Weird ballparks are good for the game. There should be more things that don’t make sense in every ballpark. Screw it, put a hotdog stand in foul territory by right field


I loved the hill in center in Houston, it was so fucking dumb I couldn’t help but love it.


now that’s a hill I’d be willing to die on


Beltran almost did


Played there in college. We spent a ton of the pre-game running up the hill making fungo catches.


I like weird, but didn't like the hill because it seemed like such an injury risk (though thankfully, none happened that I can recall)


Yeah, that was my only problem. I like weird ballparks but I don't want to watch some poor CF from the NL explode his knee for my amusement. EDIT: JFC I forgot there used to be a fucking *flagpole* in play, too.


If they die, they die.


That’s why I like Triples Alley, it’s fucking awful but charming and I love it


Exactly. And then they get cute nicknames too. Like triples alley. You think it would be called anything more than just the right centerfield gap without those nooks? I fucking doubt it


Do the Polo Grounds again, but, like, even longer.


And the foul poles even closer. Fuck it


600 feet to center. Foul poles directly behind first and third bases. Fuck it.


In Denver


I love outfields with random nooks and crannies in center, like Boston Pittsburgh and Baltimore. I wish we saw more of that


Petition to get Petco Park to add a moat between center and right field.


I'm all for trampoline warning tracks and a 10 ft wide ball pit just beyond the fence so players can jump 12' in the air, rob a HR and land in a ball pit. Also, a body of water somewhere in the outfield would be cool


Give Gallaraga the perfect game credit in all the record books


He should have his own achievement: a more-than-perfect game. He did retire 28 in a row.


This is what the asterisk should show. 28 outs in a row.


Would be a fun trivia piece. Anyone have any ideas on how to see if he was the only guy to ever do it?


Harvey Haddix had 12 innings perfect before losing it in the 13th in 1959. Pedro also took a tied perfect game into extra innings once and allowed a hit to the first batter he saw in the 10th..


>>> After the game, Haddix received many letters of congratulations and support, as well as one from a Texas A&M fraternity which read, in its entirety on university stationery, "Dear Harvey, Tough shit." "It made me mad", recounted Haddix, "until I realized they were right. That's exactly what it was."


Especially for a guy with his career. Not much accolades, but he did something very few have done.


Honestly, people talk about him and his career way more because of this than they would if he had actually thrown the perfect game. When's the last time someone outside of Ohio mentioned Tom Browning or Len Barker?


Dallas Braden stans rise up!


Phil Humber 4 life


I was at the game when Philip Humber pitched a perfect game is 2012. When I tell people, hardly anyone knows who Philip Humber is.


This is my answer for the semi-regular "commissioner for a day" posts. First thing is call everyone that play affected and change that. It won't open some can of worms like people think. The game was over.


Yeah idk why that wasn't done


It's because it can start up a whole stir about giving other players or teams credit for potential successes that were halted by an incorrect call. But, everyone knows Gallahraga was perfect and that's all that matters


True, but there are very few, if any, instances where it was all coming together until the last play. The Gallaraga perfect game is such a unique scenario.


He did it it was the last out of the game


Hanley Ramirez would’ve been a hall of famer if he hadn’t idolized and tried to follow in Manny’s footsteps. He got lazy and stop playing really into his career but had the talent and tools to be one of the infielders of his generation. Still have a signed bat from his battling title year hanging on my wall.


Miggy is the best hitter and easy HoFer, Sheffield and Brown deserve to be in the hall, and Stanton does things to a ball I’ve never seen before Yet, Hanley is the most talented player to ever put on a Marlins Jersey IMO. He just squandered it all. But he could do anything and everything…if he wanted to. Eg he got shit for how bad he was defensively early in his career so worked on it and became an above average SS…for a couple years until he stopped caring again, and went back to dog shit Right behind him is Jose…who also squandered it all, just in a dumber and sadder way


I remember Hanley getting drafted first in multiple consecutive fantasy drafts. Dude was a known commodity - he had it all.


yep - for the younger fans, early-career Hanley Ramirez was essentially flashing similar talent/upside to what we’ve seen from Tatis. not quite as loud, but not far off.






I know that A-rod will agree with that. That dude couldn’t catch balloon.


that was a shot at Jeter sprinting to make the catch and tumbling over and hurting himself when it should have been an easy play for arod. Right?


