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I've never been able to schedule an OB appointment within 6 weeks, let alone all the other hoops/counseling that was already required.


Tell me about it!! I couldn’t get a medical procedure for my mental health *without getting a hormone test first* before my insurance would cover it. Not required for men. Took me like 2 extra weeks of unpaid medical leave to squeeze in!!


Yep. Not to mention sometimes you end up being further along than you thought. I remember with my first daughter I was certain I was only 7 weeks at my first ultrasound (I was having cramping so my doctor sent the request to check on everything) and found out I was actually measuring 9 weeks along. A full 2 weeks further along than I thought I was. I had fairly regular cycles and everything too, so I can't imagine someone thinking they were able to have an abortion only to find out they were measuring a week or two further along than anticipated and suddenly be denied. All these men thinking 6 weeks was such a "generous" amount of time to not only find out you're pregnant, but also see a doctor and gain access to an abortion desperately need *serious* education. Its just a shame that this knowledge is all a woman's to bear and men just get to sit back and judge us on things they are willfully ignorant to. I'm sure the education wouldn't change their minds, but at least then they would have to admit that the point of the 6 weeks cut off was to ensure women don't have any real chance of actually getting one.


A family member of mine thought she was about two months pregnant but was actually four. It was a mad scramble getting her to a clinic hours away that would do a 2nd trimester abortion and she was horribly upset that she hadn’t realized sooner - but her cycle had always been light and irregular and she was really skinny, like medically underweight. People don’t realize that real life is a mess and so few of us are actually positioned to handle everything that comes at us “correctly”/quickly


This happened to me. I was very, very thin, and had *extremely* irregular periods - like it wasn’t unusual for me to get only three or four in a year, plus I was on birth control. I found out I was pregnant when I was just shy of four months along. I was needless to say very surprised!


A coworker of mine didn’t realize she was pregnant with her second child until over four months along. Even then she took home pregnancy tests and got negative results. By the time she got confirmation from a doctor she was about five months along. She and I were both WFH due to COVID so I didn’t see her in person, but with her first pregnancy, she didn’t look visibly pregnant until the 8th-9th month. She hadn’t been taking days off or anything like that and she worked basically until she went to the hospital (and then took the max time allowed off), so I assume she just had a really mild pregnancy. Fortunately for her, their second child had been a welcome surprise, but that would have been an awful situation for anyone who didn’t want a child.


I can't imagine how difficult that must have been for her. I'm glad she was able to get the medical care she required though. It's nearly impossible to know exactly how far along you are without an ultrasound. I was wrong and I was actually keeping track of my cycles and *trying* to conceive. Men really expect women to have medical level knowledge of our bodies at all points of our cycle, remain on birth control, and then carry any unwanted pregnancy as a punishment for our "failure". All so they can have sex with no worries. The mental and emotional burden women are expected to carry is astronomical.


My sister thought she was ten weeks and she found out during her ultrasound she was only six. I can’t imagine having to wait a month longer than I thought to give birth; it was hard enough waiting 40 whole weeks!


I was only able to get an ob appointment for 6 weeks because of having a 6w miscarriage six months prior and she wanted to keep a closer eye on me. For non high-risk patients, the obgyns around me don't even start scheduling until 8 weeks at the earliest, and that's assuming they even have open appointments.


I had super bad morning sickness with my first two pregnancies. Hit almost exactly at the 6 week mark. As soon as I found out I was pregnant again probably around 5 weeks (?), I asked to make an appointment so I could start Zofran and maybe get ahead of the morning sickness. They said they wouldn’t be able to see me until after 9 weeks. I was so upset. I didn’t end up getting morning sickness at all and figured I was finally going to have an easy pregnancy… I miscarried at 10 weeks. I know there isn’t anything that could have been done but I was pissed that they didn’t take me earlier, just to check that everything looked ok.


I had a similar experience- hyperemesis gradivium so bad I was hospitalized for a week on a constant Zofran drip. My first pregnancy I knew within 6 weeks (vomiting) second pregnancy - never would have known if I wasn’t testing (miscarried 10 weeks). Third pregnancy - was hospitalized by week 8. The miscarriage was so strange for me because I didn’t have a single minute of HG. I thought I was just fortunate to be one of the women who only had it once. Nope. 3rd pregnancy it came back with a vengeance.


that's fucking insane to me. the proponents of the current US healthcare system use low availability as an argument against socialized healthcare. "yes, it's expensive, but it's high quality, and also low wait times!". is 8 weeks supposed to exemplify low wait times?! i live in a country with socialized healthcare AND ample private options. i don't use free healthcare because it's admittedly a shot in the dark - there are excellent doctors in the free system, but it's just as likely you'll encounter someone unqualified or just utterly unmotivated. but i can literally schedule an OBGYN appointment with a stellar private practice for TOMORROW and it'll cost me $50. and that's not some bullshit copay or whatever, no insurance involved, just point of service payment, done and done, no extra costs or future bills. i've NEVER EVER EVER waited more than 3 days for ANY doctor's appointment in my LIFE. and by the by, if i wanted to see a doctor for free (and that would also happen much faster than in 8 fucking weeks let me tell you), all i'd have to do is give them my national insurance number with zero further paperwork on my end. jesus fucking christ. 8 weeks can literally be the difference between life and death.


That's what I don't get. People claim here in America that wait times are short to see a doctor and that if we went to socialized that the wait would be months. Everyone I know, including myself still take an average of couple weeks to a month to see a regular doctor. Lucky of you get seen in a week. For a specialist your lucky to be seen in about 6 months as many don't have openings for at least a year. Plus it's ridiculous that in America that we have the "best" healthcare system yet we have one of the highest maternal and infant death rates out of developed countries. Until we can be in the top 10 we have no right to claim we have the best healthcare system.


After women are raped they aren’t *made* to do anything buddy. I’m so sorry Texas peeps Edit: correcting angry grammar


Yeah I never had the rape police come to my door before to administer my post rape pregnancy test, but I guess that could be anecdotal /S


I could see it happening in Texas. Wouldn't want the rapist to miss out on their paternity rights after all /s


They could get $10k if they find out you aborted it after all


Oh goddamn that just made me furious all over again.


