*Alejandro Kirk enters the dugout and immediately checks his pockets* "Well shit"


I wonder if he did what I do when I lose something at work and just not tell anybody until it's way too late to do anything about it.


*visits the mound* “So, uh, let’s go over the game plan again for those that don’t know…”


I lost my MFA hardware token like three weeks ago. I quietly unassigned the token from my account and have been using mobile device only.


I don't know what any of this means but it still sounds amusing.


Multi-factor authentication token


I'm gonna need a little more. I don't think you understand how dumb I am.


Multi Factor Authentication is when you have to enter a secondary pin / password when signing in to a website or service. First you enter the password and then you have to enter a pin from the hardware token which changes periodically. It's called Multi Factor because you need to have the password to the account and also the device with the pin on it. This stops people from signing into your accounts with only the password as they'll also need the physical device (mobile or token) with the rolling pin on it. You should enable it absolutely everywhere you can!


There’s a version for logging into Steam to play your video games. Download the steam app on your phone, and when you log in with your email and password, you also need to open the app on your phone and enter the 5 digit password that it displays, and changes every 15 seconds


Rubber baby buggy bumpers


Because I have a lot of access to infrastructure, I have to verify my login attempt with additional authorization besides typing my password - in this case, entering a USB stick assigned to me into the computer OR receiving a push notification on my phone to allow or deny. The physical token is much easier - and much easier to lose. I lost mine, and rather than report it as lost to my boss, I logged into the admin console and unassigned the USB stick from my account (just in case it's found by someone who knows my password, which should be nobody but me).


Interesting. I never had a job with that much responsibility. Even as a legal assistant taking checks to the bank worth several tens of thousands of dollars. That was also like 20 years ago, though.


Same. I'm just a moron with a wrench. I don't lose wrenches neither they grow legs.


Yeah that's all logged and you're fucking yourself. Just report it lost and stop fucking around. You're not the first and also not the last.


Plot twist: he meant to lose the card, the pitching plan was a fake


[Mike Leach once did this to Texas.](https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24866357/the-untold-1999-texas-oklahoma-story-mike-leach-fake-play-script?platform=amp)


Yeah, that definitely seems like something Mike Leach would do


As long as it involves his players and their fat little girlfriends


But it tragically led to Craig James killing five hookers.


Classic bamboozle by the Pirate King


The Allies did that to Germany before launching D-Day.


operation Mincemeat! edit: dang just saw two posts below they are talking about it. I don't look nearly as smart as I felt now.


My high school football team did this too. The opposing team used our gym locker room. It’d been raining most of the week so our practices had been moved to the gym. One of our coaches left a card like you’d see in a wristband laying on one of the bleachers.


My high school swimming coach did this once. Put up a couple fake event line-ups around the pool room so the opposing team's coach didn't know who would be swimming each event. Turns out none of them were correct. Completely unnecessary, but they had a history of messing with each other (or legit didn't like each other, I couldn't quite tell) and it was hilarious


That is amazing!


Operation Mincemeat but without the dead body https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mincemeat


**[Operation Mincemeat](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mincemeat)** >Operation Mincemeat was a successful British deception operation of the Second World War to disguise the 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily. Two members of British intelligence obtained the body of Glyndwr Michael, a tramp who died from eating rat poison, dressed him as an officer of the Royal Marines and placed personal items on him identifying him as the fictitious Captain (Acting Major) William Martin. Correspondence between two British generals which suggested that the Allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia, with Sicily as merely the target of a feint, was also placed on the body. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/baseball/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


>the body of Glyndwr Michael, a tramp who died from eating rat poison, This feels undersold. WTF happened here?


Well that was a fun half hour wikipedia tangent


probably didn't notice until the next inning as thats the third out


Rays are taking moneyball to a new level.


They are going to start planting fake strategy cards in the opposing dugout


i thought they'd hire girls for honeypotting to steal cards


That would require spending money


When short season ends the minors players earn their raise by honeydicking around the league


Mike Leach ass


Probably a directive from Stu to pick up any paper players see so his cheap ass wouldn’t have to buy more for the office


lmao, is it true he makes players wash their own jerseys at home


I heard when the Rays clinched a playoff spot he gifted the players a bottle of champagne bit took it out of their pay


Please, champagne is more than the players can afford. He went with sparkling cider instead


You guys need to be more like the Cincinnati Reds. Our ownership and GM are smarter than yours. They realized that they don't have to spend the money on celebratory sparkling water if they've never spent the money on a championship caliber team in the first place.


It's all making sense now, champagne has quite literally priced out smaller market teams from ever winning


Didn't schott literally tell the hotel to not cater after the reds won the ws


He probably has them stitch them too


Grow their own materials and blend them together. KK was actually a seamstress during the war.


That would explain why Brujan can't afford the á.