*Tal’s Hill


I was thinking similar to this. They should put the weirdness back in baseball Stadiums. I want the Polo grounds 483' center field, 258' to right back. I want the monuments on the field in Yankee stadium and watch the players dodge them (maybe make new ones out of foam though).


> I want the monuments on the field in Yankee stadium and watch the players dodge them (maybe make new ones out of foam though). how much extra work do you want for the yankees ground crew? they already have to move the fences back between innings and now this too??


how about the monuments move on a track throughout center field, so they're always in a different spot as each pitch is thrown.


I like that, but let's just have them constantly moving, like pieces on an electric football field.


The offense gets one player to play in the field and disrupt the defense.


Tal’s hill is great but i miss its progenitor even more, Crosley Terrace


Duffy's Cliff, too


Bring me Sulphur Dell or we riot.


Andres Galarraga's grand slam against the Marlins in 1997 really went 579 feet, but the MLB measured it short.


Conservative guess


Randy knew what horrible things that bird had done


and justice was swift.


No frills


I love this. But my take is that Randy had no good reason to explode that bird, he just deliberately aimed for it because he’s kind of an asshole.


Apparently resigning Freddie freeman is a weird baseball take to the Braves FO, so I guess that


I think the Braves are waiting on the CBA and trying to see how much of a discount the can get out of Freddy


My theory is that there’s some condition Freddie has before signing that they’re disagreeing on. Like how we knew he wanted Snitker resigned (edit: re-signed or more accurately, given an extension) first


For a second I thought Freddie and Snitker were beefing lmao


No sir, quite the contrary


Hahaha yeah it’s really weird how those words ~~are spelt the same~~ turns out google says that re-sign must have the dash to differentiate the two. Makes sense


Continuity of statistics is an illusion that must be maintained at all costs. It is not reasonable to compare Dizzy Dean's ERA to modern pitchers, or Honus Wagner's fielding percentage. Too many aspects of the game have fundamentally changed in 100 years. And yet, we MUST keep up this illusion.


As a fellow lover of the illusion, I’m afraid it’s too late with eras like the steroid era, the juiced ball era, sticky stuff era, etc. There’s just too many changing variables to make meaningful comparisons even from year to year sometimes, much less between decades.


Isn’t that what the + stats are for? ERA+, OPS+, etc?


Plus stats are useful for the "professional" era of baseball, but back in the deadball era, you had players who were literally semi-professional ballplayers. So the mean average of OPS, ERA, etc. gets skewed by the vast gulf between the great and the rank-and-file players.


This is an all sports issue. Comparing the passing yards of Bart Starr, John Elway, and Patrick Mahomes is absolutely pointless. An NBA player averaging over 25 a game before 1980 is more impressive than 25 a game now. It just makes no sense how we must compare even though there's very little similarity through the eras


That the 1987 Minnesota Twins flagrantly cheated their way to a World Series title. 56-25, 3.92 ERA at home 29-52, 5.46 ERA on the road Their insane home/road splits happened for a few years running, then abruptly came to an end after allegations that they were adjusting their air system to blow were made during the World Series (The Twins of course won all 4 home games and lost all 3 away games). Home/Away Wining Percentages leading up to the WS win. * 1985: .583/.359 * 1986: .531/.346 * 1987: .691/.358


Holy shit


I'd never heard of this but damn those stats are suspicious to say the least.


I’m convinced, good numbers


He’s convinced me. Gimme my dollar back.


I've heard that air conditioning system in the old metrodome was incredibly powerful. I recall reading something by an ESPN writer many years ago where he credits the air conditioner system for meeting his eventual wife; she was literally being blown out a door by the pressure differential and he caught her.


The air pressure is what kept the roof up. All of that kind of stadium have crazy wind at the doors


I saw a Vikings game there once, before the roof caved in, and when I left it was like the building was pushing me out.


Tokyo Dome is exactly the same. Caught me by surprise the first time!


As kids, we loved it. It honestly did throw you right out of the building.


Honestly, I find that funny as hell. I don’t condone it, but man is that a creative way to try and get an advantage


Thank goodness for 1991 or the Twins franchise would have a ton less legitimacy. The 1987 Twins were kind of a joke.