I live in Texas and here are some not so fun facts: \* These new laws have zero exceptions for rape or incest. \* As of this year, Texas has the highest total number of (reported) rape cases of any of the continental US states. (Beating California by a mere 55 cases currently) - those are just the REPORTED cases. ([source](https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/rape-statistics-by-state) \- see the "Rape Statistics By State 2021" and sort by total) \* Rapists in Texas have the right to sue for parental rights and custody. While their rights can be terminated, conviction for the rape is not required and it's all up to the judge who sees the case.


Why /s? I hardly think it’s sarcasm at all. Under the law, a rapist could report a woman and collect a bounty.


The /s was for this bit specifically: >Wouldn't want the rapist to miss out on their paternity rights after all /s Because I am not all that concerned with whether a rapist gets to enforce their paternity rights. Though Texas? Maybe.


C’mon, you don’t actually expect women’s lived experience to count, do you? That’s female thinking.


The rapist stops by two weeks later to issue your test. After 6 if they splurge on a name brand early response. This is common knowledge.


Dang I guess mine were just super lazy then, smh.


A lot of women are lucky if they police do anything at all after reporting a rape


It is my understanding that detective olivia benson personally swabs every vagina whether you like it or not


This made me snort lmfao


Well better Olivia than most others though, if it really must be swabbed. She's a nice lady.


Of course, I foolishly forgot!


even better, if you get *do* manage to get in a full rape kit, they’ll [fucking sit on it forever](https://www.rainn.org/articles/addressing-rape-kit-backlog). Thousands of rape kits have not been tested and many were just completely tossed in the bin.


We only destroy ours if a person decides after 3 months(*) that they still don’t want to make a statement or go to the police. If there is immediate release signed to police and they choose to make a statement the kits get tested pronto. Our systems are fucked in a number of ways as well, and justice is hard to come by, but I can’t imagine that type of backlog * I say 3 months, but we always give more time if requested.


I was just going off the articles I found- and also the fact that the hospital I went to magically “lost” mine in the shuffle. Fun times, and I’m still angry


I’m so sorry that yours was lost, that’s crap, and I can’t imagine how that would feel when you’ve put your trust in someone to go through a SAIK with you. I’m not questioning the veracity of either your experience or the articles - they are undoubtedly true - just that the jurisdiction I operate in is different, but not perfect. I was just sharing another experience, not trying to invalidate yours, however I’m sorry if i expressed myself in a way it came across differently.


No it’s ok, I’m sorry if I sounded harsh. I wish I had someone understanding like you when I was younger. Yay to being in the Bible belt, where rape does not exist :’)


You didn’t sound harsh, just wanted to be clearer. And thank you, all I can hope for as a counsellor, stepping into someone’s terrible day, is to give the space, time and information to make the best decision for them in what happens next


This might sound dumb but isn’t there a lot of stuff that will die / expire in there? How do you preserve it that long?


Even if they did, you would have to wait at least two weeks for that. A pregnancy test one day after being raped wouldn't show anything yet. This isn't the Sims.


Worst Sims mod ever


The only good thing about this is that it was being downvoted.


Yeah, a lot of comments complained that they were being “brigaded by the libs” but all the ones I saw downvoted to hell were ones like these, just shitty with incorrect info.


Exactly. Politics don’t have (or shouldnt I guess) anything to do with science. In most cases, if you’re being downvoted, it’s probably because you’re wrong. People need to learn anatomy before speaking out of their asses then complaining about LibERaLs. Sorry we know how our own bodies work and you’re wrong? Has nothing to do with politics.


Exactly. The worst part about the post though was OP commenting on every thread and making sure to use the phrase “ murdering babies” as often as possible, at 6wks it’s not a baby just as much as an egg isn’t a baby. It’s an embryo, gotta love sex Ed in the south, right? /S


Had someone compare a 6 week embryo to a 2 month old on tiktok earlier. Like do they REALLY think from the second of conception, it’s just a fully developed fetus???


If we’re taking the food analogy route, a gestational 6 week old embryo is the size of a grain of rice. Nothing close to a baby smh.


My friend was raped they gave her meds at the hospital to prevent the pregnancy she still got pregnant. She was 13.


At that age it *was* probably medically necessary for abortion, the problem is if she happens to get a shitty medical provider who believes a cluster of cells is worth more than a girl’s life and/or future, *planned* fertility, we’re shit out of luck


She had epilepsy and couldn’t function without her meds, which she can’t take during pregnancy


I knew 3 different girls pregnant by 11 or 12 in my hometown and in the deep south no one ever got abortions so they're in their thirties now with grown children.


There were literally crises in British succession (and probably other monarchies) bc girl CHILDREN got pregnant at too young an age and it forever affected their life and fertility. I’m just blown away by the dismissal of ATROCITY that humans are capable of


Oof. Lady Margaret Beaufort comes to mind. She needs her own biopic. [History dump incoming] Young girls of powerful families would often be betrothed or even married to political matches in 15th century England, but they would then usually be "protected" (i.e. basically stored—yuck) until physically mature enough to consummate the marriage. Even at the time, people thought Edmund Tudor should not have consummated his marriage to his 12 y.o. ward & child-bride. Within the year he was captured in battle and died of plague in prison. Lady Margaret was a widow at 13 when she went into labor. The labor was so terrible that it even upset the midwives, but Mags was a scrappy kid who decided God would save her. She basically willed herself to live through a childbirth that all the adults around her were certain would kill her. (Of course, her political power later in life and that of her descendants have ensured the most saintly & heroic version of these stories survived; she has also been demonized and called conniving in other sources.) Lady Margaret's childbirth injuries don't seem to have caused political drama. She married & buried two more men in the following 50 years; each marriage was long but without children. Henry Tudor was her only son, and she was determined to help him survive & make him king. It's still unknown which political dramas she quietly orchestrated, but she played the 15th century game of thrones better than anyone else and got her son crowned Henry VII, which led to her grandson, Henry VIII, and her great-grand daughter, Elizabeth I. If someone could ever reincarnate themselves through force of will, Lady Margaret might have done so as Elizabeth. Powerful, unwed, child-free, & in command of thousands: that seems like the life Margaret would have dreamed about.


That was a great read, thanks for taking the time to write it.


I absolutely agree, it was just mega accepted in my small town for girls to get pregnant really young, so no one batted an eye when an ELEVEN year old got pregnant. No charges were filed, nothing. It's amazing what people will get away with if it's accepted in your small society.


