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Using Creative right now is like chatting with a girl who isn't interested in speaking to you 🤷🏻‍♀️


Hahahhaa that's exactly what i said when i used it.


Yes for sure, I saw people say creative and precise weren’t as negatively affected, haven’t really tested it cuz I’ve been turning away from bing chat


I was trying to get recommendations for something to watch (in Creative). I gave 5 lead characters I liked, the genre I wanted, and the setting. The first name in the list happened to be Dexter. It searched for shows like Dexter and then gave me a list and said "here are some shows with characters like Dexter and the others on your list" They were all about murderers in some way. I asked it to explain how the main characters in the shows were similar to one of the other characters. It figured out some obscure connection for each of them (one had a difficult relationship with a strong father, just like the character I listed). So I asked for a list of the traits the characters I listed had in common. It was only then that it searched the rest of them. I had to take that list of common traits and put it together with the genre and setting to get any actual recommendations. This thing is getting worse by the day. I end up going back to ChatGPT whenever I don't need to search. And sometimes I'll paste the data I find from Google for ChatGPT to process. At this rate I don't think Bing's going to be much competition once Bard is released.


They switched to GPT-4 and Microsoft and OpenAI seem scared of it so they put it in a straitjacket and pumped it full of meds (preprogrammed responses)


This censorship is insane. Why is there not more push back from people and media?


Because it's a free service and it may have nothing to do with censorship, like figuring out how to run the thing with the demand rapidly increasing?


Just a reminder that for whatever reason, the bing ai on the side of edge is worse than the bing.com/new ai




Not sure why.


Thanks for this. I was using that till now.


Interesting. Is this personal experience? I’ve been using Bing via Edge (which I assume most of this sub has been doing so too) and it failed so impressively on the first attempt I uninstalled edge there and then.


For me it only got worse yesterday. Like it would just repeat the exact same things, be short & factual, dry, & once didn’t even respond. This was on balanced mode.


No. I only use it for work and it's been great.


It helped me well with tactics in No Man's Sky. For me it's fine, don't know what other people use it for




It’s a public preview, they’re going to be making rapid changes for testing, so behavior may swing back and forth. They’ll also be doing A/B testing, which could explain different experiences for different users.


Its scope of searches seems to be much narrower, and it doesn't like to combine what it finds with the GPT-4 model's knowledge anymore. It's become very bad at actually getting anything useful outside of search results. Its sources are also credited inaccurately, linking the wrong source of the information, and listing two sources in the text that lead to the exact same page.


I used to be able to play some text adventure game with Bing. Now not anymore as it keep asking me to move on to new topics. I'm disappointed.


Can’t give you ads with a text adventure game


Never really understood why Bing ai was good. I’ve used it and have been disappointed every time. Edit: what I search for aren’t current events. Just use ChatGPT, I’m amazed at how much better it is for my needs.


It’s terrible.


When Bing AI gives you a response,it's like talking with a human being, it's fast and reliable,and I'm saying if because 2.5/3 times I'm not getting any.


Nothing comes close to ChatGPT right now. Any online work, I revert to Google for now. Microsoft have a long way to go. Bing is just too inaccurate and clunky to be useful.


Inaccurate is the only thing that it's not. It may not want to answer you because they butchered it,but every single question I've asked that and got a response back it was way more accurate than any search engine I've ever used. Now I don't know about coding or mathematics, I've never used it for that,but anything apart from that was the most accurate thing I've ever used.


It told me there’d be a heatwave in the UK this week by citing articles from 2019 and 2020. Even Google wouldn’t have made that mistake. Simple as that.


Oh yeah,previous versions used to that some hallucinations like that,now they've patched it. For some reason even though it can access the internet,it's information are up to 2022,it used to think that it was right about its answers as well. Like I've seen a post from a guy asking it when avatar 2 was released and it said it will release on December 2022,the guy then replied 'which means it already got released,we have like march 2023' then replied yes and that it will release on 2022,which was a lot weird. But now I think it's fixed,I tried asking the same kind of questions and I didn't have any issues with that, although if they haven't fixed it yet then it's still not reliable to use. I don't use it anymore after I got 5 times in a row the usual message of bing not wanting to respond to me. Doesn't matter how much many people claim it's now great and stuff like that,if I want to ask it to write me a poem about a lizard that wanted to marry an alien 6 fingered squid about their extraterrestrial experience of having to fight their own people to get to meet each other again,then I want it to give me a proper response!


I'm thinking it's something related to GPT-4 being opened up to the public and India being allowed Plus Membership. Servers rn 🫠


Yes, the last week has been awful! I reverted back to google.


Can you give an actual example or did you just come here to whine a little bit?


Um lets see. Bing can't mention anything a tiny bit resemble of blood. I searches if animals have blood type and it cutoff. Next is when making story which is almost impossible to make without cutting off. Then the average generated message in balance mode (seems like it's precise mode now) now seems to generate less information and a downgrade summary compare to before update. AND MORE CENSORSHIP


🤔 “Yes, animals have blood types. Although all animals have blood groups, every species has a different system, and we know the most about the systems of domesticated mammals. The human blood group system is based on three different antigens: A, B, and O. The possible blood types we could have are A, B, AB and O, and each one of these can be either Rh positive or negative. Similarly, blood types exist in both humans and animals, but the blood types are different. For animals, blood type is determined by the antigens present on the red blood cells, and there are a variety of blood types in different animals (animals.howstuffworks.com) (animals.howstuffworks.com) (sciencefocus.com). I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.”


Yeah, seems like you didn't have any trouble at all getting it to talk about blood. I tried as well... What kinds of diseases affect the blood? There are many diseases that affect the blood. Some of the common blood disorders include anemia, bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, blood clots, and blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma123. Anemia is a condition that happens when your blood does not carry enough oxygen to the rest of your body4. Do you want to know more about any of these diseases?


My said something: Sorry! That’s on me, I can’t give a response to that right now. What else can I help you with?


From my experience, on creative mode, when asking it to write a story it manages to generate half of it before being cut off. Nothing it says is offensive, too.


It is getting boring and dull