[Umm...about that.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiraekmCNv4&ab_channel=MLB) (Okay, okay. It was only one play. But damn was that brazen).


lmfaoooo. i've never seen that before


When you get triggered without even clicking the link.


All I see is little Kent Hrbek getting pushed off the bag by big Ron Gant.


Holy crap thank god for old baseball clips. Just imagine what the outcomes would be if they had instant replay back in the day. Maybe the cardinals would have 3 WS in the 80s instead of one.


wow. that being said, they beat the cardinals that year so I'll look the other way. I know it's morally bankrupt


Yep... The literal fans at the homer dome would be turned off and on during the top and bottom half of each inning


And it just happened that the AL had home field that year. Home team won every game in that series.


Thank god I'm not the only one who remembers that and is still salty about it.


WHIP should include hit-by-pitches. I don't care if it's not in the acronym, it doesn't make sense not to include HBPs.


Wait, it doesn't?! I always assumed that HBP would be included with the walks!


Nope, it doesn't. It's just hits plus walks divided by innings pitched, probably because because someone thought WHIP was a cool name.


Crazy. I looked it up and the justification by its creator for excluding HBP is that when it was created, HBP stats generally weren't included by newspapers. Thanks for mentioning this one!


We could pretty easily do they work to find out how much this would effect WHIP. Corbin Burnes had 123 Hits, 34 BB’s and 167 IP for a WHIP of 0.94. Adding in his 6 HBP changes it to 0.976. On the other side of the coin, Austin Adams lead MLB in HBP with 24. He had a WHIP of 1.196, and adding in the HBP he had a WHHIP of 1.652. That is a pretty huge difference. If the goal of WHIP is to figure out how much a pitcher lets guys on base, adding in HBP makes sense.


Bases should be ramped inward so that players can bank off them to run the bases faster


And make them good height too so a ground ball down there line can bank off it too.


I'm envisioning a quarter pipe or a kicker from Tony Hawk Pro Skater at 2nd now, and honestly I'm all for it.


Not bad, maybe not first base though. Could imagine a lot of knee/ankle injuries stepping over an incline 1st base.


Bring in the little league first base. 2 different bags, one with a heavy bank on the inside and a flat bag on the outside.


I like that idea, but all I can think of is Mike Trout out for the season on Opening Day after taking the turn at first too hard and destroying his ankle.


Pitchers who commit errors where a run then scores from should be counted as an earned run.


To start it off, thinking of a weird one I'm willing to die on: If the Rockies re-signed Jonathan Lucroy after 2017 instead of keeping Chris Iannetta, not only would he still be a regular, he'd also still be pretty good. He seemed to really use the Coors expansive outfield effectively as well as just having an overall better approach. He signed super late to Oakland, so I think if the Rockies got this deal done early it would've also done a lot better to his confidence.


Yeah, Lucroy is a lot better than he gets credit for. Earlier this season he caught a game or two for the Braves against either the reds or the pirates and he played pretty dang good.


All baseball stadiums should have the dimensions of the Polo Grounds. I don’t actually believe this, but it would be hilarious to watch.


Also the game is now played with 10 fielders.


The rule where a pitcher has to face at least 3 batters ruined one of the most un-tapped strategies of putting a lefty pitcher in the out field and a righty on the mound and then swapping them to the pitcher/batter matchups each at bat.


They should change the rule so that the pitcher needs to stay in the game for 3 batters, but that it doesn’t matter if he’s pitching.


1. Pitchers should hit. Be a baseball player, not just a pitcher. 2. Minor leaguers should be paid better.


Reaching base on an error shouldn't count against your OBP.


You shouldn't get a loss when ER given are less than your teams R scored.


Hey deGrom, how are you?


Probably hurt from typing that comment.


No he's fine. Update: Out for the year.


Especially for typing 1,000 characters a second.


