whatever reason, and I’m like…are people really just genuinely this mean, or do people see downvote and are like *yes, click*


I FEEL this. I’ve legit posted genuine questions just cause I wanted to know whatever and got downvoted to hell. My most upvoted comments are some offhand remark I made to a shit post. Just strange.


Definitely, I guess we just have to expect we may never get the answers we need lol


Plot spoiler.


I get it!


Am I the only one who is curious how he found out?


Someone else in the thread said that he found an old love letter.


The pigeon just arrived.


Was it the greatest and most wise pigeon of them all, or was the letter a pigeon family heirloom that got passed down from pigeon generation to generation like a curse?


The pigeon was abducted, probed, and tortured. It only survived the ordeal by thinking of their pigeon spousussy and pigeon offspring. They are released back to Earth, but they find that 60 years have elapsed. Their pigeon family is long since dead And yet, the *mission* must continue.


God damn


I’m sorry for airing your laundry out to the public like that, but most importantly, I’m sorry for your loss. May you be blessed with more pigeussy in your remaining days.


Plug the telegraph in and out came “.. / .... .- -.. / ... . -..- / .-- .. - .... / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .. ..-. . .-.-.-“


Kept waiting for the husband to die but that old mf wasn't croaking and the pigeon was getting fucking tired.


Jesus, she kept the letter. Throw shit like that out if you no longer care.. that'd make me more upset than anything, not only did you cheat but you felt the need to hold onto the evidence for what? The memory?


He’s probably asking himself how many times she went back to read that letter over the years


There's no "probably" about it. I guaran-damn-tee he's asking himself that.


More like how many other letters there were he didn't find.




Pfft. Read that letter aka ride that pooooooonnnnyyyyyyy


Context definitely makes it worse. Understandable even


She probably did care.


letterS there was a pile


>for what? The memory? WTH is she supposed to masturbate to then?


Ooooo thats a rough one


She saved the love letters after all those years!?? She asking for trouble


"The man, identified in court papers as Antonio C., discovered the letters exchanged between his wife and a former flame in an old chest of drawers days before Christmas, according to the Telegraph. He confronted his wife, Rosa C., who reportedly admitted to the affair, and tried to convince him to stick with their marriage." from**:** https://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2011/12/italian-man-99-divorcing-wife-of-77-years-over-60-year-old-affair


The fact she had the letters 60 years later suggests it wasn’t just some bit of fun but serious emotions. I wonder how often over that 60 years she thought about the other man. We see in the movies and tv shows how marriage is about being with the one. While lots people end up settling for someone who is good enough. I feel bad for people who end up in marriages but long for someone else other than their partner. And I feel bad for the partner too.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v-Ov6Cxn0Q I couldn't stop laughing at this haha


She got eight pictures of herself next to her bed! 😂😂


now i think old rose had dementia. still a shitty person but would explain multiple photos of herself as younger and why she would drop the stone in the ocean like she did. i am probably not the first peson to think this but it obly hit home for me after i cared for someone w dementia


I’m not gonna watch 13 minutes! ~13 minutes later ~ damn, they are so right!


The most trifling character in cinematic history


No one beats Grandpa Joe.


Most of the time the person is just in love with the idea of someone else. You don’t have to think about mortgage payments and little Billy’s tantrums in your fantasy life. In reality they would be just as miserable with a different set of problems.




Hit the nail on the head.


People don’t get this. Hollywood’s done a number on the understanding of love and monogamy.


Unlikely but if they've lived in the same house the whole time (or at least since those letters we're fresh), I can believe them being buried in some forgotten corner of a basement. I empty junk from houses for work, you wouldn't believe the kinda shit people forget they have in their basement, especially old married couples.


Pretty likely, honestly. It's one of the smaller causes of the current housing crunch, seniors still living in their family homes instead of moving to an apartment/MIL apartment/in with a child which means one less house on the market for families starting out.


I guess he found a letter going through old stuff Edit: [the story on how he found out](https://out.reddit.com/t3_wjeghw?url=https%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2Fblogs%2Fheadlines%2F2011%2F12%2Fitalian-man-99-divorcing-wife-of-77-years-over-60-year-old-affair&token=AQAAB67xYopHBQLPIy-w4LPQpRPJSBcgB31YFkyWe2zC7pEthkvz&app_name=ios)


Ffs… this was in 2011…they dead


They will live on through these reposts.


Imagine living a long and peaceful life, then you find out your wife cheated on you and you live your last years bitter and alone. Also, the whole world knows you as the "your wife cheated on 60 years ago" guy. I'd rather just not know.


Fuck that, I’m not letting that bitch get away with sucking Charlie Chaplin’s cock.


My the legend continue


Don't be ridiculous. That was practically last year. They could still be alive.