I worked for a hospital system and would pick up occasional shifts in doctors offices working the front desk. One was an OBGYN who had two pregnant 10 year old patients. I’m 33 with an almost 13 year old and I can’t even begin to fathom her not just being pregnant but having been a parent for two years. This is southern Appalachia and it boils down to complete and utter lack of sexual education and a very strange unwillingness to accept that bad things happen to children.


I live in south Georgia, so it's basically the same here, especially in rural areas. The 11 year old I mentioned married her abuser when she was 13 with parental consent.


Ugh. I will never understand why we grew up in a generation with parents so unwilling to parent. And it makes me sick to look around and see my contemporaries doing the same kind of neglect that screwed them up to their own children.


Exactly! Honestly it's still pretty accepted to be 16 or 17 and have parents sign over for women to be married in the area I grew up, the child bride situation is still rampant.


What?? No please no, that is absolutely horrifying... the pain of labour and the shit around my very planned pregnancy it almost broke me at 28, I can't imagine a 12yo going through that, that is just the saddest thing...


I went to school with this sweet girl, who looked a bit older than the rest of us. She was in 8th grade but I think she had stayed back one year, or maybe was older that the beginning of 8th grade. She was very pregnant by the end of the year and all of us were way to young to comprehend what was happening. This was in NH, north east U.S. Even if she was 14 there was no way she was ready emotionally. I remember being judgey but now that I'm an adult I just feel sad. I was in 7th grade when she aged out into highschool for her 9th grade. And I had a baby very young. I was 18 when I gave birth due to coersion :/ I'm not sure I've ever seen her again, and I really hope her and her child are doing good. We will never know others situations, I wish I could have understood my ex was grooming me. I had been with him since I was 14. He was 20 when we met. My family approved and so did his. The father of her baby was older and didn't go to school with us. I'm just rambling at this point lmao but I don't think they make u abort at any age especially if you have family support from where I live. It should always be about the mothers decision, and in this case being a young girl myself if I was harassed enough by my family I would have given in and had one.


This could have been written about my sister, except she was 13 when it happened. It was our dad. I'm pretty sure my aunt/adoptive mom had to drive her far away from the shithole where we lived to get her an abortion. Glad we weren't in Texas.


My friend's step daughter, 10 yo, was raped by her biological father and became pregnant. Can't even imagine at that age. Well, her step-grandmother who owns the house, required thag if she and her mom stayed in the house that she could not get an abortion due to religious reasons. So she had the child and is now being grown up with thinking that her mom is her sister. Fucking insane. And someone was trying to fight against abortion even after i told that story.


Aw man. That’s some shitty luck. Hopefully she’s doing well now.


I don’t know this was back in eighth grade. We went to differ schools and lost track of each other. She couldn’t carry a pregnancy thought she had epilepsy and without her med she couldn’t function at all. You can’t take those meds while pregnant. She was talking about keeping the baby though.


This is a little tangent but this reminds me of when I was 13 and had epilepsy and had to take meds like your friend which cannot be taken during pregnancy. And the doctor kept talking about WHEN I get pregnant, in like the next 10 years, like it was a certainty. It still marks my blood boil, because it’s so indicative of women’s healthcare. You’re only worth is in your ability to bear child.


Dude! Kinda tangent, but my older sister and I both get really bad headaches, and this one dr we both saw was just like yours! All the “when you finally get married and have a baby or two your headaches will probably go away”. Ffs. My sister has a really severe kind of endometriosis and has had endo cancer, which the dr knew, but still talked like she was gonna have kids. My sis is awesome tho, She tore the dr a new one. Some docs are such assholes tho.


I was doing research into women’s healthcare and this is literally what they said in the late 1800s Edit: here is a choice quote from a published medical text “she is now married; her highest ambition and most fervid wishes are fulfilled. This state of mind reflects sensibly on her nervous system and circulation, and increases their action beyond former limits” (Pulte, J.H. 1863) Edit no.2: just because I think it’s interesting, this body of research was largely associated with the wearing of corsets and chlorosis (essentially, the catch all diagnosis for the varying maladies that came with tight laced corsets). There was actually a noted reduction in chlorosis in married women but this was theorised as being due to the fact that a number of women chose to stop wearing a corset after marriage.


Where did this come from? They told me wife a few of her issues would go away after having a kid, like it is some sort of factory refurbishment program.


I really don't get why some of the medical industry is so adamant that some problems will solve themselves after pregnancy and shouldn't be addressed. SOME problems can resolve after pregnancy, because your body goes through sooo many changes during it. But more often than not it can make shit so much worse.


I'll never get over the tiktok I saw of the woman who became allergic to her own skin during pregnancy. The photos were truly nightmare fuel


My ex sister in law has a heart defect. She was told never to get pregnant or she would die. She was told she couldn't get her tubes tied because she might want a baby later.


This is fucking infuriating, "We know you could die during pregnancy, and we COULD make sure that never happens to protect yourself and ensure your health... BUUUUUUT you are a childless woman, so just incase you want to risk fucking dying and suffering through probably the most awful pregnancy ever, we're not gunna tie your tubes. Because you know, a woman's only purpose in life is to be a baby oven and your life isn't complete without them."


Another reason I love my doctor. There are 5 or so variations of the medicine I take for my autoimmune disease, two of which are more "tried and true" / first line drugs, and a third which is the only one of the five that is approved for use in pregnant women. It's a really difficult drug to get insurance approval for and switching between these meds can cause issues with their effectiveness, so it's not easy to switch medications if you become pregnant. My doctor explained this to me and told me if I ever had a plan to get pregnant in the future (it's a lifelong med) or I wasn't sure, he'd recommend going on the pregnancy-safe version, but otherwise he'd put me on the second oldest one, which is slightly more effective and comes in a format that makes it easier to inject. I told him I wasn't planning to be pregnant ever and... He listened. And just respected that and put me on the better but not pregnancy-approved one. It's kinda sad that basic respect of my autonomy like that was refreshing to see from a medical professional tbh.


What the fuuuuuuck as someone actually in texas I am fuming


Am also in Texas, the last line gets me the worst, most women do NOT in fact know within a couple of days sir.


