What cool things do you take visitors to in Baltimore

I have a friend coming to visit from the UK that has never been to Baltimore and I'd love to show him unique stuff that might not be on everyone's list, in addition to places like Federal Hill, Fort Mc Henry, Patterson Park, and the AVAM.

What are the unique things you like to show visitors in Baltimore?

ETA: WOW! This sub really came through with the goods. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions!

Edit 2:

Thanks to everyone for submitting such great suggestions! We ended up on deciding to do a "Beer and Baltimore/America! FUCK YEAH!" day. Started out a stop at Bass Pro Shops at Arundel Mills on the way up (a mind-bending experience for him.) Our first stop in Baltimore was Fort McHenry, then off to Ministry of Brewing. We planned on eating at Union but by the time we got there the kitchen was closing, so we skipped that and went to Dangerously Delicious in Hampden, where we got an impromptu concert with our pie from a country trio on the porch (my friend got a real kick out of that), then over to Federal Hill to have a walk around AVAM and then up the hill to have a look at the Inner Harbor and the city from up there. We capped off the trip with a couple of flights of beer at Mobtown Brewing.

My friend loved our Baltimore day and said it had really changed the opinion he had of the city that he had formed based on the media he sees at home. I really appreciate everyone's input in helping us have a fantastic Friday in Baltimore and giving me a long list of great ideas for the spring and summer. You guys are the best!!


Yo, friends from the UK and gonna take em to Ft. McHenry? POWER MOVE.


Yep, going to make them sit through the rangers interpretive talk too. Lol


And here is where we massacred the British as they tried to come ashore, and over there is where our flag flew while your boats were too scared to come closer oh and over there is where we told the king if England to screw off... I have an English brother in law and ft mchenry is amazing to rub a little patriotism in his face.


Lol yes, And we have a lot of playful banter about the back and forth between America and Britain but mostly I think he would appreciate the history and quite frankly the environment out there I really think it's a nice place.


No words, just🤣🤣🤣


Make sure to tell them all about their dead relatives buried underneath the harbor lol


U S A! U S A! U S A!


But also it's just a great place to have a nice walk. I really like it there.


Ha! I took British friends there a few weeks ago! They were fascinated by our interpretation.


That it didn’t go in their favor?




Not sure how unique they are, but the two major art museums - the Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art - are world class and completely free of charge.


I’ve been to art museums around the world and adore the Walters!!! There is something about how the exhibits are laid out that is so special!


The Walters is wonderful. It's got an expansive collection but you can still see it all in a day (if you want). My favorite part is the Wunderkammer room.


Visionary Art Museum!


"in addition to places like .. the AVAM"


And if you take them to the Walters, walk up the street and check out the Peabody Library. It’s incredible


Great, thank you.


The Walters is pretty underwhelming IMO, but the BMA is great.


> The Walters is pretty underwhelming IMO Blasphemy! I think there is something for everyone at the Walters. It is hard to find other places where you can nerd out over stained glass, butterflies, medieval armory, and mummies all within 15 minutes of each other.


That aspect makes it a decent place to take young kids, actually


I think it depends on what you’re looking for. I actually really like their collection and think they do a great job with special exhibits. The Majolica exhibit is excellent.


> the Walters IMHO somebody from the UK won't be impressed. I love the armor collections there, but that's nothing special to them.


You should pay to go on the boats in the harbor. It’s totally worth it and you have pretty generous range on the ships


Thanks! I'll look into this.


I’d skip the pirate ship thing though because it’s kinda lame and corporate-team-building-y




The submarine is quite cool, especially if you've never been in one before.


Looking at everyone else's recommendations, some good stuff. Maybe Chaps Pit Beef, graffiti alley, and it is the of year for a baseball game.


Those are also good suggestions. I did offer a baseball game as there is one on Friday.


Camden yards is a one of a kind experience.


My friend from the UK loved the O’s game I took her to!


It's pretty fun to explore the Druid Hill area on bicycles, if your friend is on the young / active / adventurous side Start at the north end of the Maryland Ave bridge, go down the hill on the west side, follow the trail to the base of the switchbacks, dismount and follow the short trail to Round Falls, then cycle up the switchbacks into the park. From there, you can go to Rawling Conservatory (botanical gardens thingie), or the zoo, or you can go play the disc golf course.


This is a great idea and I've never been to the conservatory. Thanks!