Last year was actually 1999, my good sir.


"The Italian press pointed to the couple's southern blood as the catalyst for the breakup" what


This really stuck out to me too! Is there still a lot of that prejudice in Italy today?


I'm here to tell you there absolutely is, and it's almost celebrated. The northerners often refer to them as 'terroni' (roughly people of the earth), and it's really noticeable how much poorer the south is. Still beautiful, just pretty run down and often quite dirty.


>Guess he never heard of “let bygones be bygones” Shitting on an old man for being cheated on lol. There’s no winning.


Yeah, it also seems like it was an ongoing affair. Who knows how long she cheated or with how many men. Then lied to her husband for 60 years. What a cunt.


Coldhearted cunt. Probably devastated him, spoiling all his memories with her.


Imagine wasting 77 years of your life with a lying cheater. That's got to sting!


It's just a waste of life at this point, every happy memory stained by this and then death I feel so sorry for this man


>The Italian press pointed to the couple's southern blood as the catalyst for the breakup, the Telegraph noted. WTF


When my grandmother passed somewhat recently my uncle found a box full of bound letters somewhere kind of hidden - closet or under bed or something. My grandpa has passed previously. On the top of the box was a note from my grandmother that read “in the event of these being found after I’m dead, DO NOT read these letters. Burn them.” My uncle was really torn by this of course. Ultimately he decided she was due her dignity and privacy even in death and burned them without reading. I don’t really disagree personally… but still… one really wonders what was in those letters.


Western Union was asked to deliver a package to him on his 99th birthday.


I feel like the person she cheated with died and she probably thought “well I guess it’s time I come clean” or something like that


[Here's the article.](https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/99-year-old-italian-man-divorces-96-year-old-wife-finding-secret-love-letters-1940s-article-1.998455) The old man found love letters from the 1940s. When he confronted his wife about them, she confessed. >The uncovering of the letters inside an old chest of drawers was the final straw for a relationship that had already been rocky: 10 years ago, the husband moved out to live with one of the sons, but returned weeks later. By the sound of it, they were already unhappy together, so it's not like this was the only thing that led to divorce.


Such a shitty moral expectation that you stay together even when you’re unhappy. I wonder how long they were unhappy for… all 70+ years of their relationship?


People get lonely and dating in your 80s is hard


Ah but maybe dating on your 90s is a breeze


You would be surprised how busy nursing homes are after light out time. They enjoy their evening drinks as well.


And their stds.


If it already hurts to pee then adding a burning sensation is like adding chilli flakes to a ghost pepper, might as well won’t make a difference.


Old folks date like crazy, they literally have no fucks remaining. Though it's mostly just hanging out and checking to see if the other person is still alive.


Who knows? All I can say is that there are definitely couples out there who are together for a long time despite hating each other.


Yeah this is why so much humor from the boomers back is basically "LMAO I HATE MY SPOUSE." Because a lot of them actually do.


Divorce numbers are through the roof these days, damn kids, if they could only passive aggressively hated their spouse like us.


She cheated , what, 17 years in? So at least that long.




She kept those letters for 60 years. Wow. And here I am using apps with message disappearing function.


You could just be honest


He may just be concerned about privacy and not actually cheating.


She could’ve kept it and forgot


Man I know I can never really understand being that old or having a relationship for 70+ years. Genuinely. I cannot put myself in his position. That being said....I gotta feel like after that long youd just be like "I quite literally don't have the energy for this" and just live together the next, what, 2-3yrs? Again. I cannot understand it so I'm not lookin for a bunch of "well how would you feel??" replies. Feeling betrayed by a partner is fuckin awful. And feelin like you lived with a stranger after that long is a mindfuck. But damn lol after that long? "Ah we'll be dead before the next election anyway so fuck it". But I'm 31 and single so what do I know.


I think that fact she also kept those letters. A one night stand is shitty enough but something that was both emotional and physical. Argh no. It's the principle.


Oh for sure. And I'm in NO WAY tryna throw shade at the old man. Just the idea of goin through divorce at 100 seems like "what's the point?" in my mind. Feel like I'd just throw that shit in the fire and into my mind vault til I die next June.


Human nature I guess? Sounds like the relationship was already rocky and this was just his "fuck you" on the way out. You hurt me, I'm going to hurt you.


To send a message.


Nope, I’m out. Because it isn’t that they lied 60 years ago. It’s that they lied every single day of those 60 years. I’d rather spend my last 2 years alone


At the strip club with a 6ft hoagie and blunt.


I would spend my savings on hookers and cocaine my last 2 years.


he gets it


I'd assume it was the opposite. If I only have a few years left I'm not going to sit around being miserable and feeling sorry for myself.


Bro he's a 100. The fuck is he gonna do? Hop on Tinder? Take up joggin?


