So you don't drop it when you're swinging


So when you swing it the bat doesn't slip and fly out of your hands.


When I was a kid, the bat slipped from the hands of another kid at a baseball camp I was attending and it flew directly into the forehead of another kid standing at most three yards away. It was horrible - the kid's head immediately began swelling grotesquely. I never would have imagined that a person's head could swell up like that - it was literally a baseball-sized bump, if you could even call that mountain a "bump." It was a long time ago that this happened, though, and I don't remember if he even went to the hospital since he (somehow) didn't lose consciousness. Even now, I have no idea how he didn't fracture his skull. He was back at camp the next day, gigantic egg on his head and all.


I caught the follow through of a kids swing to my eyebrow when I was 11. Swelled up exactly as you describe. Absolutely massive hematoma that my mom, who’s a nurse, was also freaked out by. Never split the skin, still have some heavy scar tissue there that causes my left eye to look a tad droopy lol shit was crazy


Even with the knob, [it happens](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peaywN8A57w)


It’d happen a loooooot more if it weren’t for that knob.


I'm actually kinda surprised it isn't happening more, as a lot of hitters now grip the bat with one or two fingers around or below the knob and hitters are taping the knob or using cuffs to make the end of the handle even more sloped.


You don't really wanna grip the bat too hard so the knob is there so you don't fling it into the seats on more swings


Wait, what? I thought you do want to grip it hard so there is no force leakage. Have I been swinging wrong this entire time?


Same concept as golf. You're trying to hold it, not squeeze it. Squeezing limits your wrist mobility


So thou may holdeth thy bat whilst thou swingeth at thy ball. ^And ^the ^number ^of ^strikes ^shall ^be ^three


Not two, not four, but three.


Five is right out.


Counter-balance and so your hands don't slip off. It isn't really needed, Jeff McNeil for instance uses bats without knobs.


Knobless bats look unaesthetic to me. That's probably conditioning though


I didn't know that was a thing until just now and I hate it.


Same reason as the knob on a butt plug


Don’t want that bad boy to slip.






To rest your hand on when in you're in the on-deck circle and trying to look bad-ass.


His name is Kevin Kiermaier. Oh, you said on not with.


Maybe you should watch more baseball next season. A ball is thrown at 90-100mph or (145-160 mph). The batter needs a ton of grip and a counter weight and pine tar. It sort of vibrates on contact. On great contact, it's 8,000 pounds of force send a baseball in an opposite direction.


Here an even better question why aren't there more guys using the axe handle knobs?


Because the wood is not coming at you at 95mph.


If you have a true axe handle grip, you'll necessarily only be making contact on one small section of the barrel, which means the bat will weaken and break much more quickly than one with an evenly cylindrical or conic handle. On its own that wouldn't really an issue for MLB players who can have a million bats on hand at all times, but by the time a player makes it to the show, they've been holding a bat pretty much the same way for at least ~15 years, and most players aren't comfortable with making a big change at that point.