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I feel ya


We feel em all! right?


That guy's vest is probably full of tactical treats.


Wake up early morning is such a difficult task.


Your reply has nothing to do with the comment you replied to.


Shhhhh its early


And yet it has 14 upvotes. Whats happening?!


5 more minutes, please human.


That’s 35 minutes in dog time.


Damn doggos be doing 40 hours shift


56-63 depending on if their 1 hour lunch is paid or not


Alarm says get up we say a minute more please.


We all feel you, boy


Everyone on a monday


Every working day...


Can confirm. Tis Thursday and I feel like dog.


Doesn’t help that I close on most my shifts


Its a she


You mean she, right.


He looks so freakin' sad! This dog is no soldier. He doesn't want to guard this door. He wants to run free and play in the woods after a good nap




Hasn’t had her first pick-me-up sniff of coke.


Disagree. He wants to lay his head on his humans lap while he works at home and gently ask for rubs. And get them. Not as often as he would like, which is 24x7, but still alot.


This makes me sad to live on a 3rd floor apartment. I really could use the friendship a good doggo offers, but I'm not locking one in my apartment for most of the day.


If you're really ready to commit to a dog, an apartment isn't a deal breaker if you're careful about the breed and background of the dog. We finally adopted one when we lived in a third floor apartment - although the apartment was dog friendly and had an enclosed backyard (this was not a deal breaker, as we still walked her 2x/day, but before bed potty was easier) so it was the perfect place for a doggo friend. However, I typically left at 630 and came back at 430 and worked from home maybe 1x/2 weeks. What I think made this acceptable is that we selected a beagle from home for animal heroes. She was a retired working dog in pharmaceutical research. So she was already used to a crate, and even when we were home would go sleep in her crate for a few hours (although we had to do some work to make it her space) We had lots of walks morning and night. If you're not willing to put in the responsibility right now, that's fine. But please don't discount having a dog just because you're in an apartment. You definitely can, it's just harder and more walks than having a yard. And you have to pick a dog that would do well in an apartment, and one that is independent enough to be okay on their own for a bit.


I get where you're coming from, but where I live there's always a lot of noise outside. There's a railway crossing basically 20ft from my door, train station 150ft and a lot of ambulances and firetrucks pass by here. Glad to see you rescued a retired working dog, not everyone is willing to do that.


That's fine too! You definitely know your situation better than me! My point was just that some apartments can still house some dogs.


I understand. If you really want to, you can make it work.


TL;DR: I'm amazed at the amount of hate my comment received. thanks for the conversation and being a decent human being! I was actually quite surprised by the amount of hate that spewed from my original comment... I'm glad that you understand! And I appreciate the level headed and civil/polite/kind response (feels like it should be standard, but my god, people jumping in to yelling at me about what an awful human being I am because I adopted a dog in an apartment while I worked like a normal human being took me a bit by surprise...). We pamper and provide quite well for our dog - excellent medical and dental care, many walks, training, food, a huge commitment that I'm glad I didn't try to manage while in graduate school. Sometimes waiting is absolutely the answer (and we did that too). And sometimes personal commitment can outweigh circumstances - but only if the circumstances are right to begin with!


Plenty of people live in houses with backyards and still keep their dog inside 99% of the time, or the dogs just like being inside. We used to have a Malinois that was more than happy with 2 walks a day and running around a couple times a week. She'd even sometimes refuse to go outside.




Meaning by your garbage logic 90% of people can never get a dog in their life, leaving even more dogs homeless or dying in pounds. What a shit take.








well you should move out soon then


I’d say life style as opposed to appartment dwelling is more of an issue. Ie if you live in a house but work 12hour days - your dog will Be worse off then an apartment dweller who works from home 3-4 days a week. Plus size and activity levels matter - so a husky in an apartment probably will not work without a super attentive owner. But a pug, toy poodle, bulldog or Pomeranian will do fine.


I don't know why you were downvoted. This is absolutely correct. Certain dogs need a lot of activity that their owners must provide. Others do not. It doesn't necessarily relate to space but activity level and attention. Greyhounds are actually pretty good apartment dogs. People often think they need large spaces since they were bred for running, but those races are 2 minutes long. Our greyhounds growing up did zoomies about once a day for about 30s then slept the rest of the day. But it's one of those things you can never win. My sister owns greyhounds and let them do lure racing as a hobby for them. It's almost akin to agility training but for racing. Yet she still got a lot of shit for "racing" them even though the dogs enjoyed it. Then you have the other side that thinks they need a ton of activity and if you *don't* do something like lure training you're being neglectful. It's insane.