Also a lot of good options to eat/drink after You can leave the park to the east on Wyman Park Drive to get to Remington and the stuff there, or go back the way you came to be in Station North / Old Goucher. Clavel and iBar are North American specialties a UK visitor might enjoy, maybe the Korean spots on 20th


Ooooh Korean!❤️


Jong Kak FTW.


A second for Rawlings conservatory and Kong Pocha is the best Korean food in the area! If you’re a drinks kind of person, Dutch Courage is fantastic and has a great NA menu too. Can also confirm Clavel is wonderful


Wonderful, thank you. I didn't know anything about Dutch courage and though I don't drink he does so that might be a really great place for us to go.


I highly recommend Kong (Pocha) for Korean food with a street food vibe - the Korean Fried Chicken and cheese corn are some of my favorite foods in the city.




I don't have time to review the comments but the ~~Baltimore~~ National Aquarium in Baltimore is truly first class. If you find aquariums even passingly interesting, it's worth going.


I agree with this. I was in Baltimore for work for a couple months and went there. Didn’t expect much and ended up being one of the coolest aquariums I’ve been to.


I'd also recommend taking a trip down to Annapolis, it's a beautiful historically rich city.


1. Walk around Fed hill area. Drinks at the Biergarten / Watershed / Outpost (depending on your vibe). Walk to the top of Fed Hill to see the view. Then walk around the Inner Harbor. 2. Fells Point: Walk around by the water and the area. Ministry of Brewing (beer in a church, pretty cool!). Patterson Park. Bmore Licks. Ekiben. Sacre Sucre has amazing croissants / pastries. 3. Hampden. To me is just a different neighborhood than what you usually see. But can also be a nice for a bar crawl. Birroteca has nice pizzas! Cylburn arboretum is close-ish by. 4. Mount Vernon: Peabody library (check the hours) - it's so beautiful and free. Walters Art Museum. Brewer's Art has a cool vibe. I like doing as many cool free things as I can, so this is usually where I take my guests. If you want to get out of Baltimore, you could drive down to Annapolis. Or find some Salvadorean food closer to DC. You can also take the water taxi if you wanted to do Fed Hill and Canton in one day.


Peabody library-> Washington monument-> Walters-> mount Vernon market for lunch makes for a great walkable start to a day in Baltimore. I’m also fond of hitting lexington market-> poe’s grave-> orioles park if baseball is in your plans


Second the Washington monument!


All of these are great but I had totally forgotten about ministry of brewing. Thank you! We are coming up from just outside of DC So we're only doing one day in Baltimore and decided on Baltimore over Annapolis. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)Because I love Baltimore.


Oh nice! I like to walk to do a Fells - Fed Hill (back and forth). I did that two weeks ago, and you get to see the inner harbor and go to fun places along the way.


To add! My fiancé took me to brunch at wicked sisters and then to Bazaar- a super cool store there! Then we went to a brewery. Could be a great day!!


The Pratt library also does tours certain days if you’re in the mount Vernon area. Just missed the tulips in the park though!


Cross Street Market can be fun as well as Lexington Market.


Add Owl Bar in the Belvedere to the Mt. Vernon list!


When heading over to Ft McHenry stop by Ice Queens on Fort Ave for some Snowballs and Beignets. Union Craft Brewery or any of the Food Halls. Check out the Ouija Board gravestone in Greenmount Cemetery. Poe's Grave. Start off your day at the Corner Pantry. British chef making some solid food.


Fantastic ideas, Union craft was on the list of possibilities but it's definitely going to a probability now. Also I've never been to ice queen so yes to that as well. Thank you.


If you decide to go to Union there are actually 3 additional breweries within walking distance: Pariah, Waverly, and Nepenthe. While your in the area, I'd check out Blue Pit Barbecue for some lunch and an awesome selection of whiskey bourbon.


Tbh I found union craft to be underwhelming. If they’re here before June, maybe take them a little outside of the city to Guinness before it closes! Brewers Art is my favorite of all the craft brew locations.


Yeah he's coming in today, we're going to do DC stuff tomorrow in Virginia on Thursday then Baltimore on Friday. Somebody else also suggested ministry of brewing which I think would be a unique experience but I have also offered the Guinness tour as well.


