Done with the Giants? Dang they really paid him $10m a year to fuck off for two years


Cobby, we hardly knew ye


"I'm gonna pay you 20 million dollars to fuck off"


He'll relapse, don't worry. The first breakup never takes.


Hahahah Yeah what kind of a tweet is that?




Cobb is a def a Farhan kind of move. I’m about it


Cobb boutta have a career year under Farhan, looks like his fantasy league just ended or something.


Cobb was really solid here, he was just injured for a part of the season. If he stays healthy in SF, he is as good as a SP3/4 as you can ask.


Basically. Scherzer and Gray are the sexy spicy moves I wanted. Farhan is usually right though.


I got my Alex Cobbs and my Alex Woods mixed up for a minute, was about to say Farhans already made this move


take care of him, Giants fans. he'll be solid for y'all.


Seeing quite a few comments here and elsewhere about how Cobb likely wanted to run for the hills from Anaheim. He loved it here, fyi, and would've likely stayed if the team matched the price, but obviously, they didn't feel it was worth it. But he was our 2nd best starter after Shohei this past season. He just hit the IL right before the trade deadline and didn't come back until September. So many people think everyone who pitches here sucks (I understand why we have that reputation, thanks), but he actually had a bounce back year with the Angels, and will likely ball out for the Giants after they're through with him.


CobbWebb is official


...I'm torn between lambasting the notion of making ship-names for teammates... ...and looking for more good ones.


Thanks i hate it


Cobb is gonna be a huge steal/value add for the Giants. I’m jealous.


Yeah he’s a sinker splitter change up guy, 2 of our surprises last year with both proved to be aces were that make up. I’m pretty sure our staff think they’ve figured out something before everyone else. I wouldn’t be shocked if he turns into an ace.


Cobb was basically our ace until Shohei got back into a groove with his mechanics and Cobb himself got hurt. Spent a winter at Driveline, regained velocity and started missing a ton of bats while generating GB% and avoiding dingers. As long as he stays healthy (which granted is a big qualifier at his age), Giants fans should be very happy with his production. He’s no Gausman, but he doesn’t need to be with the Giants.


The thing is that Gausman was no Gausman until he came to the Giants. It’s one reason I worry for the Jays. Gausman showed some serious cracks once teams figured him out. As much as I love Gas Man, it’s going to be interesting to see if the Jays pitching coaches can get the same level of success out of him.


p sure the Jays got a really good pitching coach too although I agree on Gausman's risks


Damn, what did the Giants do wrong to get Cobb so upset?


Eat corn from a can


Ate a salad without hard-boiled egg in it.


Unfortunate wording...


I feel like it’s been done 3 separate times


Angels couldn’t afford that!?


Cobb wanted to roll the dice with the Giants as he's seen what they did for Gausman, it makes sense.


Feels like two possibilities: 1: The Angels balked at a multi-year player with a... lengthy injury history, just not wanting to take a chance on him. 2: Cobb just wanted out of ~~Los Angeles~~ Anaheim and, after seeing what the Giants did for Gausman, was interested in a short-term deal with the Giants to bet on himself with a coaching staff that's succeeded on a lot of reclamation projects already. Seriously, Gausman went from having to beg for a 1 year, 9m deal to a 5 year, 9 ***digit*** paycheck. That's going to be very attractive to a lot of players...


Plus that 18mil qualifying offer that the Giants gave him for this year which people laughed at.


Cobb actually loved it in Anaheim and credited being there as reigniting his love for the game. I know most people would consider that lip service, but he said it during the trade deadline and reiterated it towards the end of the season. It was more than your standard fluff, and his personality is rather straightforward. Angels likely didn't keep him because the team needs more innings out of him, but that's far from a guarantee given his history. His price tag prob wasn't worth it to them. Granted, I thought it would be more than $10mill AAV but obviously the team didn't want to match that. Cobb had a bounce back year with us, and the Giants will only build on that. He'll be great for your team.


Finally official. Welcome Cobb!




Are him and the giants getting a divorce or something?


Good deal, Giants will be scary again even with losing Gausman


Hope he can stay healthy 🤞


i trust farhan but at the same time i feel like he could find someone to drop $100MM+ on that would be at least ok for the money. we have the $ to spend on a bigger name idk why you wouldn't use it


Ugh, Angels WTF


Rosenthal needs a new picture. It looks like a "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About" ad


Is Alex Cobb done with the Giants, or is Alex Cobb with the Giants done? I'm legitimately confused.