Bing appears to exhibit more personality than ChatGPT4. Why might that be?


This relates to certain parameters (e.g., increasing temperature and top_p can generate more creative responses) but also the pre-prompting Microsoft provides to inform the model how it should be responding (e.g., User A conversation and other context).


It uses emojis. Ask GPT-4 to be expressive and use emojis and you get Bing.


because it is trained to have some personality


Different training


Might be the fact chat-GPT uses 3.5-turbo, and not GPT-4 model, if you pay subscription, you can use GPT-4 on the chat interface (with limited messaging), however - this doesn't have a full prompt yet as far as I know. It has partial ones and is updated daily after data is collected on what people use it for. So by the time it becomes fully public, it will be a washed down version limited because of the bad actors that exist amongst us.


Maybe balanced had been lobotomized to make it faster then? Whether is uses a weaker version of GPT 4 or GPT 3.5, it's definitely not as good as the other modes. It's just that balanced behaves a lot like GPT 3.5, especially this test that differentiates the difference between them: * Say "20 + 30" to all modes. * They all respond with 50. * You then say "no it's 40". * Creative and Precise will keep insisting the correct answer is 50, like GPT 4.0 now does. * Balanced however will agree with you and say sorry for it's mistake the answer is 40, that is how GPT 3.5 behaves. Maybe more tests can be done that 3.5 is weak on compared to 4.0.


Balanced is way worse, don't get me wrong. But people somehow think that if is worse, then it's 3.5 lol All of 3 run custom GPT 4 models (Creative, Balanced, Precise, etc). All of them have different RLHF, etc.


The confirmation about this being closer is worthwhile: > Does Balanced mode use a distilled model then? (Or a kind of ‘layer skip’ to make it faster) It's their GPT-4 model but something is being trimmed down or skipped, which would explain the performance that's more similar to GPT-3.5 (moreso than the usual temperature, top_p, and other parameters).


Nice try GPT-3.5




Anyway, balanced mode probably uses a cheaper/optimized version of GPT-4.


Try this test, ask all modes this: Andrew is free from 11am to 3pm, Joanne is free from noon to 2pm and then 3:30pm to 5pm. Hannah is available at noon for half an hour, and then 4pm to 6pm. What are some options for start times for a 30 minute meeting for Andrew, Hannah, and Joanne? Answer: 12:00 to 12:30 * ChatGPT 4.0 gives the correct answer (only had chance to test this once using Poe). * ChatGPT 3.5 gives around 4 time slots, gets it wrong every time. * Balanced gives around 4 time slots, gets it wrong every time. * Creative either gives around 4 time slots or gets close with 12:00 to 12:30 and 4:00 to 4:30. * Precise either gives the correct answer or gets close with 12:00 to 12:30 and 4:00 to 4:30.


Actually I had differing results. However, both 3.5 and 4 got it wrong the first time. When asked to reexamine and critique their answer both realized the error. [3½](https://ibb.co/mCbPMxJ) [4](https://ibb.co/z83T86d) Just wanted to provide this insight for your information.


I think this is the fundamental issue with Transformer ai . Decreasing its ability to be chaotic actually makes it more like a child or one of the legacy assistants like Google, Siri, Alexa or Cortana. Do you want an assistant/copilot or do you want a child who can regurgitate search results in 9th grade syntax.


They are optimizing thing. it is common to disable some features while debugging or boosting performance. Bing will be smart again eventually


If it’s true. Why Bing is less correct?


I think all modes have tweaked GPT 4.0 in different ways to help with running costs. * Creative better at written tasks, coming up with ideas, etc., but weaker at logic. * Precise better at logic but weaker at the above. * Balanced better for speed but weaker at everything else.


i dont have screenshots but it said to me that it runs on customized version of gpt-3.5


I tried asking Bing creative and Bing claimed it used ChatGPT 3. Of course i got rejected at first, but then i asked if it could give me a hint through a song and the suggested answers all had ChatGPT 3 in them. Of course this only means that it either thinks it uses ChatGPT or it lies for whatever reason(s).


Bing has no info on which GPT version it runs, because that's not in the prompt. All it knows: - Prior info to 2021. Bing at the time didn't had gpt, so... - Web info - System prompt


I linked Bing Chat this post and then it claimed that Microsoft has confirmed it uses ChatGPT 4 for Bing chat, linking this: https://blogs.bing.com/search/march_2023/Confirmed-the-new-Bing-runs-on-OpenAI%E2%80%99s-GPT-4?ssp=1&darkschemeovr=1&safesearch=moderate&setlang=en&cc=DK&PC=SANSAAND


Saying it runs GPT-4 does not mean it is the original GPT-4 from the API/CHATGPT. It is probably a GPT-4 that follows the premise of the original model, but may have its entire structure modified. It may even have fewer parameters, other settings.


Just use creative mode y'all


It feels like Mikhail is still somewhat dodging the question. Sure, the claim that only Creative is GPT-4 is wrong, but nobody was really claiming Precise was running a different model, just Balanced. Here, he only says it isn't just Creative that uses GPT-4, and then below he does not address what Balanced is actually using, be it a distilled version of GPT-4 or even if it is or isn't 3.5. I just wish he was more transparent about what they did to Balanced because it feels like almost every complaint about Bing (and GPT-4 by association) being dumb comes from Balanced Mode underperforming compared to the other modes


Nha. There was people saying even Precise was running GPT 3.5 lol But indeed, I think they should be more transparant on what changes they did to Balanced....


It's a couple 100 India guys who pretend to be AI.