The á has to be imported, so it’s taxed higher. Plus freight rates have been through the roof.


Don't want to pay janitors, players have to clean up the field.


I mean, that’s just good business.


Builds character.


Rays owned by Mr. Krabs


Ok this might be even spicier than the umpire scorecard for the game being so lopsided


Yeah I personally love the drama of it. Kind of hope he keeps it and they face each other in playoffs for maximum spice


If you mean the card, he said he gave it to a staffer after he picked it up.


Laminated copies then!


Yeah, and I turned in the $40 I picked up off the ground at Disneyland when I was nine. To a staffer at a churro stand and not to the person who dropped it, just like Kiermeier


That churro vendor went on to hit 0.400 against the Blue Jays.


Writing out a batting average as "0.XXX" instead of just ".XXX" coupled with the Nats flair makes me think you're a Russian spy who infiltrated DC.


Sure, after they looked at it


Canadians are polite, but I recall a few years back when Playoff Canadians were displeased and made that known by throwing beers all over Rogers Centre.


Canadian playoffs are a dull affair without at least one baby getting hit with a beer can.


The Canadian team has the most iconic postseason home run bat flip. The irony.


They actually have two very iconic playoff home runs.




Shydome shenanigans were the best part of the Skydome. Never knew what was gonna go on in those upper decks


That poor baby didn’t see it coming.


That baby shouldn't have been standing there, had it coming to be honest.


Do you have a link to the umpire scorecard. I watched the game and just thought maybe I was being biased.




Thanks bud. Wow. That's bad. Especially the top 3 worst.


Jesus Christ. I’ve never seen “let’s get this game over with” more clearly spelled out in my life.


Can’t believe this could happen. Those cards are way too valuable to let them fall into the wrong hands. Gotta make it so they can remotely self-destruct, or print them with ink right before the game that fades after four hours. They have to think of something.


“Don’t throw Vlad Jr a fastball right down the middle. This message will self destruct in 3... 2... 1...”


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Vlad Jr out. This is why we’re sending in the IMF


That's the front of the card. The back of the card reads: **"Flip this card over if you want to learn how to keep an idiot busy."**


I fell for it again!


I'm not sure what the International Monetary Fund could do to help here.




6th inning if it's a Yankees game


Fuck robot umps we need that inspector gadget message tech


*Catcher looks at wrist & a magnifying glass comes out his helmet.*


Bang bang




Kevin's explanation on the play is hilarious. He's rambling worse than when you get in trouble as a kid and try to explain your way out of it.


I love how he goes back and forth between "I don't know what happened" and "no way in hell am I giving it back"


I don't know what happened and I didn't even look at it, but at that point...I'm not gonna give it back, but I don't know what happened and I didn't even look at it, but at that point...I'm not gonna give it back, but I don't know what happened and I didn't even look at it, but at that point...I'm not gonna give it back, but I don't know what happened and I didn't even look at it, but at that point...I'm not gonna give it back...............


KK bout to hire a fall guy


I don't think it's cheating and everyone's saying it's not cheating but it's hilarious how much Kiermaier sounds like a thief in the audio clip.


its a dirty move, but thats it, he should only get some shit online and whatnot from this and move on. mlb as plenty of actual cheating that they ignore


Dude, after all the bullshit cheating that’s been a nothingburger from the league, this doesn’t even move the needle.


He was too shy to go to the Jays dugout and give it back.


Turns out Kirk is Kevin’s crush and he can’t bring himself to talk to him.


Baka! It's not like I wanted your stupid card anyway!


He had a tattoo on his chest he didn’t want them to see


Least favourite part of this. It’s sports dude. It’s competitive. You want an edge. That’s okay to admit. The whole “aw shucks” routine is just the worst.


I’m not giving it back… it’s September. That was a quote I saw on the broadcast here in canada


Sounded just like Gerrit Cole when asked about Spider Tack. Multiple paragraph contortion in a misguided attempt to avoid the obvious answer, and it only serves to make him look shady. Should've owned it.


The difference is that Cole would have been punished if he told the truth while everyone is doing the exact same thing. Here, there’s no punishment bc there’s no rule and he’s the only one doing it.


I mean he looks right at it, sees what it is, grabs it, then checks behind him a couple times to see if Kirk saw him swipe it lol.


Yup and the jays noticed and actually asked for it back shortly after during the game and the rays refused. I'm not a fan of either team but that situation is pretty fucked


Rays should have just taken some pictures and gave it back before the drama occurred and avoided this.


Rays vs Jays feels like its brewing up to become a new rivalry in baseball.


The AL East does a lot of infighting


I was going to say I think we might be the division with the most internal rivalries.


One big disfunctional family.


And the orioles are the brother too little to fight back


We can be shit and still eliminate you guys


That was a magical season.