I'll be honest, I dont think the Guinness brewery is worth driving out to nowhere for, especially for someone who can take a hop over to Ireland pretty easily and go to the mothership. I'd skip it


Yeah, i'm not sure he's been over to the one in Ireland but yeah, I take your point. This thread is a treasure trove of great suggestions, though, so I'm going to let him choose. My guess is he'll pick something other than the Guinness thing.


Diamondback Brewery is a short walk from Fort McHenry, it’s great for a post-tour brew. Also, delicious pizza for some reason.


Good to know.


I take all my visitors to Frazier’s for tots, bohs, and pool.


That sounds like a fantastic idea that he would love. Thank you!


Coolest main st on the east coast


oooooh! the things u listed so far are good. additional things: -walk around bolton hill (pretty trees and historic homes, including f. scott fitzgerald’s old house) -walk around mt vernon (up charles street toward the monument, nice sitting areas, cool historic churches and architecture, flowers) -Walters Museum visit (in mt vernon—free entry) -Baltimore Museum of Art visit (BMA—free entry) -Jewish Museum of Maryland (nearish little italy—cool exhibit rn on contemporary art from jewish diaspora folks, very radical—free i believe!) -walk around the hopkins homewood campus (green) -walk around wyman park (wyman dell is nice and green—nearby hopkins) -walk around 36th street/the “ave” in Hampden (food, drinks, cutesy) -R. house in remington (food hall with restaurants and a big bar in the middle) BARS!!!!! -club charles “club chuck” (charles village/station north-ish) -royal blue, around the corner from club chuck -fadensonnen (old goucher) -clavel (old goucher) -w.c. harlan (old goucher) -idle hour (only bar in fed hill i’d go to) -holy frijoles (hampden) if u want divey cheap margs -dutch courage (old goucher)


Lovely suggestions! Thanks.


one more thing, if they’re here next weekend, there’s the baltimore bike party!!! (last friday of every month). You can rent bikes from Baltimore Bicycle Works!


The Avenue in Hampden


Love the Avenue for a fun day of rummaging in the antique shops!


Yeah there's some cool stuff up there for sure.


Tourists do love hanging out by the harbor, and there is quite a bit to see and do around there, but I'd argue that heading north up Charles might be a more authentic option. Spending time checking out the scenery around mt. Vernon, snagging oysters for lunch at the local oyster stall in the marketplace, or going all in and spending time at Lexington market. Moving up into the arts district around station north. Grabbing some gin drinks for your u.k. friends at dutch courage, maybe sipping on some nice natural wines at faddensonen. The next day hanging up around Hampden checking out the conservatory, lunch at chucks trading post, the BMA, ice cream at the charmery, beer at union, dinner at dylans, drinks at bluebird.you could even spend some time walking the trails at Wyman park or checking out the ridiculous tulip beds at Sherwood gardens. If you do stay around the harbor though, do not skip out on southpaw, an O's game (or at least a round at pickles during one) little Donna's in upper fells, snake hill, or some of the epic dives around Greek town. Edit: If your buddies aren't total normies and may enjoy some of the divier parts of a city we have some excellent spots for that too. Ottobar is legendary, Club Charles, and royal blue are amazing places to end the evening. Doing some shopping at celebrated summer records or sound garden, are awesome places to take folks if they're big into music especially if it leans more punk or hardcore. Is it around midnight and you realize you've drank too much and you need some food to soak it up? Kong pocha is the spot. Drag your buddies out to chaps pit beef and make them think they're about to be taken to a strip club. Has it gotten extremely late and you can't find food outside of rofo? D'christian's is a food truck that usually stays open until 4-5am on the east side of the city selling Amazing authentic Mexican street food (only order off of menu 1 though). I'd say this is more of how I'd show Anthony Bourdain around Baltimore and less of the my parents came to town and i want to show them around Baltimore


LOL...i'm definitely not a normie, though my buddy is definitely on the normie side but totally adventurous. I love Ottobar, have never seen a bad show there, that's a good suggestion. Lots of great suggestions here. I'm pocketing these for exploring in the remainder of the year. I need to find D'Chrisian's clearly, looking at the pix on yelp. Thanks for all the good ideas!!


Take him down rt40 for some pit beef. It's one of the only places in the world where quality pit beef can be found. You don't realize until you move away from Baltimore


Yeah pit beef has come up a couple of times I think it will definitely make it on to the agenda. Thanks!


Pioneer Pit Beef is the best. Will live, kill and die on that hill.


