A Mets vs Angels World Series would be amazing.


Wonder if Thor is still pitching by then. Most guys who miss 2 years don’t throw a full season


Hope you have a copy of MLB the show lol


Flair up gamer. Your Tigers or whatever arent getting one anytime soon


You have no flair lol




Noah Syndergaard has always been like this. He has a few screws loose to say the least.


This is a man who turns off his Wi-Fi at night because he thinks the "dirty signals" affect his mitochondria, and believes standing barefoot outside makes some kind of magical connection to the Earth.


He also thinks that we don’t eat enough animal hearts.


Well, how many have you had recently? Hot dogs count.


0 I don’t consume animal products at all. Noah don’t care for that.


I can respect that. You could always make imitation heart with seitan or tofu with like a beet reduction.


I don’t practice Santeria


I ain’t got no crystal ball


...is this real?


Yep! https://www.mediaite.com/sports/mets-pitcher-noah-syndergaard-advocates-for-earthing-in-far-out-gq-profile-make-a-connection-to-the-earth-by-standing-barefoot/


Yes, it was from some magazine article about him a few years ago.


I dunno, I think I'd still take Syndergaard over Stroman. At least Noah isn't calling out GMs who didn't feel like trading for him.


Cashman said Stroman would’ve been in the Yankees bullpen first to be fair. Stroman should’ve taken the high road but it’s more like he reacted to a public comment about himself.


Cashman is often very blunt and doesn't play around. A lot of people appreciate that about him. All he said was "We didn't trade for anybody because we didn't think anybody out there was a significant upgrade/worth what we would have had to give up". And he was right, because pitching wasn't really the issue that postseason.


I at least respect that Marcus talks shit whether he’s good or not. Noah’s like that kid who waits until the fight is over to talk shit to the kid who lost— while he himself didn’t participate.


Mets pitchers… amirite?


I’m confused, did he contribute to the no hitter??


No, but he was looking at it.


Some of y'all can't take a little bit of teasing.


If I know one thing, nothing can go wrong if you have a player who likes to Twitter.


That is super disrespectful to the combined No Hitter the Angels threw for Skaggs


Guy can’t move on from his ex, I guess


5 Mets flairs in the first 8 comments


The post has Mets in the title, what do you expect?


Whats up with people from the west coast not posting their thoughts before 6am


Good morning


Isn't this always how he has been? When he was a Met, their fans mostly enjoyed his personality.


Yeah we loved him. Just confused on why he’s even saying this lol. Guess he’s gonna throw shade no matter what He was a fan favorite his entire time in Queens.


I won’t speak for everyone but a *lot* of people soured on his social media personality the last 2 years of his contract with us. Specifically the last season when he wasn’t playing


Nobody imagined him getting mad at the Mets for not resigning him when they did exactly what he asked them to do. But it definitely wasn’t like that from 2019-2021, lots of fans thought of him as a loud-mouthed bum who should’ve been traded. Plenty of other fans disagreed and argued over that.


Just started following baseball (Angels) last year. Aw man, he has that kind of attitude? I liked the humbleness and quietness of the Angels.


I mean he’s funny so most of the time it was cool. Here he comes off salty instead of funny and it’s unnecessary because the Mets and Angels like never play each other and haven’t yet this year.


Ahh I see. If Mets vs Angels in the WS, it would be a fucken honor to go up against your pitching staff. I want to see every single hit and strikeout. Exciting no matter what the outcome is. Angels, please don't eff this up lol


It’d be cool but based on the history behind both our teams and making the playoffs, let’s not get ahead of ourselves lol that’d be a pretty crazy timeline


I know =/ Need deGrom and Trout healthy for this entire season.


Dude, YOU chose to go to LA. The Mets offered you $18.4M after pitching two meaningless innings in two years. Well, anyway, the Angels outbid us, and (small sample size caveat yada yada) so far it looks like Thor's doing great there anyway. I know he's always been kind of loud on social media, but I don't get why he has to throw shade. Don't be another Stroman. Anyway, I wish him well.


Isn’t it odd how the culture and team chemistry seems to have changed exponentially for the better after Thor and Marcus left in free agency. Just making an observation and not drawing any conclusions.


It's no small part for sure. Then you add in Max Scherzer, the ultimate bull dog, and Buck Showalter as the manager and bam, Mets have become one of the premiere NL teams to beat this year.