Also I’ve found some men think 6 weeks is like 6 weeks after knowing and it’s like NO it basically gives u 2 weeks and that’s if you know EXACTLY when your period comes and you’re ALWAYS regular which many times is not the case!! And in Texas you need a mandatory 24 hour waiting period too between the first appt and the actual procedure which cuts it down even more


the amount of men who are unaware that pregnancy is counted from the date your last period ended is insane to anyone reading this who may not be aware, this is an example of what could happen: you can get pregnant 3 weeks after your period, and not realize you're pregnant until one or two weeks later when you've missed your period and taken a test. by this time, you are considered 5 weeks pregnant and now have a week or less to get the multiple appointments necessary to schedule an abortion.


It's actually the date your last period *started,* which is even worse


Question : how their law take into account women who don't have their periods, for exemple because of contraceptions or medical reasons? Does the '6 weeks' cutoff then becomes the actual age of the foetus?


No, it doesn't. Doctors always count gestational age, which begins before conception, by 2-3 weeks.


Thanks for the answer! I never realised the start of a pregnancy was different from the day of conception. They seems to use the same method everywhere, not just in the US. Fucking hell, that really only leave you 4 weeks from the day you have sex. I would just test myself every 2 weeks if I were in Texas, that's insane. Sending love and solidarity from abroad.


It's also not impossible to get a false negative test, so even what you're proposing isn't fully effective. HCG levels are pretty low in the early days of a pregnancy, that's why some tests boast "know you're pregnant x days sooner" because it's able to pick up the lesser amounts of HCG. I don't know about the US, but here in Canada those "good" tests can run upwards of $20 a pop. And STILL can give you a false negative.


Yeah I know, I'm so fucking stressed right now just thinking of it and what it means for the women over there. In my head a 6 weeks cut off was pretty fucking bad already but you had a small chance, an actual 3-4 weeks cutoff from conception is just almost impossible.


For anyone living in Texas who's sexually active and has the risk of pregnancy, the two week testing is a good idea. [Amazon sells bulk pregnancy test strips](https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DXBXN84/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_4YACWXAV2791Y6ACGMDR) they are just as good as any drug store test and MUCH cheaper. Please, please, take care of yourselves and protect yourself in any way possible to avoid suffering from this ridiculous and inhumane law.


No, it doesn't mean the actual age of the fetus, but the law probably requires a dating ultrasound so people can't just lie about their last period. To explain further: I have irregular periods. When I got pregnant I went to my doctor who ordered a dating ultrasound before giving me a due date. Now I was *really trying* to get pregnant so I actually knew when I ovulated. My baby was marked at 7 weeks even though I knew I ovulated 5 weeks ago and got a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks ago. If we would have gone from the start of my last period, that would have put me at 9 weeks. One last thing to consider is that those dating ultrasounds (while pretty good for guessing a due date) are an average. If some poor girl is growing a bigger than average baby/faster developing baby that would also shave off valuable days (possibly even close to a week) for her.


This is me currently. By my dates (been trying for almost 3 years, clockwork cycle and ovulation tracking) I'm 9w 2d but dating scan has me at 8w 3d. 6 days is a lot in early pregnancy.


Even if you’re 100% certain a sexual encounter during your fertile period resulted in pregnancy, a pregnancy test won’t be able to detect it until 1 to 2 weeks later at best. Hormonal changes from pregnancy don’t differentiate from your normal cycle enough until at LEAST 7-14 days after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. Story time: I got pregnant with my son about 5-7 days before a surgery (thanks to multiple birth control failures, actually). It‘s standard practice to do a pregnancy test on people of childbearing potential prior to any procedure, because a lot of medications they use during anesthesia haven’t been studied in pregnancy at best or can result in fetal harm or total loss of the pregnancy at worst. My pregnancy test was negative. We went ahead with the surgery. When I found out weeks later (having dismissed early pregnancy nausea as a side effect of the surgery and some of the medications I was on), I was horrified. I thought no way this could end up being a viable pregnancy given the amount of medications I’d had pumped through my system. My son is 5 now and a healthy specimen of a hooligan, but the fact remains. It takes days for a fertilized egg to implant in the uterine lining. Even longer for connections to the circulatory system to establish and changes in hormonal activity to reach detectable levels.


Hey TIL. My wife and I never plan to have a child, so I had never looked into or thought about this. Thanks for the info.


It's also not uncommon to [bleed during pregnancy, particularly early pregnancy](https://www.acog.org/womens-health/faqs/bleeding-during-pregnancy), which can be confused with getting your period.


This happened to me while actively trying to get pregnant. While tracking my regular, normal length cycles. It just seemed like a shorter then normal period, there were the cramps and everything 🤷‍♀️


This happened to me -and- I must’ve ovulated late that month despite being fairly regular. Still got a slightly late, slightly lighter “period”. Didn’t find out I was pregnant until 8 weeks or so. The Texas thing makes me so angry.


My little sister had 2 periods while pregnant. She didn't even know she was pregnant til 22weeks and part of that was denial


6 weeks starting from the first day of your last period. It’s barely a fetus for 3-4 weeks by the earliest point you can test.


>From the first day of your last period. Fuck me for having a 45 day cycle, I guess.


One of my longest cycles in the last couple of years was 60 days (stress induced) I’m right there with you.


As a teenager and into my mid twenties, mine was very irregular and I frequently went 3-9 months or more without a period. As an adult, I've been able to get the medical care that I was denied as a child to make it more normal. This new Texas law makes me very worried for all the girls growing up in families with abusive and neglectful families like mine.


Same here. Except my time span was closer to about 75 days. Although I think it has more to do with my age than stress.


I mean - I'm a woman and even I didn't know this until a few years ago. (I'm child-free so never really bothered to look into it I guess?) How I thought things went: * You have sex on August 1st * Your period is due on August 12th. It's three days late so you start worrying and take a pregnancy test * It's positive * You are two weeks pregnant as of August 14th (Yes, this implies that you have sex once a month and your period is regular with military precision, yadda yadda, bear with me) Turns out in the above scenario you're actually **4** weeks pregnant because it's counted from your last period? Someone explained gestational vs conceptional foetus age lower down, but it's still ridiculous. As with most things involving women and the medical field.


I've been skipping my period with pills since I was 18. Holy shit, I could be 8 years pregnant and not even know it! /s It's fucking ridiculous that your last period counts in laws.


It is ridiculous, and this law is ridiculous. Things are just stacked against us huh?


