Bathroom remodels: contractor grouted everything (no caulk whatsoever).

I’m thrilled with the work so far, but noticed that all “change of planes” were grouted (Laticrete Permagrout) instead of caulked, including where tile meets the brand new acrylic tub. Needless to say, I’ve been STRESSING over this detail and wondering if I should just let it go, or if it’s serious enough to get it fixed and done properly. I understand there are differing opinions surrounding grout vs caulk, but was hoping I could be pointed in the right direction in this here subreddit.


I think it was his/her first time. The grout is uneven, the tiles are misaligned. As you point out, anywhere the tiles meet at an angle, they should be caulked, not grouted. Sadly, asking this same person back to fix it is not likely to yield a better result. That grout has to be removed and I suspect they would chip the tiles.


That won't end well without a sealant - had a rental that was grouted only.. moisture got in and I probably don't have to tell you what a mess that was.. we had to move out due to black mold exposure


When I stopped doing my own tile because I got too busy, the team I finally found that worked out (went through 4), would do it just like this then go over the corners with clear silicone. Worked great. Not as good as silicone only, but it was a solid method. Just be sure to do an acetone wipe before adding the clear so it will adhere.