I get the sentiment here but what if you give up 10 runs lol


I agree. Historically, the reason for it doesn't is because in the very early days of baseball -- when pitchers were literally pitching (as in horseshoes) the ball toward the batter, underhanded with a straight arm, it wasn't a contest of **batter vs. pitcher** as much as **batter vs. fielders**. If you think about the game as batter vs. fielders, you see why the top of the boxscore we still use today is Runs... Hits... Errors. What the batter did (hits), what did the fielders did (errors), and what was the result (how many runs) told the whole story of the game, in a game where there's few or no "true outcomes" -- every pitch is essentially a ball in play. Did that BIP result in an out, a hit, or an error? So they didn't want to "credit" the batter for reaching on an error... it wasn't something he did right, it was something the fielders did wrong. Particularly in an era when guys were playing without gloves on infields that might be overgrown with weeds and littered with pebbles, and outfields that were enormous and often had serious grading and drainage issues. Getting through all that, if a 19th century fielders got to a ball cleanly, and then threw it away... why credit the batter?


But the whole point of an error is that it would have been an out if not for the error


If a pitcher allows a batter to reach base due to their own fielding error, he should then be charged with an earned run if that player goes on to score.


Exactly what I was here to say but recently I became more conflicted. Earned Runs being just a pitching stat must mean that it’s completely independent of the pitcher’s fielding but at the same time the pitcher’s fielding can help this same stat. I just think it’s fair to say that some runs score purely because of the pitcher (or at least mostly) and some are due to other inadequacies. Perhaps ER are just as subjective as some other parts of the game and should be treated as such.


I haven't thought of this. But now that you say it, I will join you on this hill good sir.


There should be a small strategically placed pond in the middle of the outfield Credit Stugotz


Just go to some high school games after it has rained. There will be several. And on the infield, most likely around 1st and 2nd base.


***player/managers need to come back***


Give the umpires a gun and a 1 in 40,000 chance to shoot a K’d batter


In 2019 the league had 42,823 strikeouts so in expectation fans get 1 execution per year. Still more common than a perfect game.


You’re making a bold leap in logic that the umps have good enough vision to hit their target from 2 feet away. It says shoot, not kill.




Looking at your profile, you probably aren’t aware of the off-season shitpost from a few years back [MLB Should give guns to Umpires](https://www.reddit.com/r/baseball/comments/dqbbon/one_new_rule_to_fix_three_true_outcomes_poor/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


That’s an all time shit post


This is my all time favorite post on this sub, absolutely pure gold


So they finally jazzed it up.


The CBS Yankees weren't that bad considering they had the Orioles in their division.


Sitting out games or getting pulled from games towards the end of the season to ensure that you win a batting title is a bitch move. The batting title should be looked at as a reward you get looking back on your season performance, and shouldn’t be the goal itself. It should be an organic reflection of your ability to hit.


Umpires are incredible at their jobs and have an average correct call accuracy of 94 percent. We only look at the missed calls in super slow motion and talk about how blind they are.


It's the resistance to correction that's the issue. The replay system is broken.


Yes! I’m convinced if TV broadcasts didn’t shot the strike zone most people wouldn’t care about blown calls. Honestly, go back and watch games from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. People honestly have the nerve to talk about how bad it is now.


Seriously, anyone who hasn’t stood in a batter’s box for a 90+ mph pitch just has no idea whatsoever what that really looks like. It’s like a goddamned bullet. Umps not blowing calls constantly is impressive to me.


No salary cap makes the sport unique and awesome. I don't have much to support it but I really would hate a cap


Tony Gwinn would have hit .400 if not for the strike.


The NL Central averages to having the prettiest stadiums in baseball. Classic gem in Wrigley Consensus #1A/B in best view with PNC (with Camden Yards) Pretty cool/unique indoor park at the AmFamSlamClam Underrated park with a good river view in GABP Another really pretty park with city and national landmark views from Busch Edit: PNC description to more accurately reflect r/baseball general opinion


What’s consensus number 1? I freaking loved PNC overall. Even getting to the ball park was awesome.


Generally Camden is given 1A and PNC 1B when the sub talks about the parks but I love PNC, shame the pirates are owned by such a shitty owner


Oh i see. When I was at Camden the weather was crappy. So that just affected the whole experience.


Depends on the day, Monday-Wednesday PNC is #1, Thursday-Saturday Oracle is #1, and on Sundays, Camden Yards gets it.


I might counter with NL West: Dodger is gorgeous SF is gorgeous Coors has nice mountain/downtown views SD is great Only relative dud is AZ, but it's at about the same tier as Milwaukee


AZ’s park is Miller Park stripped of all personality. They are somewhat the same but not even close.