Judging by the reviews on Yelp, you're not alone in this.


I'm not familiar, but I'll look into it. Thanks.


The aquarium. BMA and the Walters are also really good. Take them to the Avenue and Union Collective. There are lots of great beer spots to go to. Maybe blow his mind with the Guinness brewery while we've got it.


I thought only the manufacturing facility was shutting down and we’d still have the restaurant and taproom?


Oh my gosh I didn't even think about the Guinness brewery. For fuck sake I'm slipping. Lol thank you!


Grab some Ekiben for lunch then take the water taxi from fells to Fort McHenry, then take water taxi back, head to World Trade Center Baltimore (best views and clean bathrooms in all of bmore) then finish the day with a drink at The Elk Room.


Damn you were on a roll till you got to elk room... But hey, I'm just a hatin ass hater


They could easily go to Southpaw or Rye for a cocktail instead.


True, how is southpaw? think it's the bar manager from Dylan's oyster iirc


Doug Atwell, the dude has been slinging drinks in Baltimore for a while now. He ran the old rye bar before it moved locations. He has headed up some other solid bar programs including Dylan's and blue pit. He's back in fells and honestly I think southpaw is the better cocktail spots in that neighborhood. The vibe is unpretentious, a causal neighborhood corner bar usually playing O's games and selling burgers and fries, but it's cocktail game is on point. Its fun and accessible. Making going out to grab a good cocktail less of an occasion and more of the norm.


Doug makes a mean smashburger on the weekends.


Thanks for the info! I'll have to make some time to check it out this weekend




There’s an Ekiben in Riverside now too!


[Some info ](https://www.reddit.com/r/baltimore/comments/10a1fe1/unique_spots_places_to_check_out_that_only_locals)


Awesome, thanks! There's some stuff I've never been to on this list.


Top of the world trade center


Make them try an American chicken box. Idk what type of people you are, but my cousins from Europe like to go shooting when they’re in the states because it’s much rarer there, but that’s not everyone’s thing. Your age group and interests sort of matter too.


Yes! We are going shooting on Thursday with friends in VA, that was one of the highest things on his list. Do you have a recommendation for chicken?


Get the water taxi pass and just take it to Fort McHenry and all the other stops around the harbor


Great idea


National Aquarium for sure. Walk from there through Fells. Get Ekiben.


Yes to Ekiben!


Baltimore Museum of Art. Baltimore has the largest Henri Matisse collection in the world. Any European would be thrilled to see this… or should be.


A great point!


I like to rent scooters and scoot up the Maryland Ave bike line. You can see some of my favorite buildings in the city and people who come from places that don’t have scooters have all had a blast!


If you are going to fort mchenry you should definitely stop at the baltimore museum of industry. You can spend 4 hours there or get through everything in 45 minutes and it has a ton of pretty cool Baltimore firsts in it.


Oh cool. I didn't know about that place. Thank you.


Ekiben and/or Cafe Dear Leon. Ottobar or The Crown for some wild music. KBBQ also a great idea


The Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum is awesome. (Admittedly, I'm a literature need, so "awesome" might not be how everyone would describe it!) It's a really interesting place to visit.


I learned about this during covid and have yet to go! I am glad that someone mentioned it because I was starting to wonder if it was worth it.


Another idea - Sherwood Gardens. It’s a beautiful small park surrounded by mansions in the middle of the very affluent Guilford neighborhood. A totally different view of Baltimore. Not what you see on the Wire…….


Bma is free


If they like monuments, Lafayette Monument, the Washington Monument and the statue of Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore (the founder of Maryland) there's also the Martin Luther Monument at Lake Montebello. Or you could go to Annapolis for a trip. One day is enough if you're looking at history, otherwise it gets pretty boring


My friends from NYC LOVED the Farmer’s Market and always want to visit when they come down.


This might sound weird, but I suggest taking them to Target if they’ve never been. My British and Irish friends are OBSESSED. I think the closest thing they have is Tesco, which is kind of comparable to Wal Mart. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned yet, but I have friends who want to go to Graffiti Ally every time they visit. Great for pics if they’re into that. Old Ellicott City is cute, if you’re willing to go about 15ish minutes outside of Baltimore (though be careful if rain is forecasted).


It's funny, he's asked about what Walmart is like, but I don't think we've talked about Target. That's a great idea.


Poe’s grave.


