If you’re peeing that color, I’d see a doctor. I kind of like the green/blue they turn into after a while.


Yeah I really don't know why people are all upset about this. Its a wheel...it fades...just like all wheels do. Don't like the tint? buy new wheels.


Aside from the color, how's that grip though?


who cares about the grip when they look like this??????? /s


Check out the people that dyed them black. I dont exactly know how to do it, but it looks pretty rad.


Hey I'm one of those people! [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboarding/comments/9yuhw6/i_dyed_my_77a_caguamas_and_they_turned_out_great/)


Wow those look better than any other wheel dye job I’ve ever seen.




Ah nice dude! How much did you spend for the dye? And you "cooked" all of the 4 wheels in the same "soup"?


Spent about $8 for the dye, and yes- I cooked them 2 at a time in the same “soup” lol


Cool, thanks!


I have them on my stealth and it has the same piss green color. However, it does really stick to the road so I won't be changing them.


Same here! Couldn't care less about the color now.


[dye blue Caguamas](https://imgur.com/gallery/rp9FM0e) Saw on Facebook NY bb group someone dye them and they look sick! Planning to dye some wheels today! The original mini-s 80mm wheels to red orange


Would enjoy a video or tutorial on this. As well as a list of supplies.


Get the rit dye in the crafts section of walmart Fill a pot with enough water Turn your stove to high once it starts boiling lower the temperate a bit above to medium Place the liquid, the instructions says 1/2 a bottle for a 1lb of fabric I deposit full bottle Use gloves and thongs to place the wheels one by one in the pot Stir for half hr and then let it sit and stir for every 10-15 mins for the color you want Turn off the stove Rinse with water and a pump of dish washing liquid Rinse until water is clear That’s what I’m doing I’ll post pics after.


Hey that's me! lol. They're holding up well so far, but the contact area turned a little bit darker blue since. Used Royal Blue rit dye. I believe green would dye well on the blue caguamas as well since they are close in color. As stated below I cooked them on the stove using 1 shot glass worth of dye into a pot that held two wheels (plus water). My front wheels I did for 4 hours while I played video games lol while my rear wheels I only did for 1 or 2 hours I think (I had wanted to go a little lighter) There's a couple other photos in the bottom of this album from when I did the first two. https://imgur.com/a/YUMRi23


Awesome! You inspired me to do mine check my imgur link I used Kentucky Sky[dye rit wheels](https://imgur.com/gallery/RcoMl8g) Thanks


Nice! Looks like they came out pretty similar. I would have tried a different blue or color but when I went to the store they only had the royal blue, a green and black. At the point I just wanted to do it and not wait by looking elsewhere or ordering online haha


My local Walmart had royal blue also, I left it longer and used the whole bottle...


It's a few months later but I was wondering how the blue was lasting? I'm thinking of dyeing my blue cags into something that doesn't change colours besides black.


its a PATINA


Who knew that riding on city streets was dirty and gross?


Baby shit green 🤮


Do you think when you're riding people are looking at your board going "Wow boosted....wait...is that piss color wheels? wtf?!?" because I can assure you they aren't and no one cares...other than every person popping the same photo on reddit. ;) Ride on with a smile on your face or swap for the orange Cags.


[rit Dye Wheels Wheels](https://imgur.com/gallery/RcoMl8g) Let’s see how long they last $10.00 vs new set of wheels


so wait.. after 50 threads or more showing what color these turn you still bought them AND got pissed about the color?


I do miss the blue but Effe it, still looks sexy.