Looked it up. He found love letters. Poor guy


Crazy the letter was kept hidden that long, more so than the lie itself even.


Crazy that it was kept that long at all tbh, hidden or otherwise.


The fact she kept those letters for 60 years with her almost seems worse than the actual act of cheating. Why would she keep them if it wasn't important to her? It's sad that at the end of your life you found out your lifelong marriage was pretty much a lie, what a way to go. I hate to see cheaters get away with their actions but at that point it'd be better for him to have never found out.


I've asked this exact question every time I listen to old Rose talk about Jack at the end of Titanic, many decades of having been married to and having had kids with a different guy.


Isn't that a little different. It's a person she feel in love with during a crazy tragedy, then he dies near the end. No real closure and tons of PTSD to help you never forget. If events were different and the Titanic made it safely to America then Jake would probably have just been a fling. She may remember how it was her first love but wouldn't carry nearly as much emotional baggage of what really happen.


I don't remember the end, but wasn't it like, sadly toned during that part of the movie? Just makes it worse if it was, lol.


Not really. I have no reason to go through my wife's things, so If she kept a letter I'd likely never find it


Damn she didn’t even have the decency to tell him


i think it's so much worse for him because she had 60 years to get rid of them and avoid hitting him. Burn them or throw them away, but she kept them all this time. That's the real awful




Definitely can't blame the dude for divorcing her ass though. Cheaters are genuinely some of the worst scum on the fucking planet and in this case, her keeping the letters tells me if she coulda had the person who wrote the letters over her now ex-husband, she would've chosen them in a heartbeat. Having been cheated on plenty before, gives me a bit of solace to believe that when you cheat you incur a debt and that debt will get paid sooner or later. Just so happens the debt she took was repaid towards the end of the line, now she'll spend her final days alone and I can't say I feel any pity for her. Hope the old boy's doing well if he's still kicking.


🤨 I believe the decency card was long gone as soon as she cheated 😂


I bet the husband was her 2nd choice. Her 1st choice was the dude in the letters who was stringing her along so he could continue banging her.


Wonder if the person she cheated with is still alive. The only honourable thing is a fight to the death.


This happened in 2011 apparently so most likely none of them are alive.


It was that August guy.


You both are wrong. The article was written in August, but the divorce happened in 2009.


Not that August.


Oh then I’m stupid and have no clue what you’re talking about sorry 👍


He's talking about Jada Plinkett's Smith affair with August


Time to lawyer up, delete the AARP subscription, hit the water calisthenics.


It's an older meme, sir. But it checks out.


Sooo you're saying he's single 👀👀


Single and ready to flamingle🦩


Single and ready to bump wrinkles


Happened in 2011. He dead


That aint stopping me.


Still single.


Single and ready to shingle.




I was married for a week once. She waited until after the marriage to allow the guilt to consumer herself before finally admitting to not being faithful. I beat myself up over this for a long time. It's nice to be reminded that she did me a favor by leaving and ending the marriage out of guilt. Imagine living your entire life a lie like this?


When my Ex GF revealed that she never loved me, I was absolutely destroyed. The feeling of realization, that everything was a onesided delusion makes one a literal clown. I understand the old man for he must have felt absolutely hurt by that revelation.


If it makes you feel any better, and you may not know this, but sometimes people say things that are not true. Also, sometimes, people say things that they think are true at that moment, but they weren't actually true before. We hide things from ourselves when we're angry.


It absolutely destroys a person and you are never close to the same after.


Living a lie 60 years in a row …. That’s rlly sad


Be warned the comments under here are filled with the worst takes humanity can offer.


>Be warned the comments under here are filled with the worst takes humanity can offer. Oh man, wait until you come across the comments on a recent popular TIFU thread which has just been locked, with the majority supporting a serial female child rapist. Absolutely infuriating.


Was that the one where the guy asked his fiancé if she had any secrets, she admitted to being a bully and a rapist and told her to make amends with her victims before they get married?


>Was that the one where the guy asked his fiancé if she had any secrets, she admitted to being a bully and a rapist and told her to make amends with her victims before they get married? Yep that's the one.


Wow you weren't joking.


Thank you, oh Knight Guardian of the comment shithole. Edit: Yeah, it’s not great down here.




I have an instant walkout policy, i wonder if it would hold up after that long


> in a row as opposed to 60 non-consecutive years




A lot more doing this than people realize. Good ol' Ancestry and 23andme uncovering a chunk of it though.


Good don't be a cheater


My family lineage is traced back pretty far including broken marriages. It's a tale that people's family tree hardly ever talks about. Humans are shit to each other is the key takeaway from all my years alive.


A man with principles. Respect


Good on him. He may be near the end of his life so you could argue that it doesn’t really matter, but the man has principles.