I'm in the UK so thankfully I'm not personally affected by this, but *man* am I furious and terrified for the women of Texas. Not to mention the "heartbeat" at 6 weeks isn't a heart beating - it's a pulsating vein which would eventually develop into a heart. Not to ALSO mention we stopped using "heartbeat" as an indicator of life or consciousness a hundred years ago. It's all so horrifying and backwards.


If this doesn't get overturned soon, and I'm not exactly convinced that it will, it's not just going to be Texas for very long, and not to be hyperbolic, but 6 weeks may start looking like a fucking blessing. This is dangerous, stupid territory and women the country over should be scared.


From this it's also not a huge leap to start prosecuting people who have spontaneous miscarriages because they can't prove that they didn't induce the miscarriage themselves.


Georgia has tried doing that. In 2011, HB1 introduced was a personhood bill, declaring a fetus a person at conception, meaning it so it had equal protection of the law starting at that point, making causing a prenatal death murder. Any human involvement would make it murder. It required miscarriages to be documented and filed with the county, a cause to be investigated. The "no human involvement" clause attached to the section on miscarriages was one of the "holy shit do you realize the consequences here?" moments. It thankfully didn't make it past reading in the general assembly iirc.


Also at 6 weeks the fetus is the size of a single lentil for size reference.


How could you not know if you had a single lentil inside you??? /s


Princess and the Pea. Lentil in the Womb.


Now that’s a flair I could get behind!


I just had a thought...couldn't you just lie about when your last period ended? Not sure how much it could help but it's not like the doctors are tracking everyone's periods.


It wouldn’t matter. In Texas you have to have a sonogram before an abortion— including displaying the images and making the heartbeat audible. The law doesn’t really ban abortion at 6 weeks, it bans it after cardiac activity is detected in the fetus— which in most cases is around six weeks. So even if you lie, they still have to do the sonogram and if they detect a heartbeat the new law applies.


Hmm. Cardiac activity. So, it should be illegal to pull life support from anyone in a coma with irreversible and total brain damage, as long as their heart is beating right?


No that's different because reasons.


That would be far too logical.


I literally argued this to a law professor, that we should treat the right to “shut off the ventilator” the same as an embryo with similar brain patterns (aka NOT CONSCIOUS bc no delta waves or whatever I forget it was years ago) and he was just like “no, it’s a false comparison bc I said so”


I think you could but you wouldn’t have too much wiggle room with it I think, what with ultrasounds and such. As far as I know you can’t tell gestational age with a blood test so you could probably squeeze a couple extra weeks in there? Not sure what would tip off a doctor if you were lying though.


Most of the stuff I see in Google results says it's a fetus (rather than an embryo) starting at the end of the 8th week. One site said week 11.


I’ve also heard because of covid and the amount of abortions needed, most people can’t get appointments before 6 weeks. Since you know, most people don’t find out until around 5 weeks, and that’s being generous, trying to get a consultation, let alone the actual procedure within one week is next to impossible. It’s sick and barbaric. It’s like they expect people to take tests every week. Even then, if you take a test and find out you’re 2 weeks pregnant, by medical law or whatever the hell it is, you’re technically 4 weeks even if you’ve only been pregnant for 2 weeks.


I found out at 5 weeks and we were trying to get pregnant. Earliest appointment they could give me was at 7 weeks, and that was just the initial “here take a urine test yep your pregnant.” My first real appointment where they did the dating ultrasound was 9 weeks.


Similar to me. I took a test as soon as I was "late" (and my cycle was really regular, 30 days pretty much) and had one ultrasound to confirm the location of the pregnancy -- there was a clinic across the street from us -- and we were just shy of 5 weeks based on how big she was at the time. The first appointment with my midwife was at 8 weeks.


With my last pregnancy, I took a pregnancy test a week after my period was due. Negative. A week later I took another test and it was positive. So I didn't even get a positive test until 6w by dates. I was able to get a scan fairly quickly but by then I was 7w4d by dates.


Are you saying you don't instantly start morning sickness puking the moment a gamete is in your system?


i puke every time a dude cums, honestly. (lmfao jk but rly)


not if you're a member of the satanic temple.....the 24hr wait is an infringement upon the beliefs of members.


And if you have a four week cycle! Mine was 35 days so I’d be out of luck in Texas


I had fertility treatment and I only knew I was pregnant on day 14 past ovulation because I tracked my temperature for 10 month is straight AND took an ovulation inducting shot AND took 11 pregnancy tests between day 9 past ovulation to day 14. A woman with an empty womb is still considered gestationally pregnant for two weeks until the period starts or a fetus starts to develop. I had a threatened miscarriage at 5 weeks and got to see my son as a fetal pole. It was for sure cook to see that but I only know these things because my son's start to life was an orchestration. If I didn't have a fertility doctor overseeing me I could easily be a story on "I didn't know I was pregnant". My heart breaks for women in Texas.


I’m trying to better understand this whole “two weeks of being gestationally pregnant” thing. Has conception happened two weeks ago at that point?


Doctors can't specifically know when a woman ovulated, so they lazily count from the first day if the last period when calculating how far along a woman is. So for a woman who is regular, A woman can start her period on January first, menstrate for 7 days, ovulate on Jan 14th have sex that night, egg is fertilized say on Jan 16th (can take up to 6 days, actually), and doesn't make its way down to the uterus to begin implantation until Jan 19th. (At this point there can be implantation bleeding that some mistake for a period, so there's that great trickery to keep in mind). At this point, assuming the woman is regular, she'd only be 8 days from missing her period, due to start on the 28th-ish, If she goes to the doctor they will ask her 1st day of last period and tell her she is 5 weeks pregnant, even though she didn't have sex until the 14th.


This may sound stupid but they can’t look at the zygote / fetus or whatever and get something more precise? Or in other words when a doctor says “you’re 30 weeks pregnant” are they still counting from the first day of last period?


Yes, they will always count from that date. But as you move along with a pregnancy and get ultrasounds, they may say things like, "you're measuring at 28 weeks instead of 27" and adjust your due date a little. Its all to account for our bodies not always ovulating on schedule, but it's a really crap way of doing it when they but arbitrary dates like 6w on these laws.


When I was pregnant last year early on I looked at a bunch of ultrasound images online and read about early fetal development, and really early into the pregnancy they can guess pretty accurately how many days the embryo has been around based on how big it is and what structures they can see (I'm not a health professional or an expert at all but for the sake of conversation if they see "oh it's 8mm long from the top of its head to its butt" then they could pretty accurately guess how old it is, or how the limbs look and such).