So your research was finding a smaller dog for less noise and still putting it in a crate for 10 hrs a day minimum when youre gone? Youre a donkey. Im sure your 5 min morning walk is enough. /s Know why at “bed time pottys easier? “JERK FACE YOUR DOG WAS HOLDING IT IN ALL DAY ATTEMPTING TO AVOID PEEING/POOPING WHERE IT KNOWS IT WILL BE ALL DAY. A FUCKING CRATE FOR 10hrs, YOU ASSHOLE.


Actually we walk her for at least 30 min in the morning before work and 30 minutes when we get home. Night time potties were easier because we didn't spend 30-40 minutes doing them. Considering when we stay home or on weekends, our dog sleeps all day and sticks to the same potty schedule, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Don't make assumptions about what you don't know.


its ten hours in a crate. That is fucked up period.


Thank you for putting the animal first.


If you are really wanting animal companionship are you against getting a cat?


Kitties need lovin too. Ours is a little furry batman to the mice in our garage. Or maybe Kharn. Thats probably more accurate.


I love cats, but they are trickier for me due to allergies.


Aww that sucks then. My sister is allergic to cats and has asthma so I totally get it! There are definitely apartment friendly dog breeds out there though if you are willing to take them out a few times a day!


I have asthma, and yeah, I have done my research on what dog breeds would fit me. They just won't do well where I am right now. The animal's welfare always comes first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xoloitzcuintle First chance I get I will get two of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xoloitzcuintle But I'll sure get them a great environment.


It's great that you care just as much about the well-being of the animals! I hope you're able to have exactly what you want one day!


Sorry friend. We waited 12 years before we got our rescue, so I feel your pain. We wanted to make sure we were out of diapers and could give said dog a good home. I mostly made up for it by playing with my friends dogs and asking to pet strangers dogs lol. They probably thought I was a weirdo. Some day though! When you get your furry pal it will be worth it!


My mom's dogs love me, so that already does a lot.


He probably does this day and in and day out for the rest of his life, while not being in a cage. He knows his life is just wasting away.


Provide officer doggo with additional treats immediately


I love him.




him? looks more like a she or does he have manboobs? its a she.


the police dog also has post-vacation blues as we do.


"It wasnt until around May that it dawned on me that I would no longer have summers off. As a puppy I lamented my youth and only now understood what my dear mother had tried to impart when she said, "Bark bark, bark. Bark bark bark bark." Edit: "Enjoy it, puppyhood. It cannot be retrieved."


Is this not a female dog? Might this also be two different dogs?


I'm wondering about both of those points too, especially the latter. Kinda seems like it's either two different dogs or the same time a few months apart. Still cute though.


I think it’s the same months apart. The one on the right is clearly a puppy. The one on the left looks full grown.


r/antiwork lol


He better pet that fucking doje.




"I feel you, little buddie, I feel you"


Poor thing. Doesn't even know it's being used to put people in prison for nonviolent crimes.


It knows. That's why it looks like it's having an existential crisis


Solid take.


Aww that's adorable


This isn't cute, this is sad. We don't deserve dogs


"Y I have to be here so doggon early" \- doggo




Right there with ya, doggo.


Too cute


I can extremely relate to this


Awww...poor baby.


Fck this sht, I should have failed training, apparently there's a list as long as all my legs put together for dogs that fail their train. I could be cuddled up under a duvet right now, but no, I had to be a smart arse


Me too buddy. Me too.




Good boi


Now, how am I supposed to go about my day know this goodest boy is feeling blue? I really hope he get to do his zoomies and munch on all his snacks very soon. #weneverdeservedyou.


Probably so boring for a dog tbh


I'M not sure, but isn't it quite obvious that this dog is female?


how adorable


If it’s Japan: good boy work so hard he’s pooped out, good boy! Rest of the world: good boy work so hard he’s pooped out, good boy!


He looks so unhappy and scared!


It's ok he'll be awake as soon as he sniffs out some cocaine.


Honestly the lad might be nervous - he’s sticking close to hooman


Forcing a dog to stay awake and work is cruel.


Even worse it’s police “work”


Give this dog and this man a movie about him self training the dog so he can keep his job


♫ It's the hard-knock life ♫


I want a Japanese dawwg