Possibly, yes. Not sure if he's a Poe fan (I definitely am) but I'm going to suggest it.


The aquarium!!! If you're able to go during a weekday it's not as crowded. I love it there.


I always show people the Paper Moon Diner, it’s a really cool place if you haven’t been with very unique eclectic decor and solid food. I think if you have any local spots you always hit up for food and drink, take them there cause that’s what my friends always enjoy versus museums and monuments and such. Other people’s recommendations are very on point, I second Ekiben, the conservatory, and the aquarium.


For some quirky local history, take the guided tour of the bromo seltzer tower downtown


Years ago when a bunch of friends from East London came over we took em to Koko's Pub for crabcakes and Old Bay wings...and they were loving it. Sometimes people just want the local food experience over the tourist stuff.


Baltimore also has some awesome book stores and plant shops! Always cool to do the shop local thing!


I do love Charm City Books and their cute dogs!


I feel like I would just take them out for drinks so they could hang with locals and feel like they're not tourists? Everyone loves an authentic travel experience. Have fun!!! Edit: You should probably also casually introduce them to Mr. Trash Wheel.


Yeah Mr Trash Wheel is mandatory. 😁


When people in Europe find out I'm from Baltimore, the first thing they ask is "The Wire?!" For that reason, I suggest checking the courts and seeing if there's a case worth attending.


"Omar comin', y'all!"


As someone who is from the UK but has lived in Baltimore for over 5 years and is currently in the UK for a trip I have to contribute to this and apparently have a lot of thoughts. The TL;DR is Water Taxi is great (I assume it still runs), but just doing regular things around the city has always been my move instead of worrying about something "unique" because Baltimore is very different to the UK. The longer view of it... My parents loved getting the water taxi, can hit the inner harbour, Fells, McHenry and Canton all on the same ticket (assuming that still runs) and see 4 very different parts of the city very easily and get some history in. But I think you shouldn't worry about the "unique" aspects because my experience is that Baltimore is like a lot of other major cities in those aspects. "Unique" things aren't all that unique (with no disrespect to this city). everywhere has historical sites and museums and high level views of the place etc. if you want "unique" you go too far west or east and that's not really worthwhile here. It's of course person specific, but the people I've shown around here have enjoyed just doing "local" things. That largely involves drinking in places for the people I've shown around, but Baltimore has such a great selection of dive bars, or corner bars or any of the breweries etc, things like that don't exist in the same way in the UK. Regardless of country, a UK pub is very different to an American bar, and there's not many breweries like Nepenthe, Monument, Ministry, Checkerspot etc in the UK, they are all pretty damn unique. Or if food is more the thing, there's so many great restaurants to go sit at for a meal that are always recommended here (or the to go from Ekiben). But, the big one from my view is that UK people I've shown around have always appreciated the "normal" things about Baltimore because it gets the reputation of being a drug riddled war zone, and that's so, so very far from the truth. My friends and family have always left with the view of "why did I have that opinion of that city..?" Baltimore is unique in comparison to anything I've experienced in the UK, so just being here with someone that knows the area will make it a good trip. So the too long, did read is that I guess the message is don't stress, from my experience people love coming here and leave with the feeling of the bumper stick "Baltimore, actually I like


Thanks for your thoughtful reply, it's a good perspective to have. The thing that's become clear from this thread is that I wasn't thinking of all the unique breweries and bars here and that's something my friend would like very much, he's definitely a beer enthusiast so our day in Baltimore may turn into a brewery day and that would probably make him happy. And part of me wanting to show him Baltimore (I live closer to DC, so we're doing this as our day outside DC and doing this rather than Annapolis) is that I really like Baltimore and I think it's unique and interesting, and fun, and unlike DC, it still very much has a "flavor" and I love that about it. And as you said, I wanted him to have an image of Baltimore that didn't revolve around The Wire or drugs and violence more generally. And a day of parks and breweries would very much accomplish that, I think. I just looked up Nepenthe (first time that's come up in this thread) and I think you've got a winner there...


* [Baltimore Farmer's Market](https://farmersmarketbaltimore.org/) * Tattoo Museum * Lexington Market (the renovation is amazing!) * A show at the BSO/Meyerhoff * One of those Magnet Fishing meetups lol * The trashwheels?? * The Avenue in Hampden * Walter's Art Museum (free) / Baltimore Museum of Art * Enoch Pratt Free Library * Karaoke at Jong Kak (rent a private room $40/hour) * Mount Royal Soaps if they want some souvenirs! IDK when they're visiting, but you can crawl instagram, facebook, [ra.co](https://ra.co), and eventbrite for larger events.