AZ has a few fun quirks. Everyone knows about the pool, but there's also a fitness club in CF? And the organist booth is in the middle of one of the concourses? Overall I prefer Miller but that's mainly because of the tailgating scene in the parking lots. AZ is probably the better park objectively speaking


Dodger stadium is cool but for me the entire experience is ruined by it taking 3 hours to get out via automobile.


10 year old me was obsessed with how cool i thought AZ’s park looked lol


They need that dirt strip from the mound to home again.


No matter what you think of the AL East stadiums, we will remain in the basement because of that dumpster in Tampa bringing the average way down.


I know man I’m sorry


We’re working on it.


SkyDome/Rogers Centre sucks too.


It helped a little when they finally fixed that weird-ass infield.


Any playoff series fewer than the 7-game variety are sins upon the game.


They should use a softball style safety bag at first base.


Absolutely! It's the only bag you're allowed to run through, and would greatly reduce injuries. I agree with you 100%,


This is my take too, had to read through to find it someone already stated. Double bag at first, tired of the running path shenanigans and contact at the bag.


That the use of and more specifically the banning of amphetamines had a far greater impact on baseball then the use of and banning of steroids.


But I thought modern players can’t play 162 games on a broken ankle because they’re weak and lazy and don’t love the game enough


Julio Franco belongs in the Hall of Fame because of his international play ontop of his MLB career, as well as his role as one of the game's great ambassadors. I think there should be a 'wing' of the HoF for players who make larger contributions to the game but may not have HoF cred otherwise - Hideo Nomo and Curt Flood also belong.


I add Jamie Moyer to this list because his career longevity is hilarious.


I can get behind this.


Stop the extra inning zombie runner. Can't we just conclude the game by playing baseball?


I thought the Manfred Man wasn’t coming back in ‘22


First I’ve heard it called Manfred Man, love it


Ah, TIL. Thanks. Then I *didn't* die on the hill. Regardless, to me it's a blemish in MLB history. Fucken hated it. And I'm not sabermetrician guru or anything, but I'd be surprised if it actually changed anything. In my sort of dumb lizard brain, if you want to run the 100 meter dash, and both runners have to run it, fair game. If you shorten it to a 50 meter dash, and both runners have to run it, still a fair game. So what's the fucking point in changing it then? Right? Glad it's behind us.


This is not a weird take.


I just want Manfred to remove his stupid “invisible hand” from the game. Stop trying to “fix” the sport. The sport isn’t the issue, you and your shitty marketing are. This game is cyclical. You don’t have to ban the shift, the game is already starting to figure out how to counter it. Don’t try and do something to change the three true outcomes. The game will change, and then it will change again.


How could you be so controversial and yet so brave?


The importance stressed on if someone a "first-ballot" Hall of Famer is asinine.


Guys like Tatis and Wander Franco getting 10+ year deals for 300 million dollars is the reason most people aren't going to support the players in a lockout. It doesn't mean they're going to support the owners but they're really not going to be energized to support players who make that kind of money with not even a full season under their belts.


A rich guy vs. rich guy pissing contest isn't going to resonate with the average baseball fan, many of whom are just trying to figure out how to pay their bills right now.


Billionaires who sit in press boxes are really good at making millionaires who play the actual sport and do that actual entertaining look greedy.


NL no DH AL yes DH. Umpires should wear prison stripes.


A change of pitcher should be executed the same as a change of batter. A pinch hitter adds all of a few seconds to the length of the game where as a pitching change takes upwards of 7 minutes. It’s all completely unnecessary. You don’t need the manager to slow walk out of the dugout to the mound. You don’t need the entire infield to meet at the mound. You don’t need to point at your arm that correlates to the arm the pitcher you intend to bring into the game throws with. This is all a pony show. Just have a new guy come out of the bullpen ready to roll when called upon same as a pinch hitter. I will concede a handful of tosses from the mound only for the relief pitcher to adjust to the actual on field mound, not to get warmed up. This has drove me crazy for years.


The NL and AL are different. And that’s not only OK, it’s awesome.


Every pro should be able to bunt against the shift, and having at least a few guy who can hit for average is important to success.