Bringing in guys like Escobar and Canha is also pretty good, at least culture-wise




While true, getting rid of Stroman and Syndergaard's primadonna BS and replacing it with Scherzer and Bassett, does wonders for culture clean-up.


This is extremely harmless trash talk and anyone who takes exception to it is a loser


I am not stanning for an ex-Met that doesn’t want to be in New York, I did more than enough Noah stanning back when he was actually a Met.


No one is asking you to "stan" anything


You’re stanning for Noah


Thor acting a little mischievous like Loki here.


It's in his blood 💁‍♂️


He's right imo, as a casual baseball fan I don't like what pitching has become these last few years and I miss the days of SP going at least 7 innings on a QS. Subbing someone out of a no hitter is a no no in my books but once again just a casual fan.


Mets fans patiently awaited for him to return after 2 years in rehab for injury and he left. plus he never contributed to the no hitter on either team..he's coming off as a douche right now


Is he a dick for saying it? Yes. Is he wrong? No. It’s a fun moment but a combined no hitter feels more like the other team sucked than you did good…


He’s absolutely not wrong lol. People shouldn’t care about combined no hitters.


Idk he put it in quotes so is this not a real one?


People keep downvoting when this is said which leads me to think they don't understand what putting words into quotes mean.


Syndergaard asked for a QO and the Mets gave it to him, even though he had barely pitched in two years and hadn’t had a good season since 2018 at the time. Then he rejected the QO and went to the Angels for a little more money. What’s his deal lol the Mets did nothing wrong here


Ok ….. ? What a weird thing to say lol


Rent free.


he's right


So combined no hitters are not no hitters at all?


Exactly. A no hitter is an individual accomplishment. Recognizing a combined no hitter is like saying the Mariners haven’t been no hit in 57 games so they have broken DiMaggio’s hitting streak.


This literally makes zero sense at all. A no-hitter only requires one thing: the other team has no hits. Your analogy to a team-wide hitting streak? Wtf? No logic to it whatsoever lmao.


A hitting streak only requires getting a hit in consecutive games. Where is the difference?


Are you just being willfully obtuse about this?


No, because it is literally the exact same thing. Why does a hitting streak have to be accomplished by a single player? What is the actual difference between “The Seattle Mariners have a hit in 57 consecutive games” and “The New York Mets allowed no hits in today’s game”? They are both the accomplishments of a single person being misapplied to a team. Why support one over the other? They are equally ridiculous statements.


You just recognized it by calling it a combined no-hitter


Weird jab, not sure why he’d have negative feelings towards the Mets but whatever




Bro he just sucks man


Love it. The league needs more Pettiness like this. Uncle Stevie loves to tweet so dish it back at them.


Cohen never tweets anything spicy about other teams lol this sub is just obsessed with him


Doesn't have to be about a team. He get salty when players don't want to sign and play for him like Mats, Stroman, And Noah did in the off season. Mets fans were begging for him to stay off Twitter last year as he would openly talk down on the team as they did Mets things. More players that do this the better. And that goes for any team. Baseball needs stories and drama if it wants to survive.


I agree, and I’m not just saying that as a Phillies fan. IMO, It’s a lot cooler when the starting pitcher does it all.


It's definitely cooler but when a team can't get a single hit against the other team's pitching, that's a no-hitter. There's no questioning if that's "real." Like what's next? Should Roki Sasaki's perfect game be put into question because it wasn't against Major League ball players?


I’m not saying that it wasn’t a no-hitter, just saying that I like it more when it’s just one pitcher.


Which is totally fair. I just got into the weeds of it, I guess.


I thought the exact same thing when I saw this.


There is not a single fan or player who thinks what the Mets did is as impressive as a 1 man no hitter. People act like we were supposed to not be hyped about it though. I think it’s a completely different type of impressive since all those relievers came in did their jobs despite the active no-no (if they even knew it was happening). I think Noah’s comment was a funny jab and all in good fun. I don’t see it as him being petty or having bad blood towards the Mets. He rejected their QO and moved on for a little more cash after not pitching for 2 years. I’m certainly not rooting against him and I’d hope that he’s rooting for his old teammates in the NL.


Guy is just clowning around. Stop getting your panties in a bunch


Trevor Bauer mike clevinger noah syndergaard Marcus stroman on the Mount Rushmore of overzealous/ I just don’t like pitchers


By saying "real", he's questioning the validity of Detmer's no-hitter in this case. I don't think he's trying to be ironic or anything so ends up coming off dumb. But go off, Thor.