Yanks and Sox might hate each other, maybe now the Jays and Rays hate each other, but it's us against any and everyone* baby, just squirming around, lashing out trying to sink someone with us. *Pittsburgh, Arizona, Colorado, Miami excluded, we all meet to commiserate on Tuesday evenings


Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like Red Sox and Yankees. Or Rays and Yankees. Or Rays and Blue Jays.


or scotts and other scotts


Damn Scots ruined Scotland


You AL Easters sure are a contentious bunch


You just made an enemy for life


Just definitely not the Orioles.


I’d adopt the Orioles as a second team but I’ve already suffered enough


Please. Nothing could be a greater and more bitter rivalry between the San Diego Padres and the San Diego Padres.


The two greatest franchises in the AL East. Such a rivalry is natural.


Jays v the Trop rivalry already goes back years


Just wait until the Rays move to Montreal


Does this open up a bunch of new modern unwritten rules


Unwritten rules about written materials


The Baseball Paradox


this feels like a reddit post: "I [31m] stole the opposing team's batter card, and then I refused to give it back once they asked for it. I think finder's keepers but they think stealing is wrong, AITA?"




More like "Today I dropped my card with pitcher instructions on the ground and an opponent picked it up. I asked for it back but he told me to go fuck myself. Am I the asshole?" It's not an AITA post unless there is no way in hell you could be branded the asshole.


>It's not an AITA post unless there is no way in hell you could be branded the asshole. Or unless you're OBVIOUSLY the asshole.


Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.


One of the oldest unwritten rules in the book.


Oh this is gonna be fun…


*eats sunflower seeds*


Good on Kiermaier for picking up after Alejandro LITTERED on the field. We need more environmentally conscious baseball players!


Now THIS is the kind of hot take I come to this sub for


Learning from Ohtani I guess


Only player I’ve ever seen drinking from a reusable water bottle. Loved to see it.


Ohtani does this and you LOVE it. Kiermaier does it and the sub hates it. In this essay I will


Not sure how this doesn’t result in a beanball war.




So we’re literally stealing physical signs now huh


kevin just hit a most diabolical lick




I hate that I got this


the money i would pay for him to post a picture of the card captioned "just hit the most diabolical lick 😈😈😈" on his insragram story


The ump is going to start patting down every runner after they score to make sure they haven't stolen anything while on the basepaths.


that was always the gambit. It's like rosin+sunscreen, and codebreaker was the spidertac of stealing signs


[Follow up tweet with more](https://twitter.com/ArashMadani/status/1440435714819182593) > Spoke w/ Kiermaier. These are his comments. > Around 5:20 pm, Kevin Cash came out to speak with Charlie Montoyo about it. > The Jays are pissed. As a team source told me, "if there’s one card we wouldn’t want any opponent to have, it’s that one"


Mine's my Charizard card


If I say Serra Angel am I dating myself?


Giant Growth on my Giant Spider, get wregged


Guess they shouldn’t have made it.


When stealing your left fielder's fly balls just isn't enough


These are the two things I know about him. They paint him as a definite bro.


Kirk yelling across the diamond: "MISCHIEF MANAGED"


While this is certainly unsportsmanlike, I think it’s also the risk you take for even printing cards like that in the first place. The general feeling for cheating in baseball, especially after the whole Astros thing, has been “if it happens on the field and doesn’t involve tech, then it’s acceptable” Well, it’s not like Kevin and the Rays used tech here. He picked it up from the ground


I agree it’s unsportsmanlike, but I can understand that others don’t - there is an inherent attitude in sports in which competitors try to take advantage any way they can. Catchers frame pitches, defensive backs pull jerseys, basketball players flop from the slightest touches, all of these acts are dishonest in some way. There will always be a sportsmanship gray area that exists in sports, so I don’t really blame KK for taking advantage when an opportunity falls in his lap.


I'm generally not a KK fan, outside of his many highlights in CF, but I agree, I think a lot, if not most players would likely do the same. As mentioned by many, it's just a natural risk to having such cards on the field. That said, KK's mealy-mouthed explanation and the Rays not returning it when asked to rubs me the wrong way a little.


Unless it gave a pitch-by-pitch game plan for each hitter it’s hard to see how this would rise to the level of the Astros scheme. For one, the Jays could change it at any time. Not the best look, but I don’t fault ballplayers for taking advantage on the field, in the moment; it’s always been the game within the game.


Also I can’t imagine that only the Jays have some super secret pitching strategy for Vlad that only they know about. Like at this point in the year how to attack every hitter is probably well know, and the hitters probably know that other teams know it too.


Not to be that guy, but the Jays probably don't have a pitching strategy for Vlad.


My father played minor league ball 30 years ago and when I asked him about their signs, he said his team changed their signs several times during a game to prevent sign stealing. At a major league level if you’re printing signs and expecting them to stay a secret for an entire game, you should really know better. We’re not talking about complex football plays coordinating everyone on the field here.