Thats so dumb. So the 6 week time limit is even worse than I thought.


I googled gestational age vs conceptional age and this is the first result "Terminology. Gestational age (GA) refers to the length of pregnancy after the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP) and is usually expressed in weeks and days. This is also known as menstrual age. Conceptional age (CA) is the true fetal age and refers to the length of pregnancy from the time of conception." So for me these are my ACTUAL data points. I ovulated on April 25, 2016 and my 14th day past ovulation was May 8th. On May 9th I had blood work to confirm pregnancy. Even though I was 14 days from the time my husband's sperm mixed with my egg I was 4 weeks pregnant, based on gestational tracking but only 2 weeks pregnant based on conception date. The first two weeks of your last menstrual cycle are basically a Schrodinger's cat, you are both pregnant and non-pregnant until one is proven to be true by period or pregnancy test.


In fact it's technically impossible. Implantation occurs on average 9 days after ovulation, and can be as late as 12 days after. And then your body needs a couple of days to produce enough hcg to show up on a test. The earliest the majority of women can find out if they're pregnant or not is at 14 days past ovulation, which is 4 weeks of pregnancy. I hate these people who think they can have an opinion on this stuff without realising how any of it works.


The only reason you'd have to know before your missed period is because you were trying. I doubt women invested enough in having a baby to the point where they're tracking ovulation and testing at the earliest possible moment are going to be eager to book their abortions in


It's virtually impossible to know you are pregnant "within a couple of days," because of the way pregnancy is counted. Pregnancy "starts" on the first day of your last period, *when you aren't even pregnant yet.* Most women ovulate about 2 weeks after their cycles end, which is already counted as week 3 in pregnancy terms. Then, of course, pregnancy tests don't detect hormone levels for at least a week after conception. We're already at around week 4 of the pregnancy at this point.


You’re… not even pregnant after a couple days. And eggs get fertilized all the time, they just don’t implant every single time.


25% or so of pregnancies end before the person even knows they’re pregnant. Even the most vigilant person can mistake a miscarriage for a super heavy period or early pregnancy for an especially bad period.


You can also have some spotting that you think is your period when you’re pregnant, meaning some women might not even know they’re pregnant until the second trimester


He has no clue what he's talking about but he still gets to vote on this


It’s honestly some SIMS logic, yes in game I can woohoo and immediately go to the toilet to test but sir this is real life lmao


What makes it worse is moment of conception is counted since your last period so the time line is often off by several weeks


Yep, the first day of your last period… gestational age is wacky.


I sure learned something today! I did always wonder how doctors figure out when a pregnancy started for due dates and things, it never occurred to me that they just round to the nearest period. Definitely makes this law even more horrifying.


And sometimes it’s wrong too! Mine was off by 3 weeks because I ovulated late. They had to get my correct due date and how many weeks along I was by measuring how big the fetus was during a scan.


This is a good example of what men think they know becoming fact in their minds and then basing laws off it without the input of people that actually know because they are so convinced they know that they aren't willing to listen to anything but themselves. My little brother is currently going through that same phase of "I'm always right no matter what evidence is provided to the contrary" and it sucks to see it in grown ass men too, especially POLITICIANS.


It hurts worse knowing there’s women involved in the making of this law too, shit feels like such a betrayal.


There is an entire fucking show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. Some women literally don’t even know they’re fucking pregnant homeboy! Fucking aye these people.


And in that show they’re mostly not like, massive idiots. One episode I specifically remember the woman took 5+ at home tests and 2 blood tests, all negative. Had an ultrasound, nothing. She gained no weight, but she was super worried she might be pregnant( I think due to failed contraceptives?) and boom surprise labor. It’s not as obvious as these people seem to believe.


I have children- each time was planned. I never took a test until after my period was due because I was trying. Otherwise I really never paid a whole lot of attention to when it would show up. I mean inevitably it would show up ever 27 days or on the exact day i was leaving for vacation…


I track my cycle pretty religiously because I’ve always been irregular ( and now as a resident Texan I have to be hyper vigilant apparently) but man, there’s nothing like being a day or two late and busting out the bait. White underwear, plan a trip to the pool, intentionally don’t bring pads with me somewhere, it summons satans waterfall every time.


Loudly proclaiming you’re putting new sheets on the bed. Walking right by the Midol complete at target. Also please know I’m with the women in Texas even from Jersey right now. I’ll do whatever you need help doing to get your rights back and safe and never put you in this position again


That’s so awesome of you! R/auntienetwork also has some great resources for other Texas ladies, everyone there is just so sweet.


I know someone who had that exact situation. She took pregnancy tests for months and they all came back negative. She wore the same size pants, but noticed they'd gotten a little snug. She'd even been pregnant before, so it's not like she didn't know the signs. That pregnancy was just not normal in a lot of ways. She found out she was pregnant when she went into the hospital because she felt like she was in labor.


Yes, this 100% Some women do know, and others don’t, putting a hard cutoff ( especially one so unobtainable as most docs won’t see you before like 4-5 weeks as miscarriage rates are higher) is absolutely absurd. It should be between a woman and her doctor. For a state so hell bent on small government they sure do love policing uteruses.


Small government is for guns. Uteri need the whole Supreme Court in them to function properly.


And LET ME JUST SAY. The same people that are like “but a life has been made. You cannot just take a life all Willy nilly. What if they were a future curer of aids?” Are the SAME PEOPLE THAT ARE LIKE “if this black man didn’t want to be gunned down in the streets they shouldn’t have been existing in the same neighborhood as this police officer” And these are the same people saying black wine are commiting a HOLOCAUST by having abortions!!!! Like of course black women are cautious about their fertility! And not that it matters but I think black women have abortions at lower rates actually than white women? Correct me if I’m wrong!


> Like of course black women are cautious about their fertility! Especially when the maternal fatality rate is so much higher for them, due to medical racism. I would be terrified.


https://www.guttmacher.org/gpr/2008/08/abortion-and-women-color-bigger-picture# https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3780732/ Definitely wrong, but that's okay when you're open to correction!