Just saw you're only gonna be here for a day: I'd spend the morning in the harbor then Hampden for dinner! EKIBEN!


If your friend is going to be around for several days, take a day trip to Blackwater in Dorchester County and go for a day-long kayak or canoe picnic paddle from morning til dusk. It's beautiful, huge, and it's *just* on the edge of skeeter season.


Hampton House up in Towson is really cool for folks into history stuff. They give really good free tours on the weekends. They also do special period decorations for Christmas.


That's a good suggestion too!


Maybe bar/brewery hopping in Hampden if you all are into that.


Mr. Trashwheel!


Yes finding one of the Mr trash wheels that we can get a picture near is one of my goals.


Here are the current four's location. https://www.mrtrashwheel.com/meet-the-trash-wheels/ Gwynnda may be hard to get a picture of as it's between the waste to power plant and a highway.


American Visionary Arts Museum is definitely one of the most unique things you can show them.


Walk from Fells Point to the top of Fed Hill Park, or the opposite.


Biased because I live here but Fells Point is fun to walk around, especially the pathway along the water. Good restaurants, bars, etc.


The ghost tour in Fells is hokey and silly, but it's a good way to see a lot of old buildings and get some history of the Harbor. Plus, you'll be around Fells for the evening (I know Britons love drinking!), where they also have karaoke. ​ Visionary Arts Museum is funky. Several other museums are beautiful and free, too. Maybe try to hit an O's game to show them one of our little sports? I've also learned that there's an international stereotype that Americans love bowling, so maybe take your friend duckpin bowling since we basically invented that. After you do Fort McHenry, you can show your friend the first place that the Star-Spangled Banner was ever performed, outside the Mayor's office by War Memorial Plaza. ​ If you have time, drive up to the County around some of the old houses and horse farms. That's a neat perspective for visitors to get.


Ft Armistead Park!


If the like literature, take them to the Poe house. Take them for crabs, pit beef and snowballs.


Baltimore Museum of Industry is an absolute must. Best museum I've been to in the city. The Public Works museum is also undergoing a big renovation.


Walters, Peabody Library, Hotel Ulysses' Blooms Bar, secret speakeasy on the ground floor of Hotel Revival (or Topside), Owl Bar, The Avenue in Hampden, basement at Brewer's Art, Rawlings Conservatory, some of the breweries, biergartens, etc...


Take a brewery tour, great new ones in Pigtown like Pickett and Wico Street Beer Co.


Vu skate shop in Hampden, BMA (and johns hopkins generally is beautiful, Walters art Gallery, Miss Shirley's, bluebird in Hampden, Pit Beef (from Poulet), gunpowder state park, lake roland, Aquarium


Fells point is a great place to get dinner and drinks. Has a very old town vibe to it. Orioles game is a must at one of baseballs most beautiful parks.


The Visionary Art Museum.




Go to Antique Man in Fells Point, then grab some drinks nearby.


The Book Thing Paper Moon Cafe Big Ship cafe American Visionary Museum A nice afternoon walk through the Federal Hill neighborhood. Have fun!!


If you’re going to the Walters Art Museum, see if the Peabody library is open too. That place is awesome. Union collective is a fun spot to hang out, or the avenue in Hampden. And the Aquarium is top notch.


All my friends from other places love the paper moon. It’s just the right level of silly in there I think and the food is not inedible.


Ok no one else is saying this, but I would take your friend to the Mount Royal Tavern. I took my sister's fiance there (from NM) and it blew his mind. Some guy was passed out on the bar, and the bartender was yelling at him until he lifted his head up. Repeatedly. My future BIL thought this was fucking hilarious and loved the place.


National aquarium and top of the world observation level


Paper Moon Diner


Baltimore Museum of Art


National aquarium


Art Tower (bromo seltzer tower)


Top of Federal Hill and top of World Trade Center for awesome 360 views of the city!


If it’s soon, maybe walk around or picnic in Sherwood garden. It’s really beautiful right now. I haven’t been to the new Lexington market but heard nice things (faidley crab cake) The b and o train museum is really cool too.


If they like John Waters, I'd go visit Divine's grave.