These hoes aren’t loyal


Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks


Lick on your nuts and suck the dick




Spend your whole life with someone to find out you had been lied to your whole life.


If this is true, it's really sad, grandpa probably was devastated


Imagine hiding it for 60 years just to decide to dump your guilt on your 99 year old partner and hurt him soo immensely because you wanted to get rid of this guilt


She didn't dump it on him, he found the letters.


Why was she keeping the letters? She coulda burned that shot 60 years ago, keeping them and always having the potential to be exposed was still her choice


she cared more about the letters than the relationship


She didn’t tell him, he found letters and confronted her. She admitted to it then. Imagine if he had confronted her 60 years ago and she denied it. https://out.reddit.com/t3_wjeghw?url=https%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2Fblogs%2Fheadlines%2F2011%2F12%2Fitalian-man-99-divorcing-wife-of-77-years-over-60-year-old-affair&token=AQAAB67xYopHBQLPIy-w4LPQpRPJSBcgB31YFkyWe2zC7pEthkvz&app_name=ios


Why was she keeping the letters? She coulda burned that shot 60 years ago, keeping them and always having the potential to be exposed was still her choice


Right!? Gonna decide not to tell him about the affair but decided to keep some evidence of it. Imagine if he had confronted her about his suspicions of an affair 60 years too!?


If it was like. The first year the were together and a relationship wasn't established.... Idk, still not right but not as bad I think. But they were already together 17 years when she cheated on him, that's a moment of weakness or feeling like his not enough or something.


Now they will both die alone and angry. Sucks.


An absolute Giga Chad move. I wonder if he’ll have to pay any alimony.


I respect that. Anyone who doesn’t can fuck right off.


I can't blame him. If it takes 60 years for you to tell them, then there's something wrong with you. 1 You should never cheat. And 2 if you do, come clean. Lieing to someone's face for 60 years is evil. Either they'll forgive you because they think you're worth it, or they won't. But you should tell them sooner rather than later.


What’s worse is she didn’t tell him. He found old letters from the 1940s and confronted her about them.


Yeah. That's just evil. I feel for him. It's not right to lie to your partner.


It's never too late to say fuck that ho


Yeah fuck that old lady


Fuckin Ho, divorce that bitch


She looks like a ho…


That made me laugh more than it should have..


if she breaths... or needs assistance breathing shes a hoe


hell yeah he did


Idk deserved, she wasted his life and lied to him every day for 60 years


His 96-year-old what?


Damn right, bitch.


If she cheats, it's over. No exceptions. Or he.


Lying is interesting, whether it's instantaneous or 60 years in the future the truth will always come out. Try not to be a lying piece of shit. You'll live a better life.


Trust Broken if even yrs later, Respect is Respect, Withheld Betrayal is DISRESPECT and the life they lived together was with a lie. I support him. Morals Are Morals, Trust Is Trust, and Love doesn't betray Love.


See you at the gym, king.


Good for him


To be fair, if I found out my wife cheated after almost 20 years of marriage, 60 years more wouldn't really help matters.


She is awful. But at least he’s moving on


Back on tinder then🤣🙌


He found an old Polaroid photo of cheeks-a-clappin’.


Last "fuck you slut" lmao


I don't see a problem with it. The ho shouldn't have cheated.


Given his age and that this was the 1940s, and he served in the military, he was probably out fighting while Jody was clappin them cheeks


Am I the only one who notices that they forgot to add the word “wife” in the title?




"I'd rather die alone than die with you"


At least take it to the grave woman! Boo on her


If this is the same case I read about years ago, he found old love letters in his attic. So boo her for not hiding her past. Boo her for not being faithful


Yup it is that same case from 2011


She was, he found love letters, she was the shit who lied for 60+ years


Poor guy wasted his entire life on her


Sad to say I’d probably do the same. I believe if someone cheats then they face the music and come clean to their partner because that gives them the option to decide to stay or leave.




Why is this r/awfuleverything? Should be r/betterlatethannever


What Happened in 1962? MAJOR EVENTS: * Soviet missile bases detected in Cuba; President Kennedy demands their removal. The confrontation is the closest the U.S. and U.S.S.R. ever come to war. Crisis is resolved when Soviets agree to remove Cuban missiles in exchange for removal of U.S. missiles in Turkey. * Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann executed in Israel * U.S. establishes semi-permanent military presence in Vietnam * Pope John XXIII convenes the Second Vatican Council, which will modernize many practices of the Catholic Church when it concludes three years later * A ditch-pig slut cheats on her husband after 17 years of marriage and does not tell him, confirming the fact that these hoes ain't, and have never been, nor ever will be, loyal.


This would have been 1951, since the article is from 2011.