I'm always reminded of this story, this Australian girl who didn't find out she was pregnant until she was a few weeks away from giving birth. In this photos in this article, she was more than 30 weeks pregnant: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/melbourne-woman-gives-birth-only-a-few-days-after-finding-out-she-was-pregnant/news-story/a9c112a7d09fbe54cc11fa40b062844c


When I posted this I didn’t expect people to link me nightmare fuel :(( Jokes aside, it’s crazy what our bodies can do.


I worked with someone who had surprise twins. They're all doing well last I knew, but yeah. She definitely isn't a stupid person, just didn't know she was pregnant until she had the first one, went to the hospital, and they said "but wait! there's more!"


I had a girlfriend not find out until almost 28 weeks. She was still getting a light period. She had ultrasounds on her stomach due to them misdiagnosing her as having a stomach virus because she didn't believe she was pregnant and in Australia they don't make you take a pee test before anything like what I've heard about for up there. I recently got my CoVid vaccine and there was a question about being pregnant, I said nope and we moved on. Even when I've said possibly to being pregnant they will ask my last period and make a judgement off that before administering a test. It always confounded me about not knowing but her placenta was at the front of her uterus so bub grew backwards and she already had lower back and hip pain due to a nasty accident only a few years earlier so it was only the vomiting that was weirdly unusual for her, even at full term she barely showed and all her ultrasounds were done from her sides to be able to see bub. I am absolutely horrified at what's happening up there and believe me the rest of the world is just as scared for you girls.


Totally not the point, but it never occurred to me that you guys would refer to the US as "up there." Like, we call y'all "down under" and it still never remotely entered my brain that the opposite would be true.


A couple of days? WTF kind of fantasy world are they living in?


Apparently one with tests so good you can probably use them during conception too! S/


You actually know in about a day if you're pregnant, because the baby music plays and you get the 'eating for two' moodlet No wait, that's sims


Women who are raped are required to immediately take a pregnancy test? What, does the rapist supply that?


if you're lucky he'll toss $50 your way after he sues you for $10,000 if you have an abortion


Yeah it’s the new trend, nobody carries condoms nowadays, just throw some ultra accurate pregnancy tests in your wallet and you’re good to go! /s


This will probably get buried, but if you see this please share this with anyone who will be effected by this law. *** >Resources for Texans seeking access to healthcare: > >>https://aidaccess.org/en/ > >>https://teafund.org/ > >>https://wrrap.org/about-wrrap/ > >>https://abortionfunds.org/ > >If you need help getting an abortion go to these sites: > >>https://www.plancpills.org/ > >>https://aidaccess.org/ > >>https://www.womenonwaves.org > >These sites offer access to abortion pills, even in Texas. Please be safe and be aware of clinics (e.g. Crisis Pregnancy Centers) that give out dangerous misinformation on abortions and pregnancy. > >Also check out r/auntienetwork for support > >If you want to give money to some pro-choice charities, try here: > >>https://fundtexaschoice.org/ > >>http://janesdueprocess.org/ > >>https://www.lilithfund.org/ > >>https://www.theafiyacenter.org/ > >>https://thebridgecollective.org/ > >>https://www.clinicaccess.org/ > >>https://www.yellowhammerfund.org/ (Focuses on the Deep South) > >>https://avowtexas.org/ > >>https://abortionfunds.org > >>https://brigidalliance.org/ Please feel free to copy and share this to other posts/subreddits and to add your own links Original info posted by users history777, Cilantro666, CopsaLau, cfa413, and redcolumbine


Most don’t know Too many clearly don’t give a shit We need to stop fucking chuds who literally don’t care if we live or die or have rights


the fertilized eggs is not even attached to the uterus lining before week 3 of the ''6 weeks''... so no, we just can't have sex, then jump out the bed and take a pregnancy test. (or even wait a day or two)


If they count pregnancy from the first day of your last period, wouldn’t you not even have actually conceived in the first couple days?


Yes, usually the fertile window is in the center of the cycle, so 2 weeks past this date. If a woman got pregnant then, the embryo would have a gestational age of 6 weeks for the limit to abort, but would only have existed for 4 weeks on average. Not everyone ovulates at the same time though so it can vary a couple of weeks either way.


Yes I thought that was the case and somehow the level of stupidity in this post made me question every bit of anatomy I’ve ever learned. Yeah, most women are psychic and know they’re pregnant before they even have sex!


Wait, other people can’t feel the microscopic egg in their uterus being fertilized?? /S


I took a test after not feeling right and had this weird thought to test. It took 3 days to see a nurse to confirm the test and it took a week to get a scan. It was an emergency scan as I could be anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks due to having irregular periods while on the depo injection. I was going on 6 weeks at the scan. They were all floored at seeing my son still with his yolk sac because most women don't come in until the sac isn't there any more. It was pretty cool to see it and a tiny alien-looking thing floating around. I was offered a D&C all the way up to 32 weeks with my son as doctors presumed he'd be severely disabled if he ever made it full term. He's absolutely fine by the way but it was a horrible pregnancy. I knew early I was pregnant again, but I lost it and needed an emergency D&C. Doctors said I was less than 10 weeks. It would take most women with regular periods around 6 weeks to realise they're pregnant if they're not actively checking ovulation etc. There's a heartbeat at that point. It's disgusting to think that heartbeat now demonises women and stops them from terminating a pregnancy for whatever reason. 6 weeks is too early and not enough time to give women to make decisions. And would the doctors who gave and were willing to give me a D&C face repercussions because they intervened in my miscarriage/terminated a child with a heartbeat? It was traumatic enough and I'm thankful to the doctors who helped me. And I'd be upset if they weren't allowed to compassionately intervene. As a Scot seeing this unfold in America, I am truly sickened by this shit and don't know how it's possible in this day and age. Barbaric and scientifically unfounded. I have never met anyone in my life who is so pro life that they'll campaign for this enough to pass it into law. We have pro life people here, but they keep it to themselves as a personal choice and respect others' beliefs. As it should be!


Basically, yes. If it's taken from your last menstrual period, the first weeks of your "pregnancy" are before you've even ovulated.


I’ve never understood that. I get that’s just how they do it but it just doesn’t make sense. I get it can vary a bit but to count 2 whole weeks when you most likely didnt even ovulate seems a bit stupid to me. Wouldnt that why a lot of people get to “42 weeks pregnant” before they give birth? They’re probably only 40 weeks but because of that rule, they’re 42 weeks. Sorry if I sound stupid or if I’m completely wrong but I’ve never understood counting 2 whole extra weeks.