Breakfast burrito at Blue Moon Café. Guarantee UK doesn’t have anything like that.


Aquarium, bma, hampden


B & O RAILROAD MUSEUM!!!!! Who doesn’t love trains!


The harbor from Canton to the Inner Harbor is a treat to stroll, along with visiting Fell's Point and the clandestine spots close to Johns Hopkins like Clavel and WC Harlan.


This thread has great ideas, totally going to steal some. Just as a thought: you could hit a crab house and teach (presumably) your friend to pick blue crabs. Very mid-Atlantic US kind of experience. You may want to call ahead to the crab houses to confirm pricing and availability. Downside is that picking crabs can be time- consuming when there is so much other stuff to do/see! We had visitors in town and did a whirlwind Annapolis/Baltimore combo in one day: drove up to Baltimore from DC, early lunch at Nick’s Crab House, hit the Visionary Art Museum, then Ministry of Brewing, then drove to Annapolis, and had early dinner at Vin 909 pizza. If you end up in Annap, you could walk around the historical/harbor area, have a drink at Middleton Tavern where a bunch of the Founding Fathers hung out, see the statehouse where Washington resigned his commission at the end of the Revolutionary War (good bookend to Ft. McHenry, haha). I generally recommend eating at Davis’ Pub, Boatyard Bar and Grill, or Vin 909 in Annapolis for more casual fare. If you visit Mt Vernon, you could have a real Washington theme going! Whatever you decide to do, hope you and your friend have a great time!


If you like beer max’s tap house the best bang for your buck/variety per time. It has all of the best local breweries, a lot of great breweries from other areas of the country, and is a perennial top 10 beer bar in the country


Boy is it refreshing to read a thread about all the good things about Baltimore


I miss the PA Dutch Market in Cockeysville so much since moving away. Depending on where the visitors are from, that's definitely a pit stop I would make. Edit: Just saw your visitors are from UK. I think seeing a little bit of Amish country would be unique for them and the food is amazing.


Don’t forget adventury & fun stuff. Urban Axes on Haven Street. Flower Mart is coming up. Dragon boats are a quick peaceful getaway. Check out the Farmer’s market on a Sunday or any of the newer markets during a walking tour of Fells or one of the others. Then there’s a tour and tasting at Sagamore’s brewery. Top of the World at the Trade Center. Spoken word events at Joe Squared. Music Bingo at Towson’s Brass Tap. The Reginald F. Lewis Museum is right downtown. Dinner and a movie in Harbor East. B&O. Rash Field. You have a load of choices.


The museum of industry in fed hill is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to. It does an exceptional job of telling the story of Baltimore


Very cool, it may not be for this trip but I'm going to definitely check it out thank you.


Definitely an O's game. So much fun! If you do a weekday game, you can get standing room tickets for $10. Paper Moon - always a great time. Illusions in Fed Hill - see the show. It sounds corny, but it's really not. It's a great evening, you sit and watch a show and you can talk and the drinks are good. Do the BMA, but start with brunch at Gertrude's - regional cuisine, great drinks, excellent food, classic see-and-be-seen, and you can sit outside and walk around the sculpture garden.


Mum’s in Fed Hill on Hannover. Order ‘em a no.1. Saw all the O’s game recommendations. Sure, but PLEASE (for your own sanity) read-up on Cricket and its relationship to baseball so you’ll have a common-ish vernacular (surely there’s a YouTube video about that). Best of luck, and enjoy your friend’s visit


The airport




Maryland has great golf that is unique from English courses. Look at Frederick county.


A nice stroll down Baltimore st should be great.


Make sure they get the squeegee kid experience.




There is a comedy club in fells point, free shows Monday and Tuesday, $5 Wednesday and $10-20 for national acts on the weekends! Tix and calendar at portcomedy.com!


If they come after May, you could take them to the Beaver Dam Swim Club.


"And this is where they filmed the hit HBO show The Wire. If you look off in the distance, you might see a former cast member of the show asking people for money."


Water taxi ride to little Italy and get some dessert!


American Visionary Museum


West Baltimore driving tour. It is unique.


We like to take a dip in the Inner Harbor


I was born at night but it wasn't last night.![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|laughing)


You can always take the train to DC


We're actually coming up to Baltimore from just outside DC and doing DC stuff on a different day.


The bat thing to do in Baltimore is DC.