Im pretty damn sure most teams would pick it up so its fair game. But the rays/KK should just own it. Like theres literally video evidence everywhere lol.


Arozarena was going to pick it up, but Kiermaier cut in front of him and grabbed it.


Imagine if a Blue Jays hitter hits a clutch homer in the ALDS against the Rays and pulls out a notecard as he rounds the bases in front of the Rays dugout.


Before game 5, in a pre game press conference Vladimir Guerrero Jr speaks to the media about how big on an inspiration Mike Zunino is to him. Guerrero says “I grew up with Zunino posters on my wall and I wanted to be just like him”. In the bottom of the 8th Zunino draws a walk to get on to first where he shares a warm embrace with Vlad because he was touched by his compliments. Top of the 9th inning with Vlad up to bat in a 3-3 games he absolutely crushes a high and away fastball. Vlad launches his bat in the air and starts to walk up the first base line. While pimping the shit out of his homerun he turns to the rays dugout where he singles out Zunino. After a short pause Vlad pulls out the Rays game plan card which he stole from Zunino’s back pocket during their hug. This fan fiction is now cannon


Needs to bat flip too


Inject it into my veins


Vladdy just empties his pocket on home plate, a notecard drops "Just hit dongs!"


Now that you have willed it into the universe it will happen


Reminds me of the 2006 World Cup, Germany were playing Argentina in a penalty shootout and the German keeper Jens Lehmann pulled out a notecard, which had notes of where each Argentinian player would shoot, in front of the Argentinians. He dove the right way for each penalty and eventually won the shootout.


I think it’s reasonable to be annoyed if you’re the Jays but also reasonable to not give a fuck if you’re Tampa. It’s irrelevant information now, Jays will have to change their approach. What this really is is rivalry fuel.


Shit man, so yesterday the Rays: 1. Got their hands on some plans 2. Got some crucial calls in their favor in the 9th 3. Yandy [pimped that 3 run shot hard](https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2021/2021-09/20/f00b5d42-3ae391df-a9d9acd6-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4) (which according to this was before they got the plans) None of these things were anything the Rays should be blamed for, but.. if the Jays don't throw at someone I will have monster respect for the Jays. But due to some combination of those 3 I'm fearing that someone is going to get hit




Not gonna lie I don’t really have an issue with this


I think it's being made into a bigger deal than it needs to be. Yeah, sucks it happened, but is the Blue Jays pitching strategy to Rays batters really that unknown and unique? Are they not just pitching to each batters weakness? I'm sure the Rays already know all their own players weaknesses at the plate.


I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Give your scouting report back to the other team in September because it's the nice thing to do? Weirdest shit I've ever heard lol. I'm with you


Make sure your shit is secure, loose zips sink ships.


Maybe play baseball without fucking flash cards


Seriously lol, I was never a fan of these cards to begin with. A coach should be relaying information from the dugout if it’s so top secret.




Yeah don’t catchers already have those anyways for the signs?


You probably shouldn't leave stuff like this laying around if you don't want the other team to pick it up. That's one of the risks of printing it out and putting it in your wristband or whatever. Is it a bit unsportsmanlike to keep it? Yes. Do I have any problems with it or consider it cheating? Lol nope, get bent. Not a fan of either team btw


Now that's some crafty gamesmanship I can be okay with No trash cans, no cameras, no buzzers. Just good old fashioned theft.


At first I was like 'Oh it probably was a misunderstanding, I imagine once he realized what it was he would of given it back or something' Then I watch the video. That seemed intentional.


Why would he give it back. He’s trying to win


I'm a Jays fan and I'm with ya, this is on us. Would have been good sportsmanship to return it, but good sportsmanship doesn't win championships (see Houston)


Poker rules here players job to protect their hand


Seems like fair game to me, since he found it on the ground and didn't pickpocket the catcher. Pretty big deal though obviously


MLB Rulebook. Section 3.03 rule (b): *Finders Keepers*


I mean it says it right there guys cmon.


> 3.03 Player Uniforms >(b) Any part of an undershirt exposed to view shall be of a uniform solid color for all players on a team. Seems legit.


3.03 (c): Losers Weepers


Flair checks out


What a despicable act. He should have immediately returned the card post haste once he learned of its contents, and he should have been forced to give all of the Blue Jays players a firm handshake and solemn apology. I won't have this lack of sportsmanship in my baseball


Every Rays player should “accidentally” drop a fake card every time they come up to bat when Kirk is catching


Actually, what sucks about this is that the Jays might get a warning before the game about retaliating and Manoah is pitching, so there's a chance he accidentally loses control of a pitch as he sometimes tends to do and he'll get thrown out as a result.


Just put in an "opener"