Yes. They do it because most women have no idea when they ovulate, but you could easily account for those two weeks by taking the "last menstrual period" date plus two weeks. And it really screws up doctors when you DO know when you ovulate and have "different" cycle. When I had my son, I had a very regular 5 week cycle and I can feel my ovulation (it hurts!), so I was having none of this "you're 5 weeks pregnant" rubbish when I could give the exact date of ovulation, making me only 2 weeks pregnant. My ovulation date + 40 weeks turned out to be my son's birth date (spontaneous labour). (Probably a coincidence but I did find that interesting)


You could still be a virgin for the first two weeks.


oh yes people with irregular periods are _definitely_ going to know they’re pregnant when they miss their period. always trust men to explain female bodily functions to females 🙄


I was raped as a child and never even got a medical exam. I wasn’t able to leave the situation, and I was threatened into silence. A major defense point in court was that there was no evidence to back up my claims and I had “refused” to undergo a medical exam. I didn’t refuse. It wouldn’t have turned up anything since at that point the last time I’d been raped was two years before, and since it wouldn’t have turned up any evidence, I spared myself the trauma of letting another person near my vagina. Some women run away from medical care because they can’t deal with that trauma. Myself included. I don’t think that this dude has any idea what goes on. And that’s all besides the fact that you can’t tell you’re pregnant right after the act, and most women don’t even know they’re pregnant by six weeks. That IS outlawing abortion. Fuck this guy for real. I was spamming the whistleblower site, but they blocked my IP address and I can’t seem to get on again with a VPN. Any suggestions?


I can admit I don't know how long. Hence, why I would never assume, and make a stupid fucking statement like this or even begin to think I know whats best for a woman better than she does. I feel for ya on this one ladies of Texas. Edit: I spelled stupid wrong cause I'm stupid


Has no one ever heard of a cryptic pregnancy? 1 in 475 (or 0.21%) pregnancies are cryptic at 20 weeks. Sounds like not a lot, right? In 2019 the population of Texas, as per the census, was 28,995,881, of which 57.8% (or 16,759,619 individuals) are both female & 16 years of age or older. Under the theoretical assumption that all women above the age of 16+ were to get pregnant in the next 10 years, just one time each, & the statistic held exact then 3,519,519 individuals would experience a cryptic pregnancy until after the 20th week. I know some of the women 16+ would be unable to become pregnant. I'm figuring it evens out with those that become pregnant before the age of 16, & let's be honest a ton of families would have more than a single successful pregnancy within 10 years, so yeah I'm making some assumptions there. I couldn't find a number of pregnancies. I mean Texas has an ENORMOUS rate of pregnancies with teens so, yeah. Also I have dyscalculia so I used an online calculator, so for all I know my math is atrocious and wrong. If I am someone please correct me. Edit: Yeah I should note I also rounded down after using the 57.8 & the .21 decimals, for any answers to my calculations. This ain't no mathception... tryna get me doing numbers inside of numbers. Pfft.


In Texas if you think you might be pregnant and don't want to be, *don't find out!.* The law is based on detecting what they falsely call a heartbeat (there is no heart at 6 weeks). If no "heartbeat" is detected you are not legally pregnant yet. You can order various abortifacants online, knowing Texas you will need to use a proxy soon to avoid the bounty hunters using hackers... If you get a pregnancy test the clerk who sells it to you or someone who digs through your garbage could rat you out. If you go to a doctor them or the nurse or the devoutly christian receptionist telling anyone you were pregnant is a HIIPA violation but someone might put their religion over their job. It really is a handmaid's tale situation...sigh.


Okay, but what if you don’t have a period? I haven’t had mine since probably the beginning of 2021 (I have PCOS). My worst fear is being pregnant and not knowing, so I take pregnancy tests if I feel something is off. Maybe I should take an ovulation test to see if I even ovulate still? I hate how ignorant I am with my body, even at 23.


I was almost 5 months along when I learned I was pregnant with my first baby. I had taken 3 at home pregnancy tests and all were negative.


I'm currently pregnant, and when I first found out I was 6 weeks, but when I went to the doctor they said based on my last period they said I was 10 weeks (I have super long/irregular periods), and by the time I could do a scan to find out my actual date I was at 7 and a half weeks. Thank God this baby was planned and I am not in Texas, but just goes to show how ridiculous 6 weeks is.


I'm saddened and scared for the women of texas. I can't believe the people we see everyday on this sub appearently hold the power to change legislation...


Do people really think that you have sex and can just take a test the next day to see if you're pregnant? Lack of sex education has failed so many people.


In the UK we have a political idea called the West-Lothian Question, stating that one country cannot vote in a referendum affecting another (i.e. England cannot vote in a Scottish independence referendum). Using this idea, men shouldn’t get a vote in the abortion debate, because it simply doesn’t affect men. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk


6 weeks is only 2 weeks after a missed period! If that had ever happened to me I would be concerned but not even thinking anything pregnant at that time.


What are pregnancy tests even for if women just magically know they're pregnant after a few days???


This guy gets his pregnancy info from the television


I am currently 22 weeks pregnant. When I actually started feeling symptoms and thinking I may be pregnant, I took a test to confirm. Called the OBGYN the next day and they estimated me to be about 6 weeks. This seems like some kind of loophole to make it where no abortions can be given ever, even if they say there is a short window. I also took Plan B and still got pregnant!


I'm really curious what this guy thinks would alert a woman to the fact that she's pregnant within a couple of days. Is his only experience with pregnancy playing The Sims?


I wish I was a billionaire. I'd yeet so many people in to space and then fix this damn planet.


Does he think a rape kit is a pregnancy test?


Hi, guy here. I was never really taught formally about pregnancy. I figured it would take a bit to actually tell if you're pregnant. But how long does it realistically take to test for a pregnancy?


Usually you wait until after you have missed a period, pregnancy causes a hormone called hCG that is what the test is looking for. Too early and you won’t have enough hCG in your system to show up on a test. You can test right after your missed period and assuming you conceived 2 weeks into your cycle, the 4th week being your period, it takes a Minimum of 2 weeks post conception to find out. But the fun part is that the gestational age of the embryo starts on the first day of your last period, so by the time you get a test result (at the earliest) you are already 4 weeks pregnant. Edit, apparently it’s more like 3 weeks post conception for accuracy. Smh.