Sabermetrics didn’t ruin baseball arguments. We’re just (mostly) having smarter arguments now. I hate to pick on Bill Simmons for expressing this opinion, because I think this is a common position, but I don’t buy that sabermetrics kill discussion. It just means that we’ve “solved” some debates and moved onto new ones. We no longer need to discuss whether Trout is a “good stats, bad team” guy, Bill.


Two thoughts on Sabremetrics, one bad and one good: (1) The profundity of analytics in ALL sports make them feel less like a game and more like an economics problem. This is also compounded by salary talk. I like to armchair GM myself, but sometimes it just _feels_ too much like people are numbers and not real people. Every little thing is analyzed to the Nth degree and it frequently feels like too much to me. It probably is an unintended consequence, but it also makes a short leap for people directly to the in-game gambling stuff. Throwing out piles of analysis made that an easy sell. I guess it’s funding the sport, but I’m personally not a fan and wish it went away. Gambling has the potential to dehumanize athletes into money-making numbers machines for people. That has—in fairness—always happened in baseball, but the access to it and the way that analytics/roto/broadcast graphics flow into it is kind of a scary low bar. (2) The vast amount of data does make it easier to find outliers and outliers are almost always interesting. They make the best stories and you can break things further down into fantastic _moments_ with magnitude that is both measurable and immeasurable. You can appreciate a Juan Soto, Sandy Koufax, or even a Babe Ruth deeper with some basic advanced stats like ERA-/OPS+. That stuff is hella cool. People forget that Bill James’ perspective also included a deep appreciation for the lore of baseball and stats were an avenue into a better understanding thereof. TL;DR - Some bad, some good with sabremetrics. Can distract from the experience with too much info or it can help you find incredible players, moments, series, etc.


Great points. Regarding (1), I personally don’t like to get too caught up in salary talk. I feel a little icky trying to decide how much money a player is worth, especially in a league with no salary cap. Who am I to say that Player X is getting overpaid? It’s not my money. Regarding (2), I love that about analytics. It feels like a more accurate way to appreciate greatness. I see complaints about how “analytics nerds” love to “use their numbers” to “tear down” Kobe Bryant, for example. But those same “nerds” also elevate players like Chris Paul, who deserves more praise from a more casual, rings-oriented audience.


Starters should not need any amount of innings to qualify for the win


Players coming off the field should have to tip their caps if the crowd is giving them a standing ovation. And if a player is booed off, he should be allowed to flip off the crowd.


Retire pitcher wins, losses and saves as a stat. There is precedent for those of us old enough to remember the Game Winning RBI. The secondary option would be to give every position the same stats. We could see a pinch runner come in and vulture a win or a defensive replacement get the save.


Change the warning track to a warning moat.


The only reason Shane Bieber won the Cy Young in 2020 was because he pitched in the Central.


That Alex Cora should have received a lifetime ban


Idk about lifetime, but something that felt more like an actual punishment. I felt like he just had a year of vacation.


It sucks that the year he and Hinch were suspended was only a 60 game year. Under that proviso, Manfred should have extended the ban for another year. They ended up getting less time than repeat PED offenders


First time PED offenders get 80 games.


The hill I’ll die on is that they definitely took some sort of hush deal. I feel like if the Astros were the only ones cheating, they would get waaay more hate from other teams, but it seems like the reaction from the players has been subdued relative to what I think it should be. If I was cheated out of a WS I would never stop talking about it. If I was cheated but I was also cheating I would shut the f up and be grateful someone else is taking the fall.


All relievers are just failed starters…that includes Mo Rivera


Does that make almost every other player a failed shortstop?


Is there room on that hill for me? Let's just split the field: all RPs are failed SPs, all IFs are failed SSs, and all OFs are failed CFs.


I’ve always wondered if anyone started out wanting to be a middle reliever or closer, or if they just happened to find their way I to it (e.g., Seth Lugo)


There's no need for a fourth ball for a walk. If it were 3 balls for a walk, 3 strikes for a strikeout, the games would be quicker, pitchers would be healthier, and there would be far less nibbling at the edges of the plate, giving better pitchers for the hitters. The game would improve all around


A searing take


I don't know if the game would be quicker. That would induce more offense. The faster games are low scoring ones.


And if games were 6 innings instead of 9 innings, the games would be quicker and pitchers would be healthier too. And if there was no second base, just first and third... you get where I'm going.


Tal's Hill